Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 18)

Episode 18:

Advaita PoV:

I felt happy for getting Snehith as my husband. I don’t think any husband will be like him. He is so sweet, caring, loving and what not. He is the person every girl wishes to get as husband. I brought coffee to him. He is on call. He looked me and took coffee from my hands. He ended the call.

“I will prepare dinner”

“Wait sweet heart. Lets go out for dinner. I booked a table for us just now. You will feel relaxed if we go out for sometime.”

“Then I will get ready.”

“A small gift for you.”

He gave a chain to me with locket which is written Snehith. I looked him.

“Don’t you like it?”

“Nothing like that. I will get that.”

I went from there to get ready. I didn’t like the locket. I felt as I am a property to which his name is bannered. I know my thinking is strange but I felt so. Snehith came inside.

“Give me the chain Advaita”


I asked him giving it to him.

“I don’t like you to compromise your likes for me. Lets exchange the locket. Its not a big deal sweety.”

How can he understand my feelings that easily. Did I do anything wrong?

“Snehith give it to me.”

“Its ok chinni. No problem. If u didn’t like to wear no need to wear.”

“I will wear it to my hand.”

I took it from him and wore it to my hand as bracelet. I don’t like to wear in neck but will wear to hand. He didn’t say anything. He just looked me and went off. I think I spoiled his mood. I went downstairs.

He got ready in black suit. He is looking damn handsome. I didn’t know why but now a days, I am getting strange feelings towards him. I accepted him as my husband because of his kindness and love. But day by day there is some difference in my feelings. I am completely falling in love with him. He is seeing himself in mirror. He suddenly turned back and found me staring at him. I blushed and thought to go.

“Wait. What are you doing? Are you starring at me? I mean I found something different in your looks. Am I right?”

I stopped but unable to say anything. I heard foot steps. He came near to me n hugged me from back.

“After all I am your husband. You have right to look me in that way. I mean you can look me lovingly. I am all your’s sweety.”

He turned me towards him. I smiled bending my head to escape from his looks which makes me blush.

“Are you angry on me?” I asked slowly.

He smiled n nodded in no.

“Why will I b angry on you? Its ok if u don’t like to wear that chain. However you didn’t want to hurt me. So u wore it as bracelet.”

“I came to say sorry.”

“But I thought my wife is falling for me completely day by day. Am I that handsome which made you to stare at me for a long time?”

“I just came now”

“I am observing you in mirror from half an hour. U forgot time too in looking me.”

Finally I gave up and went near to him.

“I love you. Your wife already fallen for you completely.”

“Chinni, I want you to b free with me. If u don’t like something, u should have freedom to tell thatfreely with me. You shouldn’t hesitate or fear for me. You are my wife, not a slave to do whatever I say and accept everything. Just b frank with me.”

“Thank u my dear husband.”

“Now tell me y didn’t you like the chain? I will make sure not to buy such gifts to you anytime.”

“Wearing name in neck made me to feel as if I am a property. I know I am wrong. But..”

“Its ok. No problem dear. Wear it as a bracelet if u like or we shall exchange it in shop.”

“I will wear it as bracelet.”

“Ok then we shall go out for dinner.”

We went to a restaurant. He is taking me inside. There people are greeting him. I looked him.

“This is our restaurant.”

I didn’t even know how many types of business he do. He too didn’t say anything to me till now. He made me to sit near a table. He sat infront of me.

“What do you want to have?”

“I want shahi panneer with plain rice.”

Doesn’t he know my likes even now?

He ordered the dish and looked me.

“I know what you like. But I always want to give you a chance to choose your favourites. Sometimes we won’t like to eat even our fav foods. So its better for you to choose what you like to have.”

He is always different from others. We had dinner. We are listening to the music playing. Snehith got up from his seat and came to me.

“Do u like to dance with me gorgeous?” He said asking for my hand.

“I can’t. I can dance with you only when we are alone but not in public, please.”

Shocking me a girl came to Snehith.

“Can u dance with me Mr. Handsome?” she asked

I looked Snehith and he is smiling. I thought to go for a dance with him but startled at his answer.

