Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 13)

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Episode 13:

Next day Snehith and Advaita went for shopping. They are in a mall. Suddenly someone hitted Snehith in hurry.

Snehith: Can’t u see?

Person: Sorry boss

Advaita: Varun

Varun: Hey Advaita, wat a pleasant surprise. Aft a long time, nice to meet u yaar.

Snehith: Do u know him?

Advaita: He is Varun, my frnd in college. Varun, he is my husband, Snehith

Varun: Nice to meet u boss

Snehith: Me too

Both shaked their hands

Varun: Shall we have a cup of coffee

Advaita looked Snehith

Snehith: Sure

Three went to cafe.Waite came

Waiter: Order sir

Snehith: one hot chocolate, Advaita wat do u prefer

Advaita: I prefer

Varun: Cappuccino. right? ur all time favourite

Advaita: Yes

Varun: One hot chocolate n 2 cappuccino

They are having coffee.

Varun: So chinni, hw is everything going on?

Advaita: Ya quite well. Wat r u doing now?

Varun: I am working in Wipro. I came here for a seminar for a week.

Advaita: Ok then bye we need to go. Will meet again.

Varun: Bye

Varun hugged Advaita making Snehith uncomfortable. Next day Snehith went to office and came at evening to home. He sat in sofa leaning towards it catching his head.

Snehith: Chinni coffee pls

Geetha: Coffee

Snehith: Maa, y r u giving coffee? Where is Advaita?

Geetha: She went to frnd’s bday party.

Snehith: Which frnd

Geetha: She said her clg frnd. I don’t remember name. She said she will come soon. Y r u looking so tired beta?

Snehith: Nothing maa. Just work load. I will go to room.

Geetha: Ur eyes are also red. Are u having fever?

Snehith: Nothing maa. I will take rest. Everything will b alright.

He took coffee n went to his room. He called Advaita. She didn’t notice the call talking to her old frnds who attended the party. Aft sometime she saw the missed calls of Snehith

Advaita(inner voice): Oh God. Snehith called me many times. I didn’t even notice his calls. I will call him.

She called him

Snehith: Hello, whr r u?

Advaita: Today is Varun’s bday. He invited me. I came to the party. I informed maa

Snehith: So its enough if u inform maa. No need to inform me.

Advaita: I didn’t mean it. I called u. But its switched off. So…

Snehith: I am not feeling well. Come to home immediately. You must b here within 5 mins.

Advaita: Not well? wat happen? I am coming

Varun: Hey Chinni. Come, I am cutting the cake

Advaita: Actually I need to go. Snehith is not well

Varun: May b u r not there, so he is not well

Advaita: Wat do u mean?

Varun: I mean he is just scaring u to make u return home soon.

Advaita: What? Anyways I need to go

Varun: Just 5 mins. Come I will cut the cake n then u can leave. Please chinni

Frnds took her to cake cutting without giving chance to her to talk.

Advaita: Ok guys I need to go pls

Varun: Ok madam. We understand. Ur love is waiting for u there. So u should go. Bye

Advaita: Bye

Advaita started from there. Its one hour still she didn’t reach home

Advaita: Driver wats the prblm

Driver: Don’t know madam. Today traffic is heavy

Advaita: Ok

She reached home aft 2 hrs. She went to her room n found Snehith sleeping. She placed her hand on his forehead.

Advaita: Are u ok?

Snehith opened eyes

Snehith: Hmm. U came so early.

Advaita: Sorry actually today traffic is heavy. So..

Snehith: Did u start immediately aft my call

Advaita: I thought to come but frnds forced me to stay till cake cutting. As soon as cake cutting finished, I started from there.

Snehith: Good. I didn’t succeed in forcing u to come soon to home. But ur frnds succeeded. No one can force anyone to do anything. Its just an excuse.

Advaita: Snehith

Snehith: Anyways leave it. Did u have dinner?

Advaita: No

Snehith: I too didn’t. Can u bring dinner to room for both of us or shall I bring

Advaita: I will bring

Both had dinner. Snehith is busy in reading book.

Advaita: Snehith

Snehith: What?

Advaita: I…am..I am really sorry

Snehith: For wat?

Advaita: I think u didn’t like me going to party. I should have taken ur permission before going

Snehith: Nothing like that. But today I am really so tired. And I love to see ur smiling face after a long working day. It makes me relaxed. But I just missed it. Anyways its ok. I can’t say u to stay at home all the time for me. You too have ur Own life, njoyments n FRIENDS

He stressed the word friends.

Advaita: Snehith, its not like that

Snehith: Good nite

Next morning Advaita woke up late n saw Snehith getting ready. She got up immediately.

Advaita: Coffee

Snehith: Its ok. I hav no mood to hav coffee today.

