The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Autumn-Part 03)

Dr.Maheswari repeated Swara’s name. Swara looked into his eyes. She was shocked to see that face. He started at her for long. Swara could not decide what to react! Dr. Maheswari was none other than her Mr. Sweet!! Today she is standing before him claiming her child!! The game of destiny is very strange. Tears rolled down her eyes. Then Swara composed herself by wiping her tears.
Swara: Yes Dr. Maheswari. I want back my child. Please I beg you give back my child.
Sanskar: But I…
Swara: Doctor give me back my child or else I will be completely mad.
Sanskar: Have patience Swara. You are very weak. You need rest. I had never thought that you were the patient of room no.5. You back to your room. It is not right to enter into any doctor’s cabin like this.
Swara: And is it right to take away someone’s child and say her that her child is dead?
Sanskar: You go back to your room. Believe me I will help you.
After Swara went away, Sanskar was again lost in his thoughts. It is almost more than a month to this incident, where will he search for the child now?? And if Swara does not get back her child she will be mad!! Sanskar called Rajat and said him everything. Sanskar asked Rajat give back Swara her child.
Rajat: I am sorry Dr. Maheswari but this is not possible. A childless couple of America has adopted that child. They have even reached America now.. Even I don’t have their address. So it is impossible to get back the child.
Rajat disconnected the call.
Uttara: why did you lie to Dr. Maheswari? If Swara gets mad?
Rajat: I think you are mad. If we return her child now then the allegations she had made on us will be true. Don’t you remember she had told to give us to police?

Dr. Maheswari took a deep breath before entering into Swara’s room. Swara was sleeping. Sanskar felt good to see Swara so relaxed. He was staring at her beautiful face. He felt like hugging Swara. Then he composed himself.
Sanskar had sold all his life to his father-in-law. His father-in-law had sent him to Ukraine for higher studies. Now he cannot betray him.
Ragini Jaisingh, the only daughter of Shekhar Jaysingh. Ragini and Sanskar were friends in college. But Ragini was rich and Sanskar was poor. Sanskar loved Swara but Ragini loved Sanskar. Ragini’s father asked Sanskar to marry Ragini. He even offered to sponsor his higher studies. Sanskar choose his dreams over his love. He could not convey his feeling to Swara. He had never thought to see Swara like this. Swara woke up and saw him.
Swara: Do you have any information about my child?
Sanskar: Do you really want that child? Have you thought about future?
Swara: You don’t need to think about my future.
Sanskar: But have you ever thought about that child? How can that child live without father’s identity? When that child will grow up, he will definitely ask about his father, what will you say then? And if he comes to know about the past he can even take some depressing step..
Swara: What you said is true. But something is always better than nothing. Both his father and mother are alive but he has spent his life in an orphanage. It is better to live with his mother.
Sanskar: But he is not in any orphanage. He is adopted by a childless couple who are very rich.
Swara: What? I don’t know anything. I want back my child. Say who have adopted by child?? I will bring back my child.. Speak. Why are you silent?
Sanskar: I have adopted your child. Your child is with me. I am taking its proper care. Trust me.
Swara: But why? you are married right? Then why you took my child?
Sanskar: It is true that I am married but I am childless.
Swara: But my child….?
Sanskar: You can take back your child. But in past few days I have came very close to her. I cannot again make her fatherless. What will be the future of that little girl?
Swara: Girl? I had given birth to a girl?
Sanskar: Swara, now she is the only reason of my life. She is the only one in my lonely life. If I will return her to you, how can I live?
Swara: Why are you lonely? Where is your daughter?
Sanskar: She died of cancer. Once you have begged me for your child but now I am begging you for that child. You are beautiful young lady and you can marry once again and get lost in this worldly happiness but I need this child to complete my life. Will you please give it to me?
Swara: nobody will marry an impure girl like me. Even I don’t want to marry. But you can marry again and live happily by creating your own family.
Sanskar: but are you thinking about the child? She can get love from you not happiness.
Swara: You are right but now I cannot live without her.
Sanskar: You can live with her.
Swara: Then let’s go to your house. I will leave there.
Sanskar: But with which right?
Swara: You can take me to your house as a maid.
Sanskar: No! You will live with the identity of the mother of your child.
Swara: but how is that possible?
Sanskar: Marry me!
Swara: what? Marry you?
Swara got off the bed shockingly. Sanskar’s words were still echoing in her ears.
Sanskar: yes Swara we both can marry and live with the little girl.
Swara: do you want me or my body? Many people have faked their love only to get this body. do you want the same?
Sanskar: No! I don’t want anything from you. I just want that little girl.

Swara married Sanskar who was the first man to come in her dreams, who was her first crush. What did Swara get after marriage? Sanskar gave her respect,position,family and everything she had ever dreamt of. What more do she want? She wants Sanskar, her husband! She always carved for her husband’s touch since 8 years! But Sanskar never forced himself on her. Swara had never said Sanskar what she used to feel for him neither did Sanskar say her. Sanskar had never asked her about her past! He did not want to give her more pain! they both had fallen for each other again in this eight years but nobody had said anything!
This is a memory of their first night after the wedding.
Swara dressed in bridal attire was waiting for Sanskar. Sanskar came and both were lost in each others’ eyes. Sanskar eyes feel on Ragini’s photo hanging above the bed and he came back to his sense. Sanskar swiped the entire rose petal from the bed and slept turning off the lights of his side. Swara was still sitting there looking at him. Swara came back to her sense when she heard Tanya crying. Swara brought her out from the pram and took her in her lap. Tanya was still crying while Swara was feeding her.
Tanya’s cry was killing Sanskar from inside. He was getting restless. But why? Is this the attachment of 1 month or is it something else?

Accha now one of my reader had asked me in last part one question that why my writings are so sweet and lovely! Umm I think Shine it was you who had asked! Well the answer is that I am so lovely that’s why my writings are also lovely. 😉 While giving me birth my mom had eaten a ton of chocolates and so I am sweet!! Eventually my sweetness gets reflected in my writings!! 😀 Hehehe!! Just kidding!! Well I don’t find my writings sweet and lovely. You do find it lovely so you must be lovely and also sweet!! 😉 And I like sweet very much so run or else I will eat you up!! 😛
Now my bakarbakar is over! Now you all do bakarbakar about this part! 😀
Love you all forever! 😉

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  14. Who died because of cancer- Ragini or Sanskar’s daughter??? M confused….
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    Btw it is a very good ff…awesome concept and very different…

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      Ragini died of cancer! This is what he told Swara!
      But the truth will come out in next epi.
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