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Hai friends…..
It’s valentine’s week ❤??????? and so I decided to write a one shot on many of our favourite couple Raghav and Naina……Hope you all enjoy this. It is a gift 4rm Nivu to all of you Raina fans…..❤❤
Please read it and do let me know how you felt by your lovely comments…..!!

Here we go with the beautiful one shot :

It was a full moon night ?? with lots of brightly twinkling stars ? ? ✨ in the sky. Naina was sitting near the window and was deeply lost somewhere deep in her thoughts . The cool breeze was continuously touching her face sending tingling sensation along her spine. She had a photo frame of her and Raghav taken during their happy times….. Naina admired her own smile in the photo which was now lost…..!! She tried smiling helplessly to the moon but to no avail. She looked at the ticking clock which was the only audible sound in the entire room other than her heartbeat….

Soon she fell back into her lane of memories. It has been 1 long year since both Raghav and Naina has shared their feelings for each other nor have they went out for a dinner , party or to a beach side resort. Raghav was too much occupied in his own life and business. He has forget how to smile, how to comfort her nor listen to her small desires. Everything that mattered to him was only money and cracking new business deals expanding his business across the horizon.

A huge tear drop unknowing escaped from her round big eyes…!! Yes….!! She was deeply hurt by Raghav. The clock exactly ticked 12:00 and there was a shower of fireworks in the sky. The world fell into a love spell as it was Valentine’s day. Naina’s eyes suddenly looked at the door expecting a knock from Raghav but No….!! She was wrong…… He had gone to New – York to crack the new business deal which would cost him a fortune…..!!

Next day Morning :……..

Raghav came back to home with a huge bag of gifts. He made sure that he did not miss anything which Naina loved . It has a bunch of fresh sweet smelling roses , her favourite book, cake, sweets, choclates, Candie’s , colourful balloons , strwbeery syrup, designer dresses, winter coats and what not……!!. He knocked the door in anticipation but Naina was no where to be seen inside the house… He was totally broken into a thousand prices…..!!

He came to their room and saw a photo frame upon which a white price of paper was gently placed. He picked it up and the lines read as follows…..:

” Happy valentine ‘s day dear Raghav .
You were the best thing that happened to me till today. I cherish and preserve every minute spent with you . Your arms are the safest place for me in the whole world….

But we no longer share the same bond Raghav. Your priorities have changed a bit and I’m happy about it. You will always be my only love in this world , But still i’m going away as no longer I can bear this separation being so close to you….

— Take Care….. With love
NAINA…. ??

The piece of paper fell down from his hand with tears continuously rolling down his eyes….. He could feel the pain that Naina has been suffering for the past 1 year………. Soo close they were but yet still sooo far….!! Noo……!! I need to correct my mistake…. How can my heart beat without Naina’s beautiful smile and eyes……..!!

He suddenly collected his car keys and set out in his car. He knew where Naina would go…… His car came to a halt near Naina’s brother’s house…….. He knocked the door and it was Naina who opened the door. The whole world came back to Raghav . He hugged her tightly crushing her body across his . He bent down on his knees and took out the green emerald ring glittering in the morning sun.

“. Will You be mine forever Naina…!! I have realized that every part of mine is incomplete without You…. You are right….I had put my career before you but not anymore sweet heart…..!! Forgive your Mr. Pardesi once Naina…. !! I will give every happiness to you……”

” I’m sorry Raghav….please let me go….” She started walking away from him. But he put his hands around her waist and tightly hugged her. Her body was strongly pressed across his chest giving her a sense of protectiveness and security. Both of them gave into a deep long kiss sealing their lips together. Happy valentine’s day Naina he whispered between their kiss….. ???

So how was the One Shot guys….
Please let me know by your lovely comments……
They would mean the world to me……!!

NIVU saying Bye 4 you……
Forget the grametical mistakes if any as I’m travelling in train…. So adjust
Keep smiling my buddies and take care….!! And don’t forget to comment….. ???????

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  1. Astra


  2. Nivu99

    Tq sooooo mch 4 the comment dear….

  3. awesome amazing lovely dear nivu.and happy Valentine’s day.?

  4. awesome amazing lovely dear nivu. happy Valentine’s day.

  5. Nivu99

    Tq diyaa…..
    I’m glad for the support you give me dear…
    luv u loads…. nd happy V day

  6. Jasminerahul

    Raghav bringing naina’s fav things as gifts was so nice.but sad that thinking that raghav doesnt rly need her naina left.words in d note was sad.raghav seeing naina opening d door n hugging her was lovely.confession was too good.but sad that again bcz of ego naina turned 2 go ,but how he hugged her was so nice.kiss was damn romantic.loved it a lot.wishing 4 such scenes on d show as well

    1. Nivu99

      tq jas… for your most loveliest comment……..
      luv u loads dear….

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