The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Autumn-Part 01)


HEY GUYS! I got such a good response at the end of spring. Even I saw myself in many analyses. And I am on cloud nine!! 😀 Thank you everyone foe your warm support!!! 😉 So here is the first part of autumn.

Swara never believed in destiny. She always used to say- a man’s deed decides his fate.
That day she was Miss Swara Gadodia and today destiny had made her Mrs. Swara Maheswari, wife of Dr. Sanskar Maheswari. A fake smile comes up on her lips when anyone addresses her as Mrs. Maheswari. Not only a wife but today she is also a mother. Tanya is her sole reason to live. Swara’s life had become dramatic like a movie. Her life was more thrilling than a page of a novel. But the day when she Dr.Maheswari, she reached at climax of her life. 8 years had passed-days; months and years had flowed like water. Who has the capacity to stop is? The brush of time had painted 30 on her body. That 22 years Swara died 8 years ago. This Swara is different. The afternoon of her life have come very quickly. But she felt her 8 years of married life with Mr. Maheswari as a punishment. She still remembers her first meeting with Mr. Maheswari.
Dr.Maheswari was the head of the gynecology department in the hospital she was admitted. He was very famous doctor. Dr.Maheswari had operated her. He had healed her physical wounds but what about the mental wounds? Who will heal that?

The experience of 8 years of marriage flowed like a movie in front of Swara. It appeared like it had happened yesterday.

Swara had accepted Laksh’s rejection easily. But Uttara objected it. She insulted Laksh her own brother for Swara. She even wrote a letter to their father all about Laksh and Swara. But after getting reply from her father she cooled down like water thrown on fire. Only for Uttara’s marriage her father had taken loan. So only way to get rid of that debt is Laksh’s marriage. So he requested Uttara to let this marriage happen. Uttara cried after reading the letter. What will she say to Swara now? She felt helpless. She thought herself as the reason for this entire problem. If her father would not had taken loan for her marriage then today Swara and Laksh could had lived their life peacefully. She was unable to face Swara. Uttara insisted Swara to abort the baby and move forward in her life. Though Laksh was her own brother but he was a cheater. Why to carry his child in her womb and spoil her life? But Swara was not ready to abort the baby.
Uttara: Why you want to keep the baby? For revenge or for pride?

Swara:I can take out this baby easily from my womb and live a normal life. We can hide this. But for how many days? One day it has to spill out. Truth can never be hidden. You want to kill this baby only because of the fear of being defamed? When the truth will come out I will be insulted. So what is the need to kill a pure soul? I cannot do this to my child.
Uttara tried to understand her view. She brought Swara to her home. she took proper care of her. But somewhere she wanted the baby to die so that Swara can move on in her life. But despite of her curse Swara was counting days for the baby to come out.

One day the invitation for Swara and Laksh’s wedding came to Swara. Swara laughed after reading that. Uttara was ashamed of her brother’s deed. Rajat went alone to attend Laksh’s wedding. Uttara had informed earlier her parents that she won’t come. Swara had sent a beautiful gift for Laksh and his wife through Rajat.

Swara: Rajat please do congratulate Laksh and his wife on y behalf. My delivery time is nearer so I cannot go. Otherwise I would have definitely attended his wedding. Please do say him my situation and give him my apology.

Rajat and Uttara were shocked. Is really Swara heartless? She should have cried but she is smiling? Strange girl!! Rajat went in his car. After Rajat went Swara held Uttara’s hand interrupting her thought.

Swara: Laksh is your one and only brother. Why you did not went to his marriage for a third person like me? Marriage is the most memorable thing in anyone’s life. He must be missing you. And I know your heart wants to go there. Why are you spoiling your bro-sis relationship for me?
Uttara too was regretting in her mind for not going. And after hearing all these from her friend she rolled tears from her eyes. . Uttara looked at Swara. Her eyes were moist and tears were threatening to fall. Uttara was shocked. Why was Swara crying? Is she crying feeling her pain? Or her heart is crying for Laksh’s wedding? People might consider as heartless but she was a human moreover she was a girl. She could not bear the marriage of Laksh with someone else. Laksh might be a cheater but he is her first love!

Swara’s labor pain started after two days of Rajat’s return. Uttara and Rajat took her to the hospital.

Swara felt like she was sleeping for many hours. After waking up,she felt something different in her body. Her stomach was paining. Saline was injected in her hand. She had no energy to move. She looked at everyone hopefully. Rajat looked at Uttara. The two nurses standing there looked at each other.

Swara: Uttara, where is my babay?
Uttara looked at the wall trying to avoid eye contact.
Swara: why are you not saying anything?
Uttara looked at Rajat.
Rajat: You gave birth to a dead child.
Swara: What do you mean?
Rajat: But this is the fact.

Tears rolled down her eyes. She began to cry loudly. Uttara went near her and consoled her by holding her hand.
Uttara: It was God’s wish. Calm down Swara.

