THE RAIN…. An OS from Hope

She kept on looking through her window.Seeing the heavy rain with the bolt of lightning and thunder at night gave her a rewind to her olden days..more precisely..the night that she saw him.
A long 10 years back..

When she was enjoying her sweet 17&awaiting for the college to start.
It was summer..she just finished her XII th grade scoring good. Her whole family was celebrating.Her family..Swara sighed at the memory of her family..A father who loved his both daughters equally..even when he slept with empty belly..he worked hard and didn’t let them knew what is hunger.He was just an ordinary clerk..but for Swara he was her superman.Her elder sis Ragini was a mommy’s girl.Her mom..who worked as a caretaker in a kindergarden. Ragini was 20 at that time. She was in her final year of college.Their family was a simple and happy-go-lucky family.A husband and wife…A epitome of pure love..and their 2 daughters..who only saw innocense and happiness in everything. That rainy night changed the fate..

When the clouds blackened and hid the moon..Swara thought that the nature is celebrating her victory. She wanted to drench in rain..the smell of fresh drops touching the dry earth was intimidating.She got out and sat in the garden..the rain drops kissed her everywhere.She sat there untill her sis found her.She came with an umbrella..but soon the wind blew..making the umbrella flinch and it flew away from Rags. Swara laughed..Then Rags too joined in enjoying the rain.They both danced..laughed.. But it didn’t last long.. Suddenly 2 Jeeps rushed in their home’s front lawn.It was him..the terror..the don of the town..RAJAT..

He looked Rags lustily..her curves were visible through her dress..then at Swara who hid behind her sister frightned.His 2 men went inside and dragged her dad n mom out.He was clear..he wanted Ragini,Otherwise he will kill everyone.Like every dad n mom,their parents too fought for their daughter’s dignity.BUT..2 bullets was enough for Rajat to make them silent.Then he aimed his gun at Swara..both the girls were scared..shattered..and numb.They only heard Rajat’s laughter.But Ragini took a drastic step..She gave herself to save her sis..the only remaining family. But Rajat wanted Swara too..He was a blo*dy f**kard.. Ragini was not a girl who gave up..She gained some courage and ran holding her sis’s hand. She knew Rajat won’t harm her because he wanted her. It was still raining..thats when Swara knew the nature was not was signalling them the upcoming danger.Rajat’s men chased them and caught hold of Ragini’s right hand..Ragini tried hard to let her go..but when she understood there’s no escape..she pushed Swara from her left hand and asked her to run.Unwillingly she heard her sister..but she didn’t wanted Rajat to ruin her Sister.She knocked every door for help..but hearing the name ‘Rajat’ they slapped their door at her face.She was devastated..but didn’t accept failure.She ran like mad..and she got nearly hit by a car..thank god he was a good driver..he pushed break without touching her.

He..the most handsome and a rich boy of 20..The great Sanskar from the out of the car..he wanted to yell at her,But in the light of his car’s light..he saw blood coming from her head..torn dress..and the soul less face. She fell in his feet..muttering.”save my sister”
He made her stand up..and he saw her eyes..the round,big brownish eyes…He knew the rain was a signal..but now he realised that it meant ‘LOVE’…He asked and she told him everything..the worst night of her life. He made her sit in the car and drove. He called his cousin.. The IPS officer Laksh. He knew Laksh was the only one who can help them.They went to his house.Laksh was already waiting and he already knew where Rajat was. Laksh was waiting 4 an opportunity to catch Rajat… Then they 3 got into Laksh’s car and fastly drove to Rajat’s hide out.. For Laksh the rain was symbol of revenge and victory.
* * * *
” momma…”
5 year old Swayom woke up from his sleep..looked at his mother Swara.. Her husband the charming man who was sleeping woke up from his sleep and saw his wife standing near the window..
He knew what was going on her mind.He raised from the bed and walked near her..he put his hands on her waist..hugging her and said in her ear..
‘My doctor wifey..that night won’t repeat..’ she smiled..and replied..’i know..i was just thinking what this rain means..’ he answered. ‘Our love’,and kissed her neck.she blushed. “Mr.sanskar..swayom is here!” the little Swayom chuckled..the couple went to bed..and slept peacefully..

The rain was sure celebrating their love.10 years back..The rain at the worst night of Swara’s life..meant manythings for many people..but for meant destruction..he was shot dead by Laksh.Ragini was saved from the clutches of evil Rajat..Now she is leading a peaceful life as Laksh’s wife..a teacher,mother of 2.


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    Very nice dear, awaiting more pieces of creativity from ur side?

    1. A million dollar waala thanks… I’m already writing a few shots called..”HAPPILY EVER AFTER” already posted 4 chaps..

  3. Nice dear…loved it..

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  4. It was very good.It was beautiful????

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  7. Hey hope..nice to see u sis…n really an extra amazing os ……sweet, short n cute…????

    1. Tysm Sissy… This story came up when i was watching rain.. It rained yesterday.. A hot milk coffee..good music in my ears..a woke the writer in me..even though the writer isn’t gud! Lol

  8. ya rain is symbol of pure love.i agree with sanskar

    1. Tysm.. Rain can be symbol of many things..dear.. It depends on the way you are…

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    Short and sweet 🙂

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  13. It was a good one HOPE…. Loved it ☺?

    1. Thanks yaar..i first thought to make it a complete SwaSan..but when i started writing..TEJU’S smile appeared in my head..and i wanted to write something dat shows sisterhood..

  14. Awesome yaar amazing writing skill… Short and good …Where is on Santhi Oshana….

    1. Thanks sethooty..just read d updates bz i loved her..amazing..cudn’t comment..sry 4 error showed up.
      Oso.. Enikariyilla..i lost the story.. I wanted to make it big..but don’t know.. I planned d whole story..but ..gimme ur email id i’ll send u d plot..i planned.

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  19. Great story. At first I was afraid of another illtreatment story

    1. Thanks goldie… I don’t like writing ill treatments..and rape..

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  21. Nannayittund. aadyam njan serikkum pedichu poyi Ragini yude karyathil. Pakshe ayaalude hero rakshappeduthi. Ippo randuperum settle aayi.. Ohh …enikk orupad ishtamayi.

    1. Thanks.. Enikk ezhutivarumbo ntha ezhuthandennu oru bodham undaayirunnilla..2 kaaryam matram manasil undaayirunnu..
      1.influence of rain..
      2.happy ending..

  22. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    It was a simple story but I was afraid at the first … But it was awesome..

    Njan eppozhum oru late commentera ee swabhavam maatan njanippo ntha cheyyaaa

    1. My lil sis… I don care abt the tym u cmnted..i care about ur opinion..and i’m really happy dat u lykd my story!!

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  24. It was lovely. Same rain so different for all

    1. Thanks.. Yes dats wat i meant.. The rain at that nyt meant dfrnt things 4 every characters.. At first Swaragini thought it as a symbol of happiness but it gave dem sorrow.. unknowingly they met their love at dat same rain.. Sanskar it was just [email protected] first site.. Laksh got his revenge and Rajat… It was his last..

  25. I’m in love with this OS. So full of positivity! I hope there’s a rainfall again at ur place so that I get to read another OS ???

    Love you! ???

    1. Its always raining @ nyt… It rains strongly..but not dangerously… It gives u thoughts..and inspiration.. Thanks Anu.. I’m ur fan! Waiting 4 Childhood sweethearts..

  26. awesome… sweet love story

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