Rain In Kashmir – os by ufaq


sharavan was talking with his friend on phone
shr: nae yar I can’t come I have some important projects to deal with
samer : projects r more important than my marriage
shr: no its nothing like that yar but try and understand
samer : shut up sharavan u have to come
shr: but yar
samer: can’t u take a leave of a week for ur friend
shr: u r blackmailing me…..
samer: yup now plzz come na yar
shr: but ……OK fine coming bro
samer: I love u yar thanxx
shr: but I hate u
samer: same here
both laughs
shr at night boards his flight from goa to Kashmir
shr reaches his friend house
shr: yar ur house is adorable bro
samer: thanxx yar
shr: Kashmir ki beauty k bare main bht suna h I think v all friends should go
samer: all of u go I have to go to tailor
shr: no problem u just get out
samer: ja raha hn ja raha Hn

shr with all his friend goes to different places of Kashmir
shr was roaming along the hills when he sees a water channel flowing across the hills he goes there
there he sees a girl drinking water of that channel he gets mesmerized shr goes to her
shr: hey y r u drinking this water may b it is not healthy
girl; no see it is a clear water I think u should also drink it is cold cold
shr: no yar u carry on
girl: oh yar come on
shr: but????
girl: come sit na olzzz
shr sits with that girl and drinks water on her saying
shr: its gud
girl: see I told u
shr: ya u live in kashmir????
girl: yup and u??
shr: goa
girl: so what r u doing here
shr: I have to attend my friend marriage
girl; oh I see anyway I m suman
shr: and I m shr
sumu: nice name
shr: ur too
sumu: what u do???
shr: company MD
aumu: oh that’s gud
shr: and u!???
sumu: studying
shr: gud
sumu: OK I m getting late bye
shr; wait do u come here daily???
sumu: yup my favourite place
shr: gud
sumu: OK bye
shr: no wait will u be my friend
sumu: ammm OK friends
shr: now u can go bye
sumu; bye

both leave they meet each other everyday there friendship became more and more suman was a shy girl and shr was a serious man but now both were enjoying their friendship
sharavan leaves after meeting her and goes goa both were sad they call each other daily
after a month shr comes to Kashmir and decided to tell her about his feeling
shr goes to same place sumu was already present there with a guy
shr: hii sumu
sumu turns and sees shr
sumiu: hi shr kese ho???
shr; I m gud
shr :ye kn h???
sumu; ye BH……….
guys: boyfriend hn tm???
sumu: chain???
shr; boy friend PR pehle to nae btaya tm ne
sumu; mjhe b abi pta cvhala
shr: mtlb???
guys: kuch nae tm kn ho???
sumu: ye mera friend h shr btaya to tha tmhein
guy: achaaaaa sharavan nice name
shr: thanxx anyway bye
guy: kahan ja rae ho???
shr: friend k ghr
guy: jealousy hoi???
shr: kis chez she???
guy: k m sumu ka bf hn
shr : nae to I m happy infact
guy: to ro Ku rae ho
shr: nae to
guy: to ye kia h tmhari ankhon main
shr: kuch chala gya h shayad
guy : sumu se pyar krte ho
shr: that doesn’t matter now
guy: it matters btao
shr: agar bta Dn to tm chor do ge ise mere liye
guy: shayad
shr: sumu se to pocho
guy: pehle tm btao
shr: OK fine ya I love her and just for her I came back
guy smiles
guy: sumu intro to krwao mera is se
sumu: g shr ye mera twin brother h kabir
shr: bhai????
sumu: han
shr: PR tm he to kha that k
kabir: it was what called test
shr: test???
kabir han bhi Behan Jo due rae chain tmhein test to mRNA chahiye
shr; oh acha smart han
kabir: bachpan se
sumu: jhot
kabir: tu chup kr chipkali
shr: chipkali???
kabir: han ye h chipkali
sumu: kabir main tjhe mar da lun ge
kabir: is liye to m ja raha hn shr sanbhal le ise
sumu: han han dafa ho
kabir goes
shr: sumu WO
sumu: wait Jo b kehna h knee down and say
shr: what
sumu: I said knee down
shr: k
shr kneels down
shr: so mis suman I really really love u will u marry me
sumiu: no
shr: y
sumu: meri marzi
shr: tang mt kr dard ho raha h
sumu: oh acha lekin mard ko to dard nae hota
shr: that was just a dialogue
sumu: gud one
shr: plzzzz
sumu: soch k bton ge
shr: main ja raha hn
sumu: nae nae Maine soch lia
shr: to bol
sumu: OK fine I love u and will marry u
shr: gud girl

shr hugs her tightly suddenly it starts raining and sharman dance in the back ground song plays
na jiya zindagi ek pal bi
tjh se hoke juda sun Zara
bin tere mjh se Naraz tha dil to mila h to h keh raha
main to tere rang main rang chuka hn
bs tera bn chuka hn mera mjh main kuch b nae SB tera
main to tere dhang main dhal chuki hun
bs tere bn chuki hn mera mjh main kuch b nae SB tera
after suman studies got completed they married and lived happily after

The End
So awesome one han?? ……….lol I wrote it so thought to post it
with lots of love ufaq

Credit to: ufaq

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  1. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Yeah!!! It was really awwwwesome one ?? … I really like it a tonne … thanks for making us read such kind of awwwwdorable stories??

