Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 3)

Rainbow 3:

Recap: Advaita’s weird behaviour with colleagues and Snehith.

Advaita opened her eyes slowly n saw Snehith near her.

Snehith: Hw r u now?

Advaita: I am sorry for my behaviour. I shouldn’t have done so

Snehith: Its ok. Come I will drop u at ur home

Advaita: But I can go

Snehith gave her a serious look.

Advaita: Ok

Snehith dropped her at home n started his car immediately without even looking at her or saying bye. Advaita felt a bit bad. Because though she know she should not get close to him, his behaviour n care on her is making her a bit happy. As she is all alone these days, she really need someone who cares for her. Advaita went to her room n got fresh up. But she is continuously remembering Snehith. A week has passed n Snehith is busy with his work n is not close to her as before.

Advaita(inner voice): I didn’t know y he is serious on me. He is always jovial n sweet, but now he is serious. I didn’t know y I am thinking much abt him. I feel a strange connection with him. Though I know I didn’t deserve any hpyness still his avoidance is making me upset.

Thinking this she slept. Next day she got ready n went to office. She went directly to his room n knocked it.

Snehith: Yes come in

Advaita: Good morning sir

Snehith: Good morning. I didn’t remember calling u now, right?

Advaita: Actually, I am sorry for my past behaviour. But .

Snehith: Look Ms. Advaita, I have lots of work. I hav no time to discuss abt others personal life. Now u can go. Come only when I call u or u have anything to report me.

Advaita eyes filled with tears n she left from there. Snehith hitted the table hardly seeing her in tears. Advaita called Akshara( psychiatrist).

Advaita: Hello doctor, I am Advaita

Akshara: Ya tell me Advaita. R u ok

Advaita: Ya I am fine but I want to ask u something

Akshara: Tell me

Advaita: Did u say anything abt my past to Snehith on that day

Akshara: No I didn’t say anything to him. Is everything ok?

Advaita: Ya doctor. Thank u. Sorry for disturbing u

Akshara: Its ok. Tc of urselves. Bye

Advaita cut the call n thinking abt Snehith. Her pager started ringing.

Advaita: Hello sir

Snehith:Come to my cabin

Advaita: Ok

Advaita went to his cabin.

Snehith: Look Advaita, I hope u know the rules. No one is allowed to talk calls during office hours. I hope u won’t repeat it.

Advaita: Sorry sir. Pls take this

Snehith: Whats this

He opened the letter n read it.

Snehith: Resignation letter? But I don’t understand the reason behind ur resignation

Advaita: I didn’t want to b a disturbance to ur company.

Snehith: Who said u r a disturbance to my company?

Advaita: I know. I can’t keep my behaviour in control. Thats the reason u r also avoiding me n angry on me.

Snehith: I am not angry on u Advaita. I am just behaving as u want me to behave. I behave like dis with all my employees. I am behaving in the same way with u too. Do we have any relationship between us apart from boss n employee?

Advaita: No

Snehith: Yes. We hav some other relationship between us which u didn’t know


Snehith: Yes. Before a year, u r my fiance. I am Snehith Kumar Agarwal, s/o Ananth Agarwal.

Advaita got shocked n again her past scenes blurred before her eyes. She immediately ran from there followed by Snehith. She went out n suddenly a car went near by her n her hand got injured n she fell down due to which her leg injured. Snehith saw her took her to corridor of office n did first aid to her leg n hand. He then lifted her in arms

Advaita: Wat r u doing?

Snehith: Can’t u see? Car hitted ur leg n u r talking as if u gone mad. May b its true ur brain is in ur leg n so ur mind stopped working due to injury to leg

Advaita: Shut up. Drop me down pls

Snehith: Shut up. Otherwise I will

Saying this he came close to her lips n she closed her lips tightly.

Snehith: Thats better.

He took her to car n dropped her slowely n made her to sit in car and he took her to his home. Snehith again lifted her in arms n took to his room.

Advaita:Why did u take me here? Leave me. Don’t come near to me. I will kill u

Snehith: Advaita, u r not well n now u met with accident. So I took u to my home. Don’t worry I am not of that kind. I won’t mess with any girl except my wife. Now take rest. If u don’t trust me, lock the door from inside incase if u can walk.

