Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 8)

Rainbow 8

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Recap: Advaita meeting her bro and seeing Jashwesh.

Episode 8

Shade of Love – CARE

Snehith: Advaita, U stay in room,I will bring dinner for us.

Advaita: Ok

Snehith left and power gone in her room. Advaita called Snehith

Advaita: Power gone. Pls come fast. I am scared

Snehith:Don’t worry, just 5 mins I am coming. switch on torch in ur mobile.

Advaita: ok

Advaita cut the call and went to lock door n suddenly she felt someone’s hand on her.

Advaita: Snehith, u came. Thank God u came.

I am so scared.

The person turned her back n hugged her from behind n moved his hands to her neck. Advaita pushed him with all force.

Advaita(shouting):Who is this. Its not Snehith. Who r u?

She took mobile n switched on torch but found none. She took knife which on table. Someone touched on her shoulder. Advaita turned with knife. Knife cut the hand of the person n it started bleeding.

Advaita: U? I am sorry

Snehith screamed in pain.

Snehith: Its ok. Take first aid box

Advaita took first aid box n tied bondage to him. Tears fell on his hand from her eyes

Snehith: Don’t cry. Its ok.

Snehith hugged her from side n she leaned on his shoulder.

Snehith: Wat happened? Y r u so scared?

Advaita: When u r not there, someone came into our room n tried to hug me. I switched on torch but didn’t find anyone

Snehith: When I came inside door was locked. I opened it with spare key. When room was locked who will come inside

Advaita: But I didn’t lock the room. I went to lock the door n someone came

Snehith: As u r not well, I locked the room n went to bring dinner.

Advaita: Snehith u r not believing my words. But its true

Snehith: Ok. I won’t leave u alone even for a second from now. So that no one can harm u. Tomorrow mrng lets go to our home. U will b free from these fears.

Snehith made her to eat food n gave her medicine. She hugged him tightly n held his hands.

Snehith: Don’t worry. Sleep now. I am here.

He caressed her hairs n she slept. Snehith is thinking abt her words abt seeing Jashwesh n someone coming into room

Snehith(inner voice): Is it true wat she said? Watever I need to enquiry abt Jashwesh. I can’t take her words lightly though she is not well. I need to find out the truth to save my Advaita. Don’t worry Advaita. No one can harm u. I will protect u.

He kissed her on forehead n slept. Next day both came to their home. He got shocked seeing his parents there. He took her inside n introduced them to her. Both took blessings from them.

Snehith: Advaita, tell to cook to prepare juice for mom n dad.

Mom( Geeta): Y? Don’t ur wife know to prepare even juice?

Snehith: She is not well

Geeta: Acha. No one shows sympathy on those who spoils their life by themselves.

Advaita got tears n Snehith observed it.

Snehith: Maa,pls

Geeta: Anyways, Advaita bring us both juice. I don’t think u will b tired just for making juice.

Advaita: Ok maa. I will bring

Geeta: I prefer aunty than maa.Bcoz I hate b mom for a daughter like u.

Advaita: Ok aunty

Advaita went to kitchen to bring juice.

Snehith: Maa y r u hurting her like dat

Geeta: Bcoz she hurted my son a lot. With God’s grace u r alive today. But if anything happens to u.

Snehith sighed her to stop seeing Advaita coming. Advaita served juice to them.

Advaita: Snehith, Shall I prepare lunch?

Snehith: Actually Advaita, mom n dad are leaving now. For us, u can ask maid to prepare. Now u go n get fresh n take rest. I will come aft sending them.

Advaita: Are they not going to stay with us. I thought they came to stay with us. Ok. I wil go to room

Advaita left.

Snehith:Mom, I know I am hurting u both. I know the reason behind ur anger on Advaita. But no one is perfect in this world. We, as humans commit some or the other mistake in our lifetime. So pls forgove her. She is already in pain. We no need to increase it. I am sorry for hurting u n marrying her without ur acceptance. May b I am not a good son.

Dad(Harsha): No beta. U r a very good son. We always love u. Ur mom concern is abt u. If Advaita really loves u n keeps u happy n takes care of u, ur mom will forget everything. But still u r the one who is caring abt her but we didn’t see her taking care of u. We didn’t know how long it takes to make her normal n to take care of u. We hope she will b a good wife to u. Ok, we will leave now.

Advaita heard their words. They left.

Advaita(inner voice): May b they are right. Only Snehith is taking care of me n loving me every second. But I am not able to give him any hpyness. I should come out of this trauma soon at least for him. Only then I can discharge my responsibilities as wife perfectly.I love him but I should express it in my acts too. I should stop worrying abt past.

Snehita came n saw her standind near their room door. He tapped on her shoulder.

Snehith: R u ok? Y r u standing here?

Advaita: Nothing. Just like dat

Snehita: Ok. Now go n sit on bed n continue ur thinking session. Meanwhile I will take shower.