    1. Thank u so much fatima

  2. Angel_pari

    actually yaar it was really cute and sweet just like my ufaq 🙂

    1. Oho I m sweet thanks yar
      Thank u soooooo much
      Love you

  3. Awwwwwwwww kitna masttt thaaa pls post karte rehna alternate days plsss roz padhne mei maza aata haii♥♥♥♥
    Aur yeh tu ke site walo ne toh dimaag kharaab karke rakha hai ufff anywzz luv ur ff

    1. Thank u sooooo much saira
      Inhon ne to SB ke dimagh kgarab kiye hain
      Anyway thnx

  4. Wow its really nice

    1. Thank u yar

  5. Thank you so much..ufaq..
    Mera kitna man tha..shraman k saath Kashmir dekhney ki..aaj Teri wajah se..vo..dream bhi puri ho gayi..that’s ssooo..sweet of you…?☺??
    And about the story..its ssooo..lovely☺?☺?

    1. Ur welcome di
      Thank u soooooo much
      Love u

  6. Awwww kitta cute Tha…….just loved it….. keep posting di……

    1. Thank u soooo much ana

  7. Prettypreeti

    Ufaq yaar kitni aachi ff thi loved it and so sweet start and end amazing and all the best for ur result

    1. Thank u sooooooo much pretty
      Than for wishing yar

  8. Awww it was so cute uffi…u nailed it….and yes it was awesome one dear…loved it
    That Bhai nd shravan convo was amazing kash mera bhi Bhai aisa mastikhor hota anyways it was sooo good thanks for writing it uffi….u just have such mind blowing ideas….
    Love u alot
    P.S this is from sumo di aswell and that comment on ur ff that was also from sumo di too…vahan pe mention karna bhool gyi thi
    Love u loads ??
    Ur cham cham

    1. Thank u soooooo much chamcham
      I wish that ur bro becomes like that my dear
      Love u chamcham
      Thank u soooooooo much sumu love u

  9. Such a sweet n cute luv stry…i loved it…plz keep posting….I would luv to read dem

    1. Thank u sooo much shinu

  10. So I m sweet thanks Anjou
    Thank u solo much

  11. Marie

    Wow wow API !!!!
    Wat a simple short amazingggggg os !! I loved it to d core…!!! 🙂 🙂
    Yur imaginations r beyond d world isi imagination ki wajah se apko OS queen kehte hain 😉 😉
    Sooryyyyy fr late cmmnt …. Cmmnt bhr pehle Kia tha Lekin post hi nai hoa……..
    Love u most!!!! Di!!!
    Take care! 🙂

    1. Thank u soooooo much love
      Its OK no worries late comments r welcomed whole heartidly
      Love u more than most
      Take care and pray

  12. LovelyLady

    it was over cuteeeee….
    full of natural beauty….. n natural love….
    i really miss u sweetu…. n yaar now i wll try to be regular…. a good news fr u…
    i got admission in my dream place….

    1. Affaa

      Lovyyyyyy congrats baby…May all yours dreams come ture…so your going to take a Turing point…may you get all the happiness…. may you be the best in the college…I’m happy now my sis is happy…keep smiling always love you…take care…

      1. LovelyLady

        Thnk u soooo mch diii…..
        Extremely glad to see ur happiness….
        I wll get shift in hostel in some days… then i cant watch edkw ??

    2. Marie

      Big big big congratulation my lovelyyyy di!!!!!! 😀 m sooo happy fr u di!!!
      Mera bs nai chal raha Mai india AAKAR hi ap ko hug dooo baad wala !!!!!
      May ur all wishes come true lyk dis always…!!
      Love u most se Bhi ziada ! <3
      Frm yr choti behen

      1. LovelyLady

        Kash u can cm dear…… i wll be glad to hv u here….
        Thnk u soooo mchhhh..
        Glad to see ur happiness…. m too happyyyyy…..
        Frm ur bari bhn………
        Love u tooooooo…????

  13. Really awesme ufaq. Keep writing.

    1. Thank u soooo much nandu

  14. Awwwwww diiiiiiiiii
    Diiiiiiiiiii congratulations yar sweets to bnti chain
    Yar I m very happy for u
    Finaaly prayers r accepted
    Di love u

    1. LovelyLady

      Ha yaaarrrr sabki prayers accpt ho gyi…..
      Every ones prayer ….. thnks fr praying fr me……
      Thnk u…. thnk u ……
      Thnk u soooo mchhhh……
      Love u toooooo…..?????

  15. Affaa

    Chull bulli I felt that I’m in kashmir woooooooow I never known my Chull bulli become amazing writer….now I’m your fan yaar….sooo beautiful like you os….how you described about beauty of nature….I loved it…love you baby mmmmhhhh

    1. Thank u soooooooo much api
      I love u it
      I m glad u liked it

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