Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 19)

Episode 19

Next day I woke and saw Snehith is still sleeping. I slowly got up not to disturb him. I took shower and getting ready near dressing table. I found him still sleeping.

“Snehith, wake up. You will b late to your office. Don’t scold me again saying that I didn’t wake you up. Wake up Mr. Handsome.”

He didn’t wake up. I went near him and placed my hand on his forehead to wake him up. But I realised his forehead is burning. I think he got fever. I called doctor. He is having high temperature Doctor gave injection to him and prescribed few medicines.

I sat near him. Still he didn’t open his eyes. I never saw him like this. He is not opening his eyes or talking to me. He is my only strength. If he lies on bed like this, I can’t do anything. My mind totally stops thinking. Putting it in other way, My mind is temporarily swiched off till my Snehith recovers.

Snehith opened his eyes after 2 hours. He is trying to say something. His voice is very low. I bent near to him.

“Didn’t you go to office?” He asked me.

“No. I won’t go anywhere till you recover. Wait. I will bring soup for you.”

Suddenly my phone rang. I went to balcony to talk. My PA called me to remind about my meetings today.

“I am not coming to office. Cancel all meetings and appointments for a week. I am switching off my mobile. Sort out if any problem comes up by yourselves.”

I disconnected the call and switched my mobile off. I prepared soup for him. I came to him to make him drink. He had it and I gave him tablets too.

“Advaita, go to your office. Don’t spoil your career for me. Its just a fever. I will recover soon. You go.”

“No. I can’t. If you need anything who will help you?”

“Maid is there na.”

“I can’t leave you alone in the house when you are unwell. I can’t depend on maid to take care of you.”

“Don’t argue. I said go to office. Now just go.” he said seriously.

I didn’t understand his seriousness. I didn’t talk anything wrong. Its my responsibility to take care of him. But I didn’t want him to shout on me. So, silently got up and took my handbag and mobile to go. I sat in hall. I can’t go to office leaving him alone.

After sometime I heard sounds from my room. I went running to Snehith. Everything I kept on the table was thrown down. I looked him. He too saw me by that time.

“Actually I thought to take water but I am unable to stretch my hand. Its paining a lot. So unfortunately everything fallen down in my trials to take water.”

I went down and brought water for him. I made him to take water.

“You should have called me” I said normally

“But I thought you went to office as I said.”

“If I leave to office who will care for you?”

“Thank you. But if u leave your office like this for me, you may lose the deals.”

“Its ok. You worth more than those deals. Because you are my life.”

I said and started setting the table and cleaning the floor. I know he is looking me. I can’t meet his eyes because what I said just before makes me to blush harder.

“I am hungry.” He said slowly

“Ok. I will bring something for you to have.”

“But not soup or juice.”


“Something tasty.”

“Doctor said you should take light food. I will bring soup which you will like. Don’t worry.”

I brought soup for him which he likes and feeded him.

“Is it tasty?”

“Yes but not as tasty as your lips” he said looking my lips.

“My dear husband, its not time for romance. Its time for medicines.” I said opening medicines.

He immediately lied on bed covering himself with blanket completely.

“Snehith, take this tablet and sleep.Get up.”

I tried to take away the blanket, but in vain.

“Please, get up.”

“Don’t act like a child. Get up Mr. handsome.”

“Ok. I will give you a kiss. Get up and take tablet now.”

He removed blanket and took tablet calmly.

“Give me”


“You said you will give something if I take tablet.”

“Really? I didn’t remember.”

“This is cheating.” he pouted.

He is damn cute in that posture.I gave up teasing him. I went near to him and placed my lips on his. He took me more close responding to my kiss. He smiled leaving me.

“I guess now my fever cures soon.”

I smiled at his naughtyness. Within 5 days he recovered completely from fever. So I went to office. At evening I am returning to home. On the way, I saw Prathigna (Snehith’s sis) near a bridge. I stopped the car and went to her. She is about to jump. I held her hand.

“Prathigna, what are you doing?”

She hugged me crying.

“Bhabhi, I love Virat.”

“Virat?? I didn’t understand what are you saying.”

I took her to car and we both went to a park.

“Now tell me why are trying to kill yourself? Whateve may be the problem, suicide is not the solution. You are not alone. You have parents, brother and me too. We will do anything for you.”

