WHEN THE RAIN WILL WISH (kumkum bhagya)


here the weather is so pleasant according to me as it is rainy season the season which is most awaited for me i love the rain it is the season which is full of beauty according to me everything gets its freshness back so since today it is raining from morning itself so i got an idea to write something and here i am with it hope you will like this small love story

It was the time of Monsoon I was returning to home from the office when it suddenly started raining heavily and as other common person I also started running to save myself from rain and kept my bag on my head to escape from being drenched in rain and finally found one tea stall on the road and decided to stop their until the rain stops and I went there the tea stall owner asked me about tea and as it was raining so I answered him to bring one as he gave me tea I was sipping it and feeling somehow relived. I was sipping my tea and some people were talking there on some random topics and as usual I wasn’t interested in hearing them because according to my mentality I was a person who is frustrated with my life daily life which was waking up in morning getting ready to office and going to office coming back to office then again the same schedule next day also and I don’t have any fun in my life or I can say that I am not interested in living my life being in a fun I was lost in my thoughts when I saw something in front of my eyes and unknowingly a smile formed on my face don’t know why I was smiling looking at that it was she yes there were two girls one was behaving like a mad person enjoying in rain and other was resisting I was watching all that when her friend finally got successful and now both were there on the alone road drenching in the rain and to my surprise the girl who was resisting sometime before to getting drenched now she was standing there calmly closing her eyes and lifting her face in the direction of sky. First time I was looking that people can be mad also in rain then finally she got rid of it and she came there and ordered two cup tea and started rubbing her hands and after having their tea she went from there with her friend I don’t know whether she was her friend or her sister or who but they were two for sure two crazy girls all girls are crazy I think because mostly I have seen them reacting like this only don’t know I think it has become my mentality now to think like this about them I know that is also wrong but what to do in daily regular boring life I am getting these thoughts only don’t know when I will get rid of them. Finally with that chain of thoughts I left from there and as per my daily routine I had my dinner and then drifted to sleep and next day the same schedule continued and same thing that work load and all and about one week spent and train of my life was running in the same speed when suddenly something happened to me yes some strange feeling I was feeling don’t know what was that but something was strange don’t mistake it was feeling of someone’s presence this feeling was more frustrated feeling of mine yes I was feeling wasted now because my work load was increased and I got to know that one auditor and his secretary is coming for auditing of our company and I have to submit all the reports before due date now. gosh how will this be possible anyways I have to do it and I was doing so also and finally the day arrived and that auditor came to audit our company and I was presenting our reports when I got shocked she was his secretary but I brushed my mind and thought not to give importance to that anymore and ended my presentation my boss praised me and today I don’t know why I felt some happiness in me yes it was and then at lunch time I again encountered her she was obeying order of her boss and this time she wasn’t looking that crazy girl she was looking like a serious girl having the same boring lifestyle as mine.

She was wearing white blooming shirt cut top and black stretched out skirt she was looking completely a corporate lady and her boss was ordering her continuously and she was following it like she doesn’t have any problem in that and I was feeling like slave working under my boss from past few years is this was the another kind of mentality don’t know about that but one thing was sure that she was not looking frustrated at all. I was again lost in my thoughts when the bell rang yes the lunch was over and now it was time to get back to work again and starting of my frustration again. Finally the day ended and now it was time to go home and follow the same schedule again and it was raining again the heavy rain was this and I was standing on the bus stop waiting for bus which is for my route and I saw her again where everyone was running to save themselves from getting drenched in rain she was coming calmly looking like she is enjoying to be with it. I was looking that all from far and again my chain of thoughts were broken by something and this time it was my bus I boarded into it and then the bus started heading on its way. Don’t know why that girl is calm I think girls are always calm in their work that’s why since childhood they are given tag of perfection and then one more day spent with that thought and then I reached home and followed that schedule again uff I think by now you are also thinking that how boring I am what to do this is the life of mine but don’t worry it has changed now how let’s see it. That day I was extremely wasted actually I was feeling wasted and frustration was at its peak and again the day was rainy and that tea stall was the same where I saw her first time this time also I ordered tea for myself and again l was sitting in my full rage my anger was at its peak when I saw her again this time there wasn’t any kind of craziness in her she was calm and this time she was alone too I don’t know why whenever I look her I feel like something is special in her. Wait what just because I always saw her whenever it was raining it means she is special Nah this is not possible it’s just my lame thought anyways but there is truth in the fact that whenever I saw her it was raining and she was either walking under the rain or just behaving like a kid this time she was stood calmly and went in the park which was another side on the road and as she went I thought maybe she is going to her home and that is a short cut but No as I always misunderstood others as well as their feelings this time also my assumption proved wrong she went in the park and there she was standing at the area which was open she just widened her arms it was looking like she was feeling that presence was rain she lifted her face and I was looking how she was enjoying when those tiny droplets of rain was touching her face and I was thinking I don’t know why always girls use to react like that but at the next moment I thought I haven’t seen girls doing like this even they use to complaint that “oh my god my dress oh my god my new shoes etc.” but what kind of a girl is she. She was spoiling her clothes in that muddy environment which were looking too expensive how can she do like this people use to spend a lot of time in office and doing work to earn and she is wasting her precious money like this then again my chain of thoughts were broken but this time to my surprise it was by her she was standing in front of me keeping her both the hands on her waist and giving me a stern look and said “Oh Mr what do you think of yourself haah” I asked “What! What I have done?” she answered “Oh do you think you didn’t did anything but let me tell you one thing Mr. you are doing a crime” I got shocked and asked “crime! Me have you gone mad what crime I have done?” she folded her hands and answered me “staring at a girl and that also me you know right! Staring a girl is crime” I wondered she knew it I was staring her then she again yelled “excuse me Mr. clarify it first why were you staring at me and if I am not wrong you are the same person right! Who was there in the company with whom that angry bird was impressed” I got confused and asked “Angry bird?” and she said “My boss! But that’s not your problem you tell me first why you were staring at me and I am saying if you didn’t answered me this time I swear I will call police then you will answer for sure to them” I said “Oh hello I was not staring at you I was..” she said “yes tell me what was you doing then tell me” I smiled because I was lost in argument “okay I was staring you” she said “so I was right! Anyways why you were staring at me” I answered “I was wondering how can you be so cool I saw that you are secretary right it means your boss would use to order you every time which will be quiet annoying and still you were relaxed how do you able to do so?” she looked into my eyes and I was shocked that what she was trying to do and then she said “You are Frustrated of your life you want to leave all that what you are doing and want to go far from this world where you could find peace and right now you are thinking that how I know all that did I have done psychology or what so let me tell you that I haven’t done any kind of psychology anyone can tell this”

