Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 10)

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Recap: 3rd shade of Love-Support. Revelation of the suffering felt by Snehith n Advaita trying to leave him.

Episode 10:

Advaita gave tea to him. Snehith took it n saw her seriously.

Advaita: Is anything wrong?

Snehith: Hmm. Nothing. Go n prepare dinner.


Snehith: Wait. From today u r going to do each n every work at home. Maids will b given leave till my anger on u goes off.

Advaita: Ok

Snehith: I am getting headache. Come n massage my head

Advaita: Dinner?

Snehith: Do wat I say. From now u r not supposed to ask any questions to me.

Advaita got angry n murmured scolding him.

Snehith: R u scolding me darling?

Advaita: No

Snehith: Good. Don’t dare to scold me. Otherwise I will do watever I want.

Advaita massaging his head slowly with her hand n Snehith lied in her lap. He closed his eyes n slept in her lap. Advaita tried to go to prepare dinner but as he slept she sat like that till he woke up. Snehith woke up n saw her sleeping leaning on to bed.

Snehith(Shouting): Advaita

Advaita woke up scaring.

Snehith: Is dnr ready?

Advaita:Dinner. I thought to prepare but u slept in my lap. So I didn’t get up.

Snehith: Just answer to my question

Advaita: No it’s not ready.

Snehith: Go n prepare it

Advaita: Ok

Snehith: From tomorrow I want everything to b ready on time without any excuses.Now u can go

Advaita prepared dinner n served him. Snehith asked maids not to come till he says.They left. Snehith gave her the paper which she wrote before leaving him.

Snehith: Read it louder

Advaita: Why

Snehith: I said read it louder

Advaita: I can’t

Snehith: You must. Read it

Advaita scared for his shouting n read wat she wrote loudly. Her eyes filled with tears.

Advaita: I am sorry

Snehith: For wat? for expressing ur feelings?

Advaita: No. Its not true. I really love

Snehith: Shut up. Don’t say it again. Now give that paper to me.

He took it back. Both had their dinner. Snehith asked her to come to room n pasted the note on the wall.

Advaita: Y did u paste it on wall.

Snehith: You are going to read it everyday

Advaita: What

Snehith: I will make u to read it everyday. Till the ink on it fades, ur punishment will b continued. All the best

Advaita: I will throw it away

Snehith: Don’t dare even to touch it without my permission. If u remove it, I will make u to write again n will paste it.

Advaita completed her works n came to room n didn’t find Snehith. she searched in balcony. She searched for him everywhere n found him sleeping in another bed room. She knocked the door. He opened n saw her as if questioning her

Advaita: Y r u sleeping here? I mean in this room

Snehith: If u can do watever u want, I think I can do watever I want.

Advaita: I am sorry pls

Snehith: I don’t want ur sorry. From today I am not going to come to that room. Now if u leave, I will sleep.

Advaita eyes filled with tears n abt to say something but he closed door n went inside the room. Advaita ran to room lied on bed crying. She switched off light n tried to sleep but she is hearing some kind of voices n laughs. She again remembered the past n she thought to go to Snehith but stopped remembering his words. She sat on bed for sometime n aft much mental struggle she decided finally to take sleeping pills. She switched on the light n took tablets from her bag. She heard some voice n looked near the door.

Snehith: What r u doing

She remembered his anger last time for taking sleeping pills n immediately dropped tablets on floor

Snehith: I asked wat r u doing

Advaita: I am unable to sleep. So taking sleeping pills

Snehith: Did u remember the past again.

She nodded

Snehith: Why didn’t u remember ur past when I am with u

Advaita: I feel safe when I am with u.

Snehith: Don’t take sleeping pills again

Advaita: Ok.

Snehith looked at her n wiped her tears.

Snehith: Promise me

Advaita: Promise. Can u pls sleep here


Advaita: Thank u

Snehith(inner voice): Even if u didn’t ask, I won’t leave u. I will b with u always. Don’t worry chinni. For a minute, I forgot abt ur condition n left u alone. But as soon as I remembered I came to u. I won’t leave u again. I am sorry

Snehith: Throw both ur sorry n thanks in dustbin. I want none

Both lied on bed. Advaita felt to hug him coz of fear but as unable to predict his reaction, she ignored n tried to sleep. She started moving on bed restlessly. Snehith hold her hands n then took her close. He made her to sleep on his chest. He hugged her n caressed her hairs.

Snehith: Now u can sleep peacefully.

Advaita smiled n hugged him.