“Bhabhi, I love Virat. He is bhaiya’s business rival. Even though Virat went to bhaiya to talk about marriage. But bhaiya rejected the proposal and insulted him. I can’t live without him. Thats why I decided to kill myself.”

“But I don’t think Snehith will give more importance to rivalry than you. I will talk with him. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you bhabi”

“But promise me that till then you won’t take any hasty decision. I will definitely get you married to your love.”

“I promise I won’t do anything.”

I dropped her at her home and went to home. Snehith came late to home. I served dinner to him. He had it and went to room.

“I want to talk something to you.”

“Yes sweet heart. Tell me.”

“Today I met Prathigna.”

I told everything to him.

“Now you sleep Advaita. I am tired.”

I told him that his sister tried to commit suicide. But he didn’t have any reaction. I looked him with shock. He called his parents and told them not to send Prathigna outside alone.

“Advaita, Virat is not a good person. He is a womaniser. He trapped Prathigna to take revenge on me as a business rival. If he is a good person, I would have kept all my enemity aside and get my sister married to him as she loved him. But no. If I agree to their marriage, Prathigna’s life will be spoiled. I told this to her already. But her love blindfolded her and she is not trusting me or my words. I should have informed you this earlier. I am sorry for not saying this to you.”

“Oh. Prathigna didn’t say all this to me. I am sorry for doubting you and mistaking your decision.”

“Its ok. I really didn’t mean that you shouldn’t know these things. But as we both became a bit busy these days, I didn’t find time to tell you these things. However as daughter in law of this house, you should know whats happening in our family. I promise I won’t let it happen again.”

There will be many people who order their wives not to hide anything from them but they will hide many things from her. But Snehith is not like that. Till now he used to say everything to me and this is the first time he didn’t and he is giving explanation to me as if he did something wrong.

“We should make Prathigna understand the truth.”

“I explained her but she didn’t. However I am fixing the alliance with my best friend Abhijith. He is perfect for her.”

“But Snehith, we should make her understand and accept your decision. If we force her into marriage without her acceptance, it will do no good to her or Abhijith.”

“Ok then you try once to convince her. Tomorrow you go and visit her if you are free.”

“Sure. I will.”

Next day I went to Prathigna. I took blessings from mom and dad. They spoken with me normally. When they left house because of me, I felt very bad. I hope soon they will stay with us again. They told me to meet Prathigna. I went to her room. As soon as she saw me, she hugged me. I tried to explain her what Snehith said about Virat.

“No bhabhi. Bhaiya is lying. Virat is very good person. If you didn’t trust my words, enquire about him yourselves. You will understand the truth. Bhaiya didn’t want to marry me with him. So he is lying.”

“Stop it Prathigna. Snehith never lies. I know about him. Ok. Anyhow I will enquire about Virat. If he is really good as u said, I will get you married to him even if Snehith didn’t agree.”

She hugged me. Only then I realised my last words. Am I going to marry her with her love against my Snehith’s wish? But if Virat is good, why can’t I marry her with him? Whatever I need to enquire first. I reached home. By that time Snehith is at home.

“Did you talk with Prathigna?”

“Yes. I think she needs some more time.” I didn’t say what she said.

“Ok. I agree with you. We shouldn’t force her into marriage with Abhijith. It do good to none. Lets give sometime to her.”


” I hope this matter comes to an happy end soon.”He said and went to room.

I enquired about Virat. After 2 days I came to know that he is a good person. Then why did Snehith lie to me? I decided to keep my promise which I gave to Prathigna. I am going to get her married to Virat as she wish. If Snehith can marry me whom he loved then why his sister can’t marry her love? I came home. When Snehith looked me, I felt a bit uncomfortable. I felt guilty for hiding about my plan of marrying Prathigna to Virat. I escaped from Snehith looks as I can’t see into his eyes. But he don’t leave that easily and more importantly he cares for me and notices every small change in my behaviour. He can understand my mind too so slowly.

“Did you have anything to say chinni?”


“Hope so. But your eyes are saying something different. Whats the matter my dear beautiful wife?”

He said making me to face him and cupping my face.

“Whatever it is tell me. Lets deal it together. But don’t keep any worries in your mind. I won’t say anything even if you done something wrong but just tell me frankly. I want you to be happy and peaceful all the time.”

