Rainbow- Colours of Love (Intro)

Love had the power to make hell a heaven. This story shows how girls spoil their life coz of innocense n trusting fake love. It will show both sides of a coin. Love which made life a hell and love which made life a heaven. At the same time wat all a girl goes through when someone breaks her heart so much that she can never trust or love anyone. But when a guy who loves her truly enters into her life, everything changes.

Even after knowing abt her past love, he loves her so much. Though she didn’t trust him at first, slowly she loves him. But she goes away from him without revealing her feelings. Somehow he finds her but the truth behind hiding her feelings makes him shocked. Does it breaks his heart or does he fixes her broken heart?

Advaita: Female lead. Stubborn, serious, calm, rude n reserved. No emotions. No sentiments ( pretends as if she had no emotions n sentiments). In the past jovial, sweet, caring, loving n innocent. Though she had a family, now she is equal to orphan as they left her.

Snehith: Frndly, sweet, jovial, handsome, kind n pure in his thoughts. Male lead

Rainbow have 7 colours. In this story u will find 7 shades of love – both good and bad. It also says how a girl faced the situations when her first love ditched her. What did Advaita do aft being cheated by her first love? How she faced it n Wats the choice she made to set her life on track again? How Snehith reacts after knowing the truth which made her to leave him? Does his love withstands the situations or weavers according to situations? What makes Advaita to go away from him though she loves n trusts him? What will he do to make her trust n love him forgetting experience of her past love? Why did her family left her?

Lets see the journey of Advaita and Snehith through rainbow-colours of love. It is of just 20 episodes. Do u like the concept? pls comment n tell me hw is the story line. If u like only then I will continue this story.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. Esha

    Sindhu i m big fan n silent reader of urs nyc concept plzzz continue waiting eagerly fr nxt epi

  2. Hello Sindhu,
    Story line is good.. I think this story gonna be an emotional ride 🙂
    Waiting for seven colours to reveal their identity.. 😀

    Stay blessed and be happy 🙂


    • Sindhu K S V

      Emotions are a part of life and love always contain emotions…You are right..You will see various emotions of girl and boy who loved her very much…

  3. Ananya

    Sindhu waiting for the story to start… A entirely different concept… Love to read it…. Update when possible… Will be waiting… Love you…??

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..This concept is in my mind from a long time..Finally it came in the form of ff today…

  4. Roma

    Awesome wowwww sindhu….I’m in for this…loved this concept n totally addicted to Youuuuuuuuu and Your stories. …never missed any of your stories. ..you’re amazing writer with very pure lovely heart….plzzzz continue dear. ..keep it up honeyyy….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.