The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Rain-Part 03)


HLO guys! in my last epi i was bashed very badly! i had even deceided to not write any more. but thanks to kritika and tanya who supported me a lot and even have encouraged me to write. kritika ,your those emotions gave me the energy to write and tanya your long whats app message motivated me to write. thanks you both!

Swara started panicking. She got up and ran her hand over Adarsh bhai’s heart.
Swara: What happened Adarsh bhai? Never this happens-why this pain suddenly?
Adarsh bhai took Swra’s soft hand like rose and held it.
Adarsh bhai: Everytime I hid this pain,but I hid it in my heart.What to do? No way out.
Swara: Why there is no way? WE will consult big doctors!
Adarsh bha: What can doctors do? If they can heal this pain….
Swara: Then?
Swara looked at Adarsh bhai with her big puppy eyes. Adarsh bhai opened his eyes and gazed at Swara. Adsrh bhai’s head stated aching.
Adarsh bhai: Swara,if you will not understand my pain I will die. You will be the reason of my suicide.

Swara was horrified. She backend her steps. Her heart started to beta fastly. Darkness had condensed. It was a moonless night. After listening the word from Adarsh bhai’s mouth,she recalled all the horror movies she had seen where the ghost seek revenge for his death.. She hugged Adsrh bhai due to fear.
Swara: Adsrh bhai I am very scared! Why are you saying about suicide? You cannot do suicide. I will tell everyone.
Adarsh bhai: Swara do you really want me to live?
Swara: Oviously adsrh bhai. No doubt.
Adarsh bhai: If you want me to live,I can live.
Swara: What can I do?
Adarsh bhai: I need a promise from you,touch my body and swear on me.
Swara: Promise? I swear on you Adsrh bhai,I would so anything to save you. If you will say I will throw my fear and run to the doctor in this dark night.

Adsrh bhai:If you will not keep the promise I will hang myself on the mango tree infrony of your house.
Swara: Again the same thing…. Say what I have to do?
Adarsh bhai: Swara, I love you. I want to marry you.
Swara: Hein?? Marry? Me?
Swara looked at Adarsh bhai shockingly.
Adarsh bhai: Yes you. I want to marry you. What is so shocking in this? If you would had born five years agao I would had married you. I will marry again and I will marry you. Noone can stop me and I don’t fear anyone.
Swara: How can I marry you Adarsh bhai? You are like my brother. I cannot even think of this.
Adarsh bhai: Swara, calling someone doesnot make him real brother.
But how is this possible? Adarsh bhai’s wife Parinneta bhabi-what will she do? Oviously marrying Adsrh bhai will be of great fun. Adarsh bhai will hug her while sleeping like the way he had hugged Parineeta bhabi. Why will she fear anything when Adsrh bhai is with her? He will love Swara very much.
Swara: But what about Parineeta bhabi?
Adarsh bhai: Parineeta will live her. You will also live here. In olden times kings used to have 100 queens,you both will be my queens.

Swara: True. But now this not prevailing.
Adarsh bhai: You had swore on me you have to live here.
Swara: Okay but tomorrow I will go home and inform baba about this.
Adarsh bhai: No.. no… You will not say this infront of anyone.
Swara: But why? Baba loves you.
Adasrh bhai: But if he will know this he will slap you, you know why?
Swara: Why?
Adsrh bhai: You babab wants to do your marriage in some big house with one big officer. What am i? Am I capable of marrying you?
Swara: I don’t know, I will ask baba and maa.
Adarsh bhai: If they reject me?
Swara: How will we marry?
Adarsh bhai: You don’t love me. You don’t want to marry me. Your promise is fake.
Swara: adsrh bhai: I would marry you. I can do anything to save you from suicide.
Adsrh bhai: Then you have to keep quiet. Don’t say this to anyone.
Swara: No to parineeta bhai also?

Adarsh bhai: nooo.
Swara: why? she will be glad. When you have to go for business trip she won’t fell lonely. I will be with her.
Adarsh bhai: We will give her surprise.
Swara: Haan great It will be fun.
Adarsh bhai hugged Swara and placed his hot lips on her cheeks.
Swara: ahhh! Leave.

Adash bhai heard Parineeta bhabi coming from outside. He sat on the sofa as if he don’t know anything. Swara could not understand this action of him. Parineeta bhabi eneted the house.
Adarsh bhai: Do you know Parineeta,you came late nah that’s why Swara was not leaving me. she held me and sat beside me. She is fearing ghosts. She is very timid.
Swara: Hawww!! why will I fear. You scared me by saying.
Adarsh bhai: chupp! I scared you? You are so big. Go and study.
Parineeta bhabi hugged Swara.
Parineeta bhabi: Who would marry our shone? she is so innocent.
Swara looked at Adsrh bhai. He was not even laughing. she went and sat silently.

Sorry for such a small update. I promise next part would be big.
Love you all forever!

Credit to: JYOTII

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  1. my god cant wait for next update soon plz

    1. I am writing d next part now. It will take time.

  2. Very interesting don’t fear for bad comments pls continue waiting for next update when u will introduce sanskar..update little

    1. Dear,don’t wait for Sanskar as I had said this is a pure Swara ff. Sanky is there but in d last part.

  3. Awesome dear… Something different

    1. Thank uh! 🙂

  4. thank god that those comments from bashers didnt affect u or else what would have i done i love reading your ffs so go ahead as is site pe ffs , 1shots ,analysis & etc so kisi ke kuch kehne se ham apne adhikaro ka tyag to nahi karne wale na as we are not THAT innocent & obedient right , are we ???

  5. Awesome yaar no words to say jyoti can you tell me that is swara studying in college and I don’t get abt adarsh’s behavior plzzzzzzzzzzzzz cmnt

    1. Aditi,Swara is studying in class10th n Adarsh is Swara’s bhabi’s bro.

  6. Swara is too innocent. Anyways it is very good. Waiting for next.

    1. Dear thanks n I ll post d next part today.

  7. Oh my god..superb….don’t feel bad about those comments.. Ur amazing writer.. Go head Dr..we r with u..

    1. Thanks dear I know you r with me n thank you for being with me.

  8. plz dont stop writing bcz of some people ur story is amazing plz update regularly

    1. No Ireena I ll not stop writing. Thanks I vl try to update regularly!

  9. Very good. Dear you just avoid bashers. Dont even look at their negative comments. This part is a bit short but it is mind blowing. Poor Swara.

    1. Thanks Sanky! 🙂

    1. Thankch

  10. it was amazing dear…
    nd plzz dont pay attention to those bashers cuz they r those people who suffer frm inferiority complex…. they r good fr nothing cuz they dont even hav basic manners…. they cant even respect someones feelings…

    1. Yesh! You are correct indeed! Thank you very much dear!

  11. Well done dear. U r just fabulous. Mindblowing .The concept is really different and unique. Swara is sooooooo innocent . Ya Jyoti hell to those bashers and i really don’t get why can’t people ignore those things ,which they don’t like instead show their stupid disinterest .Girl u rock everytime , so continue this ff whole heartedly and let the bashers screw their shitty heads.

    1. Needhi thank you very much for this long comment.

  12. Wow amazing. Looking forward. Post soon. The reality of society is very well portrayed by you in this ff. Love this theme.

    1. Yesh this is a true thing. Thanks dear!

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    1. Yes yes I ll always keep this in mind. My bestie. Slap?? 🙁 How rude??? Will uh slap a cute gurl like me? 😉

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