The child whom she kept in her womb for long 9 months fighting with the demons of this society is no more?? She could not even see his face?? Is God so cruel?? Swara wiped her tears.
Swara: Good he died now otherwise this cruel society would have killed her by calling a fatherless child.

Uttara gave a fake smile. Tough Swara’s mind was convinced but her heart was not. Her heart wanted to see that child, hug him, and love him. After all mother’s love!! Swara was totally scattered from inside. Rajat signaled Uttara to come outside. So did Uttara.
Rajat: Uttara you did unfair with Swara.

Uttara: Unfair?? Do you want to spoil Swara’s life? The child for whom she have sacrificed everything, if after some years the child asks for his father’s identity what will she say? This cruel society will not let a single mother live happily. I am doing all this for Swara, her happiness. And that child also has my brother’s blood. I have some duty towards him!


Sorry guys! If this is boring and not to ur expectation. Actually the fact is that I had started writing and then I received chotu’s message. And I was totally frustrated with what happened with her. Wrote all this in frustration. How can some people fall so low!! Guys a girl here in Tu asked my chotu for her fb id in her ff. then in another epi of chotu’s ff the girl degraded my chotu!! Like seriously I want to slap that girl!!!

Love you all forever! 😉

Credit to: JYOTII

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  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Awesome epi dear……..luv ya……and tell ur chotu to not mind that idiot whoever it was………..

    1. Yup!Thanks dear for suggestion!??

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      M glad that u like my ff???

    2. Nah! I’m the biggest fan of her ff!!

  4. Hey dear!,.. I think I had missed few parts of springZ….please provide me last two episodes link…or you can summaries them in a comment for me….n what I remember last was that swara came back to the city n met laksh!

    1. Thank you. Here iz d full linknif all d parts of this ff.

      1. Thanks dear!! Will soon read it!

    2. Jyotii….it was tremendous…how can laksh do that??… was just brilliant…now swasan marriage…how did this happen….upload soon!
      Loads of love ❤

      1. Thanks ya!
        I ll upload tonight probably! 🙂

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      The boy in uhr dp is too cute??

  9. Hi Jyoti ,
    Awesome dear.
    It’s not boring at all.
    Even i read about that disgusting comment on Kritika’s page .
    It’s quite ridiculous to know that how people disrespect someone’s hardwork and insult them personally but your chotu is a way mature than her age , so i am pretty sure that she will handle everything .I missed some chapters , just going to read it.Well done girl!!!! U really came up with a unique concept ,pin-pointing the faults in our society ,that we highly choose to ignore.

    1. Thank you nidhi! Actually I don’t mind her words..I know myself…I don’t care if she likes me or my ff… Thank you for ur concern dear!

    2. Thank u Needhi for long inspiring comment. N yes my chotu is mature enough. I need not to worry about her. She can deal with any problem?
      Nd yes! This is my own written novel which I ll publish some day!

  10. This was superb☺
    waiting for next..!!
    And chotu mean Kritika right??
    What happened with her????

    1. Uh nth Tanya! Leave it! Well, thanks for ur concern dear!

    2. And u named their daughter Tanya n my name!!??
      Love u

      1. Yess. Love u too?

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      I ll inbox u everything.

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    Anyways waiting for the next eagerly.

    1. Yaar the only way to take out my frustration is to write??

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    Coming to the ff,
    U simply rocked it…nothing to get bored..,, in fact, it’s superb..
    In simple yet evocative words,
    Love uh..!!!!

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      (Sisterly love)??

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      Love u too???????

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      1. Dii not fair,reveal quickly

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    I don’t think so. Something is surely fishy. Anyways, love your writing. And dont tell its boring. Its awesomely written, pinpointing the face of our society when it comes to women or someone facing such situations. Its good that Swara did have emotions left in her. Keep it up dear♥♥

    1. Thanks Bishu! You will get to know everything but later!
      Have some patience girl!??

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    1. Evu! Good to see u here. But I cannot say that this Autumn would make her life happy or mire miserable but do remember swara would emerge as a strong lady at the end.

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    1. Thanks!
      I ll try to unite them

  29. Hey I have lot of questions… how swasan getting married… uttara and rajat are taken swara child… then tanya is whose daughter… swasan or ragsan or swalak… if she is not swalak child then what utts did with that child… and wat about Ragini…

    1. shall i call you by Jo.. bz jyoti is my chachi name… its getting harder to me to call you by ur name…

      1. No problem with you calling me Jo! 🙂

    2. Nive! You have to wait dear to know all about this.
      Nd yes ur question iw good.
      Who is Tanya? She can be swasan’s daughter! Or may be Ragsan! And even swalak!!
      Anything can happen!!????

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    Uttara is a true friend.. She supported Swara..loved it

    1. Thanks seethu di!
      If u have d dame questions of Nive then my answers r too same!??????

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