Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 17)

Episode 17:

Snehith PoV:

I woke up n found chinni still sleeping. I placed a kiss on her forehead n got out of bed. I returned aft taking shower. I got ready n am combing my hair seeing chinni in dressing mirror. Though she is my wife, still I feel as if I am seeing her for the first time. She woke up n sat on bed rubbing her eyes. I always smile at her this gesture which annoys her.

“Don’t laugh” she said with a cute kid’s voice.

“Good morning angel”

“Good morning Mr. husband. Y didn’t u wake me up? Maa may become serious on me for sleeping till now”

“No worries. Mom won’t say anything. She loves u more than her own son”

“Don’t b jealous. I love you more than anyone”

“Aww so sweet. Now get ready fast. Today we need to talk to mom n dad about ur idea of starting new firm”

“Snehith, is it necessary to talk today itself?”

“Wats bothering u Advaita?”

“I am scared.”

“Don’t b. Everthing will b fine n most importantly I am with u to make everything fine.”

Advaita PoV:

I am really scared because I didn’t want Snehith to argue with his parents again for me. I just prayed nothing to happen. He went down saying me to come down after fresh up. I got ready n went down.

I felt something is already wrong seeing the seriousness on everyone’s face. I understood that he already talked abt my career to mom n dad. Snehith looked me n sighed to come n sit near him. I went there.

“Look Advaita, we r not against ur wish to possess a career. You can do it. But starting a new firm is nvr acceptable. We can’t agree to this. You both are children n u can’t understand the consequences.” Mom said firmly.

I looked at dad n he nodded in agreement with mom.

“Maa wats the prblm if she builds her career by her own?” Snehith asked seriously.

I held his hand n sighed him not to argue.

“Maa, I can understand wats bothering u. But I promise that I will give first priority only to our family n my relationship with Snehith. I do not think ego had any place in our relationship. Pls maa, pls permit me to build my career”

“I already said my decision Advaita. You both becoming competitors in the same field can nvr do any good to ur relationship with Snehith. I think u both already made a decision. Do as u wish but we r not going to stay here anymore.”

We both got shocked with those words.

“Maa we didn’t make any decision.” I tried to convince but Snehith held my hand tight n sighed me not to stop them.

They went off n I started crying.

Snehith PoV:

I hugged her n made her to sit on sofa. I gave water to her. She is crying continuously.

“Relax chinni. Its not the ending of our relationship with them. Just the beginning of ur career. They will soon come back when we prove that competition won’t create misunderstandings or ego feelinga between us”

“But just for my career how can I break my family. Its not correct Snehith. ple lets bring them back. I will work for our company pls”

“Chinni, don’t b so panic just for one hurdle. U know wat, u will face many more to win ur goal. U should b strong n confident. Remember, ur failure is not alone ur’s but also mine. I want to show them that our relationship is not that weak to break easily just because we compete with each other. Proving me right is in ur hands. If u win, I will win. Tell me wat r u going to do?? Make me win or lose?”

“We will win for sure”

I smiled at her answer. I kissed her on forehead.

“I will go to office now. I will come soon.”

“Ya pls come soon. I feel dull. Wanna spend with u.”

“Sure angel. Ok then bye”

Advaita PoV:

Snehith came to home after 3 hours at lunch time. I am waiting for him n I felt 3 hrs as 3 yugas. I smiled seeing him but he ignored me. I didn’t understand anything. I followed him to room. He got fresh up. I tried to talk but he didn’t even look at me.

I hardly controlled my tears. I am sure he is angry on me but don’t know why. His eyes are red n his face is serious. Somehow I gained courage n went to him. He stood in balcony. I went there n I got smoking smell. He won’t smoke. But now he has burning cigar between his forefinger n middle finger.

My breathing became hard n eyes filled with tears coz of suffocation. I started coughing continuously. Snehith turned towards me. I am about to fall unconscious. He caught me in his hands.

