Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 4)

Rainbow 4

Recap: Advaita met with accident n Snehith took her to his home. He went off from him n Snehith searched everywhere for her n finally came to know she is at a hospital as she committed suicide.

Epidode 4:

Snehith immediately went to hospital n asked receptionist abt Advaita n rushed to her room. She was sleeping. He slowly went to her n his eyes filled with happy tears for finding her. He bent n slowly kissed her forehead which made Advaita woke up. She got shocked seeing him n pushed him away

Advaita(shouts): Y did u come again? Y r u torturing mr like this. Go away from here.

Snehith: Advaita, pls listen to me. I love u

Advaita: But I hate u. If u didn’t go from here, I will kill myself

She took her bangle n broke it n threatened him saying that she will cut her wrist again. He didn’t understand why she is behaving so but he for the first time saw love in her eyes along with hidden pain. He immediately came out n called Akshara n met her in her clinic.

Snehith: Doctor, I want to know abt Advaita’s past. I want yo know y she is going away from me.

Akshara: I can’t say that to u

He shouted out loud n threw everything on her table.

Snehith: A doctor’s duty is save the life of a person but now if u didn’t say the truth to me, indirectly u will b the reason behind my death n Advaita’s suicide

Akshara: Wat? Wat happen to Advaita?

Snehith: She committed suicide. I can’t see her in pain. Now if u didn’t say the truth I will kill myself.

He took knife n cut his wrist. Akshara got shocked seeing his love on Advaita n convinced to tell the trut n done first aid to him.

Akshara: Advaita had a very dark past. She faced hell in her life. She is almost dead but her courage n confidence made her to live till now. I will tell u the truth but I didn’t know how will u react aft listening to it.

Generally girls in teenage confuse infactuation with love. They trust flirts n spoil their life. I am not saying all arranged marriages are successful but atleast they will have family support if anything goes wrong. Ok, let me tell her past.

Fb starts:

A big house is shown with a colourful rangoli infront of the gate. Inside there are many cars. Scene shifts to a room. A girl is under blanket n slowly took it off. Its Advaita. She streched her hands n opened her eyes. Her room was decorated with colour papers n balloons.

Advaita: Mumma coffee

Grandma: Happy birthday sona

Grandpa: Happy Birthday chinni

Mom( Anjali): Good morning baby. Happy Birthday

Dad( Viraj): Happy Birthday doll

Brother( Ajay): Happy Birthday Chinni

Bhabhi(Vindhya): Happy Birthday chinni

Advaita smiled n got up.

Advaita: Thank u grandma, grand ma, mom, dad, bro n bhabhi. Love u all.

She got ready n wore a half sari n took blessings from elders. Her younger brother came in with newspaper.

Chotu: Hey listen everyone, there is a good news. Advaita di degree results are out She is university topper

Dad: Proud of u doll. U always makes us proud.

Its evng, she cut the cake n a grand party was organised. In the family, everyone treats her with so much love n affection. Everyone values her words n trusts her. One day, her father asked everyone to gather in hall.

Dad: We got a proposal for Advaita. His name is Snehith Kumar Agarwal. He is a successful entrepreneur n who became successful with his hardwork.

Akshay: But dad, we need to enquiry abt him first. Till then don’t take any decision. Because we must b careful as we r going to give our Advaita to him. Rest of the life she should b happy.

Grandpa: Yes, she should get the same love which we r giving now.

Dad:Advaita, why r u silent. See his photo once

Advaita: No. I…I

Dad: Are u in love with anyone?

Advaita: Dad

Dad: Its ok sona. Tell us. If the boy is suitable to u n is really good, I will talk with his parents.

Advaita hugged her dad n told details abt the person.

Advaita: Dad, his name is Jashwesh. He is my classmate. He had no one but he is good.

Advaita brother enquired abt Snehith and her love Jashwesh.

Akshay:Dad, Snehith is really a gem. He loves our Advaita from 2 yrs but he didn’t propose. He is her senior in clg. He settled in his life n now he approached us through his parents. I think he is perfect for chinni. His family is also so sweet. I am sure they will give her the same love which we gave her till now. She will b so happy with Snehith.

Dad: Wat abt Jashwesh?

Akshay: Dad I am sorry to say. He is a jerk. He just acted before her pretending to b good. But no he is not. His family too left him coz of his behaviour. He is such a jerk who loved many girls n trapped them. One of the girl went to his room n when she is changing her dress, he took pics through secret camera n after that he forwarded it to his frnds. That girl committed suicide. Police arrested him but as there is no proof, he came out.

They told everything to Advaita but she didn’t trust them as Jashwesh brainwashed her saying that her parents nvr agree to their marriage as he is poor. Her family aft trying much to convince her, finally decided to go with the engagement against her wish. Advaita kept a letter n went off from home n engagement was cancelled.

Jashwesh took her to a temple n tied knot to her. They got married n he took her to his room. She is so happy for getting her true love. They consummated their marriage n morning she woke up n shocked to see someone else besides her. She immediately got up n tried to remember wat happened last nite. She just remembered having milk given by him n nothing else aft that. She shouted n Jashwesh came inside.

Advaita: Who is he? Wats the hell is this

Jashwesh: I married u just for money. But u came out from ur family n watered on my dreams. So I sold u.

Advaita felt as if Earth broken under her feet. She tried to escape but Jashwesh slapped her hard n she fell unconscious. By the time she woke up she found someone else besides her. 5 ppl raped her n tortured her for one week. Finally one day she got an empty alcohol bottle n she killed Jashwesh n threatened others n escaped from there n reached a NGO centre as she is already a volunteer in the NGO from her college days. They helped her n contacted police. Police tried to arrest them but they didn’t find anyone in the room not even Jashwesh body. They informed to her family.

