Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 11)

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Recap: Anger-4th shade of love. Punishment to Advaita by Snehith for trying to leave him.

Episode 11: TRUST- 5th Shade of Love

Snehith woke up n went to kitchen n saw Advaita working. He hugged her from back.

Snehith: Wat my darling is doing early in the morning?

Advaita kept cute face n said slowly

Advaita: My husband gave punishment to me to do all works everyday n keep everything ready on time for one month. So doing my works.

Snehith kissed her on shoulder n turned her towards him. He took vessels in her hand which she is washing n kept it in washbasin n washed her hands. He kissed her palm.

Advaita: Wat r u doing

Snehith: I am sorry for troubling u a lot yesterday. I already called maids n they will come at evng. So I decided to prepare brk fst n lunch. You just go n get ready. We shall go to mom n dad n bring them here.

Advaita: No need. I can do it. Its not that big work. Now u go

Snehith: No way. I won’t let u work anymore. See already these delicate hands became red

He again kissed her hands.

Advaita: Snehith, I think u r becoming mad day by day in love

Snehith: So u mean I am mad?

He seriously saw n came more close to her

Snehith: Let me show u my madness

He kissed her on her lips softly n she closed her eyes. Snehith smiled seeing her.

Advaita: I love you

Snehith: Love u too

He suddenly lifted her in arms

Advaita: Wat r u doing? Leave me pls

He took her to room n placed her on bed.

Snehith: Now I will prepare breakfast. U get ready. I am locking door from outside

She shocked n smiled with his naughty acts. She got ready n saw Snehith in room. He too got ready n both went to downstairs. Snehith opened the lid n saw bittergourds in the dish.

Snehith: Wat is this? Where is the breakfast I prepared?

Advaita: I am having it. Its yummy. Thank u so much. You have those bitter gourds

Snehith: Revenge for making u eat those yesterday?

Advaita: Exactly

Snehith smiled n looked her. He can sense peace and hpyness in her.

Snehith(inner voice): I am happy that slowly u r changing. You became naughty as before. Your pure smile n peace on ur face making me so happy. I love you chinni

Thinking this he took bitter gourd n took a bite of it. Advaita shocked seeing him eating it. He is still smiling n having it. She threw it away.

Advaita: I am sorry. I am just kidding. Y did u eat it?

Snehith: I didn’t feel it bitter as I am having it watching ur smiling face.

Advaita: So sweet. Have breakfast. Lets go to ur parents.

Snehith: Actually my hands are paining after preparing breakfast. Can u make me eat?

Advaita smiled n blushed hearing him.

Advaita: Sure

Both had their breakfast n both started to go. Suddenly he got a call.

Snehith: Is it?? Ok. I am coming immediately.

He disconnected the call n turned towards her.

Snehith: I hav some important work. U stay at home. I will come soon. We can go later to mom

Advaita: Shall I come with u pls. I can’t stay alone. Even maids r not there.

Snehith: No. You are not coming

Advaita: Please please

Snehith: I said you are not coming. Now get down fast.Don’t irritate me Advaita

Advaita shocked seeing him angry suddenly. She got down from car. He immediately started his car n went off. Advaita didn’t understand wat happened to him. She stood there for sometime. She turned back to go n heard horn sound of car n found Snehith coming back. He came down n cupped her face

Snehith: I am sorry. I have some important work. I will come soon for sure. Pls understand. U shouldn’t come there.

Advaita: Its ok.

Snehith: Take it. This is licensed pistol which is on my name. If anything happens, don’t hesitate to use it.

Advaita: ok

Snehith: Are u still angry on me?

Advaita: No. I know u won’t talk like that unless there is a reason

He cupped her face n kissed on forehead.

Snehith: I will b back soon. Now go inside n lock the door.

Advaita nodded n went inside n locked the door. He then started his car n went off. Advaita waited for him till afternoon but he is not back. Her calls are unanswered. She was a bit tensed but controlled herself.

Advaita(inner voice): I hope he is fine. I hav no one except him. I can’t live without him. Snehith, pls lift the call once. Pls Snehith. He nvr did like this before. He nvr ignored my calls till now. I hope everything is fine.

Thinking this she switched on the tv. She got shocked seeing the news. Tears rolled from her eyes.

