The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Autumn-Part 04)



Sanskar was getting restless. Tanya was his and Ragini’s daughter. Ragini died five days after giving birth to Tanya.
When Swara will come to know that Tanya is not her daughter, how will she react? What will Sanskar answer her? Will she understand that Sanskar did all these for her? After getting to know that it is impossible to get back Swara’s child, Sanskar took this step only for her happiness, her health. But will Swara understand this?
Sanskar slept while thinking about all these. The birds were chirping welcoming a new morning. Swara got off the bed. She saw that Sanskar was still sleeping. She walked close to him and adjusted his bed sheet.
Swara tried to forget all her pains by getting involved in household chores. Sanskar handed her his monthly earnings.
Swara: What will I do with this money? Why will I keep your money?
Sanskar: If you will not keep my money then who will? After all my money is also yours.
Swara: are you kidding on me? You know very well that your money is not mine.
Sanskar: Why will I mock? You are my wife.
Swara: Wife?
Sanskar: Yes. If not wife then what? You have completed my lonely life, you have given me Tanya, you have made this house a home. you have fulfilled all your duties of a wife, now I am doing my duty as a husband.

Swara: Sanskar, I have married you for my greed. I have married you to get back my Tanya. I have married you to give my Tanya a father’s identity. But I have never given you what a husband wants from his wife. Don’t do so much favor on me. I cannot pay back.
Swara’s every word hurted Sanskar. Swara thinks him as a great person but he is not. He married Swara to give his daughter a mother’s love. The child whom Swara loves more than anything is not her. In fact Swara has done a lot of favor on him.
Sanskar: Swara, if I have hurted you then I am sorry. You have done a lot for me. I don’t want anything else.
Without waiting for her reply Sanskar went out. From that day communication between Swara and Sanskar has slowed. Sanskar gets busy in his hospital works the whole day. And when he comes in the evening he gets lost in his research work. Before going to sleep he spends some time with Tanya. Swara gets angry seeing his ignorance. She even gets angry seeing his love for Tanya. Why Sanskar love Tanya so much? Is his heart so big? Same happened with Sanskar he could never tolerate Swara loving his daughter.
Sanskar: Will you spoil Tanya by giving so much love to her? Be a bit strict with her.
Swara: But why? If I will not love my daughter then who will?
Sanskar: what are you saying? Is Tanya only your daughter? Not mine? She is our daughter.
Swara thinks that how many days do they have to act as husband and wife? Same do Sanskar thinks how days do he have to hide the truth?
One day Swara found Laksh sitting in her hall waiting for Sanskar. Sanskar and Laksh were childhood best friends. Laksh was shocked to see Swara there.
Laksh: Swara.. you?

Swara: Not Swara, Mrs. Maheswari.
Laksh: Ohh you married Sanskar.
Swara: See Sanskar and my daughter Tanya.
Swara narrated her married life in front of Laksh but all of them were fake. She just wanted to make Laksh jealous. Laksh was burning in jealousy.
Laksh: Don’t you remember anything about the past?
Swara: Past?
Laksh: Yes our past. That night in Taj hotel.
Swara: Yes.
Laksh: Say what you remember.
Swara: Do I have any profit?
Laksh: Even you don’t have any loss.
Swara: Yes, I rmember everything. But after feeling Sanskar’s touch I forget everything. Thank you Laksh. Thanks for leaving me. If you would have not left me, I would never have got Sanskar. Sanskar completes me and I really love him very much.
Laksh was staring at Swara’s body in jealousy.
Swara smiled seeing his jealousy. She recalled Rajat’s words that Laksh’s wife is average not as attractive as you. She was very happy that Laksh was burning. After all those who play with fire gets burned.

Swara: I will bring coffee for you.
Swara asked the maid to prepare coffee and she went to the bed room. She sat in front of the dressing table.
Swara: If Laksh can love happily after betraying me then why can’t I?
She saw Sanskar’s shadow in the mirror. She smiled seeing that shadow. But someone touched her from behind. It was Sanskar who was standing at the entrance from a while.
Swara: Sanskar! When you came? Laksh is waiting for you in the hall.
Sanskar: Laksh?
Swara: Yes Laksh. Uttara’s brother and your best friend.
Sanskar (thinking); so all these is for Laksh. I thought it is for me. Laksh is your love and your child’s father. No!! Swara can never love me.. I will never come in the path of her happiness.
It is true that Sanskar have married Swara but he could never become her husband. Sanskar turned away his face in sadness. He went away from that room.
Swara: I know Sanskar what you must be thinking now. You are thinking nah all these is for Laksh but no this is for you.
Sanskar came back to that room.
Sanskar: Swara keep the guest room ready. Laksh will stay here tonight..
Swara kept the water bottle in Laksh’s room.
Swara: Good night Laksh. Now I must go. Sanskar is waiting for me.
Laksh: It is 12 years since you share your room with Sanskar, then why are you asking me today?
Swara saw Tanya sleeping in Laksh’s room. Swara froze like a statue. she felt very bad. Laksh came and held her hand. Swara brought back her hand and went away. Swara stood near the entrance of the study room. How can Laksh touch her without her permission? She is now Sanskar’s wife, Laksh should respect her. Swara went inside the room. She saw Sanskar was still studying some book.
Swara: Sanskar.

Sanskar: Haan
Swara: Let’s go and sleep.
Sanskar: Where is Tanya?
Swara slept on the bed facing the wall. Her back was visible to Sanskar. Was Swara taking any test of Sanskar? Sanskar switched off the lights. Darkness is good. Sanskar tried to sleep… Sanskar tried to sleep. He could not sleep. He was shocked to see swara’s behavior. There Swara was burning in rage. How dare Laksh touch her? Swara got up and shaked Sanskar. Sanskar switched on the lights.
Swara: Sanskar. I can’t do this acting anymore.
Sanskar: But what can I do? You are completely free. You are independent.
Swara: No, I don’t want independence.
Sanskar: If you want you can go back to Laksh, I will not stop you.
Swara: Sanskar!!! Laksh have died for me. I want… I want to become yours.

So how was this part??? Sorry as this is short. But I promise the next will be long. You all must be thinking that I am writing in a hurry. Yes I am in a hurry to finish this. this ff will be finished in 4-5 parts more!
Love you all forever! 😉

Credit to: JYOTII

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