Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 15)

Rainbow ep 15

Snehith came to his room n saw Advaita in balcony. He hugged her from behind.

“What are you doing darling?”

“Nothing. Just thinking.”

“Are u still disturbed aft reading that news?”

“Snehith, I think I can’t b a good wife or daughter in law.”

Snehith PoV:

I got shocked. I didn’t understand wat she want to say. I turned her towards me.

“What happen chinni? Did mom or dad say anything to u?”

“No no. They both are treating me as their daughter. They nvr say anything to me.”

“Then y r u talking like dis?”

“Because mrng aft reading that news I remembered my past n got disturbed. I think I can’t get out of my past n b a good wife n daughter in law. I always disturb u n our family with my post incident trauma. ”

“Hmm. Chinni, u r a very good wife n daughter in law. We know that. U r good at handling responsibilities. U loves me n our family a lot. U takes care of everyone. U will soon recover from past too. Don’t worry. We all are there for u”

I hugged to comfort her. She suddenly kissed me on cheek shocking me.

“I love you. Pls nvr leave me watever happens in our life n even if I do anything wrong unknowingly.Bcoz I can’t live without u” she said in one go while sobbing.

“I love you too. I nvr ever leave u. U r my swt wife.I too can’t live without u” I kissed her.

She slept happily n peacefully in my arms. I love to see her peaceful n happy always. Seven days passed by normally n she is ok again.

Advaita PoV:

I am sleeping n suddenly woke up as Snehith called me.

“Chinni,wake up. Please yaar wake up”

I slowly opened my eyes n looked him. He is smiling.

“Good morning chinni”

“Whats the time”

“3 am”

“So its still night. Gud night. I am sleeping” I shouted n tried to sleep again. I love to play like this with Snehith.

“Chinni pls listen. I am going to chennai now for some contract. Wake up pls”

“What???? Y r u saying suddenly abt these trips now a days?? Wait I am waking up”

I got up to wash my face to get out of my peaceful sleeping mode. I packed his luggage prepared food for him n gave that to him.

“I love u. I will call at evng. Don’t cry like a baby. Smile like my chinni. Bye”

“Bye, take care”

He is going.


“What swt hrt”

“All the best for ur contract”

“Thank u. With ur wishes I will win in my work for sure”

He hugged me n placed a kiss on my forehead n went off. I will miss him a lot. I didn’t understand y he is going on sudden trips very frequently.

It has been 2 days but Snehith didn’t return yet. I am missing him so much. I switched on tv to watch news. Suddenly I saw news abt Jashwesh’s murder. I am happy but at the same time I felt unknown fear. Somehow I managed to control myself n went to my room. I took tablet prescribed by Akshara n slept. When I woke up I saw Snehith besides me.

“How are you swt hrt? Missing me?”

“When did u come? I missed u so much” I said n hugged him from side.

“Just before 1 hour.”

“Why didn’t u wake me up?”

“You are sleeping so peacefully. So I didn’t wanna wake u up. Now tell me hw r u?”

“I am so hpy today. You know what. Jashwesh was killed by someone. I feel very peaceful now”

“Thats wat I want”


“U being happy n peaceful”

He kissed me on forehead.

“Ok. Did u get fresh up? Wat u want to eat? I will prepare something for u. U might b hungry.”

“Chinni, wait. I already had lunch on the way n now got fresh up too. So stop hurrying n sit with me. I miss u so much. Lets talk for sometime”

We both chitchatted for sometime n then Snehith slept talking. I think he is tired with journey. I went on to carry on my household works n help maa in kitchen. Snehith woke up at evng.

“Good evng chinni..wats up? pls prepare dinner soon.I am really hungry.”

Snehith’s PoV:

Her face is showing different expressions. I went near to her.

“R u ok?”

“Ya. Dinner is ready. If u come down, I will serve you.”

I tried to ask her reason but she went off from there without giving me a chance. I went to dining hall n we had dinner. I came to my room n is listening songs. Advaita came to room aft sometime.

“Snehith, I want to talk to u”

“Tell me chinni. I told u many times that u no need to ask me. You can talk to me at anytime on anything.”

“Whr did u go for ur business contract?”


“Then from whr did the ticket to Simla came into ur pocket?”


“Y r u lying to me Snehith? Wat r u hiding from me?”

“Chinni,Believe me. I nvr betray u. Thats wat I can say for now”

“No. I am doubting u Snehith. But I didn’t want u to do anything wrong for me. Please understand. I can’t live without u. please”

She hugged me tightly weeping. I too hugged her n caressed her hairs.

“Wat do u mean by doing wrong”

“I read in news that Jashwesh murdered in Simla. You too went to Simla. I hope its not you who murdered them”

“Hey chinni, Y will I do dat? No I went to Simla as venue changed by other party of the contract. But I didn’t kill Jashwesh. Trust me”

“I trust u. I really trust u completely”

I am sorry chinni. First time I am brking ur trust.But I love you. Its a husband’s duty to heal the wounds of wife completely with love n fulfilling her remained revenge too. Its my responsibility to protect u from every danger n assure u safety. I am doing everything just for u. Hope u will not lose trust on me wen truth comes out.

