Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 9)

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Recap: Shade of love- CARE

Episode 9

Next Snehith went to office and came at evng. He remembered Advaita calling him at aftnoon.

fb starts:

Advaita: Hello

Snehith: Yes my darling. Missing me?

Advaita: I think u r missing me

Snehith: U r the one who called me. Actually I am too busy to remember u now. Aft marrying u r mine n so I am relaxed n no need to think abt u anymore

Advaita:Really? Ok then sorry for disturbing u while working. Bye

Snehith: Wait wait. Y did u call me?

Advaita: Actually I planned a surprise for u but u r too busy to remember me. So its ok. Bye

Snehith: Surprise? wats that? pls tell me

Advaita: Who taught u English

Snehith: My most beautiful wife

Advaita: What?

Snehith:Yup. Thats y I am like this now. Acually aft marriage, I forgot everything n just became mad. All the credit goes to my wife.

Advaita: You

Snehith: Add 2 more before u

Advaita: what

Snehith:2 words I love…then u..

Advaita: Yes I love u

Snehith:Tell me wats the surprise. I will come right now

Advaita:No need to b hurry. Surprise will b waiting for u till evng. Come soon at evng

Snehith: Sure.

Advaita: Now bye

Snehith:Just bye


Snehith: Give me a kiss

Advaita blushed n smiled.

Snehith: Aww..I missed the sight of ur blushing.

Advaita kissed him on phone n he reciprocated.

fb ends.

Snehith came to room n stood at door crossing his legs n leaning towards door. He saw Advaita n got mesmerised. She is in red and golden coloue lehenga. She is wearing bangles, jewellery n looking similar to a bride.

Snehith: Wats going on?

Advaita looked him n smiled.

Snehith went near n Advaita stood up n blushed seeing his continuous starring at her n bent her eyes.

Snehith: Where is my surprise?

Advaita pointed towards the bed which is beautifully decorated with rose petals n flowers. He then observed the whole room n found its decorated with candles n flowers. Advaita looked him n shocking seeing his facial expressions which shows anger.

Advaita: Y r u angry? Didn’t u like it.

Snehith(shouting): Who told u to do all this? I know u heard words of dad yesterday. But I didn’t want u behave like dis to show that u r loving me. I know u need time n I am ready to wait. Don’t do all this bullshit when still ur heart is not ready to accept me

Advaita: Who told u that my heart didn’t accept u?

Snehith caught her hands n showed her injured palm.

Snehith: I know how it happened. My closeness n my love is hurting u n remembering u the past. I just don’t want to happen that. I love u n will love u throughout my life though I need to stay away from u for whole life. But pls don’t make love as a compromise. Don’t compromise ur feelings to make me happy.

Advaita: Did u finish wat u want to say? Shall I speak now?

Snehith: What

Advaita: I love u. I love u so much that I want to share my whole life with u. I want to b all your’s. Yes I heard ur dad’s words. But I am not doing all this for that. I am doing everything with love on u. I want to see u happy. Your closeness is not hurting me. Infact its soothing me n making me to forget all the pain I faced till now. I just didn’t know how to explain u my feelings. I am not compromising with love. Its true I love you

Snehith smiled n went near to her n tried to touch her face with his hand.

Advaita: Don’t touch me. You didn’t understand me. I won’t talk with u. Go away from me.

Advaita told these words as a kid with crying. She started hitting him with hands. Snehith smiled n cupped her face n kissed her on lips. Advaita shocked for a minute n then responded slowly. She hugged him tightly. He kissed her for a long time which reflects all his love towards her. He slowly left her. Advaita walked away from him as she is blushing. Snehith caught the end of her sari pallu n slowly went to her. He whispered in her ears.

Snehith:I am sorry

Advaita smiled n turned towards him bending her head. Snehith rised her head with finger.

Snehith: I love your surprise. Thank u

Advaita: Its not yet completed. I arranged dinner too in balcony for us.

He hold his hand n took him to balcony. She decorated it with candles. He made him to sit in chair n opened the dishes n served him. Snehith really got surprised seeing everything n felt happy with her love.

Advaita:All Ur fav dishes.pls hav them

Snehith: You too sit. Lets have together

Advaita sat in front of him. Both started dinner. Snehith kept his face disgustingly.

Snehith: Did u prepare these dishes?

Advaita: Is it not tasty? I am sorry. I took care to make them tasty. pls wait for sometime. I will ask cook to prepare. But I don’t know where it went wrong. I think I need to know more abt ur tastes. Sorry

Snehith bursted out laughing.

Snehith: Stop it dear. Give me scope to talk. Y do u talk continuously.

Advaita: What

Snehith: Its really very tasty dear. Now hav ur dnr

Advaita: Really?

