Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Promo


Hello everyone Dafsi here with her promo. Im really sorry recently all my episodes and ffs are in a mess and I rarely reply sorry sorry sorry so much as well thank thank thank you so much for your support and encouragement…Well through writing ff I have found many friends and new relations anyways here we go with the promo. Ragini is seen crossing the road and a car is approaching towards her and she sees it and gets shocked…Laksh is seen running in the hospital corridor tensely and he opens a room door… Ragini is seen looking at Laksh with a painful smile while Laksh rushes to her and hugs her and she breaks down in his arms “Laksh, I couldn’t…” says Ragini. “Shshshshshshsh, I’m there for you” replies Laksh… Sandesh is driving the car and Ragini asks him to stop both of them are shocked to see Sandya and Karan talking near the mall…

“Trust me chaachi I love her for real” says Karan while Ragini looks on. Sandesh holds Karan by his collar while Ragini stops him… Sanskaar is seen standing with shock while Snadesh rushes to him and hugs Sanskaar and Sanskaar hugs him back…Swara folds her hand to Ragini but Ragini hugs her and she hugs her back… Ragini is seen resting on the bed and Laashya is on her both of them laugh while Laksh enter and looks at them lovingly… Raghav and Rahul sneak in to the kitchen in the night…. Ragini is seen resting on her bed while someone enters her room and she gets up and shouts…Laksh slaps Vishal and throws him out of MM…Ap gives a tight slap on his cheek and he falls on his knees….Ragini and AP hugs each other… Ragini promises Laksh telling “I will make you a dad, if it’s not by me but…”Laksh kisses on her lips and she hugs him tightly. “Never dare to say it; I would live with you forever without a kid”

Ragini walks to Swara and gives a tight slap… Swara is seen leaving MM while Lavanya enters MM…Sandya pleads Swara not to leave MM… Naksh slaps a guy while Lavanya looks shocked. Naksh walks to Lavnaya and says “Even though I slapped him still you are the person who I hate the most” he fumes and goes back…Ragini and Laksh are seen standing in the principal’s office…Scene shifts to an airport where a lady comes holding a kids hand…Raghav is seen in the ICU while Ragini is sitting like a lifeless body and Laksh is not less than her….Laashya walks to them and asks “Where is Raghav Ma?” she cries “I want my brother papa, where is my Raghav” Lavanya and Rahul rush to them and kneels down both of them are crying…

To know more read Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama (RagLak)

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  1. Awesome promo yaar. Looking forward to it .

  2. Anees

    So much to happ.. Waiting to read it… Very interesting twist…

  3. Omg! So many twists and revelations, nice promo
    Please post next part asap

  4. Ragz_teju

    Awesome waiting for episode

  5. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous promo
    U always have a habit of giving heart attacks to us right???
    How many twists and turns are there excited for it???
    Waiting for the next one…………

  6. nice cant wait to read further ff

  7. Omg so many twists..luks like many many prblms ahead…luking frwd fr ff dr…

  8. It’s very interesting promo dafsi. We are eagerly waiting for next episode

  9. Hemalattha

    Superb Fantastic Amazing and interesting.Waiting for the next one

  10. So so so excited…very interesting promo…madly waiting fr coming episodes..

  11. Superb dear.

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