The Rainbow of My Life (One Shot)

The rainbow of my life

Hey all! Ria here. I’m back with another OS. Hope you all like it.
I entered my parents room and found it completely empty. I was about to go out when my eyes fell on a diary. It was written “Kunj Sarna, love life” on the diary. I thought for a while but, then I picked it up and went to my room. My parents are working. My dad is a successful businessman and my mom runs a NGO. I opened my dad’s diary and started reading it.

I waited for her at the park as she had told me to. It was about an hour and I was bring restless by now. Finally I saw her with my best friend. I waved my hand at them as they waved back. They came near me and she said, “Kunj, today finally Yuvraj proposed me.” I stood numb listening to her words. I felt as if the next moment I was going to die. She snapped her fingers in front of my teary eyes. I came back to senses nd looked away to hide my tears. “Aren’t you happy?”, asked Mahi. “Ofcourse I am. Why will I not be happy?”, I replied turning my face towards her while controlling my tears. “Bro, we’re getting engaged next week. You’ve to come and also, you’ve to attend all the functions of the wedding”, said Yuvraj. I smiled and said, “I’ve some work. It’s more than an hour I had been waiting for Mahi so, now I need to excuse myself.” “I am so sorry Kunj. I was late”, said Mahi. I smiled and said, “It’s alright.” I excused myself as they both continued their romantic talks.

A week later,
I had gone into depression and my mom wanted me to stay with her so, that she could see me normal for which I was returning to India.
I reached India and stayed lifeless. My parents tried their best to cheer me up but, it was all waste. My Bebe said, “Get him married. Maybe he’ll be back to normal.” I told them many times not to do this as I couldn’t forget Mahi and I didn’t want to waste anyone else’s life but, they weren’t ready to listen. I never met her before our marriage. I just knew her name was Twinkle Taneja. We got married on January 10th.

Marriage Day
I told her about my past and she smiled. She said, “It’s okay. I don’t mind if you wish to stay with those memories. I can’t force you into this relationship.” Her words made me smile after almost a year. I felt something different in her but, ignored the fact. Days passed by and we had become good friends. She had made my impossibility possible. I was back to normal and my family was happy to see me like that. It was always nice to take out some time and talk with her. She was very practical yet, caring and understanding. I found myself lucky to have her in my life.
It had been 2 years post our marriage and she never expected anything out of this relationship. She agreed to the fact that we’re good friends. The only condition she had was that we were going to be husband-wife in front of the world whatever our relation was. I knew I had fallen in love with her but, I didn’t know how she would react to it.

I thought of keeping it suppressed but, remembered our promise of never hiding anything from each other even though we were just friends. I didn’t break my promise. On 15th February, I called her to a park. She came there and waved at me. I waved back at her. She came to me and said, “Why did you call here?” “Thank you Twinkle for coming into my life. You’ve always been there for me when I needed you and you’ve reverted me back to normal. I’m really thankful to you for bringing colours into my life and happiness in my life. I love you Twinkle. Would you like to give me the opportunity to give a name to this marriage?”, I said. She hugged me tightly and said, “I love you too.” We shared a deep, passionate kiss which expressed our love for each other. After about a year, Twinkle gave me the best gift of my life, my Sarah sorry, our Sarah.
I had tears of happiness in my eyes as I completed finishing the diary. I went to my parent’s room and kept the diary where it was. I went down to the hall as I heard my parents calling out for me.

Hey all! Thanks a lot to all of you for commenting on my previous OS.

Did you all like this one? I guess it wasn’t that good.

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  1. zayb_zikra

    Hey ria such a cute OS…..
    Ws little bt ws superbbbbbbb????
    Do write more like this…..

  2. sana (aamu)

    ria how can it be nagative yaar…….its short n sweet yaar
    too good
    keep writing os also

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