Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 20)

Episode 20

Advaita PoV:

I went to Akshara didi.

“Advaita, Come in.”

She invited me inside and hugged me. Jiju came from inside and smiled. Akshara looked my luggage.

“Is everything ok Advaita?”

“I came out of the house leaving Snehith.”

Advaita shocked at first but later asked me sit on sofa and she sat besides me.

“What happen?”

“Snehith slapped me.”

“What? As far as I know, he loves u a lot. He is not that rude too. Tell me what happen clearly.”

I said everything to Akshara.

“Did he ask you to leave home?”

“No no. He didn’t. But he slapped me without understanding.”

“You are saying he didn’t understand you. Did u understand him?”

“Didi, What do you mean? I understood him but he lied to me about Virat. He gets angry even if I lie in small things. But he too did the same. If he wants me to b honest then he too must b honest to me.”

“Advaita, I don’t think he lies to you. If you understand him well, you would never hurt him. You are trusting Virat about whom you know nothing. But you are not trusting your husband. Just tell me one thing. Did he lie to you anytime?”

“No he didn’t.”

“Then how can you say that he lied to you now?”

“Because I enquired about Virat. Everyone said he is good.”

“We always see only bigger picture but forget to see smaller things in it. He may be good in front of everyone but may be he had another shade. Sometimes we can’t trust even our own eyes and ears. Something may b hidden in it which you can’t see.”

“I will enquiry about him once.” said Jijaji

“Advaita, whatever it is coming like this from home without telling Snehith is really bad.If he reads your letter, he will become more angry. Don’t break relationships. Snehith is perfect for you. Marriage is not something which we can break it that easily. It is a sacred bonding between two hearts bounded with love, trust and understanding. You go to your home before Snehith returns and reads your letter. Don’t prolong the fight. If he says anything in anger, just b silent for sometime. I am sure he himself will apologise you for slapping you. He loves you a lot.”

I hugged didi.

“You are right. I shouldn’t hurt him. I will leave to home. Bye didi.”

Snehith PoV:

I slapped her and started seriously from home. I stopped car near a park. How can Advaita take such a big decision without informing me? She trusted Virat but not me. Why will I lie to her about Virat? Till now I always loved, trusted, understood and supported her. How can she lie to me? How can she say that I am giving more value to business and rivalry than my sister? I always give much priority to relationships than anything else but Advaita didn’t understand me. She really hurted me.

But what I did? I too hurted her. How can I raise my hand on her? She is my wife not slave. She did wrong but it doesn’t mean I too can hurt her by doing wrong. I should have explained her the truth. Instead of that, I became the reason behind her tears. She may be crying alone at home. I should apologise her and console her. I should love her more than before and make her realise the truth. I must control my angry.

I went home. But I didn’t find Advaita. I searched whole house. Then I found a letter near the pillow. I opened it.


I am leaving house. I can’t stay with a person like you who didn’t understand me. You hurted me a lot. Who are you to slap me? You didn’t have any right to behave that rudely with me. I can’t tolerate this behaviour.

I am going to Akshara didi. Till you apologise me, I won’t return to home. If you didn’t apologise me, we can’t get united again.



I got shocked reading her letter. I know I did wrong but she forgot everything that I did for her till now. She just remembered my rudeness but forgot my love, care and support. If she didn’t want to come back, I am not going to bring her home by apologising. Let her realise her mistake and return by herself. Even if she come back, I won’t forgive her easily.

I heard the knocking sound of door and went down to open the door. Its Advaita.

Advaita PoV:

I went home as soon as I can. I knocked the door and Snehith opened it. I didn’t whether he read my letter or not. I didn’t dare to step in waiting for his permission. He moved aside allowing me to step inside. I went inside but still scared thinking that he didn’t read the letter.

In anger, I wrote letter very rudely. If he reads it, he won’t forgive him forever. I went to room and started searching for letter. But I didn’t find.

“Are you searching for this?”

I looked at the entrance of room. Its Snehith holding letter in his hand. His face clearly showing how angry he is on me. He closed the door.

“I am sorry” I said trying to calm his anger. He is coming near to me. Unknowingly I am stepping back. He looked seriously at my movements. I understood he is becoming more angry as I am moving. I stood still where I am. He came to me and held my hand tightly and dragged me to wall. He pinned me to the wall.

“So u need me to apologise. Tell me how should I apologise. Should I sit on my knees or should I touch your feet to apologise?”

“I am sorry. I am really sorry.”