Snehith: Wake me up early n complete all works on time. Good night for now

Advaita:Ok. Gud nite

Snehith woke up n didn’t see her. He got up from bed at once n searched her n found in kitchen working. Advaita saw him

Advaita: Gud mrng

Snehith: Good morning

She arranged his clothes n accessories n gave tea n served brk fst

Snehith: Sit n u too have it

She is abt to take brk fst.

Snehith: Wait baby. Eat this

He opened the lid of a dish shocking her.

Advaita: I can’t eat this. pls forgive me

Snehith: From today, everything will b decided by me. What u have to eat, what u will wear,when u will sleep n when u will wake up- everything u must do as I say. Without my permission u r not supposed to do anything.

Advaita:Ok But how can someone eat boiled bitter gourd that too early in the morning?

Snehith: Just tell me r u going to eat it or not

He said it very seriously. Advaita closed her eyes and started eating. She ate 5 boiled bitter gourds which he asked her to eat.

Snehith: Good. Now Get ready. From today u r coming to office with me

Advaita: Shall I come from tomorrow? I am a bit tired today with all works

Snehith: No. I can’t leave u alone here. Who knows? You may plan to leave again. I can’t trust n I hav no patience to search again n again for u. Now go n get ready.

Advaita is getting ready n he came to room n saw her wearing sari.

Advaita: Go outside. I will come within 5 mins

Snehith: I didn’t have any plan of going out.

Saying this he came near to her.

Advaita: Pls go

Snehith came near to her n touched her face. Advaita closed her eyes blushing. Snehith made her to wear sari n kissed her on back n hugged her.

Snehith: U always look so beautiful. I love u

Advaita: I love…..

Snehith: Stop it. Don’t say that n I am not going to trust ur words anymore. Come lets go.

Advaita got ready n both went to office. She is abt to go.

Snehith: Whr r u going?

Advaita: To my cabin

Snehith: No need. Sit in my room with me

She nodded n went to his room.

Snehith: Take these files n check them. Then prepare quotations for those. Complete all these by today evng before u go home.

Advaita looked him with shock as he is giving a huge bundle of files

Snehith: Come on. Take these

Advaita: Ok

Snehith: I am going out on some work. Before I return u must complete all the work

He left n Advaita started her work

Advaita(inner voice): How can he bcom that rude suddenly. I don’t know how long it takes for him to forgive me. I can do all works he assigned me. But I just want to see his smile once. I am missing his smile a lot.

She is doing the work n he returned at evng

Snehith: Did u complete the work?

Advaita: Not yet

Snehith: Ok. Come home aft completing the work. Remember u hav lots of work at home too. I am leaving, bye.

She completed the work at 8 n went to home. She saw him watching tv happily at home.

Advaita(inner voice): He forced me to do work day and nite but he is njoying tv.

Snehith: Are u not going to come inside?

Advaita: No coming

Snehith: Did u complete the work

Advaita: Yes

Snehith: Good. Go n prepare dinner. I am very hungry

Advaita: I will get fresh n then

Snehith: I said go n prepare dinner. Fast

Advaita got tears with his shouting. She immediately went to kitchen n started preparing dinner. Snehith went to her n saw her working. He hugged her from back

Snehith: R u crying

Advaita: No. Leave me pls. I hav to prepare dinner

Snehith: Don’t say it again to leave u. I won’t leave u n nvr allow u to leave me.

He kissed everywhere on her back.

Snehith: For one month u r going to suffer in the same manner.

Advaita: one month

She shouted out loud making him smile but he controlled.

Snehith(inner voice): First of all I can’t see u suffering even for one more day. Even if u r ready I am not ready to suffer u.

Snehith: Yes just one month

Advaita: Till one month won’t u smile?

Snehith confused with her question.

Snehith: Smile?

Advaita: From yesterday I didn’t see u smiling. I really want to see u smile. pls smile once. I will do all the works u said not for one month, but for lifetime. But pls smile

Snehith left her n went off. Advaita served him dinner. Both had their dinner. Advaita came to room n saw him waiting for her.

Snehith:Wat did u say just before in the kitchen

Advaita: I want u to smile

Snehith: Why? U didn’t love me. U hav no feelings on me. Then y do u want to see me happy? U nvr care for me. Tell me y u want me to smile

Advaita: I wrote those words just to hurt u to make u to hate me. But really they are not true

Snehity turned towards another direction.

Snehith: Just shut up. When u gave surprise to me n said u r loving me, I trusted u n felt I am the most luckiest person to have ur love. But u ruined everything. My trust, my love everything. Now I didn’t know abt u. But I didn’t love you. I hate u

Advaita shocked listening his words. His words hurted her as if someone squeezing her heart. She is unable to stop her tears. Snehith realised wat he said in anger n turned towards her but he didn’t find her. He immediately went searching her n saw
her going out.

