The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Autumn-Part 02)


Rajat: What will you do with the child?
Uttara: I will leave him in some orphanage.
Rajat: What about Swara?
Uttara: Nothing!

Rajat: What do you mean?
Uttara: Time will heal her. After some days she will be able to move on in her life She can even get a good life partner.
Rajat: But if Swara comes to know anything?
Uttara: She cannot know anything. You have talked with Dr. Maheswari and I have talked here with every nurses. Everybody will say her that she gave birth to a dead child.
Swara had to live in that hospital for one more month. Her mental condition was not good. Swara used to stare at the blank ceiling and thinks- Why she did such a grave mistake?
Human life is not stable without mistake. No one in this world exists who have not done any mistake. Everyone have done mistake. Someone had done small while someone have done big mistake. Mistake is the beginning of life. But so Swara have to burn everyday for one mistake? Tears rolled down her eyes and went inside her lips. Why her child had to pay for her deed? She cried loudly clutching the bed sheet tightly. Swara drifted off to sleep while crying. She got up when she felt a hand on her forehead. She opened her eyes and saw Rajat standing beside her.
Swara: Rajat? What are you doing here??

Rajat: I came to meet you.
Swara: Thanks for coming. Now you can go. Uttara must be waiting for you.
Rajat: What is new in this? She waits for me every day after our marriage. But if I go from here now I will never get a chance to talk with you alone. Seriously Swara Laksh is very unfortunate. He left a girl like you? So beautiful girl like you. I have seen his wife-average…not as attractive as you.
Swara smiled. she smiled not because Rajat praised her beauty but she smiled because she was more beautiful than Laksh’s wife. Every woman is like this. They get happy when someone praises them in comparison to other. But here she was praised in comparison to her lover’s wife. Rajat held Swara’s hand.
Rajat: Swara, when I used to see you with Laksh I used to feel very jealous of him and now I am feeling pity on him. Swara… I want to take out Uttara from my life and….

Swara: Rajat!!! What the hell is this?
Rajat clutched Swara’s hand more tightly.
Rajat: Swara!! I will always keep you happy. Tough I have married but I am incomplete. Only your beauty can complete me.
Swara brought back her hand.
Swara: Even when I used to see you with Uttara I used to feel very jealous that she got a very good husband like you. But now I am feeling sad for her.
Rajat: Don’t feel sad for her. She can never know about his.
Swara: ohh! So you are so intelligent!!

Rajat: Intelligent like me deserves beautiful girl like you, not feather brained like Laksh.
Rajat walked more closer to Swara. Swara was still sleeping on that bed.
Swara: Don’t say anything against him. His insult is like my insult.
Rajat: Why? Do you still love him?
Swara: No!! But Laksh is my teacher and I cannot bear my teacher’s insult.
Rajat: I cannot understand anything.
Swara: The teaching which had started from Adarsh bhai ended with Laksh. And do you still want to teach me more? You are my best friend’s husband. I have some respect for you. Don’t tarnish it. Go Uttara must be waiting for you.
Rajat felt very bad for losing a tempting object which was near his hand. He went out. Swara closed her eyes. Then she again felt a cold hand on her forehead. It was the nurse Mehek. Mehek was 3 years older than Swara. In past few days she had taken very good care of Swara. Swara treated Mehek as her elder sister.

Swara: Mehek did you?
Mehek: Don’t break down while walking on the slippery road of life. Be bold. Fight for your rights.
Swara: No didi my wound had not yet healed.
Mehek: That’s what I am saying. Be bold and your wound would be healed quickly. They must have done that for your betterment so you forget that and move one.
Swara: Who? What have they done?

Mehek: I don’t want to hide anything from you. Because I am also an unwedded mother like you. My son is now my sole reason to live. I know it is very difficult for a mother to live without her child. They have taken your child. You had given birth to a living child. I think they have left him at any orphanage. I was in another ward that time. The nurse doing duty here at this ward at that time knows everything. she was saying me these. They had bribed her to keep quiet.
Swara: Who have bribed?
Mehek: your friend and her husband.
Swara: What??? Had they killed my child?
Mehek: First your friend took the child and went somewhere in the car. Then her husband went to Dr. Maheswari and was talking with him very long.
Swara: Had they bribed Dr. Maheswari too?
Mehek: No! Don’t think like that. He is a very nice person. He is God for me.
Swara: Do he know everything?
Mehek: I think he knows.

Swara: I want to meet him right now.
mehek: You cannot meet him right now because he is on holiday. He will join after 10 days.
Mehek walked out of the room as she saw Uttara and Rajat coming.
Uttara: Swara why are you looking so pale? Have you not slept properly? Why your eyes are red? Take care of yourself you are no more a child. Do you want to stay here forever? I have to leave all my house hold chores and come here thrice a day and you…
Swara: You don’t have to come here again.
Uttara: What happened?

Swara: Have you not even though once before making that helpless child orphan?
Uttara: What are you saying? Which child?
Swara: Your brother’s child.
Uttara: My brother’s child? It is not even two months of his marriage and you are saying about his child.
Swara: You know very well what I mean? Where is my child?
Uttara: Trust me Swara. I don’t know anything.
Swara: I had trust on you. Once I had trust you, Laksh and even Rajat but you all are unfaithful.
Uttara: what are you saying Swara?

Swara: shut up. Say what did you did with my child or else I will call the police.
Swara shake and stammered while saying all these. Rajat dragged Uttara out of the room.
Rajat: Uttara, let’s go. Don’t create any scene here. I had told you not to get involved in all these.
Rajat and Uttara went from there. Swara wiped her tears. Finally Dr. Maheswari joined after long holidays of 1 month. Swara after hearing this news got off her bed and walked towards his room. Swara entered the room without knocking. She saw Dr. Maheswari holding his head and thinking of something. Swara did not care about anything. She just wanted her child back.
Swara: I am room no.5 patient Swara. I am an unwedded mother and I must demand my living baby whom somebody has taken away in your knowledge.
Dr. Maheswari opened his eyes and looked at Swara shockingly.
Dr. Maheswari: What?? Are you sure Miss. S-W-A-R-A?

So guys! How was this part?? I will upload the next part very soon. And yes my big ears I will post the intro of my next ff very soon. And Manisha I will definitely post the summary of my first ff (which is your favorite)!!

Love you all forever! 😉

Credit to: JYOTII

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