Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 7)

Rainbow 7

Next day Snehith woke up n thought to get out of bed. But he saw Advaita sleeping holding his shirt tightly n hugging him which shows her fear. He didn’t get up as it disturbs her sleep. He caressed her hairs.

Snehith(inner voice): I can’t see u like dis swt hrt. I want to see peace n hpyness in ur face. I will surely make that day come soon.

Advaita woke up n saw him. Snehith smiled seeing her

Snehith: Good morning darling

Advaita smiled: Gud mrng

Snehith: Did u sleep well

Advaita: Yes better than before.

She is getting up n her mangalsutr struck with his shirt button. Snehith tried to take it off n Advaita seeing it n suddenly while taking his hands touched her cheek. She thought to get up n her lips touched his cheek. Snehith smiled seeing her n pulled her close to him n touched her lips.

Advaita: Snehith pls

Snehith: Its ok

He took her mangalsutr struck in his button. She got up. Snehith got fresh up n getting ready.

Snehith: Chinni, go n get fresh up. Lets hav bf n go out. U have a surprise.

Advaita came to him.

Advaita: ok. I am sorry. I will try soon to forget past n behave normally with u. I know I am ur wife n I shouldn’t stay away from u. But

Snehith smiled hearing her words.

Snehith: Who told u r not behaving normally? There is no rule that wife should move close with husband from very first day of marriage. Every one needs some time to comfort themselves n then to accept husband too. So nvr say u r not normal. we hav lifetime for it n there is no hurry. Now go n get ready darling

She went n took shower. She came out to get ready n saw a cover on bed. She opened it n saw beautiful lemon yellow dress in it. She wore it n got ready. Snehith came with bf.

Advaita: I brought something for u. I do not know whether u will like it or not but

Snehith: Anything that u give to me will b very precious for me.

Advaita presented a ring to him with his photo in it.

Snehith: Ring is really nice but it would b more nice if u kept ur pic than mine.

She smiled n pressed a small button which is on side of the ring. Pic changed to her’s n then she pressed the button again n their wedding pic appeared.

Snehith: Wow..its really wonderful. But tell me hw u bought it.

Advaita: I hav little money with me

Snehith:From where u got that money?

She didn’t reply n he saw her hands without bangles

Snehith: Did u sell ur bangles for this

Advaita nodded

Snehith: Wats the necessity to present it to me by selling ur bangles now?

Advaita: I want to present u something as soon as we got married as my memory. So I bought it for u when I went to orphanage to bring my sari which u gifted me for engagement.

Snehith:I love u.

Advaita: I love u too

Both had their bf n he took her to a site seeing. Advaita is njoying the beautiful greenery n peaceful location. Her heart started singing. She caught his hand n is walking. Aft sometime, Snehith closed her eyes n took her a little far n opened her eyes saying

Snehith: Here is ur surprise


Advaita’s bro stood there. Both hugged one another.

Bro: How r u chinni. I am so sorry for not helping u at that time. But aft that I searched a lot for u. But I didn’t find u. I missed u a lot

Advaita: Its ok bhaiya. I too miss u a lot.

Bro: Snehith contacted me recently n said he is going to marry u. I am so happy for that. He is a very gud person n I am sure u will very happy with him

Advaita: Yes. He loves me a lot. How r grand ma, grand pa, maa, dad, bhabhi n chotu?

He didn’t talk anything

Advaita: Is everything ok bhaiya?

Bro: Grand ma expired with heart attack after knowing wat happened to u. Grand pa too expired as soon as grand ma expired. Mom n dad totally lost their hpyness. Mom remembers u a lot but dad is still angry on u.

Listening that her grand parents expired coz of her, she cried a lot n sat down on the road itself. Snehith tried to console her. Aft that both took her to hotel room. Bro left as Snehith asked him to leave. He made her to sleep. She woke up aft sometime.

Snehith:R u ok?

Advaita: Yes

Snehith: I thought u will feel hpy seeing ur bro but…

Advaita: I am hpy to see him but…

Snehith: I can understand ur pain. You can’t change the past by worrying n cursing urself. Forget it. But change ur future. Bring back the lost hpyness into the lives of ur family.

Advaita: But how?

Snehith: Do anything that makes ur parents proud of u. World sees success of a person but not their past or hardwork they gone through. So kindle the fire in your heart n cherish ur dreams. Let ur family accept u by making them happy n proud to say that that Advaita is their daughter. If u think u can do it.