Advaita: Snehith pls

Snehith: I hav lots of work. My work is not just to talk lovingly to u all the time

Advaita: Atleast break fast

Snehith: I will have it at office. And u no need to quit ur’s for me. Thats a kind of emotional blackmailing n it irritates me much. So if u hav any respect on my words have ur brk fst on time. If not ur wish. Bye

Advaita looking him with tears. He didn’t notice that and went to office. Advaita called him many times but he ignored her calls. She fed up n msged him.

Advaita: I am really sorry. Pls forgive me. Pls pls pls. I won’t hurt u again. I love u so much.

Snehith: I am in meeting. Will talk at evng aft returning home. Love u too. Tc chinni

Advaita: Thank u for replying

Snehith: ok.Bye. Don’t worry.

Snehith started from office to meet her as soon as meeting finished. On his way, he saw Advaita with Varun in car. He went to office again n called her.

Snehith: Where r u?

Advaita: I came for shopping

Snehith: With whom

Advaita: Alone. U r not there na, so I came alone.

He clutched his fist.

Snehith: Ok. Tell me whr r u. I will come

Advaita: Vihanya Mall

Snehith: Ok I am coming. Bye

Advaita: Bye

She disconnected the call.

Varun: Shall we hav lunch

Advaita: No Snehith is coming. I will wait for him. U can carry on

Varun: I will wait.

Snehith came there.

Varun: Hi

Snehith: Hello

Advaita: Shall we hav lunch

Snehith: Ok. Did u finish ur shopping?

Advaita: Ya completed

They went to a restaurant.

Snehith: Wat u wanna have Advaita

Varun: May b asusual Schezwan rice n panneer 65

Advaita smiled

Advaita: Ya I will go for it

Varun: Chinni, I think I know more abt u than ur husband

Advaita looked Snehith. Snehith gave irritating looks n is having lunch silently.

Varun: Don’t u both talk while eating

Snehith: I hate talking while eating

Three of them had lunch n Varun left.

Advaita: I want to buy few more things

Snehith: No need. I am getting headache. I want to go home

Advaita: Ok

Snehith: If u want u buy everything n come later.

Advaita: No no. Let’s go

Both went to home. Snehith lied on bed. Advaita came to him with balm.

Advaita: I will apply this balm to ur forehead n ur headache will cure immediately.

She smiled and touched his forehead. He removed her hand rudely

Snehith: Stay away from me. If u leave me alone for sometime, my headache will cure soon. Because u r the reason for my headache

Advaita:But wat did I do

Snehith: Get lost from here for sometime. Leave me alone.

Advaita left him with tears. She somehow managed to hide her tears from family members. She pretended smiling. Snehith is in his room n didn’t come out. Advaita started cooking to divert her mind.

Prathigna: Bhabhi r u ok

Advaita: Ya

Prathigna: You are putting sugar instead of salt in sabzi

Advaita: Oh just headache.

Prathigna: U take rest bhabhi. We will do it

Advaita left and rested on sofa in hall.

Geetha: Advaita, dinner is ready. Call Snehith

Advaita: Snehith

Geetha: Is everything ok Advaita

Geetha: Yes maa. everything is ok.

Advaita(inner voice): I didn’t know how will he react if I go. I didn’t understand y he is that angry on me. He nvr been like this before.

Advaita knocked the door

Snehith: Come in

Advaita went inside n bent her face to avoid looking him

Advaita: Dinner is ready. Maa told to call u.

Snehith: Bring me dinner here

Advaita: Ok

Advaita brought dinner to him. Everyone had dinner n slept. Advaita sat in hall watching tv as she didn’t understand whether to go to room or not. She felt drowsy n went to room to wash her face. Snehith looked her

Advaita: I just came to wash my face. I will go again.

She washed her face n is going to hall again.

Snehith: Wait

Advaita stood there without turning towards him.

Snehith: Are u going to sleep in hall today? How many days can u escape from my anger.

Advaita: I…I..am..

Snehith came to her n turned her towards him. He cupped her face n kissed her on lips softly.

Snehith: I am sorry

Advaita hugged him tightly with tears

Advaita: I didn’t know y r u angry on me. As far as I know I didn’t hurt u. For attending that bday party too I said sorry. Pls tell wat did I do? If I hurt u unknowingly pls tell me. I won’t do it again.

Snehith: Y did u lie to me?

Advaita: What? When did I lie to u? I can nvr lie to u. I nvr do that

Snehith: You told that u r going to shopping alone but u went with Varun

Advaita: Actually I started alone to shopping in our car. Tyre was punctured. Varun is going on the way n he gave me lift. He had seminar in the same shopping mall at top floor. I completed my shopping n he too completed his seminar n met me there again. I didn’t lie to u

Snehith: I am sorry for misunderstanding u.