” I can dance only with the girl who is in my heart i.e. my beautiful wife. I am Sorry beautiful.”

I smiled with his answer. I gave my hand to him.

“Are u sure?”

“Yes, of course. When my husband is with me, there’s nothing to fear for.”

I enjoyed a lot dancing with my husband. Its splendid a great day. After a week, I applied for license again. Snehith came home at evening.

“I am so happy today. I applied for license again and I am damn sure that they will approve it.”

“Great and advance congratulations chinni.”

“Do you know how I changed my project. It is….”

He stopped by keeping finger on my lips.

“Don’t share your professional tactics and plans with anyone including me. This is the first tip you need to follow to b successful in profession. But regarding ur personal life, you should never hide anything from me.”

“But I changed my objective of the firm just necause of your suggestions and support.”

“Even though keep it as a secret till you get license.”

Its past a month and I went to know about my application. They approved my license. I celebrated the occasion with Snehith, Akshara and mother (administrator of orphanage).

My firm became special and products became popular within short time. Because my employees are women. As I am manufacturing herbal beauty products, recruiting women helped a lot. There are no side effects as they are natural products. Everyone in the firm from attender, sales excutives to Managing Director, are women which promotes women empowerment.

I became so busy with the firm and now a days, I am getting very little time to spend with Snehith. But he never said even a word to me. 6 months passed by. Today I have a meeting which is very important. If this deal becomes successful, I can export my products to international market. Unfortunately the meeting started late as delegates came late. Meeting started late at 9 pm as their flight delayed.

Meeting went successful and I came out of the office. Its already 11:30 pm. If I start now I will reach home at 12:30. I didn’t know how Snehith will react. Till now though I became totally busy with my work, he didn’t say anything. But I didn’t know what will happen today. He will b sweet all the time but once if he gets angry, he will b so rude and serious. I am just praying God not to happen anything. I went to my car and sat in back seat and asked driver to start. Car was started. I raised my head and to my shock its not driver. I am a bit scared.

“Hey who are you? Stop the car” I shouted.

Person turned back n its Snehith.

“Snehith, when did you come?”

“Just before half an hour.”

I didn’t understand how to continue conversation. I hope he won’t shout on me. We both are silent. We went home. I went to room and git fresh.

“Dinner?” asked Snehith to me.

“I will have it. What about you.”

“I already had.”

I had my dinner and Snehith is in room. I say besides him.

“I am..sorry. Actually..deal was delayed. Unfortunately I came late. I will b careful not to repeat this. Please forgive me. Please don’t b angry on me.”

I started crying. Snehith looked me once and wiped my tears.

“Who said I am angry on you?”

“I came late. So I thought u are angry on me.”

“No. You didn’t do anything wrong. I am in same profession as you are in. I know how meetings will go. I can understand.Even I came late many times to home because of office work. But I never remember apologising or explaining you this much for being late to home.”

I got shocked with his words. Is any husband can be this understanding and supporting?

“But Advaita, please inform me if you are going to come late to home. Because I can’t take risk. So I will come to pick you up.”

“I love you.”

“I too love you. So how was the meeting.”

“Went successful. But I am scared thinking that you will b angry on me for coming home so late.”

“No way sweet heart. Now take rest. Its already too late.”

I thought to sleep but suddenly hugged him tightly at once and even now my eyes are wet. But not because of sad tears. Before marrying Snehith, I lost all my hopes on life. There are many nights where I cried a lot. But marriage with Snehith changed my life to a large extent. From that day, my life is filled only with happiness and sweetness. If every husband is like Snehith, no girl fears for marriage. I kissed him with all my love. He smiled.

“This is how a married life should start. With love. Only love. Love making should never be a formality. It should be the final way to express love which is overwhelmed in us.” said Snehith

He slowly kissed me on lips and made me to lie on bed. I closed my eyes as he switched off the light. He is right. From today it will never be a formality. Its the final way to express overwhelmed love in us to each other. I smiled remembering how my first meeting with Snehith went on and how it turned to marriage and my life with him till today.

Precap: Advaita leaves Snehith and goes to Akshara. What made her to leave her love? Is their love going to fade?


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