Advaita: But wat can I do?

Snehith: Look Advaita, everyone borns with a purpose. Whatever happens in our life happens for a reason which drives us towards our purpose. Think till u find ur purpose. And remember I am with u.

Advaita went into deep thoughts regarding her purpose of life. Now her thoughts are rounding towards not only to reach to the heart of their parents but also to do something for innocent girls who are falling into trap n becoming prey for idoits. She decided something n smiled n hugged him from side.

Evng again they met her Bro n she njoyed grt time with her brother.Her bro left n both went to shopping.

Advaita: I want that pls

Snehith: What u want?

He looked around n didn’t understand wat she want. Advaita pointed her finger towards something n Snehith smiled

Snehith: are u asking pink cotton candy (frnds actually dis is my favourite..pls don’t tease me)

Advaita:Yes I love it

Snehith: R u a kid?

Advaita: Yes I am a kid for u. So pls go n buy it for me

Snehith: Ok but on one condition

Advaita: What?

Snehith: Aft going to room u hav to give me a kiss

Advaita:I will buy it myself

Snehith: OK then I will give a kiss to u aft going to room

Advaita: Stop it pls

Snehith: Ok. I will get it for u. wait here

Snehith gave it to her n she is having it n suddenly shocked seeing someone

Snehith: Advaita, r u ok?

Advaita: Jashwesh

Snehith: What

She fainted n he took her to hotel room. Aft sometime she came into conscious.

Snehith: Wat happen to u? Y r u so scared?

Advaita: I saw Jashwesh

Snehith: What? But u said he is dead

Advaita: Yes but today I saw him

Snehith: Don’t worry. It may b an illusion

Advaita: No. Its not illusion. I saw him

Snehith: Ok don’t worry lets find out. Now pls don’t get tensed coz I can’t see u in that stage.

Advaita(inner voice): Why again my past is interfering with my life. I want to see Snehith happy. He loves me so much. I shouldn’t make him worried for me.I must control my emotions.

Advaita: OK.

Precap: Second shade of love -CARE. Is Jashwesh illusion or true? Does it effects Advaita’s relationship with Snehith?

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Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. ammu

    Nice epi sindhu di.In every epi you bring a good message.This society consists of many Jashweshs and Snehiths..but most time girls fail to recognize them and fall in trouble.your story give message to every readers.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..yes..Girls mostly fail in differentiating true love from fake love..its the biggest prblm..

  2. Nice epi..I love ur ff’s.Snehith is great.I wonder how can a human left her parents for her happiness bt unknowingly she left her happiness.SORRY,apu.i wasn’t comment on ur last few epi.bt i tried.there my comment wasn’t post.waiting for d nxt..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u. Yes dear u r right. She left her parents for her hpyness but she unknowingly missed her hpyness too.. As its serial she got Snehith..But in real life it may not b possible…Don’t b sorry..i am hpy u r following my ff.

  3. Nice epi..I love ur ff’s.U always sent us some morals with ur writing.. Snehith is great.I wonder how can a human left her parents for her happiness bt unknowingly she left her happiness.SORRY,apu.i wasn’t comment on ur last few epi.bt i tried.there my comment wasn’t post.waiting for d nxt..

  4. Sweetie

    Awesome update dear.. :
    People say behind every successful man there is a women. It is also true in the other way around.. 😀
    Stay blessed..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u..Yes dear…as they are couple they must support for one another n achieve success…In coming episodes u will see how he changes her completely to a very matured n courageous girl..

  5. ryths

    super awesome epi…really really luvd it….enjoy alot while reading…plzzzz post nxt epi asap..eagerly waiting for ur nxt update

  6. vanshika

    episode is awesome…snehith is a perfect husband…btw how is ur studies going on…

  7. Devga

    Wow tht mangalsutra ring gift and specially tht bro sis meet…. Was really touchy… Infact today its my bro’s bday… But hw is far away for studies so i miss him too much… Wen i read it in ur epi my eyes wer filled wid tears…… pink candy part was all awesome…. .
    Wish it to b illution…. But i wil wait to knw the truth…. No prob if he is alive coz snehiith wil teach him lessons…. Nice dear superb….

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u so much dear. Many more happy returns of the day to ur bro..even I am away from my bro for studies. I can understand hw u feel..I too miss my bro..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.