Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 5)

Rainbow 5:

Recap: Snehith comes to know the truth abt Advaita.

Episode 5:

Next day, Akshara went to hospital to see Advaita. Snehith too came there. Akshara felt happy seeing him coming for Advaita again. Advaita didn’t understand y he came.

Snehith: Doctor, if u don’t mind, I want to talk with her personally.

Akshara went out. He came to Advaita n slapped her.

Advaita: Thank u. Aft many days I am seeing someone being angry on me. Because now I hav no one to care, love or show angry on me.

Snehith: Do u know y I slapped u? This is for ur foolishness n trust on someone else other than ur family. How can u……

He stopped his words seeing her crying. He hugged her tightly n kissed on her forehead.

Snehith: This is to clarify u that no matter wat happened or happens, I will b with u throughout our life. If u trust me, then I will marry u. I promise I will bring back all ur lost happiness. I ACCEPT YOU AS YOU ARE (Complete Acceptance- First shade of love)

Advaita: No. I am not right for u. pls try to understand.

Snehith sat besides her n cupped her face.

Snehith: Only u r right for me bcoz I love u n only u had place in my heart. First time I saw u when u r singing a song on stage. At that point I loved ur beauty n voice. Aft that I saw u collecting funds for orphans. I loved ur humanity. Next I saw u fighting with a man who wants to send his mom to old age home n convincing him. I loved ur courage and sensibility. Then I saw u with ur family n loved ur bonding with them n ur love towards ur family n frnds. I didn’t propose u bcoz I am not yet settled in life at that point. So, I decided to settle asap for u. Whenever I lost my focus, I used to think that I am working for my love n it inspired me to succeed fast. So u have part in my success too. Aft success, I told my parents abt my love n approached ur parents. Its true I can’t forget u.

Advaita: I…I don’t trust u. Go away from me plz

He smiled at her

Advaita: Y r u smiling?

Snehith didn’t answer n went to Akshara n told his decision. He asked hospital authority to discharge her. He came to her n lifted her in arms

Advaita: Wat r u doing? Whr r u taking me

Snehith: To our home

Advaita: Y? I won’t come.

Snehith: To create trust on me

Advaita: What?

Snehith: Now u just close ur mouth or else I will b doing it. But already my hands are not free holding u. So…

He came near to lips.

Advaita: No. I will not talk.

Snehith smiled n took her to home n dropped her on bed.

Snehith: This is ur room. I will b locking it from outside coz I didn’t want u to leave again. I arranged ur clothes in the wardrobe. Get fresh up. I will bring ur lunch.

Snehith came aft sometime n knocked her door.

Advaita:Come in

Both had lunch

Advaita: Shall I ask u one thing

Snehith: Sure

Advaita: Do u want to marry me with sympathy or love

Snehith: For revenge

Advaita: What?

Snehith: Yup. U left me n cancelled engagement. So I want to take revenge on u. I will marry u n then will torture u.

Advaita: R u serious?

Snehith: If I am serious, I will b in ICU not in my home

Advaita: Can’t u speak seriously for sometime

Snehith changed his expressions n gave serious looks.

Snehith: Is it enough

Advaita: Snehith pls

Snehith: Advaita, if I hav sympathy on u, I would help u to recover n then will b a good frnd forever. But I love u. So I want to marry u. And I don’t think u r in a position to b sympathised by others. U r already brave n leading life independently. Y do u need anyone’s sympathy?

Advaita: R u not angry on me for that?

Snehith: No. Bcoz love is not wrong. But just b sure the person u love is right. Don’t b fooled by sweet words. Try to observe the depth of their words n actions. Most important, nvr leave ur family who grew up these many yrs for the one whom u know just for few yrs. First try to convince ur parents. The decision u take in one second effects rest of ur life. So b very careful. Its always better to fall in love after marriage with ur better half. This is What I think. I hope my words didn’t hurt u.

Advaita: Will ur parents accept me?

Snehith: Actually they said no. Before coming to u, I told my parents everything. But they didn’t agree. But its ok. They will understand later. I will explain them slowly.

Advaita: You said we have to value our parents. Then now hw can u marry me without their consent?

Snehith:I know I am wrong. But I can’t miss u again

Advaita: Snehith pls don’t hurt ur parents. Forget me. U will surely get a very good girl with golden heart into ur life. Leave me pls. I am not suitable to u.

Snehith kept his finger on her lips.

Snehith: No one can replace u in my heart. Love is not to stay with a person when everything is right but to stay with them when everything went wrong.

Advaita: But..

Snehith: I want to b with u to care for u, to understand u, to love u, wipe ur tears, make u smile and most importantly to make u see urself as one who deserve hpyness n love.

Advaita: But I done a very big mistake in my life

Snehith: I will crct ur mistakes whenever u are wrong

Advaita: I can’t control my emotions n behaviour. I will become weird n harsh sometimes.

Snehith: I will bare ur anger n behaviour. I will make u free from the burden of past

Advaita: I am not normal person. I am facing psychological prblms after that incident

Snehith: I will make u recover with my love soon.

Advaita: I don’t love u

Snehith: I love u n one day u will love me for sure.