Advaita: Ok

Snehith took shower n came to room n saw her pressing his clothes. He came near to her n she turned to give his clothes n again turned her face as he came without shirt. He hugged her from behind. He shaked his head n water from his hairs fallen on her. He intermingled his fingers with hers. Then slowly he moved his hands on her n slowly kissed her cheeks. Advaita hold his hands tightly n blushed with his touch. Snehith felt happy as she didn’t react wildly. He turned her towards him. She gave his clothes n he got ready. Snehith left to office as there is some meeting. Advaita opened her hand which is bleeding.

She remembered Snehith touching her n her past making her scare. But to control her anger n not to hurt him,she caught her hands very tightly coz of which her nails pierced into her hands n started bleeding. She Wiped her tears n applied medicine to it. Evng Snehith returned n both chit chatted for sometime. They are having dinner n found Advaita having food with difficulty. He caught her hand n saw palm of both hands. He found deep cut to both hands.

Snehith: Wat happen to ur hands

Advaita: Nothing. It’s just small injury

Snehith: Ok. Have food. Let me help u eat

He feeded her n both came to their room. Advaita lied on bed n Snehith started working on his laptop.

Advaita: Its late..Sleep now. You can work morning

Snehith: No Advaita, its very important. Today before 12 am I must send quotation.
You sleep. I will sleep aft completing


Snehith typed something n deleted it n again typing. Advaita is observing him.

Advaita:What happen?

Snehith: Actually I am not sure that we will get this offer. I think its better to drop. Bcoz I can’t fail aft sending quotation. It hurts me

Advaita: So u want to fail by urself

Snehith: What?

Advaita: Of course. If u participate u will have atleast a chance to win. If u lose there is no chance to win. Trying is not failing. Its learning. But withdrawing trials is real failure. I know my husband nvr fails.

Snehith smiled hearing her n caressed her hairs n kissed her.

Snehith: Thank u. Its true ur husband nvr fails. Actually I am waiting for this tender from a longtime n u want to win it at sny cost. So I am really tensed.

Snehith sent the mail and slept. Advaita remembered his words abt tender and opened his laptop n sent new quotation cancelling his quotation n then she slept. Advaita woke up n got ready. Snehith woke up n saw her arranging his clothes. Snehith hugged her from behind

Snehith: What r u doing swt hrt

Advaita: Everything is ready. Go n get fresh up. I will coffee or tea

Snehith: I prefer green tea

Advaita: Ok. For bf

Snehith: R u going to prepare

Advaita: Of course

Snehith hold her both hands n kissed them.

Snehith:Let the injury cure first. Anyways I didn’t want these beautiful hands to get tired. U just bring tea n order maid to prepare bf. Say anything that u want to eat for bf.

He got ready n Advaita gave green tea to him. She went to kitchen to arrange table for bf.

Snehith(shouted): Advaita

Advaita got scared coz of his shouting. She immediately went to him n found him so angry.

Snehith: Who told u to cancel my quotation n send ur own?? Did I ask u

Advaita: Snehith pls listen

Snehith: Stop it Advaita. I told u how imp it is to me. But u ruined everything. If we didn’t get it wat will u do.

Advaita: Snehith, u quoted for very less amount. But even if we get order, we can’t provide them product within that amt. Either we hav to bare the loss of remaining amt or leave the tender. I quoted which is less possible amount without loss to company

Snehith: For me getting this tender is important. If we get this, we will get offers from many other companies. So I don’t care abt loss for this one tender. I have experience in this field from many years. I know how to do it. How can u say that I am wrong that easily

Advaita: Ur quotation is not realistic. Even that company will know that. If they didn’t trust us, they won’t give us the tender. So I requoted it. I am sorry but I am confident that we will get it.

Snehith looked her seriously n took his files n started to go.

Advaita: Snehith break fast.

Snehith: I am not hungry. U no need to quit ur’s for me. Have it n take tablets. If possible I will come for lunch. I am telling u seriously don’t interfere in my office works. Bye

He left to office n Advaita felt disturbed with his words. Snehith too disturbed thinking abt Advaita for shouting on her. He called her but she didn’t receive as she slept coz of tiredness caused by crying a lot. Snehith got tensed n called to landline n asked maid to tell Advaita to call him. Maid wake her up n told that Snehith asked her to call. She called him.

Snehith: Advaita, R u ok? Y didn’t u receive my calls? R u angry on me?

Advaita: No. I slept.

Snehith: Did u have break fast

Advaita:I am not hungry

Snehith: I am sorry for hurting u. But I don’t like anyone interfering in my office works

Advaita: I am not anyone. I am ur wife.

Snehith: Okk. I agree. I am sorry once again. Pls have something

Advaita: Wat abt u?

