Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 12)

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episode 12:

Advaita and Snehith came to their room aft dinner.

Advaita: Now tell me wat happened?

Snehith: I will tell u everything. But u shouldn’t panic. Remember watever happens I am there for u. I will protect you.

Advaith:I already knew that.

Snehith hugged her from side n kissed her on forehead.

Snehith: I love u angel

Advaita: I love u too. First tell me wat happened

Snehith: I will tell everything. U shouldn’t lose ur courage

Advaita: Is Jashwesh alive?

Snehith: Yes

Advaita shocked listening him. She closed her eyes tightly n tears flowed from her eyes.

Snehith took close n embraced her in tight hug.

Snehith: Its ok. Don’t worry. Now u r not alone. He can’t even touch ur finger. I am there for u.

Advaita: Hmm. Ok

Snehith: Give me a sweet smile then I will tell everything

Snehith wiped her tears.

Snehith: Ur smile gives me energy.plz smile

Advaita is looking him. He suddenly kissed her on lips. Advaita smiled blushing.

Snehith: Dats good. In starting u used to fear if I touch but now my touch is making u to smile.

Advaita: Not ur touch, ur love. I nvr know that true love will b this sweet. I am seeing many colours in ur love.

Snehith: Love is like Rainbow. We feel bore wen we see only one colour. But we love to see Rainbow. Its rare to see but it gives amazing feeling. In love too, we need all shades. Missing of any shade makes love complicated.

Advaita: Acha. Love guruji, u showed ur rudeness n anger also on me. How can u say that anger is also necessary in love.

Snehith: When do we get angry?

Advaita: When something happens which we don’t like,we become irritated n get hurted.

Snehith:Do u ever got hurted by one who doesn’t matter to u?

Advaita: No.

Snehith: We get hurted only when our loved one do anything which we didn’t like. Then we become angry on them. Its actually love turned upside down.

Advaita: So u became angry on me coz u didn’t like me leaving u. U got hurted n showed that frustration on me??

Snehith: No. Actually I got scared. I didn’t like u hurting urselves. I married u to keep u hpy every second. Without marrying I can’t do that. Because I must b with u every minute to make u normal. I thought we can get separate when u become normal. But my magic worked on u making u fall in love with me n now forever u r mine..just mine.

Advaita: Yes I am your’s forever as u r mine

Snehith: Ok. Now let me telk you wat happened. When u told someone scared u in hotel room, I asked hotel mgnt to show me the cctv footage. In that I saw a man entering into your room. But as there is no power, his face is not visible. So I asked ur brother to collect cctv footage from shopping area where u saw him. As he requested them, they gave that clip to us n ur bro sent conforming its Jashwesh. I asked a detective agency to find his information.

Advaita: Ok. So ???

Snehith: Yesterday I got call saying its from that detective agency. They told Jashwesh is staying in a hotel. I went there without thinking much. I knocked the door n my former PA Neha opened it. I didn’t understand wat she is doing there. I didn’t know who but someone pushed me into the room. Neha proposed me in the past n tried to ruin my business when I rejected her. Neha tried forcing herself on me. But I slapped her. Within few minutes police raid took place n they arrested us. Neha said she is my gf n I betrayed her marrying u. Whole media covered this.

Advaita: Don’t worry we can prove ur innocense. Aft all when Advaita is with you, no one can harm u.

Snehith smiled listening her.

Snehith: Through ur words, I understood u hav a plan

Advaita said something to him (muted).

Next day at evng, Snehith came n hugged her. He spinned her picking her up in his hands.

Advaita: Snehith, wat r u doing. Leave me. I am feeling dizzy now.

Snehith left her n again took her close n kissed her from forehead to lips.

Advaita: First tell me y r u so happy?

Snehith switched on the tv. News displayed

Snehith Exports and Imports Industry MD Mr. Snehith proved innocent. He was accused of being caught in a raid which is actually a trap by his former PA Neha who had crush on him.

Advaita: Wow..Great. I love you

She hugged him.

Snehith: I love u Advaita. This is all just bcoz of u. You helped me to get a big contract and now u helped in proving me right.

Snehith explained her how he implemented her idea.

fb shows:

Snehith went to Neha’s home. As soon as she opened the door he hugged him. Neha got shocked.

Neha: Sne..Snehith.What..r …u doing?

Snehith: I hurted u so much. Now I understood how it will b when loved ones rejects us

Neha: What happen?

Snehith: Advaita left me without even listening to me. I loved her a lot but she didn’t trust me.

Neha: Really?? Did she leave u??

Snehith: Yes. She didn’t understand me. Even aft marrying someone you came to me n still u r loving me. Will u marry me Neha?

Neha: What?? R u serious?

Snehith: Yes. I am serious. I want to teach Advaita a lesson. Lets marry but..

Neha: But??

Snehith: Nothing. I can’t ask u to do so. Aft all u loved me a lot

Neha: Its ok. When u are going to marry me, I will do anything for u

Snehith: I want everyone to realise that I didn’t do anything wrong on that day. If my innocense is proved then my parents n Advaita will come to me. But I will reject them n will divorce Advaita. Then we will marry.

