The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Autumn-Part 07)

HEY GUYS! So I AM here with all your double dhamaka! Read it and you will get your shamaka!! So excited about it?? 😛
Swara opened that letter with her heart pounding. It was written.
Dear Tanya,
I cannot live even a second without you. I will marry only you. You say this to your daddy and mummy. We don’t need to wait till our studies to get over. We can marry after reaching America but we have to wait till me attain the eligible age for marriage. I will say all these to daddy before leaving for America. I don’t need my mom’s opinion. I will go there after two days. You say all these to your mom. I think that a lovable,caring and broad minded lady like her will not object our relationship. Love you and always will forever.
Swara shaked like a powerful earthquake. Someone pulled the rug beneath her legs. Her body was drenched in sweat. Now she cannot keep Tanya’s past in darkness. She have to disclose all these to Yuvraaj. But what will be Tanya’s state after that? Swara was confused what to do. She then decided that she will show the letter to Sanskar and seek his help. But no! What will Sanskar say? He will mock her. He will say that Tanya is her daughter and is walking on her path.
No! She will solve this alone. She doesn’t need anyone’s help. She don’t have anyone to pick up the stones from her path. She have to pick it up on her own or else she will be injured.
Swara was sitting alone these 2 days. Faking her illnesses she asked everyone to leave her alone. She was thinking what she will do next.
She heard a car’s horn from outside. Swara came outside with trembling legs. She saw Yuvraaj getting off the car. His face was shining. Swara’s blood was boiling. Son is more dangerous than father. After all fooling innocent girls in his blood. Yuvraj was walking just like Laksh. He was going directly into Tanya’s room.
Swara: Stop there.
Yuvraj stood there. Swara went to her room and brought the letter. She handed the letter to him.
Swara: Have you written this?
Yuvraj: Yes
Swara: What is your age?
Yuvraj: Running sixteen.
Swara: Don’t you feel shame?
Yuvraj: There is no reason to feel shame.
Swara became angrier. How shameless is this boy!
Swara:I am warning you. Stay away from Tanya. She is like your sister. Don’t keep any bad intentions.
Yuvraj: Bad intentions? You don’t know anything about us. She is my sweetheart. I love her. Yes! I will marry her. Nobody in the whole world can stop it.
Swara: Get out from my house. You are saying to marry my daughter in front of me? Besharam.
Swara’s eyes were red in anger. Yuvraaj’s eyes were even more red. His eyes were like burning balls.
Yuvraj: Aunty I am also warning you as you are Tanya’s mom but you will repent for this.
Swara:Get out.
Swara was screaming. Yuvraj went out without looking back even once. Tanya and Sanskar came out listening to Swara’s scream. Tanya was screaming and running behind Yuvraj.
Tanya: Listen Yuvraj. Have faith on me. I will not care anybody. I am yours.
Yuvraj started his car and waved his hands bidding bye to Tanya.
Yuvraj: We will talk in America, not here.
Yuvraj increased the sped of his car. Tanya sat at the entance of the house crying. Then she got up and went near Swara.
Tanya: Mumma!What you did? You don’t know Yuvraj is very sentimental and emotional. I can’t live without him.
Tanya said in between her sobs. Swara had not expected this from her. She became angrier. She slapped her furiously and continuously. (Remember once Sumi had slapped Ragu after ahe kidnapped her and forced swasan to marry)
Swara: Shameless girl. You should die. Yes I will kill you before marrying Yuvraj.
Sanskar pushed Swara and hugged Tanya. Swara’s hand marks were on Tanya’s face. Blood was oozing out from her lips.
Swara:Leave her. Today I will kill her.
Sanskar: Tanya will only marry Yuvraj. Who are you to touch her?
Swara: I am her mother. I have given her birth. I can kill her,slap her. I can do anything thatbI want. And if u will support you I will give poison to you.
Sanskar: You are not Tanya’s mother. You don’t have any right to touch her. She is my daughter. Ragini died after giving birth to Tanya. This is the truth.
Sanskar took Tanya and went inside. Swara cooled down like a ice. Few seconds ago she was crushing herself to have given birth to Tanya and now this have turned into the truth. She have been cheated her whole life. Adarsh bhai,Laksh and Sanskar-everyone have cheated her. The feelings which she had developed for Sanskar faded away. She saw Sanskar was applying ointments on Tanya’s wound.

