Rainbow- Colours of Love (Episode 1)

Hi, Sindhu KSV here with another story. This is the first episode.. Read the prologue if u guys missed it. Thank u frnds for ur support and give ur feedback on 1st episode.

Episode 1:

A beautiful girl in white dress with loose hair, simple hangings, bhindhi and kumkum who is similar to an angel is standing in a bus stop. She is our heroine, Advaita.

Advaita(inner voice): Today is my first day to office. But today because of bandh there is no transport facility. How can I reach office. I think I hav no choice except to ask someone for lift. Mata di, pls help me.

She saw a red car coming. She showed her hand to stop the car for lift. Car came near to her n stopped. Car window is downed n a person wearing cream colour suit with black gagools and curly hair looked at her. He is damn handsome with his smile. He looked at her dark and big eyes, then her nose and then her cute lips.

Person: Where do u want to go?

Advaita: No thanks. U can go

Advaita(inner voice): He is too young. I can’t trust. I can’t go in his car

Person: Excuse me. Y did u stop car then? Its ok. Get in n tell me where u want to go

Advaita: Actually its my first day to office. I am getting late. So…I want to go to Snehith Exports and Imports industry.

Person: Snehith industries? ok get in.

Advaita sat in car besides him and he started the car. He started music system and played songs. Suddenly he looked her once and smiled. Advaita felt a bit uncomfortable with his smile.

Person: By the way, wats ur name?

Advaita: Its none of ur business

Person: Oh, then is dropping u is my business?

Advaita: Look, I just asked for help n u stopped the car. If its not u, someone would have helped me. Anyways I hate unnecessary conversation. So pls stop.

Person stopped the car. There was no one on the road as its outskirts. Advaita scared n looked him.

Advaita: Y did u stop the car?

Person: U urself asked me to stop

Advaita: No. I asked to stop conversation

Person smiled and started the car. He dropped her at the Snehith industries. She got down n turned to him

Advaita: Thank u

Person: U r welcome at anytime. By the way, u look so beautiful in white dress.

He winked his eye and went off from there leaving her shocked. She started scolding him in her mind and went into the office. She waited in the reception and after sometime MD called her to cabin. She knocked the door.

MD: Yes come in

Advaita went inside and MD turned another side and didn’t face her.

Advaita: Good morning sir. I am Advaita, newly recruited PS. This is my posting order.

MD turned towards her and she got shocked looking him.

MD: Nice name Ms. Advaita.

He took the posting order and then gave it to her.

Advaita: R u Mr. Snehith?

Snehith: I think its none of ur business.

Advaita: I am sorry sir

Snehith: For?

Advaita: For not minding my business

Snehith:Good. Now u can go to ur cabin.

He called poen inside and asked him to take her to her cabin. She is abt to go

Snehith: One minute. Take this

He gave pager to her

Snehith: As u r my personal secretary, u have to come to my cabin wenever I call u. U must b here within 2 minutes whenever I call u. Now u can go.

Advaita: Yes sir.

Advaita(inner voice): I am sure he is angry on me. He is going to take revenge on me. But I didn’t do anything wrong. I hope it will not become a big issue. This job is very important to me. God pls help me.

Snehith(inner voice): U r really so cute and innocent. I love u. I have seen u after a long time n I have to find details about u. From today, U r mine Advaita. My love is for u.

Advaita sat in her cabin and started praying to mata di by seeing pic in her mobile. Snehith is seeing this in his room through CCTV footage and smiled. He called her. She came to his cabin.

Snehith: Take ur seat

Advaita sat n looking him. He is in his work n didn’t say any work to her. 10 mins went off n she tried to ask him reason for calling her. But as she find him so busy, she just sat like dat. Its half an hour.

Advaita: Sir, may I know y did u call me?

Snehith: U r my PS. U must do watever I say n no need to question me. Got it

Advaita(inner voice): Stupid. He is so proudish. May b coz of the wealth he had. I don’t know how long I can work with this kind of person.

Snehith: I am not Stupid. Yes I am proudish but not coz of my wealth but because thats me who earned this wealth. I am proud abt myself and my skills.

Advaita: Sir

Snehith: Cool. Don’t scare. I called u to give few print outs to u. Thats wat I am checking in my laptop. Patience is necessary for any person to succeed in life. Don’t b in hurry all the time. Now take those prints outs from the printer and prepare the quotation for the products I mentioned in those papers as we r going to apply for tender. Complete those by today evng.

Advaita: Ok sir.

Advaita completed her work and went to cafe to have coffee. Snehith reached there and sat on the chair in front of her.

Snehith: Hello, my name is Snehith.

Advaita: Sir

Snehith: Call me Snehith not Sir coz we r not in office.

Advaita: Why r u following me?

Snehith: Advaita, I didn’t know to act. Let me b frank. I love you. I didn’t know anything abt u. Truly I am in love with ur beauty for now. If u like we can slowly know abt each other and if we love each other then we can get married. Only if u like.