Neha: Then I will accept its my mistake before police. I did everything just to make u mine. So if u r going to marry me, I will do anything.

Snehith: Ur words are not enough to prove the truth.

Neha: Don’t worry. We will take cctv footage where my frnd pushed u inside the room. And that hotel manager is my uncle. He will confess too.

Snehith: He will lose the job n u will b arrested

Neha: Its ok. U r there na. My uncle is the one who called u to come to that hotel for Jashwesh.

Snehith went out telling her to confess asap. Neha smiled cunningly. Then she went to police n said Snehith came to her home to threaten her. By that time Snehith reached there n gave the video which he took while talking to her. Police arrested her n media covered everything.

fb ends.

Snehith: Ur idea to record everything through spy cam hidden in shirt button is awesome chinni. U r really amazing.

Advaita: Did u talk with ur parents?

Snehith: Hmm. They called me.

Advaita: Tomorrow we shall go to them

Snehith: I didn’t want them to stay with us.

Advaita: Snehith,misunderstandings r common in relationships. We should compromise n forgive them. Because its not advisable to brk relationships easily. Aft all they are ur parents. Without them, u r nowhere. Remember this. Every Child must b thankful to their parents for giving them this life whatever they may do or may not do to them. And its the responsibility of every child to take care of them in their old age. If u once see the sufferings of orphan, u will understand wat ur parents gave to u n wat u have to do in return for them. Sometimes they may scold or may hurt us, but the truth is they love us truly always than anyone else on Earth. When u r in depression coz of me, its ur parents who fixed u n made u as before. They have done a lot for u. If u can forgive me who hurted u so much, y can’t u forgive ur parents who loved u so much. pls lets bring them to us. Its our responsibility to take care of them n love them equally as they do

Snehith nodded in agreement to her words.

Geeta: Advaita

Advaita and Snehith turned towards door n saw Geeta, Harsha n Prathigna standing there. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Advaita went to them n took their blessings n hugged Prathigna.Geeta hugged her.

Geeta: On that day, I said I didn’t want to b a mom to u. But now really I regret for not having a daughter like u. Snehith is right, u r the best wife n daughter in law too.

Advaita: Aunty

Geeta: If u can forgive me, pls call me maa

Advaita: Maa..Pls don’t say that. You are elder than me n there is nothing to forgive u.

Geeta n Harsha hugged Snehith too.

Snehith: Maa, if u both really accept us, pls stay with us. Prathigna, u too.

Prathigna: Bhaiya, I am always ready to stay with u n bhabhi

Advaita:Pls maa..Pls papa. Stay with us. We will b more happy if u stay with us.

Harsha: Ok we will stay here

Advaita: Thank u so much papa

Harsha smiled n kept his hand on her head blessing her.

Precap: Possessiveness- 6th shade of Love.

If u hav time, please check my new ff “Forgive me, please” n give ur valuable feedback in the form of comments. I am gonna end my Sacred Bonding n my judgement ffs within a week. Many of u are asking me y i am writing ffs only on love. So suggest me on which concept do u want me to write ff?? I will start my new ff aft ending those 2 (aft a week) on the concept which majority of u suggest (except horror..I don’t want to write horror ffs).

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. Devga

    Awesome.. Mmmmm i like u like the way u r… So watevr u write has many moral values for life….. I would suggest u only one thing…. Plzzzzz complete one or two and start another dear coz …. I may miss sum chaps as thr r many pending ffs…. The main thing is i dnt wana miss evn single chap … Sry if u r hurt….

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear…Ya sure I will end my 3 ffs in this upcoming week..Then I will b writing only 2 ffs…Aft completing Rainbow I will start new one…Ur suggestion is good..pls don’t b sorry..

  2. Ani

    Thank you so much . And thanks for dedicating this tobme . Its awesome.
    I am telling to star a ff on liberty and their feeling which start afer they know each other. I am really happy seeing thia . Thank you once again …..

  3. Dhara

    Awesome sindhu. Just finished all parts in one go. I just like he way you portrayed emotions.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear..No he is not involved in trapping Snehith…its drama played by Neha..

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  6. Hey sindhu awesome epi as usual. By the way my personal favorite is horror genre but since u don’t want to write u can try crime or thriller genre 4 ur next ff. And happy bday Ani. May god bless u

  7. ammu

    As usual nice part di..you sort out all matters expect jashwesh’s in one episode.now who is possessive?i already commented on your new ff.

  8. Kavya

    Akka..!! Wonderful episode.. Really loving Advaitha and Snehith bond. On whatever concept u may write it will be awesome as usual.. So will always be loving u nd ur stories 🙂

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u my dear lil sis…Ur comment means a lot to me ra..wen do ur clg starts?

  9. Roma

    Awesome, mind blowing episode. …loved it to the coreeeee. …love you loads….will read your other ff too…didn’t know it was yours…muaaaaahhhhhh

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