Snehith PoV:

I am starring at sky. I noticed Advaita standing behind me. But I didn’t want to talk to her because I want to calm down myselves first. I didn’t want to show my anger on her though its true I am really very angry on her this time. But suddenly I heard her coughing hard. I turned towards her. Her eyes became red as its watering n she us sweating. She is abt to fall. I caught her n took her to bed in my arms. Slowly I dropped her on bed n gave her water.

She is still breathing hard. I didn’t understand wat to do. My eyes too filled with tears seeing her. Suddenly I got an idea n I placed my lips on her’s n as she is breathing hard,she opened her mouth. I gave breath to her. I felt she is a bit fine n then I opened all the curtains n doors to make her feel better. I sat besides her n took her into my lap. After one hour, she became normal n sat on bed getting up from my lap.

“R u ok now? what happened to u suddenly?”

“I.. I am allergic to smoking. That causes difficulty in breathing for me.”

“I am sorry”

I hugged her tight. If anything happens to her I can’t bare. Though I am very angry I can’t put her life into risk.

“Are u angry on me? Did I do anything wrong?”

“Leave it. Did u have lunch?”

“No. I..”

“Come lets have lunch”

“Do u smoke?”

“Yes. When I need to calm myselves from anger. But don’t worry from today I nvr smoke again. I can’t let ur life b in danger coz of my habit. I promise u.”

I took her to dining table n we both finished lunch. She came to room. I sighed her to sit near me.

“Advaita, u asked me y am I angry n wats ur mistake. U done 2 mistakes. If u accept it urself, it will b fine. If not I won’t ask u but u can’t see same love in me till u accept”

Advaita PoV:

I didn’t understand wat he mean. I didn’t do anything. Then y is he so angry? Wat did I do? I started gulping as I am scared. I thought for an hour.

“Snehith, as far as I know I did one mistake i.e. I hiden something from u.”

“Whats that?”

“Akshara is my elder sister n I hide it from u. This is the only thing I hide from u. I am really sorry for that. And I don’t know wats my second mistake bcoz I didn’t do anything other than this.”

“Bring ur medicine kit”


“I won’t repeat my words”

I brought n gave that kit to him. Now I understood my second mistake i.e. I quit using medicines n lied to him that I am taking medicines everyday as Akshara prescribed.

He opened the kit n looked all medicines as they are. I didn’t take even a single tablet. He looked me.

“I am sorry”

“Take the tablet now”

Without saying anything I took tablet immediately.

“Now tell me y did u hide that Akshara ji is ur didi? Didn’t u trust me to the extent where u can share everything to me? Y did u quit medicines j lied to me?”

“Because of bitter past, I thought no one should know that Akshara is my sister. So I didn’t say even to u. I didn’t want to use medicines n if I say that u will b angry on me. So I lied to u. I am sorry.”

“From today u r going to take medicines everyday infront of me n I will b checking whether u took it or not”

I nodded. I didn’t know wat he will decide next for lying n hiding abt Akshara. I am looking him with fear. He came close to me. He cupped my face.

“Y r u scared? Did I scold u?”

I nodded in no. He smiled n wiped my tears which came unknowingly with fear.

“I am not going to scold u. But don’t repeat it. Next time if u do the same, u will see my true anger. This time I choosed to forget it now itself”.

I sighed with relief n hugged him. He too hugged me.

Thank God. I got scared a lot n I thought he will shout on me as he did on his staff. But he didn’t say anything.

“Shall I ask u one thing?” I asked him which came as a whisper as still I am in fear.

“Ya, u can”

“How do u know that Akshara is my sis?”

“Actually today I went to meet Akshara regarding ur treatment. I am waiting for her n I saw an old magazine. It printed her interview when she topped in university. It had photos of her whole family. Morning I saw ur medicines kit unintentionally n found u r not using medicines properly. ”

“I am sorry”

“It’s ok. Advaita, I won’t get angry even if u do any mistake. But I want u to say that too frankly with me. I can’t take it easily if u hide or lie anything to me. Just remember this.”