Snehith: Ok I will have in canteen for u. Now u quit ur angry hunger strike n have food. I will come for lunch if I have time. If not pls don’t mind n havr lunch too


Snehith: Give me a smile

Advaita: Hmm

Snehith: Pls Advaita. If u r dull I can’t focus on my work. So pls smile.

Advaita: Ok. I love u

Snehith:I love u too

He kissed her on phone making her to blush


Advaita: No smiling

Snehith: Blushing plus smiling. Give me mine n then I will start my work.

Advaita smiled n kissed him on phone.

Snehith: Now go n have food. Bye,tc

Advaita: Bye

Snehith waited for a long time but he didn’t get any info abt that tender. He was disappointed but decided to tell Advaita that they got tender as not to disappoint her. He got a call from the company whom Advaita sent quotation at evng.

Snehith: Hello

Manager:Hello sir. Our company approved the quotation sent by ur company. Actually we r informing u lately bcoz we saw ur earlier quotation which is unrealistic n then disapproved it as no one can provide the products within that amt. But u took a clever step by requoting. Congratulations sir.

Snehith: Thank u

Snehith(inner voice): U r so intelligent Advaita. U proved me wrong. But I am happy coz its u who won me. Bcoz of u I succeeded today. I love u

He returned home n saw her reading book. He went slowly to her n sat besides her. Advaita looked him n smiled

Advaita: Gud evng. Get fresh up. I will bring something for u to eat.

She got from bed but he pulled her n she fell on his lap. He hugged her tightly from behind n kissed her cheeks.

Advaita: Wat r u doing?

Snehith: Saying both thanks and sorry.

Advaita felt difference in her coz she didn’t feel nervous or uneasy n didn’t get anger with his touch. Infact she felt happy with his love and naughtiness.

Advaita: U already said sorry n y r u saying thanks

Snehith: We got the tender

Advaita: Wow really. R u saying to make me happy or its true?? Promise me

Snehith: Promise dear. We got the tender. I love u so much. Bcoz of u I won.

Advaita turned towards him n hugged him. Aft sometime he got fresh up.

Snehith:Advaita, Can u work for our company. I trust that if u r with me, I will win everything.

Advaita: But if I become aggressive again it will not b good

Snehith: I know how to handle the situation if anything happens like that bcoz now u r my wife. I can understand u better than before. So no worries. If u like u can join.

Advaita: Ok boss

Snehith smiled making her to smile.

Scene freezes showing Snehith hugging Advaita from behind n smile on their faces.

Precap:Third Shade of Love- Support. Snehith supporting Advaita when his parents hurt her. Advaita comes to know wat happened to him aft cancelling engagement n feels bad n decides to leave him.

Hi frnds, I hope u felt the care of Snehith and Advaita in this episode. Hope u njoyed the episode n love of this sweet couple who knows only to love. Share ur opinion on the ep either negative or positive. Willb waiting for ur feedback..

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. Hi sindhu its awesome epi I like it….. dt stupid jashwesh is alive ?????? Wat happened to sneihth n d past whc make advatia to leave him ??? Waiting fr next update dr……tc

    • Sindhu K S V

      Past of snehith will b revealed in next ep but to reveal truth abt Jashwesh it takes few more episodes.. Thank u for liking this ep..tc

  2. If she leaves him,she’ll be d great fool.By leaving him she can’t change d past.It’ll only hurt him..Nice going..Will be awaiting fr d nxt..

  3. Sweetie

    Update is awesome as always.. 🙂 Next episode past revelations.. Yayy!!
    Stay blessed and be happy 😀

    • Sindhu K S V

      No prblm dear..bcoz whether Jashwesh alive or dead, doesn’t make difference in her life bcoz she had Snehith on her side who will do anything for her n he know how to protect her too..

  4. vanshika

    snehith’s care for akshara is awesome…curious to know about the past of snehith…hope his parents accept akshara soon…update asap…

  5. ammu

    Sorry di for late cmnt.I was ltl busy.Care..another shade of love, a feeling that everyone expect from their loved ones,not only lovers but also frm parents..siblings..friends..but its special in love becoz it hurts a lot when we dont get it.Snehith is really awesome.bt that devil jashwesh…precap makes me worry.bt hope that shehith never lose his chinni again. Im sorry for big and useless comment.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u for ur sweet n lovely words that u shared..pls don’t say sorry or useless words..Ur comment really matters to me dear..I will b more hpy when I see big comments in which u share ur opinions clearly..Don’t worry I won’t show separation of Snehith n chinni but will show 4th shade of love-ANGER (of Snehith for leaving him again).

  6. vanshika

    eagerly waiting to see this 4th shade of love of snehith…it will be advaita’s foolishness if she will again leave her because getting a husband like snehith is her good luck…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Waiting to see 3rd shade (Supporting) or 4th shade (Anger) dear??? 3rd shade will b in next episode tomorrow n 4th the next day..today I hav exam..so I didn’t post..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Submitted dear..under review..Read on wattpad if u want..already published there…

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