Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 9


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 9

The episode starts with Ragini awaking. She finds herself sleeping in Rahul’s room. She checks the time.
Ragini : Oh no it is 7.00. Lavanya’s school.
She comes out hurriedly and finds Laksh have prepared the food and ironed Lavanya’s uniform. Ragini doesn’t speak anything but goes to Lavanya’s room.
Ragini : Lavanya awake beta. Its already late for school.
Lavanya :I don’t want to go school.
Ragini : What? Don’t make me furry early in the morning Lavanya get up.
Lavanya awakes and streches her arms.
Lavanya : Chilax mom. I’m awake.

Ragini kisses Lavanya and Lavanya smiles and goes to washroom. Ragini goes to her room and finds Laksh entering the washroom.
Laksh : Ragini once speak with me? Its killing me inside for hurting…
Ragini leaves with teary eyes. Laksh looks at her dissapointed. Ragini goes to the kitchen and starts packing the food for Laksh and Lavanya. She gets a call on her land line.

Ragini : Hello
Voice : Ragini…
Ragini : Haa Swara bolo.
Swara : Is everything fine? I thought you wouldn’t awake because you would have cried so much.
Ragini : You still very well know me.
Swara : I’m your best friend, its not we met as jethani and dewrani. We were best friends from babies.
Ragini : You are my sister not by blood but by heart. I’m okay and yeah I got late to awake.
Swara : Shall I send food for Lavanya and Rahul?

Ragini : Rahul is not going, he got fever and not necessary Swara, Laksh had already made food.
Swara : Is Rahul okay?
Ragini : Haa he is fine. Okay Swara I have to make that big baby ready or she will sit and sleep so bye.
Swara : Same here that Sandesh does the same thing. If I don’t go and check he would be sleeping seated
Both of them laugh and hangs up. Ragini goes and taps Lavanya’s bathroom door.
Ragini : Lavanya come out fast now bade papa will come and you will get late and You know right he hates being unpanctual.
Lavanya : Coming mama.
She comes out, Ragini gives her the dresses and goes to her room. She sees Laksh sitting on the bed checking some files. He sees her entering.
Laksh : Ragini please meri ma forgive me. Your silence really kills me. Ragini…
Ragini gives a painful look to Laksh. She goes near the wadrobe and takes out her dress and heads towards the washroom.

Flashback 13 years ago (No is thinking or narrating)

RagLak and the rest reach to the hotel.
Mr. Malhotra : Ragini and your body guard in one room
Laksh : How can you put a girl and a boy alone?

Mr. Malhotra : Laksh don’t forget there is female lbody gaurd too.
Laksh : Oops sorry.
Mr. Malhotra : And the three of us will have induviudual rooms. Let’s meet up at dinner.
Ragini goes to her room and goes to the washroom. She closes her eyes and splashes water on her face. She remembers Laksh brushing his cheek with hers and jerks.
Ragini l’s monologue : Whatever Laksh asked was right. When it comes to him why am I acting weird? Why do I show my pain only to him? Why am I hurt when he is hurt? What has he done to me? Basically nothing but he always fought. But why do I feel that I need him the most when there are so many people? Even I have not craved for Swara’s presnce she being my best friend for life time then why this gorilla?

Her thoughts get disturbed by the door knock. She quickly takes a bath and comes out wearing a short and a baggy t shirt. She goes in front of the mirror and brushes her hair. She suddenly touches the left cheek of hers and feels Laksh’s touch.
Ragini in her mind : Again that gorilla? God please take away his thoughts.

Screen shifts to Laksh’s room. He comes out after having a wash. He has worn a three quarter bottom and t shirt. He comes and brushes his hair.
Laksh : Ragini…
He smiles.
Laksh’s monologue : Its so nice to utter her name. She is someone speacial. When she is around me I feel a different feeling which I don’t get when anyone is around me. I’m somehow gonna find the truth behind her unhappiness.

Ragini is sitting on the bed.

Ashley : Madame it is dinner time.
Ragini : Ashley please change in to your casual clothes and ask Prakash also do that. It is really uncomfortable when you both wear formals around me.
Ashley : On your order madame.
Ashley goes to change. Ragini wears the over coat on it and adjusts her hear. Ashley comes out wearing a short and t shirt. Ragini turns towards her and gives a stern look.
Ragini : Why are you wearing shorts? Go wear a long covering dress.
Ashley : But madame even you…
Ragini : Get changed.
Ashley goes in to washroom and comes out wearing a long jean. Ragini and Ashley goes down to the lobby and finds Laksh, Prakash and Mr. Malhotra are waiting for them. Laksh gets awestruck to see Ragini.
Mr. Malhotra : Shall we go to have our dinner?

Laksh : If you don’t mind can I and Ragini sit alone so I and she can discuss about the project?
Mr. Malhotra : Yeah that would be a great idea. Both of you have don’t have enough time too.
Laksh : Thank you sir.

Laksh goes and sits in a table for couples. Ragini also goes and sit. The waiter comes and places the food. ( They have ordered non-veg foid for the whole 15 days in a go )
Laksh : So now you can tell me what is bothering you?
Ragini : Nothing is bothering me.
Laksh : Why do you have body gaurds? Why can’t you have a moblie phone? Why can’t you speak with guys?