“Ok. I nvr do it again. I promise I won’t hide anything from u from now”

“Hmm. Take rest. Don’t prepare dinner for today. I will do it. U just take rest as u r not well.”

“Its ok. I am feeling better now.”

“Of course u will bcoz its me who gave u breath. Remember I am the one who saved ur life. U should b grateful to me”

“Y should I b grateful to u? After all u saved ur wife who is ur life. Indirectly u saved ur life.”

“Acha. I agree with u. I saved my life n the one who is my everything. But u must give fees to me”


“One sweet kiss”

I smiled at his naughtiness. Just before few hrs he is angry on me,then cared for me, corrected my mistake n now became naughty. I smiled n went close to him to pay his fees.

Snehith PoV:

Advaita came close to me n placed her lips on mine. I started kissing her n slowly I encircled her waist n pulled her more close. Suddenly her phone rang. I left her. She is blushing n didn’t move from the place. I went n took her mobile n gave it to her. It’s her frnd Varun.

She took the call n looked at me.

“Wat happen?”

“Varun is asking are we attending his marriage or not”

I took mobile from her hand.

“Varun, We r sorry. We are unable to attend ur marriage. Hope u understand.”

I said this to Varun on mobile n gave it to her. She disconnected the call n sat on bed silently.

“Wats wrong with u now?”


I looked her seriously.

“Y did u say that we r not attending for marriage?”

“Because Akshara ji said that its not safe to visit ur native place now. Moreover u discontinued medicines too. So I can’t invite risk by going there. Now don’t think much n take rest. Within few days u will b busy with ur professional works”

“Ok. I will take rest.”

“I have some work. I will b doing it. Call me when u r awake”

“R u going to office again?”

“No. When u r not well, I won’t go leaving u alone. I will b working in our study room. Now don’t talk. Just sleep.”

She slept n I became busy with my work. I completed my work n my mind filled with her thoughts. I don’t understand y she always choose to hide even small things from me. I thought to confront n warn her seriously abt that. But unfortunately seeing her innocent face I forgot my anger. Anyhow I have to give her freedom which allows her to share anything with me.

I went to her. She is not in room. I searched for her in the room. But she is no where. I saw drizzling outside. I understood where she is. I went to terrace n looked her leaving herself to rain. Rain drops are falling on her making her wet n every drop falling on her made my heartbeat increase. She is so romantic in this moment n beautiful always. I went and hugged her from back. She jumped first but stopped touching my hands which are on her belly. I teased her by moving my fingers on her bare belly.

I slowly turned her towards me. She is biting her lower lip. I tugged her hair behind her ears. She is not looking me but I can understand she is blushing hard. I slowly touched her lips to remove the rain drops fallen. I moved my hands on her neck teasing her.

“Stop it Snehith, please” she is murmuring. Her voice says she is feeling hard to breathe. I smiled n kissed her collar bone n then her neck. I kissed her chin n her lips. I left her n raised her chin.

“You are so beautiful that makes it hard for me to resist. Do u want me to stop? I know u like to njoy rain.”

She looked me n nodded in no.

“I love you” Thats what she said in response to my question.

I remembered my first meeting with her who hesitated to get into my car doubting me is now completely ready to trust me n give herselves to me. Now Its my responsibility to keep up that trust till the last day of my life.

Wife is someone who comes from a different family n knew nothing about us but in the long run, she trusts her husband completely n becomes important member of the family accepting all the new responsibilities, traditions and customs of that family. What all I can give in return for her sacrifice is just keeping up that trust and making her happy as often as I can.

I smiled once at her n took her into room in my arms. I started wiping her hairs aft dropping her on floor to stand.

“What are you doing?”

