The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Rain-Part 01)


HEY GUYS! Here is my new ff. I have already given its introduction. Hope you all remember it. In case any one do not have read. I would request you all to read it first. Introduction in this ff is very crucial. You may be confused while reading.

Story starts:
Swara,like the rain is a very stubborn girl. However not today’s ,this is a memory of her past. When ever it rains it make her remind of that teenage incident. Whenever that dangerous incident like the rain and that teenage incident comes into her mind,first comes-Adarsh bhai.
Adarsh bhai-her bhabi’s brother.
Swara,a 11 years old young girl,hanging a school.bag everyday goes to school. Adarah bhai,at that time was reading in college. When ever he comes to their village,he visits Sulagna bhabi. Since then Swara befriended Adarsh bhai. Adarsh bhai care for her,love her and tease her. Adarsh bhai often pounce on her back. Inspite of pain,she likes every habbit of Adarsh bhai. Once while talking with sulagna bhabi Adarsh bhai said her that your sister-in-law is very beautiful. From today the boys are staring her.
Adarsh bhai belong to a very rich family. After having passed bachelor in arts,he married on his own choice. Parineeta bhabi is very beautiful. She loves Swara very much.
Whenever she goes to their house,parineeta bhabi welcome her whole heartedly.
Now that Swara is of of 15 years she is studying in class 10. From her village now she have shifted to Kolkata,where she resides in a hostel. Once Swara decided to visit Adarsh bhai. While eating,after having bite of chappati,Adarsh bhai stares Swara. When Parineeta bhabi goes to the kitchen to bring something,he silently says Swara-You have became very beautiful.Swara’s heart begins to beat faster. That she is very beautiful.she had discovered few days back.
It was the annual function of her school. She had participated in a group dance. She was to play the role of Radha and her friends were gopi. While doing her make up,the dance teacher added more blush to her face. The science teacher of school Pramod sir told- Radha is shinning naturally,no need to add make up. Her friends were pinching to each other and laughing. Because Pramod sir,while teaching in the claee often stares Swara,which interrupts teaching. Whenever Swara sits on the last bench he call her nd ask her to sit at the front.
After Adarsh bhai called her beautiful,she reminded of Parmod sir. One day after returning from school,she waw seeing herself infront of the mirror. She felt that her face have became very beautiful.
There were only only 2 months left for the annual exam. Her hostel friends went to their respective home for preparation. She felt lonley. So instead of going village,she deceided to stay at Adarsh bhai’s home.


The sweet romance between Adarsh bhai n Parineeta bhai baffles her mind. The most,simple,open behaviour of Adarsh bhai impressed her. At night Adarsh bhai used to teach her maths. He teaches her english also. He explains in a very clear manner. While listening,Swara sleeps resting her head on the books. Adarsh bhai twist her ears and slaps her. Swara angrily throws the book. Adarsh bhai make big red eyes and scold her by saying-You are feeling sleepy before 9. Studies is not your cup of tea. Swara being frustated gets up crying. She runs and hygs Parineeta bhabi. Parineeta bhabi consoles her. She makea her understand that Adarsh bhai is doing this for her betterment her only. Swara while sleeping on the bed with Parineeta bhabi says her that-My calsses are over,I am thinking of going back home. Adarsh bhai after listeningthis from Parineets bhai says that-Swara is a very stubborn girl. I am thinking about her good and she doesnt respect me. Afterall I am not his own brother.
Swara comes running and presses Adarah bhai’s mouth and says-I am sorry bhai. I will never be angry on your words. I promise I will live here. You will teach me and I will secure the 1st posistion.
Adarsh bhai pull the black long plate of Swara’s hair and says- will you ever utter anything about going back home?
“Aahh! Its hurting.Leave it” Swara screams loudly. Parineeta bhabi comes running from inside and takes her.

So this is it. How was it guys? Please do comment your views. Love you all forever.

Credit to: jyotii

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    1. Thanks kriya! 🙂

  1. Interesting but poor swara

    1. Thank you! You will get to know more about her when d story will refold! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Uma! 🙂

    1. Radha thanks dear!!!!

  2. interesting. pair swasan hai na.plz plz swasan

    1. I think you have not read the intro! Its a pure Swara ff!! Pairs here are not certain! 🙂

  3. Please give link of intro.

    1. Dear! Its in d comment below!

    1. Thanks dear!!!

  4. This is one the best ff on feminist level… I just love it….

    1. Thank you very much dear! But there are better stories than mine!

  5. I am ur silent reader. I just luv all ur ffs. Revenge one was my fav. I want its analysis.

    1. Sanky! Its my Sanskar’s name!! Hehe! Jokes apart! Thank you very much dear! Analysis is usually written by readers! So if you want you can go for it! 🙂

  6. I am a silent reader of every ff. But you are my favorite writer. N this is fantastic.

    1. Thanks for such honour! It feels so elated to see this type of comments! Glad that you liked it! 🙂

  7. Fantastic as usual. When will you post next part of Incomplete love story?? 🙁

    1. Dear I have already completed written all its parts! I will post it within next two days! 🙂 n yes thanks!!!

  8. This is the first ff widout ny pair. Excited to read forward.

    1. Thank you so much dear!! 🙂

  9. thank you so much for a swara ff.. i love swara so much.. this update is wonderful

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂 🙂

  10. Awesome awesome awesome di…..sry fr late comment…as I told , im out of station….so…still im commenting despite of network prblm…

    1. I can understand chotu! Uh went to Nagpur to uhr dii. Inspite of that uh commented! Thank you so much! 🙂

      1. Aww…thats y u are d best gift swasan gave me,..wc di…!!

  11. It was nice dear… Bt I felt like you were running fast… Or are you trying to get on the main part??….well as I was absent on this site due to many dayss I want to ask have you completed your ff swasan an incomplete love story… ???
    N best of luck for this too!

    1. Dear! Actually its written in a form of novel! I just changed the character’s name and posted here. You will get the point. Dont worry. No dear swasan ff is not completed. 🙂

  12. So you are back with the first episode. Keep writing and it had a tinge of suspense init. Update asap.

    1. Thanks Bisha! You r one of them whom I always find in the comment section! 🙂

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