Ragini : Laksh is this what you wanted to discuss?
Laksh : Yes, I know you also very well know I will ask onky about this? You have no idea how much I’m bothered? Please tell me at least I can get free of you thought.
Ragini : Fine my father is trying to protect me. Protect me from the danger called boys.
Laksh : How come boys be a danger?
Ragini : Not all of them but most of them. I have not felt protective or secured when I’m around any boy except…
Laksh : Except…
Ragini : Prakash, he was with me from the time I undertood what world is. He isbmore like a brother. He has been my personal guard from age 10. I have been protected from that age.
Laksh : What is the reason behind it?

Ragini : My sisters and my mothers death (She starts tearing)
Laksh looks at Ragini shockingly.
Ragini : My sister died because of a man. She trusted him so much and she eloped. I didn’t even know, I was so small then. She was 18, she was killed by that man. He only wanted my sister to get money but he never thought that my sister will be thrown out. He revieled his true faxe and my sister killed her self. My mother shattered down mentally and she died 3 days after my sisters death. My father was shattered too but he recovered quickly. From that day onwards I’m not suppose to talk with any male. His trust towards me broke, not through me but through my sister. I told my papa that I won’t be like di but he never beleived. Not boy will be saved by him if they talk to me even. I have not been to parties, I have not gone for tours but for my wonder he allowed me to this. I have lost my life. I was always on my own. Swara was the only companion I ever had and having.
Laksh feels sorry for her.
Laksh : I understand how you feel. You have lost all the happy moment but Ragini by thinking that you have lost you happy life the more you get scared and unhappy. Stop all your worries and start enjoying.
Ragini gives a cold smile.

Ragini : I have forgotten how to smile, I have forgotten how to laugh. I’m not the person to enjoy.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Btw Laksh tomorrow I will give the speech and you will do the presentation.
Laksh : Okay and we will go out and have lunch together.
Ragini : Forget it.
Laksh : Come on Ragini.
Ragini : I hardly know you and I’m not going any where out of the hotel
Laksh : Okay what about dinner?
Ragini : Can’t you understand what language I’m talking? I’m not coming anywhere.
Ragini goes to her room. Ashley also follows her.
Laksh : I promise to bring back happiness in your life. The happiness which you lost.

Flashback ends.

The scene starts with Rahul awaking.
Rahul : Mama didn’t I go to school?
Ragini : You are not well so I didn’t send you.
Rahul : Then your office?
Ragini : Vikram uncle will look after.
Rahul : Where is papa?
Laksh comes.
Laksh : I’m here prince. Now how are you feeling?
Rahul : I’m now okay.
Ragini : Okay baby I’ll prepare lunch for you.

Ragini leaves to kitchen and Laksh follows her.
Laksh : Ragini please, tell me what do I have to do to get your forgiveness?
Ragini doesn’t respond. She starts preparing and Laksh is keeping on begging.
Laksh : I know it is your duty to teach your child what is wrong and what is right and also you have right on them to hit but I didn’t know why I slapped you. Rahul was crying so hard and it was the first time you hit a kid. I know Ragini…

Ragini finishes cooking and serves them in dishes and places them on the dining table. Ragini is having tears in her eyes. She serves food and goes to feed Rahul. Laksh goes to his room and starts feeling guilty. Raginu comes after giving medicine ti Rahul and finds Laksh lost in his thought sitting on the couch. Ragini really feels bad. Lavanya comes after school and goes to Rahul’s room.
Lavanya : How are you now? ( She check Rahul’s temperature)
Rahul : I’m fine di and di I’m sorry…
Lavanya : Its okay, did mama and papa speak?
Rahul shakes his head. Lavanya feels bad. She goes to her room and changes her dress after having a wash and comes out.

Its night now. Ragini has not spoken a word with Laksh and Laksh has not spoken any after the lunch time. Ragini serves food for Lavanya and Laksh. She has already made Rahul asleep. Laksh doesn’t eat he gets up and goes to his room. Lavanya looks at Ragini.
Ragini : You finish eating.
Lavanya : Did you eat?
Ragini : I will eat you finish eating and go to bed.
Lavanya : Why don’t you forgive papa? He is so sin and I feel sorry for him?
Ragini goes to kitchen without answering and comes out with a glass of milk.
Ragini : Drink this and sleep.
Lavanya finshes eating and drinks the milk and goes. Ragini serves food and goes to her room Laksh was sitting on the couch frustrated. Ragini goes and places the food on the coffee table. She turns to leave but Laksh holds her wrist and he stands up. He makes her turn and drags her close. She comes and hits his chest. Laksh slowly leans towards her cheek which he slapped and gives her soft kiss. Ragini closes her eyes and she shivers a bit.
Laksh : I’m sorry…
Ragini hugs him tightly and Laksh hugs her back.
Ragini : I’m sorry too
Ragini breaks the hug and hits him. Still Laksh’s hand is encircled around her waist.
Ragini : I hate you so much. You never know how much it pained.
Laksh gives a tight kiss on the same cheek.
Laksh : I’m sorry but jaan you have slapped me too. Not once or twice more that 5 times.
Ragini looks at him making her eye small.
Laksh : Before our marraige. Can you remember the day you came to first aid my lip? and then…
Ragini places her lips on his. Laksh gets shocked but after that both of them shares a soft kiss. Ragini breaks it.

Ragini : I have told you not remind them and you got slapped as you desrved them.
Laksh : Sorry, I slapped you infront of Rahul and first time I slapped you.
Ragini : Nevermind I shouldn’t have hit him too. I think your punishment was too long
Laksh : Haa you have not spoken with me for 36 hours.
Laksh hugs Ragini tightly.
Laksh : Never dare to do it again.
Ragini hugs him tightly.
Ragini : Never.
Laksh : I love you
Ragini : Love you more.

Screen freezes on the hugging position of RagLak.


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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