“You are spoiling ur health by getting wet in rain. I am just wiping ur hairs. Go n change ur dress. I think u need hot milk with turmeric powder. Otherwise u will catch cold.”

She laughed at me listening my words.

“I didn’t joke”

“This is too much. You know what. I always love to play in rain. Nothing happens to me.”

I went near to her almost colliding with her. She stopped talking n bent her head. I can see her lips shivering as I am that close to her. I laughed seeing her. I observed many times when I stand close to her, she stops talking n shivers with blushing. I got away from her.

“I will prepare dinner tonight. I think u need to go to know abt the status of ur application for license to start new firm next week.”

I changed topic to make her feel comfortable. Its been 3 months we both got married but still I feel I need to know more about her.

“Haan I need to go next week. Can u accompany me?”

“No, I had something important in office next week. I may b busy whole week”

“Hmm ok. I will prepare dinner. U r so tired with office work na. Take rest.”

“Ok. We shall do it together.” I winked.

“No no need. I can do it myself or u do alone” she shouted.

I smiled as she understood my intention. Its my hobby to disturb her while cooking n she gets irritated coz of that. So she don’t like me to enter into kitchen when she cooks. Somehow we both prepared dinner together. Of course, I didn’t forget to irritate her n she too didn’t forget to scold for my naughtiness.

Next week she went for checking the status of her application for license. I went home aft making a deal successful. She opened the door. I hugged her.

” Today was a grt day yaar. We got a big contract. I am so happy.”


“Hey get me a coffee please”


I found something wrong. She was abt to move but I caught her hand.

“Is everything ok chinni?”


I smiled and turned her towards me. I cupped her face.

“Tell me wats wrong?”

“They rejected my application for license of new firm”

“Thats a small thing. Reapply for it making ur project and objective more clear. Whats there to worry in it?”

“Its easy for you but not to me. I failed in the very first time. I decided to quit. I will join in our company”

“So u are saying that u didn’t have capacity to win. U r going to accept the failure. And u want to show to people that I too failed by being confident that you will win. Ok do as u wish. But u really disappointed me. I didn’t expect this from you.”

I thought to go out but she stopped.

“No I didn’t want you and your confidence to fail”

“I never fail because even now I am confident that u will win for sure.”

“But I feel low. I have no confidence in myself that I will win.”

“Advaita, Success nvr comes without failure. Failure is nothing but success turned upside down. Tell me the name of one great person who achieved success without failure.”

“Saying is easy but facing is tough.”

“Nothing comes easily. No pain, No gain. How can you expect success that easily without giving ur full effort to it? Its your first failure and u lost total hopes. But do u know many people who failed many times but succeeded because of their persistence. Don’t u have that persistence? Can’t you dedicate yourselves to your work to succeed?

Colonel Sanders-founder of KFC, failed 1009 times. He went to every hotel with his recipe. But everyone declared it as a failure recipe. But only his persistence, dedication and confidence on himself made him succeed and get contract from a hotel after failing 1000 times.

Trust yourself. Be confident. You will win. Try to give your best and then result will b in your favour. Stop doubting yourself. You can do it. You born to win and I am sure you will win.”

She hugged me.

“I can win when you are with me. I will win because you are my support. I will never break your confidence on me.”

“Thats good. Never lose your courage. Try to do something different in your project. Let it be useful to some more people around us. Make your point and objective clear. You will get license.”

“Thank you. You are always with me whenever I need. How can you b so sweet and pure? Why do u love me so much even after hurting you so much?”

“You are thinking me as sweet and pure because u r so sweet and pure. You never hurted me. Its just a small mistake which u done unknowingly. From the day we got married, you never hurted me. Its true you made me angry sometimes, but never hurted. You cares for me a lot. You love me. Your nature makes me to fall in love with you completely.”

Precap: Advaita succeeding in her business. Does her success makes her away from Snehith? or Does Snehith’s support will be unwavering forever?


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