Advaita: Snehith exports and imports MD Mr. Snehith caught in police raid in Sangeeth Restaurant and lodge with his girl friend

Advaita felt as if earth under her feet shaked. She didn’t understand wat to do.

Advaita(inner voice): No. I shouldn’t panic. First I have to help him come out. I have to talk with his parents.

She immediately wiped her tears n went to her in laws. Already they are in shock knowing this news. Prathigna hugged her to console.

Advaita: Aunty, did uncle talk with lawyer?

Geeta: No. We didn’t understand how to approach lawyer. Snehith ruined the reputation of the family

Advaita: Uncle, pls help him to come out first. We can’t leave him like that

Harsha: But I can’t go to police station to release him. He is accused of being caught with his girl friend in a lodge. I can’t

Geeta: I don’t understand y he did like this. He said he loved Advaita. He married her against our wish. Then again wats all this?

Advaita: Uncle, can u pls give me the contact number of company lawyer? I will talk with him

Geeta and Harsha shocked listening her.

Geeta: U r a girl. How can u go to police station alone

Advaita: Nothing is more important than Snehith to me.

She took the number and called lawyer. She went to police station with lawyer. They released Snehith on parole. Snehith came out n saw Advaita waiting for him. She is abt to talk but he started his car without looking her. Advaita went to home n tried to call him. He ignored her calls n didn’t come home. Advaita fed up n finally sent a voice mail to him.

“Snehith, I trust u. I know you won’t do anything wrong. Pls come home. I am waiting for you. I love you”.

Snehith heard the msg n went to home. She opened the door n Snehith hugged her tightly.

Snehith: I am sorry

Advaita: Don’t b. I trust u

Snehith: I didn’t face u bcoz I can’t see hatred on me in ur face. I promise Advaita, I didn’t do anything wrong. They trapped me.

Advaita: Its ok. I understand. But nvr think that I will doubt u. I nvr do so.

Snehith: Thank u so much. Ur trust really means a lot to me. When my parents doubted me, I thought u too will

Advaita: Did u talk with ur parents?

Snehith: Yes. I thought they will understand me. But they didn’t. I thought u will hate me but u trusted me. I love you

Advaita: I love u too. Now get fresh up. I already prepared dinner for us

Snehith: Are u that sure I will come home aft hearing ur voice mail

Advaita: Yes. I know. I guessed that u r ignoring me thinking that I may doubt u. So I msged u to give u clarification.

Snehith: Don’t u want to know wat happened

Advaita: If its meant to b known, u will tell me. If u didn’t it means there is no need to know.

Snehith: U need to know. I will tell u aft our dinner. Aft all I didn’t want any secrets between us.

Precap: 5th shade of love-TRUST (continues). Advaita helping Snehith to prove the truth.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. ammu

    Really nice part di…Where there is love,trust will born itself. And now its Chinni’s turn to show different shades of love .waiting for next part.and di this bitter guard punishment is a nice idea .actually i love bittergaurd dishes.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Hi dear…Thank u…lol its funny to use bitter gourd for punishment bcoz it won’t hurt but will b a bit uncomfortable to eat boiled bitter gourds…It suits Snehith’s funny n lovely character..

  2. Sry sindhu sis 4 not commenting on ur previous episodes. Actually out of station just now read all ur epi. It is marvelous. U rocked every shade

  3. Ananya

    Sindhu loved this episode… They are such a cute couple…being each others strength..

  4. ryths

    wooowwww…awesome epi…luvd it to d core…really very excited for nxt epi update asap

  5. Devga

    Hey i was kiddng abt my name missing on previous episode… I took it serious…. Sry
    Abt the episode wonderful…. Hw she proved better than her in laws in frnt of them and snehith too…… Y y y only to snehith this is happening…. Yuck his mom hw cum she blindly believed the media…. Who wil try to trap him!!??,
    anyways continue dr… Bye

    • Sindhu K S V

      No I must take it seriously bcoz how can I forget my sister??? I am such a stupid who forgot her cute n little sis…You will know hw he got trapped…Don’t worry they both will backfire the plan..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Dear..will update tomorrow..already written…if u hav time pls check my new ff ” Forgive me, please”..

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