Snehith: Yes really

Advaita smiled n both had their dinner. Advaita cleaned the table n kept the dishes in kitchen n came to room. Snehith hugged her tightly n locked the door.

Advaita: Leave me

Snehith: My surprise is not yet completed

He winked making her to blush

Advaita: Surprise don’t come easily.

Saying this she escaped from his hold n ran away

Snehith: Hey wait

He tried to catch her. She switched off the light n then rose petals fallen on him.

Snehith:Chinni, whr r u?

Advaita: Find me

He closed his eyes n then he passed his hand towards right n hold her. He hugged her n switched on the light.

Snehith: I caught u

Advaita: How did u caught me even in darkness

Snehith:My heart feels ur soothing presence near me.

He touched her forehead, cheeks n lips slowly shivering her from head to toe with shyness. He kissed her lips n then slowly lifted her in his arms n took to bed.

Snehith:I love u

Advaita: Love u too

He kissed her forehead, cheeks, eyes,lips n neck. He then kissed her hands. He slowly took off her hangings n kissed her. He took off her chain n kissed her on neck. He removed her bangles n kissed her hands. Advaita hugged him tightly blushing. He again touched her lips softly creating new sensation in her. He switched off the light as destiny already brought light into their lives. They started their new married life forgetting bitter past experiences.

Next day Snehith woke up n smiled seeing Advaita who slept hugging him. He remembered last nite n kissed her on forehead.Advaita smiled

Snehith: Are u already awake.

Advaita:Yup. waiting for u to wake up

Snehith: Lovely morning

Advaita: Thank u. Lovely morning to u too my dear husband

Snehith: Thank

Advaita: What

Snehith hold her hands.

Snehith: Till now I doubted whether u loves me or not n may b I forced u to marry me. But now I am really happy to know that u accepted me wholeheartedly. Ur love n care on me are just amazing for which I am starving for years. Don’t leave me again ever. Promise me

Advaita: I promise I nvr leave u

Both got ready n having breakfast. Snehith parents arrived at that time. Snehith sighs her to go inside. Advaita got up to go buyt stopped listening Snehith’s mom calling her.


Geetha: Don’t u even know how to behave with ur in laws. I just can’t understand how my son loved a girl like u.

Advaita: I am sorry aunty.

Geetha: So is this bf prepared by u?

Advaita: Yes

Geetha: Serve us too

Advaita scared for her rudeness. Slowly she started serving her but coz of tension it slipped n fallen on Geetha’s sari. Advaita scared at once.

Advaita: I.. I am…So..Sorry

Geetha: How careless you are.You spoiled my sari

She raised her hand to slap her

Snehith(shouted): Maa

Geetha dropped her hand listening Shehith shouting.

Geetha:When u r careless abt ur own family, how can I expect u to b careful with ur in laws family. I nvr saw a girl like u who is so selfish n careless. You nvr deserve my son. My son is a person who just know to love n u r such a girl who knew only to hurt everyone. U can nvr b a good wife nor a gud daughter in law.

Snehith: Stop it maa. Its enough. U r hurting her intentionally. She is nvr careless. I am sure she is a very good wife n daughter in law too. If u keep ur anger aside u can see her goodness..

Geetha:U r shouting on ur mom for ur wife. Great. Now I understood how easily she manipulated u.

Snehith:Maa I am sorry for shouting on u. But pls don’t hate her coz of just one thing she done unknowingly. Pls try to understand n forgive her.

Geetha: I can’t forgive her who almost killed my son. She cares only for her life but nvr thinks abt others.

Advaita:Almost killed?? Wat happen to Snehith?

Snehith: Advaita go to our room

Advaita: U r hiding something from me. Tell me pls

Snehith hold her wrist tightly

Snehith: I said go inside right now without uttering even a single word

Advaita scared seeing his anger. His hold on her wrist is so tight making her scream in pain. Snehith immediately loosened his hold n dragged her towards room. They came near steps and stopped listening Geeta

Geeta: He met with an accident when he came to know that engagement cancelled. He is in coma for 6 months. After that he went into depression n used to see ur photo all the time n talking to ur photo. In other words, he became mad. He took treatment in US n then returned India. As soon as he returned from US, he searched for u throughout the nation n found u here finally.

Advaita eyes filled with tears. She fainted in Snehith’s arms n he took her to room lifting her in his arms.

Snehith: Maa u both pls leave now. I didn’t want anything to happen to her. Pls

Both left n Snehith saw near her keeping her head in his lap caressing her hairs. Aft sometime she came into conscious.

Snehith: R u ok?

Advaita: I am sorry. I am really sorry. But I didn’t know that u loved me that much in the past.