Advaita observed his hand with bondage now. She took it into her hands n guessed wat happened. Tears rolled in her eyes

Snehith: Y r u crying seeing my injury if u didn’t love me

Advaita wiped her tears

Advaita: Bcoz it happened coz of me. thats y

Snehith: Chill my love. It’s a very small injury

Advaita: Yesterday u r so angry on me then y did u come to me again today? U told u didn’t want to see my face again

Snehith: In anger I said that but frankly I can’t live without my love. I am sorry for talking like dat with u.

Advaita: No no its ok. Don’t say sorry

Snehith: Tomorrow we r going to marry

Advaita: What??

Snehith: Yes. I decided n you must agree. Don’t argue on this again

Advaita: No. Pls don’t b hurry. Think once again.

Snehith:I am thinking abt only u all these days. Its more than enough.

Snehith is abt to go n stopped as she hold his hand. He looked at her

Advaita: I want to talk to u. Pls sit

Snehith: Ok. Tell me fast. Actually I had some meeting.I had to go fast

Advaita:Ok. I will talk later. U pls carry on

Snehith: Ok

Advaita(inner voice): Sometimes saying sorry is also very tough. I can’t bare his pure love n forgiveness. How can I apologise him?

Snehith(inner voice): U no need to apologise me. I can see that in ur eyes. But I can’t bare u feeling bad n applogising me bcoz ur tears kills me.

Snehith went for meeting n returned home. He came to her room directly but he found it open n he remembered that he forgot to lock it while going n he shocked as she is no where in the room.

Snehith(inner voice): Oh God. Again this girl left me. How can I explain her how much I love her n wat she meant to me? Y she is considering her blo*dy past as everything. Where should I search for her now? I hope atleast she won’t harm her again.

His phone rang n he received the call.

Snehith: Hello

Advaita: Hello, pls come to terrace

Snehith: Advaita

Advaita: Yes. Pls come to terrace once

He cut the call n immediately went to her n seeing her there, he relieved from tension. He hugged her

Snehith: Y do u got out of ur room. I told u to stay there in the room. Y do u scare me like this. I will kill u if u leave me once again

Advaita: Snehith, look at me once

He saw her n remembered something seeing her sari.

Advaita: The same sari which u sent for me to wear for our engagement. When I escaped from home, it is mixed with my luggage. Today aft u left I went to orphanage n brought it.

Snehith: U r looking beautiful in this sari.

He turned around n found terrace decorated with flowers n lights. He turned towards her n saw her kneeling down before him holding both her hands in apologising manner.

Snehith:Hey wat is dis? Get up first.

Advaita(tears): I am sorry. Sorry for everything I have done. I know it hurted u a lot. But I am really so sorry.

She is abt to touch his feet n he immediately stopped her. Snehith made her to stand up n hugged her tightly.

Snehith: I don’t like all this. Advaita, don’t think I am doing a favour to u. Nothing like dat. I love u n I just want to share my life with u. Dats it. Thats y I want to marry u. no need to say sorry for me. What I want to hear from u is I love you not Sorry. Do u really ready for the marriage or am I forcing u?

Advaita: I really love u. I am ready for the marriage.

Snehith looked at her n came close to kiss her lips. Advaita closed her eyes. Snehith kissed her on forehead n left her.

Snehith: I think I have lifetime for this. Lets marry first n then u r mine forever.

Suddenly rain started.

Snehith: Come lets go inside.

Advaita: I love rain. It is my best frnd. Whenever I am happy or sad it showers rain on me to make me feel better.

Snehith: You are so crazy. You will get wet. Come lets go.

Advaita started enjoying rain. She started dancing n suddenly she heard the sound of thunder n hugged him. Snehith smiled n hugged her back.

Precap: Rain dance of Snehith and Advaita. Snehith marrying Advaita. Snehith and Advaita’s trip.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. Wowwww fab one……..bt ssuddenly marriage proposal ???? Did c face any prblm n further ??? God im scratching my head pls update next one. ….

    • Sindhu K S V

      Yes dear, he must marry her soon bcoz only then he can make her recover by his love…She can’t stay with him without marriage n its not good too..So I will show their mrg soon n then her psychological n societal prblms…

  2. ammu

    Acceptance..yes di its really the first shade.accepting the really what we are.Snehith is really a rolemodel.You are giving nice messages through him.please update my life my… Also..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear….Ya without acceptance as we r, there will b no other shades like care,support, trust etc…Ya will update my life mu choice today or tomorrow..

  3. I love snehith’s character. Acceptance yaa it is really the first shade of love the way snehith accepted advaita knowing her past proves he really loves her. Ur ff is very nice with a nice social msg

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u so much dear…He accepted her as she is though he too didn’t like her move of going away…But a person who really loves not only points out our mistake but also crcts it…Thats wat he is Doing…

  4. aditi syam

    U r awesome no words to say every man should be like snehith and plzzzzzz make them meet with advaita’s parents plzzzzzzz update soon will be waiting

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..yes surely he will unite her with her parents n his parents too..He will make her life more beautiful as before…

  5. Devga

    Super duper episode…. Thank u sindhu quite busy so cant write big review but on this episode i want to gud big review….. Bye… I come to read this only

  6. Sweetie

    Sindhu.. You always surprise me dear.. I loved the update.. Naughty boy Snehith 😀
    Finally convinced her for marriage through his love.. 🙂
    Hey you are preparing for civil services,right?? How is your preparation?? If you don’t mind what is your optional subject in Mains??
    Stay blessed dear.. 🙂

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