The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Autumn-Part 05)

Swara hugged Sanskar. Swara cried keeping her head on his chest. But Sanskar did not reciprocate her hug. Sanskar separated himself from her.
Swara: What are you thinking? Can’s t keep you happy?
Sanskar: No! I don’t need you.
Saying these he went out.
Swara staying with Sanskar since 13 years and don’t she know that Sanskar is different from Laksh. He don’t want her body. Sanskar loves her but have never imposed his love.
Sanskar went for a tour to Chandigarh,the next dayfor 100 days. Even Laksh have returned back. These 11 days Swara was alone. She had forgot her food and sleep. These 11 days she was only thinking about her past,present and future.
One day Swara was lying on the bed in the dark room, she felt a hand on her face.
Swara: Who?
Voice: Sanskar.
Swara: Sanskar?
Sanskar: Swara, why are you doing this? Why have you not eaten properly? I am sorry for that day if I have hurt you. But please don’t skip your food for me. I am sorry for that day.
Swara: Sanskar!!
Sanskar: I know you did all that to make Laksh jealous. You were not in your senses. The rage in your was speaking that day and I don’t want to touch you without your permission.
Swara: Sanskar!! You go away. I want to spend some time alone.

The next day Swara got up from the bed and after finishing al her work she went to Sanskar.
Swara: I am going out.
Sanskar: Okay I will say the driver to take out the car.
Swara: No, I will go in the taxi.
Sanskar: No!! You will get difficulty in taxi. you go in the car.
Swara: Okay.
Swara went out without saying anything to Sanskar. Even Sanskar did not ask her anything.

While sitting in the car, Swara decided to go to Mr. Kapoor, Mr. Khanna and Mr. Malhotra. They are the big industrialists of Delhi. She went there for a job.
Mr. Kapoor: Goo morning ma’am. If you had any work you could have called me why you came here? Say what can I do for you?
Swara: Let me give my identity first.
Mr. Kapoor: No need of identity. I know you are Dr. Maheswari’s wife. Who in the whole Delhi don’t know him? He is a very great man. He treats his patients as his own family.
Swara goy up frustrated. She went to Mr. Khanna and Mr. Malhotra the next. But the same thing happened. everyone was praising Sanskar. She was known there with the identity of Sanskar. Swara will not work there where she is known as Mrs. Maheswari.
Swara went back home. It was almost evening. Swara wanted to play with Tanya so she went to her room but she was not there.
Sanskar: You came now?
Swara: Where is Tanya?
Sanskar: She went out with Yuvraaj.
Swara: Who is Yuvraaj?
Sanskar: Laksh’s son.
Swara: What?? Laksh’s son?
Sanskar: Haan Laksh has come today with his son.
Swara: Why did Tanya went with them?
Sanskar: What is bad in that?
Swara: I don’t want Tanya to go out with anyone.
Sanskar: You are her mother. You went out in the morning and returning now. What would have the little girl done alone here? Even I returned now. The maid told me that she went out with Yuvraaj. Swara, listen I want to talk something with you.,
Swara: Say.
Sanskar: I want to say something about Tanya. Now Tanya is of 13 years. She knows everything. Even she understands everything about our broken relationship. Now it is difficult to hide anything from her. I was thinking to send her to hostel. Even I had done all the formalities.
Swara: Okay then, we will leave her at the hostel tomorrow.