Snehith hugged her

Snehith: Its ok dear. I know that u didn’t know anything abt me at that time. U didn’t hurt me wantedly. I love u forever. Now don’t cry. Ur tears hurts me

He wiped her tears n kissed her on forehead.

Snehith: I am doing everything to make u happy. If u cry all me efforts will go in vain. Don’t cry n make me weak Chinni. I am sure very soon mom n dad will accept u as daughter in law. I am there to convince them. But u shouldn’t b weak. Be strong n don’t let tears come out.

Advaita: I love u

Snehith: I love u too. I hav an important meeting today. I will come within one hour. Till then don’t cry. I didn’t want to leave u now but its really important.

Advaita: Its ok. U go

Snehith: Do one thing. U too get ready. Lets go to office together. I can’t leave u alone

Advaita: No its ok.U go. I will take rest. Don’t worry


Advaita: sure

Snehith kissed her on forehead n went to office.

Advaita(inner voice): I didn’t deserve you Snehith. How can u b so sweet? Aft Going through so much pain just coz of loving me, still u forgave me. How its possible? You deserve better wife than me. I can’t bare ur forgiveness. I am sorry. I am leaving

Advaita took her luggage n went off from home. Snehith returned aft meeting n searched for her. He saw a piece of paper near pillow. He read it.


I am sorry but still I didn’t love you. May b I can’t love u forever. I tried but my heart didn’t accept u. Forgive me if u can. I can’t stay with u anymore. I am leaving. Don’t search for me. Bcoz even if u find me, I won’t come back. Bcoz I can’t say I love u to u everytime without having such feelings on u. So its better to marry who loves you. I kept a paper on the desk saying I have no objection for ur second marriage n signed it. So b happy with the one who loves u n forget me.


Snehith threw the paper aside n started his car searching her. Advaita is in a temple. Advaita remembered suddenly last nite where she promised him that he won’t leave him anytime.

Advaita(inner voice): I promised him that I nvr leave him. How can I forget that promise. No if anything happens to him coz of brking promise. No I can’t do this. I will go back to him. But will he allow me to stay with him? I hope he will. Even if he is angry on me, I will bare it. But first I should go to him. I am sorry Snehith. I won’t leave u.

Advaita immediately started from there n came to road n waiting for auto to go back. Snehith searching for her n he saw her. He stopped car near her n got down. His eyes are burning with anger. She didn’t understand wat to say.

Advaita: Sne….Snehith. I…I…

Snehith: Get in without arguing on road

He grabbed her hand n dragged her to car n threw her in car started the car.

Advaita: I..I..am…so…Sor..sorry

Snehith:Don’t talk anything till we reach home

She sensed the anger in his voice. He took her home. She slowly followed him to room.

Advaita: Snehith I really

Snehith: I am not ready to listen to anything u say. This time I am not going to forgive u. You will b punished for sure for this mistake. I won’t leave u easily.

Advaita: Punishment? What?

Snehith: You will know soon. For now go n get fresh up n bring me a cup of tea. I am getting severe headache coz of ur stupidity.

Advaita didn’t understand whether he is joking or serious but his voice scared her coz it shows anger. She silently did wat he said.

Precap: 4th shade of Love- ANGER. Punishment to Advaita by Snehith

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. Oh god finally c is accepted him…..sad part is he got accident & slip n coma trun mad too…..bt c is vry lucky to hav sneihth yarr….sindhu u rock d epi qat knd of punishment c wil get ????? Tc dr ….

  2. ammu

    di..how was your exams? Hope you did it well.The epi..i really loved it di..atlast she accepted him wholeheartedly.more than their union i liked last part.snehith’s anger,anger that evolved from deep love .. But sad past,he also suffered a lot .But his love for her only increased. brave man. feel sad for chinni also..please update tomarrow di,if u are free.

  3. ryths

    really really luvd d epi..it was as superb as usual…oh no precap!! wat punishment he gonna give her now…very eagerly waiting for nxt epi plzzzz update nxt epi asap

  4. Sweetie

    Awesome episode πŸ™‚ Snehith’s past was really painful.. Accident and depression.. πŸ™ Baccha loves her a lot.. Finally Advaitha realized her mistake but her mistake has a punishment.. So waiting to know about the punishment.. πŸ™‚ Take care πŸ˜€

  5. Ananya

    Just loved it Sindhu… Finally advaita accepted Snehith.. But her decision of leaving was wrong and she deserves punishment.. Waiting for nxt part..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u anu dear…Yes she is wrong n now he is also irritated with her behaviour..next part posted…check in wattpad dear..its under review here..

  6. vanshika

    nice episode…eagerly waiting for 4th shade-ANGER…please update asap…
    advaita did a foolishness by leaving him…already because of her snehith was in pain and she increased his pain…

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