Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 2)

Rainbow ep 2:

Next day Snehith went to orphanage where Advaita is staying. He met mother who is running it.

Snehith: Good morning mother. I am Snehith.

Mother: I know u beta. U r the MD of Snehith industries n ur mom gave donations many times to the home.

Snehith: Mother, I need a help from u. I want details abt Advaita

Mother: We too don’t know anything abt her. Once I found her in a railway station. I found emptiness in her eyes and I took her to the home. She nvr talks to anyone. Here I consulted a psychiatrist. She is under treatment.

Snehith: Her parents or friends?

Mother: She said she had no one.

Snehith: Ok mother. Thank u. Can I see her?

Mother: Sure. But beta y r u asking abt her. Do u know her?

Snehith: I know her. Before a year, she is my would b wife. Suddenly marriage was cancelled n aft that I don’t know wat happened to her. I went to States and returned last month.

Mother: Didn’t u meet her family

Snehith: I tried but I didn’t know where they are n why they cancelled the marriage.

Mother gave a visiting card

Mother: It is the VC of psychiatrist who is treating her. Meet her once. U may find any details.

Snehith took it n went to meet Advaita. He went to her room n saw her sleeping. He sat on a chair admiring her. She woke up slowly n saw him. She is abt to shout n he closed her mouth with his hand.

Snehith: Don’t shout. U just came as I am going on this way. If u don’t u can come with me to office

He removed his hand.

Advaita looked him seriously.

Advaita: Just get lost from here. I didn’t want ur help. I already told u not to waste ur time on me. Pls go

Snehith: Did u finish ur words. Y do u shout more than u speak? Actually there is a meeting today. I need my PS to accompany me. So I came here to take u. Now go n get ready in 10 mins, otherwise u no need to come to company anymore

Advaita: But u didn’t say abt meeting yesterday.

Snehith: I forgot. Now don’t waste time n get ready fast.

Advaita went n got ready.

Advaita: Shall we go?

Snehith: Brk fst?

Advaita: Thats k. Meeting is more important. Come lets go

Snehith: If u faint again, meeting will b a mess. So have food n come. I will b waiting for u.

Both went to office and attended meeting. Advaita tried her best to b normal but Snehith found some restlessness in her face. He concluded meeting asap. Before he could speak, Advaita left to her cabin. As she is new, few colleagues started interacting with her formally n frndly.

Raj: Hi, my name is Raj. I am technical expert here. May I know ur name?

Advaita: Wats the hell? Y u need to know about me? Just go away.

She is shouting forgetting where she is leaving everyone shocked.

Vinitha:Hey calm down. He didn’t talk anything wrong. Wat happen to u. pls relax.

Advaita: Y u guys are coming to my cabin. Just get lost from here. I didn’t want to talk with anyone. Get lost

Snehith saw all this in CCTV footage n he is continuously calling to her pager but she didn’t receive it. He himself came to her cabin. He sighed them to go.They left. She is in standing position bending her head and in deep thoughts. Snehith kept his hand on her shoulder to pacify her. Suddenly she shouted out loud and slapped him n then started crying.

Snehith: Advaita, look at me. This is Snehith. Wat happen to u? Y r u scared? Relax

He tried to hug her and she pushed him away n he struck to the back wall n shocked with her behaviour. She threw all the files on table towards him. He didn’t understand how to control her n remembered mother giving VC of psychiatrist. He immediately called psychiatrist. She came with in 10 mins. Advaita, in the meantime threw everything and sat at the corner of a wall hugging herself and scaring. Snehith tried to go near her but she beated him again n finally he gave up. Doctor came n as soon as she saw doctor, Advaita went n hugged her.

Akshara(doctor): Cool down Advaita. Its ok. Cool down.

Slowly without her notice, she gave injection to her. She fell unconscious n Snehith took her to his personal rest room in office.

Snehith: Wat happen to her? Y is she reacting like dat suddenly?

Akshara: She had some psychological prblm.

Snehith: Wats the cause?

Akshara eyes filled with tears.