Advaita PoV:

U r lying to me Snehith. I can understand that by the way u r saying. U didn’t know to lie. But I know u will say the truth to me wen time comes. I trust u now n ever. I love you. I know u r lying to me as u didn’t want me to get stressed n tensed. U r taking a big risk for my hpyness n safety. I nvr misunderstand u.

“Ok now u sleep chinni. Its already late”

“Ok. U too. Good night”

“Good night”

Snehith PoV:

Chinni slept peacefully. Tomorrow is my chinni’s birthday. I planned a lot for her but everything will b a surprise to her. Till evng I won’t reveal my plans abt her bday. I will njoy her anger for forgetting her bday. Actually I nvr saw her being angry on me. She is so sweet. But I want to see her anger too. Aft all I like to have sweet fights with her which I missed during love life as I married her without njoying love life completely.

Its morning n she woke up n got ready. We all acted as per the plan though we know her bday. She didn’t say anything. She just got ready n did prayer to her favourite goddess n took blessings from my parents. I teased her to take blessings from me too.

” Hey don’t u want my blessings?”

“Ha but I know I always have ur blessings n wishes pathi ji”

Everyone laughed at her answer. But I am waiting her to fight with me for forgetting her bday. But she didn’t. Its irritating me.

“Snehith Pls take me to temple”

“Ok but is anything spl today?”

“Nothing. Just I wanna go to temple”

I took her to temple n dropped her at home. I went to office.

Advaita PoV:

Its my birthday today. If I am with mom n dad, they would celebrate it very grandly. I think Snehith doesn’t know abt my birthday. Otherwise surely he will wish me n make my day very special. If I tell him now, he may feel bad for not knowing. So I didn’t want to say. But I want to spend this day with him. So I decided to take lunch for him to office. I went to office n his cabin. I heard Snehith’s shouting on his staff.

“I want it to b done right now. No more explanations. Do it now”

“Do it or leave the job”

I am scared hearing his shouting. He nvr shouted on me in that pitch anytime. I am new to this type of Snehith. I heard from few ppl that Snehith is a serious person. But as far as I know he is a sweet, loving n jovial person. I stood at the door hesitating to knock but finally knocked it.

“Who’s that?”

He shouted again. I think I came in wrong timing. Someone opened the door. Snehith looked me.

“Advaita?? Come in..U r my wife. No need to knock. Come”

He said with a smile comforting me. I went inside.

“U all can go to ur cabins. Complete it on time.”

His staff went off. He sighed to take the seat. I sat but didn’t dare to talk thinking he is in anger. He came to me n sat besides me cupping my face.

“R u ok chinni??? Wat happen to u?? Y r u so scared?”

He asked with concern n worry in his voice.

“I..I am OK”

“But u look tensed.”

“Y r u shouting on ur staff? Is anything wrong?”

“R u scared hearing that. I am sorry. Actually I didn’t notice u coming here. Now leave all those n please smile for me. Anyways its just a small work tension”

I smiled looking him.

“Now tell wat is this pleasant surprise? Y did u visit me?”

“I brought lunch for u”

“What? Y can’t u send it with driver?”

“I want to have lunch with u. So I brought it by myself”

“Ok then I am already hungry. We shall have it fast”

I had lunch with him. I want to spend whole day with him but I didn’t want to disturb his work.

“I will go home now”

“Chinni, if u wait for a hour, we shall go together aft finishing my work. Is it ok for u”

I am really happy with his words. I immediately nodded n aft one hour we both started to home. But he took me to shopping.

“Y did we come here?”

“For shopping. I want to buy something dor my lovely wife. Come lets go inside”

“But in this month I did shopping two times. Y again?”

“Thats ur shopping. This is mine. First come darling”

I went inside the mall with him.

“Show me sarees which looks simple but dignified”

I am just watching him bcoz I didn’t understand y he took me to shopping suddenly. Did he know my bday? He selected sari and necklace for me. We then started from there.

Snehith PoV:

I selected sari and necklace as per her choice. In the starting I bought heavy embroidery sarees and heavy jewellery. She didn’t say anything n started wearing them. But later on I realised that she likes to b simple. So now I selected wat she likes.

By this time I hope everything is ready at home to surprise her. I sent event organiser to decorate the house and make arrangements for her bday. I hav one more surprise too for her bday. I am going to announce her as MD for my new wing of company which deals with cosmetics. I hope she likes the surprise.

We went to home n she is surprised to see the decorations. I took her inside. As soon as she entered inside rose petals fallen on her. She looked me n then the walls where its decorated with balloons n written ” Happy Birthday Advaita”. She smiled

“Do u know my birthday?”

“Yes I know every small thing about u. I nvr forget anything that related to u. Because I love u”

We both had an eyelock.

“Snehith n Advaita, go n get ready. Guests came already” with maa’s call, we both came out of our thoughts.

We both went upstairs to get ready.

Advaita’s PoV:

Today I want to ask Snehith abt my dream of starting new company. I hope he will accept.

Suddenly I felt hands on my waist hugging me tight from behind. A smile escaped from my lips with his touch.

“Looking gorgeous angel. Wish u a very very Happy Birthday”

“Thank u”

He kissed me on my cheek making me blushed.

“Lets go downstairs.”

He held my hand n kissed it. We both went down holding hands.

Precap: Does Advaita accepts Snehith’s gift n chairs as MD of new wing of his company? or Does Snehith accepts her wish of starting new company?


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