Saying this he closed the door n Advaita slept. Aft sometimd he came inside n touched her leg n she immediately woke up shouting

Snehith: Don’t shout. I just came to change ur bondage bcoz its not properly tied at that time. He slowly removed the bondage n cleaned it. Then he applied some cream n tied bondage.

Snehith: Show me ur hand

Advaita: No need

Snehith forcefully took her hand n tied a bondage to it too.

Snehith: Don’t sleep. I will come again in 5 mins with dinner

He came with dinner.Advaita looked at him. He took food with his hand

Snehith: Open ur mouth

Advaita: Its ok. I can eat

Snehith: Oh God. Y do u have prblm with everything. Just stop arguing n have food. U can’t eat by urself coz ur hand got injured. Now open ur mouth or else u will stay hungry whole nite coz here there’s no one to feed u except me

Advaita(inner voice): Not here. I hav no one anywhere to take care of me. Pls Snehith don’t care for me coz I am remembering my old days. If u know the truth y our marriage cancelled, u will hate me. I done a big mistake of losing a person like u. If u go away aft being close n giving a hope to me, I can’t live.

She came out of her thoughts n threw the plate.

Advaita: I said I don’t want. Can’t u understand. Y r u forcing me for everything? pls leave me alone.

Snehith(shouts): Shut up. Till now thats wat everyone did with u. Leaving u alone. I can’t do that. Look Advaita, I love u in the past, present n future too. If u agree, I am ready to marry u right now. I know u went away witb ur past love before the day of our engagement. But now really it doesn’t matter to me. I am not concerned abt ur past. Y don’t u understand this

Advaita: Because past is the base for future n my past is more than u imagine. pls leave me alone for sometime pls

Snehith went out from the room n aft sometime Advaita walked slowly n went from there. Snehith searched for her in entire house n then he went to orphanage that she didn’t return. He searched everywhere but he didn’t find her. Its a week n still he didn’t find her. Finally he gave an ad in paper with her photo n he got a call.

Snehith: Hello Snehith here

Person: Sir we r calling from Apollo hospitals. We saw ad in paper. That girl is admitted in our hospital before a week. She tried to commit suicide. So we didn’t discharge her till now. If u come here, u can meet her.

Snehith: Thank u. Thank u so much. I am coming

Precap: Snehith meeting Advaita. Advaita asking him to go away otherwise she will kill herself. He calls Akshara n Akshara tells abt her past shocking Snehith.How will he react knowing Advaita was a rape victim? Does his love stays or fades?

Frnds, r u liking this concept? Share ur views on the concept. Aft all ur comments makes me inspired to write story well. Now a days I am getting really less comments for my new stories My life my choice n this too. If u didn’t like the concept then I will stop writing these stories. Pls share ur opinions. Thank u.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


    • Sindhu K S V

      Hope so but he is also a person from the same society..So lets see wat he will do..

  1. Ananya

    Sindhu never think of stop writing… I just love all it stories… U r an amazing writer…plzzzzz will be waiting for nxt update and also post other stories sacred bonding and judgment if possible..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear…..Ya will update SB n judgement soon..Next ep of this story is already submitted…

  2. ammu

    Dont stop ur stories sis ,they are awesome.And this story also have a nice message.waitng for nxt one.

  3. Sweetie

    Aww!! Snehith is so caring yaar.. πŸ™‚
    Truth will be out in the next episode.. I’m waiting for the next episode.. πŸ™‚
    Please continue your stories dear.. πŸ˜€
    I think people are busy with their exams..
    Stay blessed and take care πŸ™‚

  4. vanshika

    hi didi…actually I was busy…so couldn’t comment…the concept of this story is unique…this story is the best of all ur stories…so plzzz continue it and try to update regularly…

  5. Devga

    Ofcourse…. Dear wat evr u write has some or the other useful modal value…. I knw its superb…. And continue

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u so much lil sis…Actually this story is my fav…But I know concept is a bit complicated…Next ep is her past…I already submitted it..I don’t know hw u guys will feel aft reading her past…hope u won’t hate Advaita..

      • Devga

        No no y would i hate her…. Coz in this world all have unique thoughts and we cant blame anyone for this…. I wil knw her past and give my opinion…. Bcz before knwing the TRUTH giving views wil b absurb….

      • Sindhu K S V

        Hey swt hrt..I mean u may b a bit angry on her foolishness…Already next ep was released..I am really waiting to know ur views on her past…

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