Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Final Promo…


Hello everyone Dafsi here with a promo hope you are gonna like it…please comment on the promo…. Here we go

Ragini walks up the guest house stairs and find Laksh standing in the balcony, Ragini walks to him and gives a tight slap. Scene shifts to Ananya and Akshaya “Haa Di Ragini di is so awesome she kept on speaking and I could keep listening” said Akshya while Ananya sighed and spoke out “Look how is destiny playing with us? I think we have something to do with Laksh or why does he getting connected from every side?” said Ananya. Ragini looks at Laksh painfully “…Why did you just come?” Ragini shouted and Laksh dragged her and kissed on her lips. “For no stop worrying di, we can think about everything later now you have to take rest” Said Akshaya and Gautam comes “My choti is right Ana” Ananya and Akshaya gets shocked “What are you doing here suddenly” asked Ananya….” Laksh is seen carrying Ragini who is drenched while Ragini had her eyes locked in to his eyes…He placed her on the bed and leaned to her….Ragini is seen rested on Laksh hugging him tightly and Laksh hugging her back “I hate you…” said Ragini and Laksh replied “I love you…”

Ragini is seen carrying a baby and hugging…Laksh holds her shoulder and she turns and Laksh hugs her along with the baby… Ragini asks with tears rolling down her eyes “Can we keep her? I will be her mother and look after her Laksh” Laksh tightened his hug and replied “And I will be her father” he sounded low and broken… Ap gives a tight slap…“Yes you are not our child Laksh” said AP while Akshaya and Ananya are shocked so is Ragini and Laksh along with others… Laksh hugs both Ananya and Akshaya and both of them hug him too “Di….” He uttered while Ragini smiled… “Bhaiyaa…” uttered Akshaya and Laksh hugged her tightly …A girl of four is seen running in the corridor and getting downstairs, she ends up at the entrance. Ragini is carrying a baby and Laksh had wrapped her hand around Ragini. Another two girls and a boy come. The four of them shout “Welcome chotu” Ragini and Laksh smile while Ap take aarti. Ragini and Laksh are seen sleeping on either side of their baby and Laksh the baby’s cheeks. “My kid Ragini, look at our life” Laksh said with happiness filled and Ragini looked at him lovingly… “Thank you Laksh, it is because of you now I’m a happy woman” Laksh doesn’t take attention of her talks but keeps pampering the kid while Ragini gets pissed and throws pillows on him and Laksh chuckles.

Ragini walks to Laksh and stands in between “I can’t let you do this Laksh, how can you do this to our kid. How can you choose anyone over our kid?” Laksh shakes his head. “I promised and I will do it Ragini even you can’t stop me” Laksh tries to move but Ragini holds his wrist. “You will have to choose me over her” Laksh looks shocked while tears roll down her eyes. Laksh says “you are making things harder to me” while Ragini shakes her head and speaks up with a stern voice “Nothing is harder than staying away from your own child Laksh.” Both of them share a look full of pain and misery. A girl and boy enter MM and shouts “Maami and Maama we are back” Ragini and Laksh along with other’s come down and is shocked… “So this is your problem Ragini?” asked Ananya… “What you are doing is wrong Laksh” says Gautam to Laksh… Ragini and hug each other “I love you Laksh” says Ragini and Laksh replies “I love you more”…Ragini gets hit to a lorry and Laksh and the kids are shocked Laksh and runs to her and holds her hand…“Ragini…” shouts Laksh and holds his left chest and fall down beside Ragini…Both Ragini and Laksh are seen lying in the mid of the road where Laksh and Ragini are floating Ragini’s blood…


Read Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) to know the journey of RagLak…

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  1. Omg! What type of promo dafis!! Every part is scaring yar and why you mentioned final promo!!?

    Please don’t end this ff, I’m connected to this rplm

  2. Ragz_teju

    Oh my God!!! it’s scary… fantastic story..

  3. Anees

    Dafsi y u mentioned final promo??? Dnt say me tat u r gonna end it.. pls Dnt end it soon dafsi… Dnt end Raglak life pls…Dnt end it..

  4. Dafsi don’t end this ff

  5. Sreevijayan

    Whaaaat? Noooo..pls dnt end it..woh bhi aise?

  6. Superb and pls don’t end it .

  7. very interesting promo and plz plz plz don’t end it soon.

  8. loved it dr nd plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end soon.

  9. OMG interesting promo. plz update soon. don’t end this ff

  10. why is it final promo don’t tell me u r ending it don’t do this plzzzzzz it is one of my favourite ff plzzz plzzz and the promo is shocking and is somewhat confusing waiting for ur update

  11. Dharani

    very shocking promo

  12. Hemalattha

    Omg! What type of promo dafis di?every part scaring me.what will happen di please tell us.

  13. Priya15

    Hii di..after a very loooooong time..how r u ??i was busy with my xmz..thats y cant cmnt..and now i got a break for 10 days..so i l read ffs..its amazing..the promo is soooo shocking di..blood????its soo scary promo di..every part just took my heart beat away..wts gonna happen??

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