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Hello everyone, I know this is not the 3rd of July 2016 but please forgive as today is my younger brothers birthday me and my di had planned to give him surprise om his first teen birthday so could’t upload the promo sowwy 🙁
Here were go…

Sandesh says “I’m leaving” and turns to leave but Laksh stops him and gives him a tight slap…Lavanya and Sawitha are sen entering a room in the middle of the night “Are you sure Sawi?” asked Lavanya and Sawitha whispers “Yes”…

A gilr is shown getting kidnapped…On one dark room Harini is shown smirking at a photor on another tall building a man is seen standing and laughing “Everything is fair in this world to leave” he says it and sits on his couch still laughing evily…

Ragini and Laksh enter MM with garlands, Ragini has her maang filled with sindoor and a managalsutra on her neck…Sanskaar slaps Swara and everyone is shock…Simran is shown running in a gloomy road and ends up infront of someone…Ragini is shown crying looking at photo where Laksh comes and drags her to a tight hug “I’m sorry jaan it was all becuase of me, I killed my own child” Ragini cries more louder…Aditya is shown shooting someone while Rahini shouts at Laksh”Bring back my child back” Lalsh is trying to calm her “I need my child back Laksh” Laksh hugs her tightly…

These ahead scenes of my ff 🙂

So if you want me to really really really continue please do comment 🙂 or else I have a simple option to end it up with another 5 chapters 🙂 Im fine with any of the way so do comment which way do you prefer continue this for more than 40 episodes or stop it on 40???

OKAY thanking time…A very big thanks for my readers, then daily commenters who support me with single words and lengthy essays 😉 Also the ones who comment on and off 🙂 It is just because of each of you I have written until 35th episodes so Im really really really grateful for each of you commenting genuinely 🙂 😀

Day by day my number of comment level is going down and it is realky a sad thing cuz we spend hours to write an episode but still I will just continue this ff to that one person who really wants (I know some silent readers would really want this ff to be continued but I really can read minds but not online hehehe just kidding lol)me to continue this ff 🙂 So do comment cuz it is the only way to show and yeah I forgot to thank the readers whoe messege me personally both through telly updates and through facebook 🙂 okay last but not the least thanks in whole to each and every one who supported me and will support me forever Love you take care 🙂

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  1. waiting for next part

  2. so much drama, I’m waiting for the next part dafsi

  3. Dnt end it soon daf… Continue it as long as u can…

  4. Amyyyyy this is soooo much interesting and I am soooooo so so much excited to read the next part believe me ???
    Hahaha the way u can’t read minds online the same way I can’t show my level of excitement online ??
    And Amy I m warning u don’t you even dare to think about stopping this fiction
    Many people are bussy with their eid shopping and other things as eid is very near that’s why they can’t comment as u know many have even stopped writing fictions due to eid preparations … But it doesn’t mean they have stopped reading ur fiction or lost interest in it ?
    This is the best ff I have ever read so again reminding u that don’t u dare to end it don’t even think
    Sorry if I hurt u but honestly u hurt me by saying that thing ?
    Sorry for writing such a lengthy comment ?
    Love u sis

  5. Superb promo

  6. nice one…waiting for next……….

  7. nice awesome waiting for next part

  8. Yashasvi

    hey dear OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting fr the epi darling!!!! lots of confusion……………. n yah dnt dare to end it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never ever………….. this is a mindblowing , amazing , owsm , superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WORDS DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S REALLY SOMETHING FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R A GREAT WRITER…..BYHGREAT……………………

  9. Nami

    Omg a lot suspense. Excited for the next episode. Plz update the next part soon

  10. Snehahari

    nice waiting for the update

  11. pls pls don’t end this ff.give us some more episodes waiting for your nxt part.

  12. Interesting promo…. nd don’t end it

  13. Very very very interesting dear and plz continue. We want more than 40 episodes. Don’t end this ff soon. Plz plz plz

  14. Priya15

    di actually i m reading ur ff..as my schl started and i m having my exams next week..so its tough for me to cmnt in ff’s..but still i do…dont worry i cmnt or not but i m always there for u di..i l support u….dont worry abt it…my support is always with u…

  15. I am a silent reader of your ff but today i was forced to comment. You are just amazing dafsi please continue your ff and do not end it. You are Great!!

  16. Awesome promo. Im eagerly waiting for ur next part. Pls don’t end ur ff. I love ur ff. It has a very different story nd i lik the way u presente it. I want u to continue it till 100+ episode?

  17. Don’t end it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..waiting fr next episode

  18. plz upload next so soon .

  19. SPP

    U r welcome DEAR
    And yeah I will obviously say u to continue
    It’s a request
    I comment lately because my classes are started and having network problem too
    Love ur ff a lot
    Tell ur brother wishes on my behalf too
    Waiting for the next one……….
    I promise I won’t leave ur update and I will surely comment too DEAR
    When you are free upload next part of She Is The One only when you are free note it……..

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