Sanskar: Tanya have patience. You get well and then we will go to Yuvraj.
Tanya: Daddy you don’t know but he will never come here.
Sanskar: But after knowing that Swara is not your mother,he will definitely come here.
Tanya: Daddy don’t say like that. Mummy is now angry but later she will agree.
Sanskar: Tanya this is the truth. I married Swara after 1 month of your birth.
Tanya was crying while Swara came to her
Swara: Tanya, I am sorry. If I would have known that you are not my daughter, I would never have slapped you.
Swara ran to her room and cried lying on her bed.
Where is her child? Who will say her? From where will she get her child? She wants to hug her child just once.
Sanskar felt restless after listening Swara’s cry. Sanskar had kept her in darkness and she did not ask him why he did like this?
If she would have asked him,Sanskar would have said the real reason. But Swara had no complaint for Sanskar. Sanskar went near Swara. Swara got off from the bed seeing him.
Swara: Sanskar I am sorry to slap your daughter.
Sanskar: Swara,let me explain why I have done this.
Swara: No need to think about the past. I have no complaints against you. You go to your hospital, it’s very late. Even I am going to “Bachpan”. I have not gone there since 2 days.
Without waiting for Sanskar’s answer Swara went out. The next day Sanskar took Tanya and went to Uttara’s house. There they meet Yuvraaj. Sanskar decided to bring Uttara to their room so that she can explain everything to Swara. Uttara came to their house but Swara was not there so she decided to drop a letter for her. Swara opened that letter after returning and read it.
Now it is very important to say you everything. After returning from you Yuvraaj is very sad. He is saying that if he will not marry Tanya he will not return from America. I thought after bringing the child away from you, you will live happily. I thought after marrying Sanskar you will get back your lost love. After all one day he was your dream man. Tanya is not your daughter. Now do you have any problem? Will you spoil Yuvraj’s life just to take revenge from Laksh bhai? Yuvraj is your son. I didn’t feel like giving him to orphanage. I kept him in my house. After 5 years of marriage medical reports said that bhabi can never become a mother. After that I said everything to Laksh bhai and handed him Yuvraj. But Yuvraj don’t know anything. He thinks that his mother left him with me and went. I also want to say something to Sanskar. I know you must never have said him that he is your Mr. Sweet.
Swara closed the letter.She hated herself for slapping her own son. She desired to hug him but now she can never do that.
She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She wiped her tears. She packed her own bags and went out. This world is very big. There are many children who are fighting for their life. There are many more unfortunate people than her. She will also live. But not for her. for others. For helpless children.
Today she aims to build the life of thousands illegitimate children. With this aim she was walking on Delhi’s highway all alone. The sun rays was falling on her. The autumn season was bidding bye to her. She shadow led her way- but where is the end?

So guys how was the end? Hope I have proved that this is a pure Swara ff! 
How was the double dhamaka? The first dhamaka is that Yuvraj is swalak’s son and the second dhamaka is that this chappy is the end.
Silent readers I want to make me feel your existence! Thank you everyone for your unflinching love and support. You all mean the world to me. I am nothing without you! 😉
A new ff is coming soon!!! 😀
Love you all forever! 😉

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  1. nice ending..:)

    1. Thanks Kumu!

  2. superb ending dear

    1. Aish thanks

  3. Thamiazh Magan

    U killed me. It’s a story of many girls in our society. Really shattered with the end which is not an end?

    1. Yes! This is a common issue now a days!

  4. Devastating end! I though I wont comment but had to when I saw the end. ITs realistic and a very special story of many girls n ladies. The way you have described the 3 seasons and with that the journey of Swara’s life… i m out of words. U killed me agaiin

    But I really respect Swara’s final decision. Achha how did this story come to you? The idea is sooo very awesome. This Swara is a totally human character with pros n cons, good n bad parts- very very veryyy realistic story.

    I had guessed Yuvraaj to be SwaLak’s son. My guess came out true. But you know somewhere I found the final story had a lil just lil bit similaritywith the infamous Sheena Bora murder case. Dont mind I just felt. And you nailed. This Swara will surely remain etched in my mind. I will miss it soo soo much. Will miss you too :-* .
    Lotsss of hugs and kisses n chocolates (if u like) for you. I loved the end. It stung my heart. Probably you wanted this. U are successful then. I only wished Swara had understood Sanskar keeping her ego away. Huh!! *sighs* anyways keep it up. Keeep writing. Loadsss of love and waiting for the new story. TC

    1. Thanks for comenting so dat I could know ur reaction!
      Actually this is normally happening now a days! I thought to pin point those things whch r happening in our society butbus avoided by many. Before writing I had thought of d start n end! The middle part came to my mind while writing.
      Yes u had guessed it correct! Sorry but I don’t know about Shhena’s case in details.
      Why ll u miss me? I am coming wid a new ff. No i don’t like chclts cuz I luv it!??
      Again Thanks dear!!

      1. Tobe frank n true, this is your master piece dear. U totally nailed it.
        When your new story gonna start?

  5. superb….jyotii

    1. Thanks Afa!

  6. Darling…love u love u….don’t know what to say…tears are rolling from eyes…this is the reality of our society.. Many girls cheated like this…in their marriage life also they didn’t get love, some people didn’t realised their love bz of ego….its a realistic ending…perfect u said she become
    a bold lady…its a bitter truth of life
    everytime we didn’t get roses , thorns are also there…evey character is well portrayed.. Especially Sanskar different shade… ..swara’s decision was absolutely rite…she didn’t ask any explanation.. And sanskar doesn’t deserve her..he give her everything but not love…
    We can’t simply say this is a fan fiction…its a unique piece….
    Thanku for this master piece …Dr…waiting for ur next dhamakka story…

  7. Jyotii….this journey was wonderful!…..
    Your ff was just brilliant…..I mean which kind of life it was??
    First Adarsh bhai lust!
    Then laksh betrayal n pregnancy!
    N how can they hide the truth that yuvraj was her child!…
    I just loved ur…..
    Gonna miss you dear! ?
    Loads of love…
    Do come back soon with a bang!!…

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