I was in a great shock that she guessed everything right about me and I came into senses when she pinched me then I asked “how can anyone tell this will you clarify please” she started moving from there and I followed her picking my bag and my coat up from the bench and continuously asked her while following her “Hey miss look you have to clarify that how can anyone tell about me?” and finally she stopped and as she didn’t gave indication I banged into her and she said “because it clearly look from your face yr you are frustrated to such an extent that you want to kill your boss sometimes that’s it” she again started moving and I was stood there in thoughts god how much I use to lost in thought and every time someone have to break them and this time she was the one who was again and again breaking my thoughts she shouted “listen Mr. rain is stopped you can come I know you don’t like rain also come otherwise your last bus of 7:45 will leave and then you will spend about 50 rupees for auto rickshaw” and again it was a thing to wonder for me because she knows this also about me and I hurriedly followed her and asked “how you know all about me do you use to follow me?” she said “who will follow you look at yourself always frustration flows from your face like flood it seems you can burst out anytime on anyone like volcano” I asked “what!” she again turned to me rolling her eyes “look Mr yes t he frustration is clear on your face right now also and you are about to burst on me and I am warning you if you did so then I will not leave you for sure understood” I smiled “Okay but tell me one thing don’t you feel frustration because your work load is big than me right! Always managing orders of your boss or managing his schedule” she answered “yes I do but what’s the need of taking that frustration to home tell me that should be left at that point itself according to me and those who use to take their frustration of office or college or school to home are seriously mad people for me” I asked “and why is it so may I ask you?” she said “look first you get frustrated because of your work load then if you take that frustration to your home then you will behave rude with your family members which may hurt them so what’s the need to hurt them yr just be cool and leave all that frustration at that point itself” and it again started raining I was at the Bus stand now and she was also but as it started raining she again went out from that stand shed and said to me “Okay Mr. you carry on your journey I have chosen my way by walking” she left from there and first time I was listening to myself that what she said was right what’s the need of doing so she was right I was taking out on my own people on my own family I was remembering when ever my mother was calling me these days I was scolding her to not to call just because I am tired I realised that what she said was actually true and tried to follow her ideas and they worked I was wishing that I could meet her again so I could thanks her for making me realise that I was doing wrong till now but I didn’t found her so I was just hoping that she should meet me anywhere so that I can thank her for making me realise my mistake and I was hoping all the while but didn’t found her anywhere.