Advaita: Snehith, I don’t think only that is ur prblm. Something else is bothering u. Tell me wats that

Snehith: Nothing

Advaita cupped his face.

Advaita: Tell that looking into my eyes. Didn’t u like my frndshp with Varun? Is it bothering u?

Snehith: May b

Advaita: Are u doubting me?

Snehith: No way. I trust u completely.

Advaita: Then??

Snehith hugged her.

Snehith: I didn’t know but I am feeling as if I am missing u.

Advaita: What?? Snehith, Varun is just my frnd, a very small part of my life. But you are my love, you are my life. How can u think like dat?

Snehith: Ok. Tell me one thing Advaita. U want me to take it lightly. If I too move closely with any other girl n leave u even wen u r not well for her n if she tells all my tastes crctly where u know nothing abt me, how do u feel? Will u take it lightly? I don’t understand one thing. Every girl or boy thinks that their life partner to b broad minded n should their frndshps lightly. But if it comes to them, they can’t take it lightly. They will feel possessive but they don’t want their life partner to b possessive.

Advaita: So u r feeling possessive abt me?

Snehith: Yes

Advaita: Snehith, I agree that everyone want their life partner not to b possessive but they willb possessive. But my opinion is if there is trust n understanding, possessiveness will have nothing to do with. I agree that I am wrong for coming late from party even aft knowing u r ill. I am sorry for that n it nvr happens again. Frndshp and love will b divided only with a very thin line.If we r clear with that line, no need to bother. I know how to draw line between frndshp n love. I nvr cross that line. We may have many frnds but love will b only one. If u understand this u won’t worry much. I can leave frndshp for love, but no one leaves love for frndshp. Thats the difference between love n frndshp. Frndshp is necessary to live but we can’t live without love. Everyone trusts their mom n if they have same trust on their wife too, every couple will b happy. But if u want me to cut my frndshp with Varun, I will do it for sure. I didn’t want to hurt u bcoz I love u.

Snehith hugged her n wiped her tears.

Snehith: I am really sorry. I didn’t know y I felt like dat. I have equal trust on u as I have on my mom. I love u. I nvr hurt u again. I have no objection for ur frndshp with Varun. I really mean it. I know my Advaita maintains clear cut line between love n frndshp. So wat abt ur dinner?

Advaita: I…had

Snehith:Just now u said u can’t lie to me

Advaita:Sorry. I am not hungry

Snehith:Atleast for me u have to eat. Please

Advaita smiled: Ok

He brought dinner for her. He feeded her

Advaita: I love u

Snehith: I love u too

They slept aft chit chatting for sometime. Morning altogether having brk fst. Varun came to their home. He greeted everyone. They chit chatted for sometime.

Varun: Actually I came to invite u and Snehith for dinner today. Tomorrow I am leaving. Can u both pls join with me for dinner

Snehith: Ya definitely

They went for dinner.

Snehith: I will just come

He left as he got some call.

Varun: You are so brave Advaita. Thats wat I always like in u.

Advaita: I didn’t get u

Varun: Aft that incident I nvr thought u will b ok. But I am happy that u r doing well n recovered from that completely. Sorry if hurt u by remembering that again.

Advaita: I am not brave. I am also a normal girl who lost all her hopes n happiness aft that incident. But its all bcoz of Snehith I am this happy today. He is really a blessing in my life. He totally changed my life. In his love, I really forgot my past, my pain n fears. He is the first person in my whole life who is so loving, caring n affectionate. He is my strength. If he is with me I can do anything n I am sure I will b happy forever.

Varun: You love him so much, right?

Advaita: I love him so much but still I can nvr love him as much as he loves me.

Varun: I am really happy for u both. Chinni, I am getting married coming month. You both must come. I will talk with Snehith too.

Snehith: Wat u want to talk with me man

Varun: Snehith, Next month I am getting married. You both should come pls

Snehith: Where is the venue

Varun: My hometown

Snehith: Sorry we can’t come

Advaita n Varun looked at him confusingly. Snehith hold her hands

Snehith: I didn’t want her to get disturbed by coming to that place again. And most importantly I hav few issues to solve. Till then I can’t bring her to her hometown.

Advaita smiled hearing his words

Varun: You both are really a very good couple. I hope everything will b solved before my marriage n you both will attend my marriage.

Snehith: If everything solves surely we both will attend ur marriage. When is ur flight tomorrow?

Varun: Early morning 3 am

Snehith: Ok. Lets have dinner. Next time if u come to this city, stay in our home n not in hotel.

Advaita surprised but felt happy for having Snehith as her husband. They finished their dinner. Varun hugged Advaita n Snehith and left.

Precap: Advaita trying to frame her career but fails. Snehith motivates her

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


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  2. Awesome as usual. Advaita’s speech abt frndshp and love was amazing. I like that line there is a thin line between love nd frndshp

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