“You can’t stay with a person like me. I didn’t know that I am that rude to you till now. How many times I scolded you? How many times I slapped you before this? I think I am torturing you a lot everyday, right?”

I clearly saw pain in his eyes while asking those questions to me. I understood how much I hurted him and how stupid I am to do so.

“Answer me.” he shouted

“Never. You never scolded me nor raised hand on me anytime.”

“Who am I to slap you? I didn’t have any right on you to behave like that.”

He pressed himself on me making me scream with pain. I bitted my lower lip to stop screaming. He again came more close towards me. Tears are flowing in my eyes uncontrollably. I didn’t ask him to leave me. I silently stood there baring the pain thinking I deserve it for hurting him so much.

“Answer me. Who am I to you? Didn’t I have any right on you?”

“You are… my husband…You…have..all..rights..on me.”

“I will show you what rights I have on you. You will understand with which type of person its difficult to stay.”

He left me. I took a deep breath for which I struggled till now. He went out of the room. At night, he came to room. I am on bed but stood up seeing him.

“I am sorry for misbehaving with you.I didn’t mean to do it.”

I went near to him to hug but he stopped me.

“As you said you can’t stay with me, lets live separately in the same house. Lets end our relationship today itself.”

I didn’t understand what he said at once. But later on I understood what he mean.

“Snehith,please I am sorry. Please forgive me. I will do whatever you say. Please don’t give me this punishment.”

“I already took the decision. However trust and love once lost can’t be regained. You should never try to make me talk to you. Otherwise I will leave this house too.”

I am about to talk but stopped listening his last words. I completely understood the cost of my stupidity. I lost his love. I cried for 2 days continuously. Then I decided to move on. May be if I gain his trust, he may love me again. I decided not to hide anything and never lie to him from now. I started concentrating on my business. I prepared dinner for him. He came home but didn’t have my food. He prepared by himself. But even now, he didn’t leave the room in anger. He still stayed with me in the same room as he knew my condition.

One month passed by but still he is not talking to me. Today I had some important presentation and its his birthday too. I thought to wish him but he left home even before I wake up. At midnight, he is not awake. I tried to wake him up to wish but in vain. I came to office and realised that I forgot my laptop. There is very less time. I didn’t have time to go home and bring it. I almost lost hopes on the contract. But then I saw Snehith coming with laptop.

” Your laptop. You always had the habit of forgetting valuable things in life. It will cost you one day. So be carefuI not to forget them.”

After one month he talked to me. He handovered laptop to me.

“Wish you a very Happy Birthday.” I said hiding my tears.

“Birthday doesn’t give happiness. Only people we love can give is happiness or ruin our happiness. Anyways if possible, come home soon at evening. There is a party.”

It hitted me so badly as an arrow. Because he is inviting me as a guest. I just nodded. I completed presentation as soon as possible. Its just 3 pm. If I go home now, I can take care of all arrangements. I came from conference hall and started immediately to home.

In my way I came across an accident. I got down and found a person in pool of blood. Everyone stood there just watching it as if its a movie. I immediately called my driver and took the person to hospital. I admitted him in hospital. With the help of his mobile, I called his family. I waited there till they came.

After sometime I took my mobile to call Snehith. But I found 10 missed calls from him already. Only then I realised that my mobile is in silent mode. I called him back.

“Snehith, I am coming just 10 minutes.”

“Ok. I am waiting for you. Already all the guests came.” Snehith replied and disconnected the call.

I am about to go but doctor said patient needs blood and its urgent. Every second costs his life. Fortunately my blood group matches the patient. I gave blood and after sometime I went home. By the time I went, there is no one. Snehith is in hall alone.

“I am sorry. Actually I started early but….”

“I really wanted you to come early for me but however I am sure you won’t. I think we both done a mistake by marrying. I married you as I love you. But you married me as a compromise without love. Its difficult to love a person lifelong knowing they didn’t love us. Lets take divorce Advaita. Its good for both of us. I will unite with your parents. Then you will have family and already you are successful in your career. I don’t think you need me now.”

I didn’t reply to him and went to room keeping the gift on the teepoy infront of him. I closed the door and cried a lot. I know I hurted him. But how can he say that easily that he want to divorce me.Already he is punishing me without talking from a month. After one month,he talked to me and I felt very happy but finally it ended up in this way.

I decided to talk to him. May be if I apologise him and explain clearly whats up in my heart, he may forgive me. Its becoming difficult for me to bare this pain. His behaviour is killing me by making me guilty. Before this incident, he used to understand everything even without saying. But now he is misunderstanding and not even giving me a chance to explain. I knocked his study room door. He opened the door but still he is so angry.

