Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 16)

Episode 16

Advaita and Snehith went downstairs. Advaita’s birthday celebrations started. Advaita completed cutting cake and feeded Snehith n their family. Smehith went onto stage.

“Hello everyone. Thanks for accepting our invitation n coming here to make this day a great day. Now, cake cutting was over, I am going to reveal the gift that I am going to give to my lovely wife Advaita on this day. I invite Advaita to come onto stage”

Advaita smiled and went onto stage.

“Here is the surprise. As u all know I started new wing of company in the field of cosmetics, the MD of my new firm is Advaita. I feel proud to announce her as MD because I know she is very good as an entrepreneur. I request u all to wish her good luck.”

Saying this he handovered documents to her.

Advaita PoV:

No. I didn’t expect this. Now how can I fulfill my wish of starting new company n establishing myself. Snehith announced in front of everyone that I am the MD of his new firm. How can I refuse now? If I didn’t accept his offer he will b angry on me. Its better to b calm n accept his offer. Because aft all he is the one who gave me new life. I can’t hurt him. If he is not there, I have no life. So I must think only abt him n his hpyness rather than my dreams. If he is hpy definitely I will b hpy too. I love u Snehith. Nothing is morw important than u to me. I will chair as MD of our new firm n will make it successful.

Music started and youngsters started dancing. We both danced for sometime n then I went to make maa n dad to have dinner. They must take medicines on time. They took medicines n went to their room. I didn’t find Snehith wen I returned to party. I became busy in seeing the dinner arrangements for guests. Aft sometime I saw Snehith at the drinking section. He is taking wine with his friends who are young entrepreneurs like him. Till now I didn’t know that he will drink. I nvr saw him drunk anytime. I felt uneasy but somehow I managed to complete the party. Party ended. Snehith was drunk. I feeded him n took him to bedroom and made him to sleep. I took much care as I didn’t want mom n dad to know that he got drunk. I am unsure whether they know already or not, but if they didn’t know, I didn’t want them to know. I am really very angry on him. If it is new habit for him, I don’t like him to get addicted to such kind of habits.

I tried to sleep but I am unable to do so. I just lied on bed n remembered his announcement of making me MD. I don’t understand how to describe this day whether as happiest bday or………….?? I know Snehith did everything just to make me happy but he didn’t know my dream as I nvr said to him. Watever, first I have to talk with him abt his new habit of taking wine. Because thats the thing which made me more sad than this.

I didn’t know when I slept. Morning I woke up n saw Snehith sitting besides me catching his head. I looked him but didn’t feel to talk n went to kitchen.

Snehith PoV:

Chinni woke up but didn’t talk to me. I can see anger n sorrow in her eyes. Though its first time I took wine, I think it hurted her. I should apologise her n convince her that taking wine occasionally is not that wrong.


I looked up. Chinni stood in front of me.

“Drink this. It will cure ur hangover.”

She stressed the word hangover. I took it calmly n drank it at once. She took glass from my hands n is leaving.


She stopped n looked me.

“I am sorry for…”


“For taking alcohol. But its first time. However I am not addicted to it. There is nothing wrong in taking wine occasionally.”

She gave a smile which had no emotions but of anger.

“Every addiction starts with just for fun or occasionally. Slowly it becomes one per day. And then addiction. Snehith, if our economical status is high n we r in good position, no need to get addicted to show it off. Show it off by helping poor n needy. Do something for those who are helpless to help themselves. I am not asking u to quit. Because I am sure that u know well what is wrong n wat is right. Decide urselves.”

“Chinni, listen to me”

“Get ready. U will b late to office. I will prepare breakfast.”

She went off leaving me to my thoughts. She is not listening to me. I know still she is angry on me. Shut, I nvr drink but unfortunately because of frnd’s force, I had it. May b saying frnd’s force is just an excuse. Because no one can force us to do anything until we too wish to do so somewhere in our mind.

Advaita’s PoV:

Snehith came downstairs. Mom called him for breakfast. But saying he had some important work, he left without having food. I went out to call him. He listened but ignored me n started his car.

I didn’t do anything wrong. I just want him not to addict to any bad habits. I behaved a bit harshly without giving scope to him to talk, because if I do like that, I am sure he won’t drink again. But I think he got angry on me. He left without having his food. Not even responding to my calls n msgs. Should I apologise him? But wats my mistake? Anyways sometimes compromise is better than prolonging fights n judging right n wrong. I will apologise him.

Snehith PoV:

I didn’t know how to convince chinni. Atleast she should listen to me. But she didn’t. She called me as I didn’t hav breakfast. But I am sure her anger didn’t go off. I feel very uneasy to stay there when she is behaving differently with me.

I went late to home. Advaita opened the door. I went inside. Everyone except Advaita slept.

“Please fresh up n come. I will serve dinner”

“I already had dinner out”

I am walking on steps to go to room but stopped listening her.

“But I didn’t”

I went to her

“Y didn’t u hav dinner?”

“Not only dinner. I didn’t hav anything from morning. Because I know u too didn’t hav anything from morning”

“Who told? I had brk fst, lunch n dinner too. I am not a kid to show anger on food”

“Yes I know”

“What? stop this non sense”

I held her hand n took her to dining table. I took plate n served food.