Advaita face became at once scared. Few scenes blurred and few voices were heard which are unclear. Advaita face became sweaty and suddenly she fainted. Snehith got confused but immediately took her to hospital in his car. Doctor tested her.

Doctor: Is she under psychiatrist treatment?

Snehith: I didn’t know doctor

Doctor: Who is she to u?

Snehith: For now, she is my employee. Doctor, Is anything wrong with her?

Doctor: She is under severe mental stress. We found suicidal tendency too in her. If she is under psychiatrist treatment, its ok. If not pls consult any psychiatrist urgently, otherwise leads to lose of her life.

Snehith: Ok doctor, thank u.

Snehith went to see Advaita. She opened her eyes n looked around.

Advaita: Where am I?

Snehith: In space. This is Mars. U r the first person to enter into mars. Congratulations.

Advaita: What?

Snehith: Then after seeing around n finding patients and doctors, can’t u guess where u are?

Advaita: Am I in hospital? But why and who took me here?

Snehith: You fainted at cafe n I brought u to hospital.

Advaita: Ok. Thank u. Sorry for the trouble.

Snehith: Its ok. By the way, r u under any psychiatric treatment?

Advaita: What?

Snehith: Doctor told to ask u

Advaita: Haan

Snehith: Ok. Come I will drop u at ur home.

Advaita: No need I can go

Snehith: Don’t b foolish. Today its bandh n there is no transport facility. You are not healthy too. How can u go alone. Listen to me, I will drop u.

Advaita: Ok

Snehith and Advaita started in car. They reached an orphanage.

Snehith: Is this ur home?

Advaita: Yes I stay here

Snehith: Don’t u hav anyone?

Advaita got out of the car.

Advaita: Look Mr. Snehith, u r my boss at office and I do respect ur orders there. The only relationship between us is employee and employer relationship. Nothing than that. U said u r loving me. I don’t love u n I can’t love anyone. I hate love. So don’t waste ur time on me. Thank u for ur help today.

Advaita abt to go n Snehith got down from the car and hold her hand n pulled towards him. She is so close to him that she can feel his breath and got scared with his sudden action of pulling her closer to him.

Snehith: Till now I love ur beauty. Now I love ur courage too Ms. Advaita. Just wait to fall in love with me. Till then my love is for u.

He kissed in the air n by holding her hand, he made her to cross the road.

Snehith: If u faint again while crossing the road, it will b a problem. So I made u to cross the road safely. Bye till tomorrow. Love u. Take care

Advaita freed her hand and gave a serious look to him. Snehith smiled and went in his car thinking abt doctor’s words. He remembered her murmuring the name Jashwesh when she is unconscious.

Snehith(inner voice): I know u had some past love. Thats y u hate love and scared hearing the word love. Its ok. I am not bothered abt ur past. If u r depressed coz of ur love failure, I will heal your pain and my love becomes the medicine for ur depression. And the thing which u don’t know is I already know you where u didn’t know me. I know you well and surely I will bring back past Advaita in u. But for that I have to know wat exactly happened in ur life which changed u this much, in my absence.

Precap: Snehith trying to know abt Advaita’s life. Advaita’s weird n rude behaviour with colleagues and Snehith.

Credit to: Sindhu KSV


  1. ryths

    Ow…missing u n ur stories alot sis…thnk u so much for coming back wid another story..plzz update nxt epi asap really excited to know wat gonna happen nxt

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u ryths…I too miss u a lot dear sis..So decided not to give up writing stories. So continuing old stories with this new one..Will update asap..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Yup he know her.actually he is loving her from 5 yrs without her notice..U will know hw he know abt her n who is he to her soon..Thank u…

  2. Episode is really nice.. 🙂
    The answer to the question “Where am I??” – “In space.This is Mars” is totally hilarious 😀
    So Advaitha and Snehith have a past connection??
    Interesting ..

    Waiting for the next update 🙂

    Stay blessed 🙂


    • Sindhu K S V

      Ha ha ha.. Yes dear…he is a bit funny…He know Advaita already but she doesn’t know him…Thank u..

      • Hey Sindhu,
        I’ve been reading some other stories of yours as well.. Those were My Life,My Choice; Love makes life beautiful; Sacred bonding; Love is not a game(I’ve completed reading this today) and Kushi.. All were beautiful in their own way.. 🙂
        Judgement is the next one I’m gonna start reading..
        So please help me out if I’ve missed any others.. Thanks.. 🙂

      • Thank u so much 🙂
        I will check that out too.. 😀
        Keep writing such beautiful stories 🙂
        Stay blessed and be happy 🙂

  3. Ananya

    Nic start Sindhu.. Loved this episode.. Will be waiting for ur stories.. Take care and love you..

    • Sindhu K S V

      Ha ha ha..Yes his words are funny but that too only for ppl whom he love . His actions will b serious n u will see it in upcoming eps…Thank u..

  4. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous episode. ..I just loved it. …advaita n snehith very lovelyyyyyy pair….very interesting story n lovely narration. …keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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