The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Autumn-Part 06)

Swara reached home and saw that Sanskar have not yet returned. The big house was deserted. She decided to talk with Sanskar regarding Tanya. Why did she send her to hostel? Only for her studies or something else? But what problem was Tanya facing here in the house? Would Sanskar have done this if Tanya would have been his daughter?
Sanskar came home late. Swara was waiting for him in the study room. Sanskar switched on the lights was shocked to see her there.
Swara: What are you doing here so late night? Why have you not slept?
Swara: I will bring back Tanya tomorrow.
Sanskar: Why?
Swara: Why will she stay there?
Sanskar: She is better there than here. She is leading a disciplined life there. After her school, I will send her to abroad.
Swara: No, I don’t want to listen anything. I will go and bring her back tomorrow.
Sanskar: You can’t bring her back.
Swara: Why?
Sanskar: I am her guardian. The hostel authorities will not leave her with anyone else.
Swara: I am her mother you should have written my name in the guardian list.
Sanskar: I didn’t feel it necessary.
Swara: Are you trying to keep Tanya away from me so that you can take your revenge?
Sanskar: You can think what you want.
Swara: You are so rude.
Sanskar: Sometimes we have to be rude for the child’s better future.
Swara: Who are you to think about her future?
Sanskar: I am her father.
Swara: Father? Don’t you feel shame to say that? You are not her father.
Sanskar: If Laksh accepts Tanya then it is good.
Swara was lost in her own thoughts.
Sanskar: What are you thinking?
Swara: Sanskar! Why will I do alone the whole day in such a big house?
Sanskar: You go to clubs and attend parties.
Swara: No I don’t want that.
Sanskar: Then what do you want?
Swara: You have done many favors on me. Do one more favor and give me a job.
Sanskar: Job? Why do you need it?
Swara: I want to do job for my own satisfaction. When I sit idle thousands of evil thoughts eat up my mind.
Sanskar: Okay! Come with to my clinic tomorrow.
Swara saw her photo in Sanskar’s cabin. Swara was shocked not happy. Everyone knows Swara is Sanskar’s wife. Everyone will say that Sanskar loves Swara very much and he never look at another woman. Huh! Everything is fake! Hypocrisy!
Sanskar’s clinic is always packed. Sanskar used to see the patient and write the prescription and Swara used to make understand the patient doctor’s instruction. Seeing Swara there Sanskar’s interest in work has increased. Sanskar was happy to see her there. But Swara, she was stubborn. She was unable to see his love. She thought he was doing all these for show off. Swara’s ego was not ready to accept Sanskar’s love. Ego stuck in the soul of love! 😉
At the end of month Sanskar gave Swara her salary.
Swara: No Sanskar I have not done this for salary. With you I have everything. You keep this money. With this money you open an orphanage for illegitimate children on my behalf.
Swara looked at Sanskar with desireful eyes and Sanskar was also content. The orphanage was ready in four months. First 4 illegitimate children were brought. Everyone praised Swara and Sanskar for their work.

Every one said Swara that she is very lucky to have Sanskar as her husband who supports her. All these is fake-She don’t have any husband, she don’t have any home, she is not anyone’s wife. Sanskar has given her shelter but not love. Adarsh bhai have given some contribution to her orphanage. He was happy to see Swara’s work. He was happy to see her family.-This is also fake. Adarsh bhai can’t bear her happiness. The body which once he had desired for is now someone else’s-he cannot digest this fact. He has never come to her house. When she sees her and Sanskar together, he crosses path and goes. H feels very sad looking at Sanskar. Everyone is drinking the poison of fakeness and are burning- she, Sanskar, Laksh and Adarsh bhai. Everyone!!!
Tanya has changed after returning from hostel. She is now not so close with her mother. She is getting close with Yuvraaj. After all same blood! Tanya has finished her school life and will go to America the next month for higher studies. Even Yuvraaj will go. Both will study together. After some years Tanya will marry and go to someone else’s house. Swara will be left alone. After seeing Yuvraaj, Swara felt if Tanya would have been a boy. If Yuvraaj would have been her own son, she would have some light in her dark life. Suddenly she developed some motherly feelings for Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj is not her son. He is Laksh’s son but he is Tanya’s brother.
Yuvraaj had came there and after he went Tanya was every sad. Tanya used to sit alone with sad face. Swara decided to spend some time with Tanya.
Tanya: Mumma you know Yuvraaj feels jealous of me.
Swara: Why?
Yuvraaj: Because you are my mother. His mother is not beautiful as you. She does not love him like you love me.
Swara: He must be very sad.
Tanya: Haan maa. He hates rich people. He thinks if his mother would not have been rich he would have loved him.
Yuvraaj is Laksh’s son. Laksh have left Swara in mid way just to marry a rich girl and today his only son hates rich people.
Tanya: Mumma you know what more was she saying. He wanted to be your son. He considers me lucky to be your daughter. He always wants to sleep in your lap.
Swara’s heart started to beat faster. He felt very bad for Yuvraaj. She decided to love and care for Yuvraaj when he will come the next time. Swara noticed that Tanya was s very happy while talking about Yuvraaj. She thought it as a blood attraction.
In the evening. Swara heard a doorbell. When she opened it was a post man. The post man handed her a letter. She saw “TANYA MAHESWARI” was written in bold and deep. Someone have written it 3-4 times. She was about to open it when Tanya came like a eagle and snatched it from her. Tanya snatched it from her and ran to her room. Swara was shocked to see Tanya’s behavior. Swara followed her and could see her clearly from the space between the half closed doors. Tanya was smiling while reading that letter. She was reading it many times. Tanya was dancing happily after reading that.
Some strange sensation occurred in her heart. Tanya was seeing he dream of love. But Swara do not want it. She has tasted love and it tastes bitter. She doesn’t want Tanya to experience this bitter truth. This is the age when normally a attraction feels like love.
When a boy speaks sweet, praises a girl, that girl wants to flow like a river with that boy. Tanya kept that letter in the blue book and went out murmuring the lyrics of a song. She was even dancing on it tune. Swara went into Tanya’s room. She felt reluctant before reading her teen girl’s letter. But she has to do it. Once Sanskar had said-Sometimes we have to be rude for the child’s better future.

Guys! How was this chappy?? You all liked it? Anyways there is something waiting for you all in next chapter! A double dhamakka!!! 😉 😀
Love you all forever! 😉

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  1. Oh God.. So much suspense. Why SwaSan r so stubborn? And double Dhamaka? R u gonna end this ff? Loved today’s part. Sanskar is too caring 🙂

  2. Woah! So. Yuvraj is swalak’s son!
    It was such an awsm epi!
    Di!! When u publish it’s novel it’s name can be ‘THE 3 BETRAYERS OF MY LIFE’ ???
    Loved the epi! ‹3
    Double dhamaka!! Donno kya hoga?
    Love uh!!??

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    We are waiting for swara’s happiness

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  19. Your story is awesome nd lovely.
    But why Swara’s ego is coming between them?
    And Swara being relecutant before reading d letter proves her a superb mother.
    Jyo do upload d next soon.

  20. I think that letter is from Yuvraaj. Because Tanya’s action say me this. But go ahead with ur plans.

  21. Hey Jyotii, this is seriously an awesome ff. This have become my fav. Thanks for uploading daily. Hope Swara gets back her happiness. 🙂

  22. I was in verge of crying throughout the chapter. It was so nostalgic. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode.
    Always do write. 🙂

  23. Literally I have no words. Running out of words. Unable to say anything.

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  26. Hi love wat about swasan lovestory..

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