Akshara: I am sorry. I can’t reveal personal details of my patients to anyone. I didn’t even tell her details till now to mother too.

Snehith: pls understand doctor. I want to marry her. I love her n I can’t see her like dis

Akshara: Give up ur idea of marrying her. Its not possible. Wat do u know abt her to marry her

Snehith: I know hw is she in the past. Actually my marriage was fixed with her in the past. But suddenly her parents cancelled the marriage without even saying the reason. Aft that I didn’t find her till now. Recently I saw her application for PS post n immediately sent her posting order just to get her back into my life.

Akshara: Look Mr. Snehith, Wat u know abt her is just a very small part of her life. U don’t know entirely abt her past. Now she is different. Your love increases her prblms. So pls give it up n leave her to b happy.

Snehith: I am not bothered abt her past. Watever happened is happened. But I will change her. Even if u didn’t say, I will find the reason behind her change. I will make her happy.

Akshara: If u know the truth u will leave her. Thats y pls don’t create any hopes to her coz if u can’t stay with her aft that she can’t live. I am leaving now. Will u drop her at home or Shall I take her with me?

Snehith: I will tc of her

Akshara: ok

Snehith came to Advaita and caressed her hairs. Tears rolled in his eyes n fallen on her cheeks.

Precap: Advaita meeting with an accident and her leg got injured. Snehith taking her to his home n caring for her. Advaita cutting her hand to commit suicide.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. Devga

    I happened to c the the pic of this ff and found it unique….. And to my surprise its u…. Uuuuuuuu dint evn tel me 🙁 ok i wil go back and chk…..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Hey gorgeous I started it just yesterday..I am really sorry for not telling u. Actually I mentioned it on today’s update of my life my choice ff…I will b waiting for ur feedback…love u sis..tc..

  2. vanshika

    so u started a new ff…today i read both the parts…nice plot…its asusual interesting and awesome…

    • Sindhu K S V

      This story is a bit complicated. I didn’t know whether it will get positive response or not..Bcoz its abt a rape victim..Thank u..

  3. Devga

    Hmmmm aweeesomeeee as always…. Sweety…. Just unique stories evry wer….. I think its ur 8th r 9th ff….

  4. Oh My!! Ex-fiance.. So this is the connection.. 🙂
    Is Advaitha disowned by her family?? If they did that then they are poorest people in the whole world..
    I don’t know why people blame the innocent.. I hate it when they blame the girl when it is crystal clear that she is a victim and has no part in what has happened.. In addition to that the taunts…Ughh.. I pity those people who doesn’t have brains and cannot stand up with an innocent for justice and start taunting her.. x( For a girl to stand up on her own strength for justice has become really difficult in our society.. Even if she stands up for the justice, people start calling her by names and start abusing her.. 🙁 [I hope this paragraph didn’t bore you..]

    So now Snehith will be on the mission to find out the past of Advaitha.. Eagerly waiting to know how our hero is gonna unravel the mysteries of Advaitha.. 😀

    I love how you include the real life instances in your stories.. Hands down for that dear.. 🙂

    Stay blessed and keep rocking with your stories.. 🙂

    • Sindhu K S V

      Yes he is her ex-fiance whom she rejected without even seeing. Her life disowned her but there is another reason for that. U will know it soon. Don’t worry, Snehith will reunite her with family by making them realise their fault.

      Ur words are not at all boring. I am glad u shared ur views with me. I too want to show the same n hw Advaita fought the battle alone till n from now with his support. Society nvr changes but wat all we can do is to change ourselves n nvr to b driven by society. Thank u sweetie…

      • Sweetie

        Your words are exactly true about society.. 🙂
        Happy to know Snehith will make the family of Advaitha realise their fault.. 😀
        See you soon again in some other story of yours.. 🙂
        Stay blessed and take care.. 🙂


  5. Ananya

    Nic episode.. I loved Snehith’s character… Will be waiting for further updates..
    And by the way Sindhu how is ur studies going??

  6. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very much. keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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