Dad: For us, already my daughter was dead at the moment she eloped. Now we r not concerned watever happened to her.

He disconnected the call. Advaita stayed with the NGO for 3 months n then as she can’t face ppl who know her past, she came to another city but as she didn’t know where to go, she sat in a railwat station where mother saw her n took her to orphanage.

fb ends

Akshara: Just her courage made her to live till now. Now tell me Snehith, can u marry her? Can u stay with her throughout ur life? I know u can’t bcoz society is like dat. A boy may have many affairs but will b treated well by the society. But if a girl got cheated n anything happened like this, society blames her. I am not supporting Advaita’s step of going away with Jashwesh. But mistakes happen in life. Just the decision which she took in one second changed her entire life. Can u forgive her n accept her?

Snehith went off from there without answering her. He came to his room n locked it n threw everything in the room. He threw his bed. He threw his table. He broken the mirror. His hand started bleeding. He again hitted wall with his bleeding hand. Suddenly his phone rang. Its a new number n he by mistake attended the call

Advaita: Snehith, this is Advaita. Akshara told she said abt my past. Pls I am sorry. Don’t hurt urselves

Snehith: Shut up Advaita. Who told u to call me now? Don’t show ur fake concern on me. Just shut up. U want me to leave u. Yes, now I am leaving u n I nvr want to see ur face again.

He disconnected the call. His voice is so rude n harsh. Advaita first time heard his voice so harsh. Her eyes filled with tears. Here, Snehith too started crying. His phone beeped. He saw his phone n it’s a msg from Advaita. He tried to delete it but he couldn’t do that n opened the msg.

“Snehith, I am sorry. But pls don’t hurt urself. I really regret for missing u. The days which I spent with u are really most memorable days in my life. Thank u. I won’t show my face to u again. Take care. Forget me n be happy.”

Snehith deleted her message n threw his phone away. He cried sitting on floor leaning onto door.

Scene freezes showing both of them crying.

Precap: First colour of love/First shade of love (Guess the first shade of love).

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. ammu

    nice part sis..u have writtuen right thing,society always blame women,if someone rapes her they say it was because of her bad dresscode..this always hapqen in my state..even women also blame her..waiting to see the first shade of love..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Yes dear..society blames women first…I just don’t like it ..That is one of the reason for starting this story…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..No…Care is also one of the shade of love n I will show it but 1st shade is not that as per my opinion..keep guessing…just think wat else is most important in starting stage of love…

  2. Ananya

    Gud one.. Feels sry for Advaita.
    Sindhu u r a wonderful writer.. All ur stories are different and always has a msg… Keep going.

  3. Sweetie

    Horrible past.. 🙁 :'(
    Yes, you said it right society always blame women.. Ignore the gender man, first we all are humans.. Every human has their own share of blessings and curses.. No human is perfect.. Only from our mistakes we learn the lessons of our life.. I don’t know why people can’t understand this and blame others based on gender.. 🙁 In this case Advaita made a mistake by trusting a person whom she shouldn’t, but only from that mistake she got to learn a lesson “We shouldn’t trust any person blindly.”

    I think first shade of love is yellow which symbolically represents friendship, which eventually blossom into love.. 🙂

    Stay blessed 🙂

    • Sindhu K S V

      Ya horrible past…Don’t worry her present n future will awesome with Snehith’s love..No dear, first shade is not frndshp coz already he loves her. Think more…wat qualities do we need in a person who loves us??????? Think in this way…u will get the answer…

      • Sweetie

        According to me “Trust” is a major quality we need in a person who loves us.. Without trust I don’t think that relationship can last long..

      • Sindhu K S V

        Ya trust is also a shade of love which I will show aft few episodes..But now first shade is different..

  4. Whn I cum to knw her past felt like crying plus angry on her stupidly bt c blindly trusted her luv dr………surly he wil luv her n tme & support her indirectly I guess….pls update soon. ….tc dr

    • Sindhu K S V

      He will show his anger n love together….You r right he will love her no matter wat happened but he will b angry on her foolishness too..I am gonna show their marriage soon..

  5. Devga

    Omg! Very very very bitter past…. And its not wholly advaita’s mistake…. As a girl i can undrstand tht v r very sensitive and yea some times see only the outer habits and blind fold our eyes towards the true nature inside….

    ITs only the fault of al these kind of “JERK’s” parentz….. Wen a girl has to go out she is being adviced for hours and hours abt all does and donts… Y cant parentz do this to their sons….

    If it was done then nothing such would have happened…. Yea evn advaita’s mistake is there to go against her parentz who r so luvin….

    As soon as i read i just got angry to the core…. Wanted to just kill all the five +1(already dead) idiotic morons….

    Nice and motivational Episode as i said before wat evr u write has some or the other useful moral values….. Its really useful in ths world today….

    Hmm Feeling sad for snehith…. Letz c wat happns….. Love u dear continue…. I wil b looking forward….
    SORRY If i talkd too much… I was not able to control anger…. Forgive me

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..Don’t b sorry coz I love to know ur views. I really respect ur views on my stories. Coming to shades of love,ya I am going to write all the shades u mentioned trust,care,support+understanding,complete acceptance,possessiveness,anger,loyalty..

  6. Devga

    Abt shade of love…. Belief and TRUTH should me thr…. I think If v love a person first we must b TRUTHful to them…. Then there must b trust…. There must b care…. There must b patience….. There must b support…. And forgive others…. Etc… I just wrote wat i thought…. U always have different and apt ideas…. So WAITING 4ward to knw the first shade of love according to u….. Love u

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.