“Look, I didn’t have time to listen to you. Now I realised your true feelings. I am not going to fall for your tears anymore. Just go away Advaita.”

I sat on my knees before him.

“What are you doing? First get up. Ok, I will listen to you. Get up first Advaita.”

“Snehith, please let me speak. From a month, I am trying to say this to you. Finally today I gained that courage to face you.

I am sorry for hurting you so much. I am really very rude to you. Lying to you, cheating you and leaving you are my biggest mistakes. I shouldn’t have asked you who are you.”

He turned another side but I already noticed he also had tears in his eyes like me. I continued.

“Please forgive me once. I did wrong and I am accepting that. May be I married you as a compromise or with repentance. But now I am deeply in love with you. I can’t imagine even a day in my life without you. I promise I never hurt you again. Please give me one last chance to be your wife forever.”

He turned towards me.

“On that day, I said u should apologise me for slapping me. You asked whether you should apologise me sitting on knees or touching my feet. But you didn’t do anything wrong. Its me who should apologise. Already I am on knees before you seeking your forgiveness. I am ready to touch your feet too for my rudeness. Please forgive me. I love you.”

I said and about to touch his feet. He went back. I looked him thinking he didn’t want me to touch him. But he made me to stand and then hugged me tightly. I bursted out into tears.

“I am sorry chinni. I really didn’t know that my behaviour hurted you this much. I shouldn’t have raised hand on you. Its my mistake. Please forgive me. I promise I never do it again. I love you so much.”

He kissed my lips. I felt his love after a month.

“I will show you something.”

Saying he lifted me in his arms.

“What? Snehith please leave me. I will walk.”

He smiled and took me to terrace. Its decorated beautifully. There is a table with cake on it.

“You are the only guest with whom I want to celebrate my birthday. I tried a lot to control myself. But I couldn’t. So I finally gave up and spoken to you at morning. Because I want to celebrate my birthday with you. But you came very late. So I shouted on you.”

“I am sorry.”

“Why did you come late?”

I told everything to him.

“You know the value of life of a person. Birthday will come every year but if anything happens to him, we can’t give his life back to him. You did the right thing. I am sorr…..”

I closed his mouth.

“Don’t say sorry to me anytime. You always understands me well. I love you.”

I said hugging him. He hugged me from side and kissed me on forehead.

Snehith PoV:

I love her. No matter what she does. If wife can bare and forgive husband for any mistake why can’t husband forgive wife, when she do a mistake? I will prove truth about Virat to Advaita. Then she will trust me completely. I am angry on her for leaving the house not for trying to marry Prathigna to Virat. Because I know she just want Prathigna to be happy and she is worried as Prathigna tried to commit suicide. Anyone in her place will take same decision as she took.

“Snehith, please cut the cake.”

She called me. I smiled and cut the cake and feeded each other. Finally war was ended between us and love took place in our hearts. But still I need to convince mom and dad as they are angry on her for trying to marry Prathigna with Virat.

“Your gift is awesome” I said showing watch to my hand.

She smiled hugging me.

Precap(Last episode): Virat marrying Prathigna. Snehith unites Advaita with her maternal family and Snehith’s parents forgiving Advaita. Jashwesh and gang murder case closed (how Snehith managed to get out of it).


  1. Aliya

    So sad this wonderful ff is gonna end. Good episode The part in which Akshara explaining the value of marriage is amazing. Still I have a doubt whether Virat is gud or bad. Post nxt part ASAP

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    Akka..!!! Ela unav??? Em ayipoyav?? Eni mails petano telsa?? ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ Asalu are u receiving them?? Exam ela rasav??? Missed u like hell ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช and story was just awesome !! Eagerly waiting to know about Virat. Take care akka

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      Hi dear..sorry ra nenu mails chudaledu..na personal mail id ke cheya ra..exam chala baga rasanu..I too missed u a lot…Hw r u? hw is ur clg and studies?

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    Oh di..i missed one or two parts.. I thought you didnt updated this story..i will read it now ..and comment..

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    Di..do you remember me? Iam ammu..so i read from the part 17 to 20..just one more epi?
    The support that Snehith gives to chinni,every man lives in this patriarchal society should learn that.through his motivational words you are giving confidence to fight against all negative experiences di..then the locket part, me too believe so di..why a girl has to live as someone’s property wearing the tag ‘im sold’?through your words we can see some glimpse of your personality..really confident passionate..the way you balance love and support in this story is amazing..i want to something about studies di..but later..

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