It was again a rainy day and I was leaving for my home I don’t know what happen to me today I also chose to go home by walk and I stepped ahead in rain I was all alone on the road people were trying to save themselves from being drenched in rain and I was walking like a crazy person I widened my arms just like her and then lifted my head just like her and started to feel the presence of the rain it was quite peaceful there were only two things present I myself and that peaceful and musical presence of rain and now I was getting that why she use to do so but wait a minute why I am doing this why I am obeying her words why I am feeling her presence everywhere in this rain what is happening to me why I am feeling that I will meet her today why is it happening so my eyes were closed and again my thoughts were broken by a voice yes it was her voice she said “Oh so you also know how enjoy in rain” and don’t know why an unknown happiness formed on my face and while smiling I said “yes from the moment I met you I started enjoying my life Thank you for that” she raised her eyebrows with a big smile on her face “Oh! Why I am feeling that you are trying to flirt with me” I was dumb struck when she burst out into laughter “Mr chilax I was joking by the way it’s good to see that you are out of your frustration” I was looking at her with disbelief and asked “I don’t understand that why you use to stand like this in rain or walk in rain then I have seen you that you use to widen your arms like this I get totally confused is that any special way to getting drenched in the rain” she smiled actually that smile was so cute I can’t forget that so where was I? yes she smiled and said “Look Mr. just stay relax and then spread your arms like this and lift your face like this then tell me why I use to do so you will find the answer on your own” I did the same and she was right it was feeling extremely peaceful and that aroma of wet ground that was so sweet she was right I got the answer now and when I opened my eyes she said “So got your answer or not” I nodded my head in yes and she started moving ahead and I followed her then we were at the same place after some chit chat and she turned to me “so Mr. I have to go now and your bus time has also came so bye.” I was smiling at her and when she reached at some distance don’t know why my heart said and I shouted “hey miss when will we meet now?” she smiled and then answered “WHEN THE RAIN WILL WISH TO MAKE US MEET THEN” and she left saying this and I also headed towards my way it was our last meeting on the last rain it has been two years those heavy rains are no more two monsoons have been spent but the rain was not heavy like those days and we also didn’t met I think the rain doesn’t want to make us meet with each other I think the rain knows that if we met again then I will never let her go from my life for sure something was there in our meeting and see we don’t know each other’s names too lolz isn’t funny I am loving her wishing to meet her and I don’t know her name too anyways it’s raining outside and I am going to feel that calmness again so see you later.

He closed his diary and then went out and stood there in rain for some time it was raining heavily today he came in and again after changing and making himself dry sat in front of TV and thought to watch something entertaining when he was changing the channel a news flashed that due to heavy rain one pull broke in XYZ area and many few people are dead and many are injured he was about to change channel when he stopped and saw that once her face was also shown she was looking here and there and then suddenly camera changed its way and she lost a wide smile formed on his face and he rushed out without even thinking that how much it was raining outside he rushed and reached at that place where he saw her in the hope that he will see her again and his wish fulfilled there she was in near one car she was looking totally scared by looking that scenario but what to do she can’t go or cross that way also because the whole scrap of that pull had covered the way and it was blocked then I saw her and went near her “it seems someone is worried to an extent” she looked at me “No it is nothing like that I am just feeling bad for these people” I said “remember me?” she said “of course I do” I said “will you give me the pleasure to leave you to your home?” she turned to me “and why is it so?” I said “because I want to be rain of your life which will make you feel relaxed till your whole life I wish to be that breeze which will make you smile always” she smiled and said “You are again flirting with me” I said “if you think so then maybe it is possible” she smiled and moving ahead said “what if I am married” I said “it is impossible” she raised her eyebrows in surprise and said “and how do you know that?” I winked at her “because if you were married then your husband would have yelling at you by this time or he might be worried for you” she again started moving “and why should I agree upon you” I just stood there and while looking her going I said in hope that she will turn and come back to me so I said “Because this time the rain wish to make us meet” and as I hope she turned towards me and smiled at me and I too smiled at her but to my surprise she turned again and started moving ahead I was looking at her in confusion and worried that do she ignored my words when suddenly again that voice reached my ears she said from far away “Mr. if you stand like this here itself then believe me we will sink here in the heavy rain” I was again looking at her confusingly she smiled and said “Offo Mr will you make your Mrs stand here in the rain like this” a unknown happiness ran in my heart and I forwarded towards her she hold my hand and said “Proposal accepted Mr.” then we both started to head towards our home but wait we still don’t know each other’s name so I asked “By the way my to be Mrs may I know your name?” she looked at me “Monjulika” I looked at her with a shock and she laughed “chilax Mr I was joking Pragya is my name and this is not a joke by the ways may I know what is your name?” I passed a naughty smile and said “Shashidhar” she looked at me “good joke now will you tell me your name please” I winked at her and said “Abhishek Mehra” she asked “Then why you said Shashidhar” I smiled “because you said you are Monjulika so I am shashidhar” and she said “so shall we leave Mr shashidhar” and I laughed at her finally we both headed towards home.

Okay as i said that i will reveal myself in next episode so i am doing so i am…………….. wait i dont it should be that easy that i just tell my name and you will identify me wait you have to identify me i am giving an hint to you i am
shimla, uttranchal, rajasthan, banaras, haryana, itangar
lolz given you a direct hint join them and find me i know i am fool given you direct hint and still hoping to find you anyways just do its very simple i will see you soon with next one shot and yeah dont forget to leave your feed back happy weekend guys 🙂

Credit to: narrator

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