Snehith(inner voice): Oh God. She is going out at this late nite. Is she mad. I think my words hurted her a lot.

He went immediately n started his car searching her. She is walking on the road n his words are echoing in her ears.

Advaita(inner voice): I didn’t have anyone in this world except u Snehith. But today u too hates me. I didn’t want to live anymore. May b I didn’t deserve love of anyone. Till now I hurted everyone who loves me. Now I hurted u too. Only if I die everyone will b happy.

She came infront of a car. Car is coming in such a speed to hit her. At the nick of the time, Snehith saved her n pulled her towards him n hugged her.

Snehith: Wat r u doing?

Advaita: I can’t live without ur love. I love you. I forgot everything just coz of ur love. I know everyone hates me including my parents. If u too hates me, I hav no reason to live

Snehith hugged her tightly n kissed her on forehead

Snehith: I am really sorry. In anger I said those words. But I can nvr hate u. I love you. I love you no matter wat happens. I am so sorry.

Advaita: I really love you. I wrote those words to make u hate me but really I love you. pls trust me one last time. I nvr leave u again. I will face anything but won’t leave u.

Snehith: I trust u. But if u leave me again, u can’t see me alive. Come lets go

Both went to room. Both lied on bed n he hugged her.

Advaita: I want to say something which no one knows till now. I said this to my dad but he didn’t trust. I don’t know whether u will trust or not but…

Snehith kept finger on her lips

Snehith: I trust u. Tell me

Advaita: Actually I didn’t elope from my house to marry Jashwesh.

Snehith shocked n looked her.

Snehith: Wat do u mean.

Advaita: Yes. I thought that in engagement I can talk with bride groom n explain him that I love Jashwesh. But that nite when I slept Jashwesh abducted me. Next morning I was shocked knowing that. He blackmailed me that if I didn’t marry he will die. By that time, everyone believed that I eloped. I finally agreed to marry him. I nvr had intention of going away from my family to marry him. I thought I can wait till they agree without marrying anyone.

Snehith hugged her.

Snehith: Why didn’t u say this to me till now

Advaita: Bcoz I thought no one trusts me

Snehith: I trust u. Now I will make ur parents trust this truth.

Snehith saw her hands n kissed them

Snehith: Today these hands worked a lot. Are they paining?

Advaita: Little bit

Snehith: I am sor…

Advaita placed her hand on his mouth.

Advaita: Pls don’t say sorry to me. I can’t listen that from u. So if u get angry u will b so rude,right?

Snehith: Yes but I won’t get angry on u watever u do except leaving me

Advaita: I won’t leave u even if u ask me to leave

Snehith: I nvr ask u to leave watever happens.

Advaita: Snehith, I want aunty n uncle to stay with us. I didn’t want them to stay away from us as we r there for them. Pls request them to stay with us

Snehith: I don’t think this is right time for that. We can stay together when they accepts u

Advaita: Maintaining distance can’t make relationships stronger. Anyone must take a step forward to brk the silence n enhance relationships. Let’s take that step pls

Snehith kissed her.

Snehith: U r beautiful both in looks n heart too. I love u

Advaita:Love u too. So wen shall we go to aunty n uncle?

Snehith: Tomorrow morning

Advaita: Thank u so much. I want to say one more thing too

Snehith: Come on. I think now u r punishing me with continuous talk

Advaita: What? Ok. I won’t talk anything from now

Snehith: Oh sorry my inner voice came out

Advaita hitted him with her hands

Advaita: From now I won’t talk even a single word

Snehith: Yes u won’t speak single words. U always speak non stop sentences. I think soon I will become deaf too

Advaita looked him seriously n turned another side. Snehith slowly went near to her n kissed her ear.

Advaita: Aaw. Wat r u doing

Snehith:U said u r not going to speak. Then y did u talk now

He kissed her back.

Snehith: I am just teasing u. But I love to listen ur words. I feel bore n uneasy if u r calm. Tell me wat u want to say.

Advaita:Actually yesterday wen I left u, I remembered promising u that I nvr leave u. So I am coming back to u n u saw me at that time.

Snehith smiled

Snehith: I love u. Good night

Advaita: Good night. Love u too.

Precap- 5th shade- TRUST of both on one another.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


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    My name is missing in the start πŸ™
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  3. ammu

    Di..so nice part.first was tensed about chinni’ health.but she have a king of love ..he came at right time..that is snehith. and that Jashwesh,really devil.. jst want to know what happens next.

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