Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 14)

Rainbow ep 14

Advaita and Snehith started to home after dinner. Advaita is njoying the music and cool breeze coming from outside.

Snehith: Is it true I am the reason for ur courage?

Advaita: What?

Snehith: Truly I don’t like praises. But today hearing u praising me really made me happy.

Advaita: When did I do that big mistake of praising u??

Snehith: While talking to Varun

Advaita: Oh my God. U heard everything. Actually u shouldn’t.

Snehith: Y?? Its really nice to hear ur love in ur words.

Advaita blushed.

Snehith: Ice cream??

Advaita: But its cool..Now ice cream?

Snehith: Ya I love eating ice cream in cool weather. If u didn’t like, we shall go home.

Advaita: I love to have ice cream with u. So I didn’t want to miss the chance.

Snehith stopped car near a ice cream vendor n both took ice cream n sat on front side of their car.

Advaita: Snehith, Shall I ask u something?

Snehith: Anything

Advaita:I know I done wrong by not coming from bday party though I know u r sick. R u still angry on me?

Snehith: I think its better to leave the topic. Because its not my nature to blame a person for a long time for just one mistake.

Advaita: But I want to know

Snehith: Cool breeze. Its so nice. I love this cool breeze n having my love besides u n eating ice cream with u. I hope this time freezes here itself.

Snehith took her close.

Snehith: Now y r u silent?

Advaita: I am sorry

Snehith: Advaita, On that day u didn’t disconnect the call n I heard wat ur frnds said. When they said I am just lying to u that I am sick to make u come soon, u too trusted their words. They may not know wat I am. But u know well abt me.I nvr lie to u. If u hav said that I nvr lie to u then I would b happy. But u didn’t. I am not angry but its true I didn’t like that kind of behaviour. Come lets go. Its getting late.

Advaita PoV:

We started in car. I spoilt his mood. Throughout our drive to home, Snehith didn’t talk even a single word. Even aft reaching home he didn’t talk to me. Silence is an invisible weapon to kill the loved ones. It hurts more than harsh words. I know its my fault to njoy party aft knowing he is sick. Sometimes we think these are just very small things but no. These small things will lead to big misunderstandings in life further. I don’t want that to happen. I know Snehith is really a very good person. Whether its anger or hurting, he hides it in himself bcoz it won’t like to hurt me.

Snehith PoV:

I saw her. She lied besides me calm. Its her fault. So I am not talking. But why don’t she start a conversation? This silence is killing me. But I decided not to talk till she breaks the silence. Aft all its her fault n let me see how she will convince me.

We both slept without talking. Morning I woke up n saw for her. She wore the sari which I gifted her for engagement in the past. I think she planned something. Let me act little bit to njoy her cute trials of convincing me.

“Good Morning Snehith” she said with a smile

“Good morning” I said very normally with no smile n a bit seriousness.

I went n got fresh up. She brought green tea for me.


“I want ginger tea”

“But u will drink this every morning”

“Yes but today I want to drink ginger tea. If u can’t make then its ok I will have it.”

“No no. I will bring ginger tea”

She gave tea n we all had brk fst. I behaved normally with her in front of my parents n sister. I am leaving to office but she stopped

“Snehith, pls come soon to home today by evng”

“Actually I hav a meeting today. I can’t assure I will come”

“Oh” I noticed disappointment in her tone

“Can’t assure I won’t come too”

“I didn’t get u”

I went near to her hiding my smile. I moved my forefinger from her forehead to lips. She is blushing. I felt like kissing her as she is damn beautiful when she blush. But I want my drama not to b ended so soon. So I kissed in air confusing her.

“Your heart understands” I replied n immediately I went from there, actually I ran from there. Its hard for me to control myself seeing her in my fav sari n jewels I like n most importantly her beautiful million dollars smile. I can give my life for it.

I am busy with my work at office n my phone vibrated indicating I got a msg. I checked my mobile n found message from chinni.

“Come to our farm house at 6 pm. I will waiting for u my handsome hubby. Love u”

I smiled unknowingly seeing her message. Only then I found she called me 10 times before message. I kept my mobile in my chamber n went to conference hall.So I didn’t receive her calls. But she might b thinking I am angry on her. I finished my work at office n started to farm house.

