Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) PROMO and SPOILER

HELLO everyone Dafsi here with a spoiler.

My fanfiction as most of you all know I don’t think I have to give a clear intro again bit I would just brush up. Okay It is the story of a couple Ragini and Laksh as you know staring Tejaswi and Namish. They are the parents of Rahul and Lavanya.

The story just simply revolves around how Ragini and Laksh are taking care of their kids and how they lead their family life (I do have a great bonding with family) facing all the problems. Currently Laksh is suffering from a disease (Which I will reveal in my on coming episodes) and Ragini is 8 months pregnant. Also on the pther hand Lavanya is revealed to be Aditya’s kid where still Lavanya accepts Laksh as her father.

This fanfiction along with the present shows the past how did Ragini and Laksh tie the knot. Were their lives easy going and many more mystries and suspenses in the both past and present is blended. Some answers of Past is answered in future and some answers of future is answered in the past.

Ragini and Laksh will face a very hard time in coming epsiodes along with Lavanya. Laksh is facing an illness and it is a question whether he will be able to meet his unborn child?
The unborn child, will it cause problems in the family?
Was Aditya good or bad? What happened to Simran?
What rival does Laksh has on Durga Prasad?
I know there are so many unanswered questions and yeah if you do have questions please do arise it.

Promo ahead.

Ragini and Laksh both of them are seen sleeping on hospital bed. Where Ragini screams Laksh’s name from bottom of her lungs. A new born baby crying sound can be heard. Laksh is seen breathing deeply amd machines are making noices. Where our little girl Lavanya is sees praying for her parents in a temple…Sanskaar is seens getting married and is shocked to know the bride…Police arrests Laksh for someone’s murder case…Simran us seen entering MM…Lavanya is shown sleeping on a bed crying wanting her papa…

And many more to come.

Keep reading Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) to know what has happened, what isvhappening and what is going to happen…

A speacial thanks for daily readers and commenters a big thanks for continous support which a writer needs the most and yeah if you di like my story just comment on the comment box and that is the only way to express it.

Thank you
With Love, Dafsi 🙂

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  1. Pls don’t make laksh death plz plz plz plz………………

  2. Interestng yaaar..Watng for it…love ragini..n dafsi u rocks. 🙂

    1. Astha

      fairy im angry on u. when u r going to post ur ff….

  3. hope both are safe, please dafsi can’t see their pain

  4. Dafsi loved u baba ……….
    And ur ff following………… :-):-)

  5. OMG it is soo gud hope nothing happens to laksh and plz update the next part ASAP ?

  6. nice i like it

  7. Anjaly

    shocking promo

  8. raglak (fouz arshi)

    dafsi u rocjed again nd am shocked

  9. I Luv Ur Ff so Much

  10. Its exiting..,

  11. The promo was awesome. R u gonna kill laksh in this ff plz don’t do that. There is a lot of suspense n twist coming on the way. Eagerly waiting for the coming twist and story. Plz post the next part soon

  12. SPP

    It’s really really going to interesting and u r just driving me crazy towards ur ff
    Waiting for the next one eagerly DEAR……..

  13. Oh my god interesting promo….hope our raglak wins all hurdles..

  14. Pls pls pls dnt kill Laksh

  15. Interesting promo dear

  16. Piya

    Interesting promo

  17. Interesting promo. Plz don’t kill laksh in ur ff. I luv laksh more in ur ff.

  18. Finally u posted was eagerly waiting for ur post. N it was awesome. U nailed it again. Just loved it. Hope laksh will get well soon

  19. Vry interesting promo!!!!!! Bt hv to see wt vl b happening in upcoming episodes…………?

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