Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 21)

Advaita PoV:

I am happy that he forgave me. But we need to convince Prathigna. We can be happy only when my family is happy. Snehith came home and watching tv. I decided to talk abt Prathigna.

“Snehith, Shall I talk something to you?”

“Tell me Advaita”

“Prathigna, I mean what shall we do to convince her?”

“U no need to do anything. Most importantly I want you to stay away from this matter conpletely if u didn’t want any conflict between us again” he said.

Hiding tears, I went back to room. I lied on bed weeping but hearing his foot steps, I wiped tears. I sat on bed.

He took me close from side.

“I became angry remembering that incident. Pls don’t cry. I won’t b angry again on that matter. Pls I promise.”

“Its ok” Saying I hugged him from side. He kissed me on forehead.

“I decided to talk with Virat. If he really changed, then I have no objection. I will get my sister married to him” he said smiling

He is always the best. How can I question his love towards his family. How can I say he prioritise business over family? I really got tears remembering my behaviour with him.

“What happen? Why are you crying sweet heart?”

“I am really sorry Snehith. I didn’t know which monster entered into me that time. How can I question you about relationships and all? I am not a good wife. I didn’t deserve you”

“No chinni. You can question me. We are humans. We do mistakes. We learn from those mistakes. Just forget about it. But remember, whatever it is, fight with me, shout on me, hit me but don’t leave me. Because its our house. Not only mine. No one including me have right to ask you to leave. You should never leave this house” he said pulling me more close and comforting me.

“Did you really forget it completely? You got hurt by my words. How can you forget it easily?”

“When a wife can forgive husband for every mistake then why can’t a husband forgive wife?”

“I love you and I promise I never hurt you ever. I never doubt your love towards our family too. Just give me your trust one more time and I sware I never lose it”

“I love you too. I always trust you. No matter what happens”

“Snehith, why do you hate Virat?”

He sighed and then said

“Virat is my best friend during my masters. Everyone thinks we are brothers instead of brothers. The only thing which I hate in him is he plays love game with many girls. I fought with him many times but he didn’t change. One day, one of the girls from my batch complained on Virat saying he cheated her and she is pregnant now. But Virat didn’t react and warned her to go out of his life. He used his money and bsckfired the case saying she is a pr*stitute. She committed suicide. From that day, I hate him. I got him arrested and after 5 years he returned from jail.”

“Snehith, Why didn’t you say all this to Prathigna?”

“She is not in a mood to trust all this”

“I am sorry. Without knowing this I tried to spoil her life”

“Its ok. Lets talk with Virat first. If he really changed, we can give him a chance” he said hugging me from side.

Yes, he is always ready to give second chance to everyone. He did it even with me. He gave second chance to me to prove my love.

Morning we are busy in getting ready to office. Suddenly we heard door knocking sound. I opened the door.

“Sister, can you please call Snehith?”

“Virat? Ya sure one minute” I said and called him.

He came down and invited him inside.

“Chinni, Bring tea for him. If I am right you always prefer tea to coffee” he said.

“Sister, I want you too to listen me. I came here to talk to you both” Virat said

“Ok, I will just come” I said

After serving tea to him, I settled beside Snehith.

“Snehith, I know you are still angry on me and won’t trust me. But its true I changed now. I have no affairs. It’s true I loved Prathigna for you. But not to cheat you or Prathigna. I thought if I marry her, then youo will accept me as a friend again. But not with any bad intention Snehith. I know I done a very big mistake in the past. I realised my mistake only when my sister expired committing suicide as someone cheated her. I promise you that I never hurt Prathigna. Now I really love her. At first, I loved her only to regain your friendship but now I am in deep love with her. Now whatever you decide, I am ready for it” Virat said

“I need time to think and discuss with my family Virat. I can’t take fast decision which puts my sister’s life in risk. Now if you leave, I will start to my office” Snehith said and went off rudely

I didn’t understand why he behaved like that. We went to office after that. Evening Snehith came home late.

“Where were you till now Snehith?” I asked

“I enquired about Virat. He really changed now a days. I will talk to my parents about their marriage” he said making me happy.

We made arrangements for Prathigna’s marriage. Prathigna got married to Virat. But still mom and dad (Snehith’s parents) didn’t talk to me. Snehith tried to convince them but they are still angry on me. However,  he succeeded to bring them to our home. Prathigna is happy with Virat. I read somewhere that remaining culprits who spoiled my life were also found dead. I tried talking to Snehith but he avoided that topic increasing my doubt. I am in room thinking about this.

“Sweet heart,  tomorrow we are going to Bangalore” Snehith said sitting beside me and hugging me from side. I nodded.

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