Advaita PoV:

I think Snehith is really so angry on me. I called him many times but he didn’t even receive my call.Atlast I msged him. I hope he will come to farm house. I have to go but wat should I say to maa. How can I say that I am going to farm house with a plan to convince Snehith.


“Advaita, tell me beta?”

“I…I hav some work. Shall I go out please”

“Beta, I don’t have objection to send u but last time Snehith became angry as u r not at home when he returned home. So go aft he returns.”

“Maa he will not b angry this time” I bited my tongue aft saying it.

Maa smiled looking me.

“I got it. You can go”

“Thank u maa”

I went to farm house n decorated everything. I am waiting for him. Its already 7 but he didn’t come yet. I called him. He ignored my calls. May b he won’t come. But my heart said he will come. Thinking this I thought to go but I saw him coming. I am really happy. He came.


“Hi, r u leaving?”

“No. U come in first”

Snehith PoV:

I went inside n found it beautifully decorated with flowers n balloons. When I stepped inside, there I found red rose petals in heart shape n at the centre she wrote Sorry with pink rose petals.

“U go n get ready. I will bring something for u to eat”

I got fresh up n went to her. She served my favourite food.

“U too sit n have dinner” I told her

She sat near me n opened another dish to have.

“Hey wats dat?? Y r u having it??”

She is having bittergourds. I don’t understand wat happened to her.

“If u get angry, u will ask me to eat these. So I am having it. From today till u forgive me, I will do all household works n all works u ask me to do.”

I caught my head hearing her words. I know she is innocent but how can she be so innocent?

“Did I ask u to do all these?”

“Last time wen u r angry on me, u gave that punishment to me. So even now u r angry on me. So I decided to do the same.”

“Acha. So u r doing everything to convince me.”

“Of course”

“one minute” I said n went to kitchen n returned witj bowl.

“Eat this”

“Wh ….Wh…What??? I can’t”

“U said u will do anything to convince me. So eat it”

“I will die if I eat those many chillies”

“I want to see to wat extent u will go to convince me.”

I said n leaned back to chair observing her smiling. I am just teasing her. I nvr hurt her that much.

She closes her eyes n took chilli to eat. She had one chilli. Though she is eating tears are coming from my eyes. She is taking one more. No way I can’t make her eat one more. I hold her hand to stop. She opened her eyes.

“R u mad? Will u do watever I say? Don’t eat it. I am just teasing u. I am not angry on u”

“Water…Chilli is so spicy.”

I gave water to her. She drank water n looking me with a smile.

“Now y r u smiling”

“Because ur anger went off”

I took her close n kissed her on lips shocking her. I want to show my love by kissing her. She closed her eyes n responded to me.

We both had dinner. I hold her hands.

“I love you Advaita. I love u doesn’t mean I will b angry on u for everything. I love u doesn’t mean u have to do watever I say. Yes I felt a bit upset but I know how much u love me. I just pretended to b angry to see ur love. Now pls smile n send away this worried expression from ur face.”

She smiled. This is wat I want. I can’t b angry on her for a long time. Can’t even act too. She is such a diamond in heart n beauty too. Now a small feeling which I had in my heart that she neglected me for her frnds totally vanished. Because its just a very small mistake but her efforts are true n great to convince me. It means my feelings are more important for her. And her smile is more important for me.

We went home. Advaita served food to mom n dad. Aft completing her works she came to room. She looked at me as I am starring at her.

“Do u want something?”


“Haan tell me soon. I really feel tired today. I want to sleep soon.”

“I want…you”

She blushed n threw pillow on me.

“I want to take rest. Chilli is so spicy too. So I will sleep immediately aft fresh up. So u too sleep. No need to wait for me”

She came aft sometime n lied besides me. I slowly touched her back n then kissed it. She turned towards me. I touched her lips n kissed them. She hugged me n kissed me on cheek.

“I love you”

“Love u too my dear husband”

We went into sleep.

Advaita PoV:

Morning I woke up n saw him getting ready n packing his luggage.