“Sit on the chair”

She sat n I too besides her.

“Open ur mouth”

“I will eat”

“Ya I know”

Saying this I feeded her. I am leaving but she held my hand.

“U too please”

I can’t act anymore. Its true I didn’t hav anything from morning n now I am really hungry. So I gave up n sat on chair again. She served food n feeded me as I did. I had my dinner. I went to my room.

Advaita PoV:

I went to room aft completing work. He is waiting for me. As soon as I went, He pulled me towards him. I fallen on him n we both fallen on bed. My lips touched his. I closed my eyes blushing seeing him smiling. He slowly moved his forefinger on my forehead to lips. Then he kissed me.

“I am sorry chinni. I promise I nvr take wine again. You are right. I shouldn’t addict to bad habits to show off our status. Thank u for showing me right path. I love you”

I smiled n opened my eyes.

“I love u so much Snehith. Moon may have a stain. But my Snehith should never have even a small stain on his character. I want u to b that perfect. No one should find any fault with u. Everyone should take u as their inspiration. U r unique n I want u to b unique forever. Many forces will try to ruin our character n principles. But we should restrain ourselves from them. Only then we will have unique character n identity in society.”

“I know u love me but nvr imagined that u love me this much. Thank u so much. True frnds nvr force us towards bad habits. Its time to change my circle of frnds”

“I love u so much”

“Love u too chinni. From tomorrow u r going to chair our new firm as MD. I am really so happy.I am sure u will make it successful n very soon ur parents will feel proud of u n will accept u as their daughter. Tell me r u happy with my proposal?”

“Ya of course”

Snehith PoV:

I found something wrong with her. Her smile vanished when I spoke abt becoming MD of new firm. Is she unhappy with that?

“Are u really happy?”

“Haan. Y r u asking like dat? I am really so happy”

“Advaita, Till now watever I do, it is to make u happy. But if any of my decisions makes u unhappy it will b my failure as a husband. So lets b frank. Tell me wats the prblm? Are u scared to handle new firm or don’t u want to takeover the company?”

“Nothing like dat. I am happy. You nvr do anything that hurts me. Watever decision u take for me, it will do definitely good for me”

I looked her seriously.

“Snehith, please. Don’t look like that. please”

“Good night Advaita. But remember I can understand wats in ur heart through ur eyes. And I hate hiding ur feelings, worries or anything else from me. Till now I respected ur feelings n nvr forced u to do anything against ur wish. I want u to b free to do anything u wish without any fears. Even now I won’t force u to takeover new firm if u don’t like.”

She hugged me with tears.

“Snehith I am sorry. I thought u will be angry on me if I refuse to ur offer. Thats y I didn’t say anything. I want to start new company n establish myself. If I become MD to our new firm, as our company had good name in public, easily it will b successful. But I want to become successful by myself.”

Advaita PoV:

He smiled listening me.

“Ok chinni. Do wat ur heart says. And remember I am always with u. If u want any help just inform me.”

“But u announcede as MD infront of everyone. Now if I didn’t agree, what they will think. I can’t insult u. I shared my dream with u bcoz I can’t hide anything from u I know u too don’t like it.”

“Chinni, u r not insulting me. If u develop in ur career by urself, I will b proud of u. Don’t think much abt others. Because I nvr bother watever they think. Only ur feelings n opinions are important for me. I can’t hurt u for public or my so called frnds. Their words doesn’t matter to me. So do wat ur heart says. Don’t leave ur dreams for someone who doesn’t matter to us. First let’s talk with mom n dad. I hope they will agree easily bcoz they love u so much.”

“Thank u so much”

I am so lucky for having him in my life. He understands me well than my parents. He is the best husband in the whole world. His love, care, understanding, support, sweetness everything is making me to fall in love with him many times. Its the best feeling to fall in love with my husband many times. Usually ppl says love fades aft marriage. But in my case love increased aft marriage. He didn’t change aft marriage n I am sure he won’t change forever.

Precap: Did Advaita succeed in her trials of establishing company? Is she able to face hurdles or gives up on her dreams? How Snehith motivates her n make her strong in facing failure n not to give up till succeeding?


  1. Anisha

    Aawwwwww …these two r very cute…loved it…t’day’s part was awesome as always nd apologizing part was superb…u made my day,,,thnx 4 d upd//..love u a bunch!!!

  2. Ananya

    Nic update.. Loved it.. They are the sweetest and cutest couple.. Love their bonding..
    How r u dear?? All the best for ur exams.. Love you.

  3. Aliya

    Hi such a cute epi. Advaita nd Snehiths couple is very cute matured nd understanding. How r u

  4. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Awwww back dr .
    .. thank you….
    Awesome lovely … hope advaita succeed in life and show her parents …
    And wat abt her frnd’s marriage dr….. within one month right?
    Wen u r going to write MJ and MMC

    • Sindhuksv



      Thank u dear. As soon as I complete this I will resume SB..then mlmc n then mj..Sorry dear, there is no track of frnd’s marriage in the story…I mean they won’t go coz of Advaita’s health condition..

  5. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    nice episode…didi where r u…plzzz reply to our comments
    I am really missing u and want to chat with u on wattpad but I don’t want to disturb u as ur exams are nearing…may god give u the strength to cross all hurdles…best of luck didi…

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