His words made my guilt more. But if I say the truth about my plan, he will stop the marriage. I didn’t want to break my promise given to Prathigna.

“Just a small business tension.”

“Ok then I am not going to interfere in your work. U go and take rest. If u want to refresh, lets go out for dinner or any other program.”

“No I just need rest.”

“Ok fine. Take rest.”

I went and slept. He came after sometime.

“Chinni, wake up. Please have dinner and then sleep. Its not good for health to skip dinner.”

I woke up slowly.He brought dinner and feeded me. Then he made me to sleep covering me with blanket.

” Good night Snehith.”

” Good night chinni.”

He placed a kiss on my forehead. I slept turning other side. Tears flowed from my eyes. I am going to break his trust on me. I know after doing that, he may not love me like he do. I am going to miss his love. But he is also not right. He blamed Virat unnecessarily and spoiling his own sister’s life. I can’t stop him. So I decided to get her married with his notice.

Morning I took Prathigna’s certificates as she left a copy in my home. I called Virat to give his certificates. Then I applied in registrar office for her marriage. After one month,they gave date to her marriage. I went to in laws home and took Prathigna saying that we are going to temple. Mom didn’t pose any questions. Mom sent her with me. I took her to registrar office. Virat is already waiting there. We went inside. They are about to sign. Snehith called me. I received the call.

“Hello Snehith”

“Where are you?”


“I asked where are you?”

“Asusual I am at office.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. But why are you asking like that?” I tried to act.

Next second Snehith is infront of my eyes. I got shocked. I can’t see into his eyes. I just bent my eyes. He came with police and they arrested Virat. Snehith handovered Prathigna to mom and dad saying not to allow her outside. I thought to go to office as I have no courage to face him. But Snehith came to me.

“Get in.” He said pointing towards his car.

“I..I have to….go…to office.”

He looked me seriously. That look is enough to kill me. I calmly sat in his car not to make him lose his temper. He took me to home. I went to room and he followed me. He is coming towards me. I moved back to escape from him. But he pinned me to the wall and caged me with his hands.

“Snehith, I am sorry” I said with tears scaring for him. I never saw him this angry. He is really so angry.

He pressed himself towards me. Its hurting and he knew it.

“Snehith, its hurting. Please leave me.”

He distanced a bit which relaxed me and I took breathe. Whenever he comes this close to me, I used to blush and wait for his touch. But this time I am so scared. I want to push him and run away. But if I do that, he may get more angry. After all he is my husband and not someone else. I didn’t move. His lips are touching mine. He stood that close. But he stood in a manner which won’t hurt me. I know I am crying with fear but still he didn’t say anything to me.

“Why did you lie to me?”

“Because you too lied to me. Virat is a good person but you said wrongly about him. You didn’t even care for your sister’s life. You just cared for your rivalry. You tried to spoil your sister’s life. You almost killed her. For you business is more important than relationships”

He slapped me which I didn’t expect.

“Just don’t speak even a word. You may not know the original character of Virat. But I know.” he warned me seriously. He left from there.

I cried sitting there itself. How can he slap me? I didn’t do anything wrong. I just tried to make Prathigna happy but instead of understanding he slapped me. I took a decision and wiped my tears. He should know his mistake. I kept a letter on the table and took my luggage. I am leaving Snehith. I never imagined that I will take such decision. I went to Akshara didi.

“Advaita, Come in.”

She invited me inside and hugged me. Jiju came from inside and smiled. Akshara looked my luggage.

“Is everything ok Advaita?”

“I came out of the house leaving Snehith.”

Precap: Akshara convincing Advaita explaining the value of marriage and sending her back to Snehith. Snehith reads the letter written by Advaita before leaving, increases his anger. Did Snehith allow her into house again? Does he forgive her? Is Snehith saying truth about Virat or lying?


  1. Aliya

    Awesome epi really enjoyed it. But I have a doubt abt Virat character is he gud or bad. Coming to snehith feeling sad for advaita hope all misunderstandings get cleared soon

    • Sindhuksv



      Thank you dear..Soon you will know about Virat..However Prathigna and Virat will be the pair…She has to put many efforts to gain his forgiveness as she increased his anger by leaving the house.

  2. ruhi

    asusual nice episode…so next episode will be the last one…isn’t it…but advaita shouldn’t lied to snehith…

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