“Good morning”

“Good morning darling”

“Y didn’t u wake me up? I think u r going early to office today”

“No. I am going on business tour for 2 days. Early in the morning I got the call. So getting ready.”

I got up from bed shocking. I helped him packing n got ready asap. Maids didn’t come yet as its early morning 5 am. I prepared brk fst for him n packed something to eat while journey.


I hugged him.

“Chinni, look at me. Its just 2 days. Don’t b upset. I will call from there. Pls don’t worry. Otherwise I can’t go”

“I will come with u”

“No 2 days I will b so busy with work. If u come u will b bored n annoyed on me. Pls understand. And mom n dad are at home. It won’t look good if u come like that with me leaving them.”

“But I can’t b without seeing u”

“We will skype darling”


“Please smile. Its important otherwise I won’t go leaving u.”

” Ok. All the best . Take care.”

“Thank u. U too tc.”

Two days passed so hardly. Finally Snehith returned. I gave him clothes to change aft shower. There are scratches n injuries to his hand and back.

“Snehith, wat are these injuries?”

Snehith didn’t answer me immediately. He then replied.

“Small accident. Nothing to worry”

“Y didn’t u tell that to me?”

“Because u will worry. I am fine. Don’t worry much.”

Snehith PoV:

Next day morning Advaita is reading newspaper n suddenly fainted while shouting. We are so tensed. Akshara came n gave injection and went. Aft sometime she came into conscious. She showed me newspaper showing a person’s pic saying he was one of those brutes who made her life a hell.

I clenched my fist. The news is that he was murdered by unknown yesterday. I saw a smile on Advaita’s face. They deserve it.

“They escaped from police but unable to escape from God” mom said hugging Advaita from side.

Precap: Jashwesh was killed by unknown. Advaita doubts Snehith for these murders.


  1. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    nice episode…advaita is really very innocent…
    but in previous episode precap was something else and this episode is different…

    • Sindhuksv



      Yes dear…don’t worry…U will soon read that ep too which is precap of last episode…I changed the plot…In next ep u will understand the plot more ..

  2. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Wen i read he was telling abt sudden business trip i guessed he is up to something….. Lol janvar is killed… I understud ur plot…. Lov u inspite so much tension of Tomo exm… I came to read it….. Vry nervous so review is so smal… I wil surly review nicely Tomo…. Bye…

  3. A.Kavya


    |Registered Member

    Akka..!! Again a wonderful episode..!! Snehith is really too good and understanding person ? anyway should wait till tomorrow to know who did that.. dear

  4. Ammu

    Sorry for late comments di..busy with exams..snehith’s fake anger, chinni’s cute tactics for forgiveness..her innocence..very nice di..jashwesh and gang want punishment..bt pls dont send snehith to jail di..now i can only comment after july 18 di…exams..

  5. Ani


    |Registered Member

    intresting and eager to know that what have happed to jawhesh….
    waiting for the next episode.

  6. Anisha

    Hi sindhu,hope u r fine…finally l finished all parts of it till now..this ff is completely different from>>Forgive me please//..it’s hard to believe both r written by same person…really yaar, u r very unique in writing nd very creative person…
    this ff is more than amusing..every flavor of this story is so realistic and story line is very good, nd interesting..the way u started l didn’t even imagine that it would come in this way..u wrote very professionally..l know my words r not enough to praise ur talent. ..l love how u turn Advaita’s devastated life into a prettiest one..nd Snehith is such a good guy..(but l don’t wanna see him as a murderer)..keep it up..keep enchanting ur readers…thnx 4 this beautiful ff…

    @@Get well soon buddy,n take care of urself …love u a bunch!!!

    • Sindhuksv



      Hi anisha…nice to meet u here…I am ok now…but still weak…ur words means a lot to me…Thank u for liking my story…love u dear..tc

  7. Umama

    Hope u r well now..I read it bt wasn’t able to comment.Sorry,apu.I also didn’t comment on last 3-4 epi’s of ur ffs.Till 30th july i’ll b busy..Bt i’ll surely read them.Pray fr my health & exams..

  8. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    didi plzzz update next epidode asap…but only if u r fine…and how is ur studies going on…

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