While going back, Swara saw Tanya and Yuvraaj getting off the car, hand in hand. Both were looking like brother and sister. Yuvraaj was looking like Laksh. Swara felt like hugging him. After some years Tanya will marry and go to her in-laws house. Swara will be left alone after that. Swara felt the absence of a son that day. If she would had a son she would never had remained alone.
Swara went to the kitchen. Everyone sat at the dining table. Tanya and Yuvraaj were sitting together.
Laksh: A fine combination… A wonderful match.
Sanskar: Yes.
Laksh: I desire to see them together forever. What do you feel?
Sanskar: But Laksh.
Swara was wondering what were they talking. after the dinner Yuvraaj and Tanya slept in Swara’s room.
Swara: Sanskar today you sleep with Laksh. Yuvraaj and Tanya re sleeping in our room.
The next day swasan went to leave Tqnya at the hostel. even Laksh have decided to drop Yuvraaj at the same hostel. Tanya was crying.
Swara: Tanya, don’t cry beta. I will come here once in two days and Daddy will come here daily. See Yuvraaj is not crying.
Yuvraaj: Aunty, why should I cry? I don’t have any mother.
Swara: You don’t have any mother?
Yuvraaj: Masa lives with her father. When she comes to our house, she fights with papa. She does not love me.
Swara stood there numbly. so this is Laksh’s married life? But why don’t Laksh’s wife love Yuvraaj?
After Tanya went to the hostel, Swara and Sanskar’s interaction have slowed down. Swara felt bore by sitting alone in the house. So she decided to do a job. She read in a newspaper about Vagera group of companies. She went there for a job. She went into the M.D.’s cabin and was shocked to see Adarsh bhai there. Adarsh bhai was the owner of the Vagera group of companies. Adarsh bhai too was shocked to see Swara there.
Swara: Adarsh bhai?
Adarsh bhai: Swara? You here?

Swara: Haan I am very happy to see you here.
Adarsh bhai: So you married without inviting me?
Swara: Hmm. I am married to Dr. Sanskar Maheswari. Actually my marriage happened very quickly so I could not invite you.
Adarsh bhai: Congratulations.
Swara pulled and sat on the chair without waiting for Adarsh bhai to say her. she asked him about Parineeta bhabi and their son. But she was shocked when Adarsh bhai told her that he don’t know anything about them.
Adarsh bhai was living in Delhi from 8 years. Parineeta bhabi is at Kolkata with their son. Adarsh bhai being so busy here is unable to go to Kolkata. But he sends money for them every month.
Swara: See you forgot me but I found here and came to meet you. Now I should go. Its very late. But you have to come to my house or else I will disturb you by calling you every time.
Both Swara and Adarsh bhai laughed. Adarsh bhai came to leave her till the car. Swara bid bye to him and sat in the car.
Swara had wen there for a job but after seeing Adarsh bhai she did not speak anything about job. But why? Because if Adarsh bhai comes to know about her past, he may provide her a job with more salary and normal and even he may give her sympathy and courage. But no she don’t want it. Instead she wanted to respected with the identity of Mr. Maheswari.
She then understood the value of Sanskar in her life. But past few days have drawn her farther away from him. Swara felt very lonely. She felt like she has no one in her life. She deiced to bring back Tanya from the hostel. She decided to talk about this with Sanskar.


Guys I have wrote this being sleepless at the night. Sorry if there is any mistake.
Love you all forever! 😉

Credit to: JYOTII


  1. Jaf

    Do something Pls I can’t see my swasan like this……..

    Ex Taraf Sanskar (serial) crying & going crazy for his lady love!

    & here Swara Pls yaar!

  2. Meher

    Jyo darling. Simply love u. This is also superb. But am sad as u said this is ending in few parts

  3. Shona

    Swara cannot forgive Adarsh so easily??
    Please dii do something.
    Punish Adarsh for his deed.

  4. Tanya

    I knew u would not let swasan be together!!!???
    I will kill u noddy??
    I will not talk with you.??

  5. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Awesome jyothi……can i call u sis????……pls end swara’s misery soon…..and show some happy moments in her lyf yaar…..pls……and dont give a damn about that fake person called sid……i suppose he is not a true person……..beware di…..

    • Jyotii

      Natasha! We r sister yaar! No need to ask me before calling me sis!❤
      YaavI too guess he/she is a fake!!
      M 16! So r u elder or younger than me??

  6. sethooty

    Darling….feel pity on swara..what to say..yah this is life..sometimes we get everything..still didn’t get what we really want..
    Superb superb episode….. Loved it…

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