Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 8


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 8

The episode starts with Ragini, entering the house. Laksh comes carrying Rahul.
Laksh : Ragini…
She doesn’t respond but just walks in to the room and locks herself in and cries her heart out.
Ragini’s monologue : For the first time he slapped me? Did I do such a big mistake?
Laksh makes Rahul sit on the bed and checks if he is having fever. Laksh goes to there room and raises his hand to knock but doesn’t knock.
Laksh : Ragini, Rahul is having high fever.

Ragini comes near the door to open but stops as she is not done crying. She sits near the door and closes her eyes and remembers Laksh slapping her.
Laksh : Ragini I’m sorry I was too emotional. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have raised my hand. Please Ragini forgive me.
He too sits down tapping the door and starts tearing. Ragini doesn’t respond. Both of them cry for a while. Laksh gets up and goes as he hears Lavanya coughing very hard.
Laksh : Luv are you okay?
Lavanya is not responding.

Laksh : I asked you a question.
Lavanya : I’m fine papa now leave. I don’t want to talk to you.
Laksh : You are not less than your mama anger on top of your nose.
Lavanya : I said leave me alone.
Laksh fumes and leave to Rahul’s room, Rahul is weeping sitting on the bed.
Laksh : I’ll call the doctor.
Rahul : Papa I’m sorry everything happened because of me.
Laksh takes Rahul to his lap and rests his back to the bed.
Laksh : Stop worrying beta everything will be okay.
Rahul : I’m sorry.
Rahul hugs Laksh. Laksh takes out his phone and dials a number.

Laksh : Hello Doctor Awasthi can you come to my home now? Rahul is not feeling well.
Dr. Awasthi : Yeah sure, I’ll be ther within few minutes.
Ragini comes out after a while, she has changed her dress in to a dark blue jean and light blue long length top. She has tied her hair in a messy bun. Her eyes are swollen and a faint finger print could be visible in her cheek. She comes to the kitchen and starts preparing breakfast just then the door bell rings. She goes to open by then Laksh opens it.
Dr Awasthi : Hello Laksh, hello Ragini.
Laksh : Come doctor.
Ragini smiles at him and they go in. Ragini too follows them. Doctor checks Rahul.
Dr. Awasthi : No problem its a regular fever due to shock. May be he got shocked, make the surrounding pleasent he will normally be alright but for the time being I’ll write down few medicines for about three days.
Laksh : Thank you doctor.

Laksh goes to send off Dr. Awasthi. Laksh comes and sees Ragini looking at Rahul with teary eyes. Seeing Laksh looking at her she tries to leave but Laksh blocks her away.
Laksh : I’m sorry Ragini, I was just too shockef about you hitting Rahul and I have no idea why I raised my hand Ragini…
Before he could finish Ragini pushes him aside and leaves to the kitchen. Laksh feels bad. Ragini goes and makes chappati. She places all the food on the table. He serves some and goes to Lavanya’s room and knocks.
Ragini : Lavanya mama is here open the door.
Lavanya opens and Ragini finds out that she has cried alot.
Ragini : Did you cry?
Lavanya hugs Ragini.

Lavanya : I’m sorry mama…
Ragini : Shshshsh enough of sorrys now go and call you papa to eat and you too eat. I have to feed Rahul as he is not well.
Lavanya : I wont speak with papa. He slapped you.
Ragini : Princess I’m fine and now are you gonna listen to me or no?
Lavanya hugs Ragini and Ragini places a soft kiss on her head. Ragini goes to Rahul’s room and finds Laksh having tears and sitting on the couch. Lavanya too comes.
Lavanya : Papa come to eat.
Laksh : I’m not hungry

Lavanya : Papa…
Laksh gets up and goes near Ragini. Ragini doesn’t make eye contact.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini makes Rahul sit properly and kissed on his cheek and the place where she hit.
Ragini : I’m sorry baby I shouldn’t have hit you. Will you forgive mama? (Ragini raises both her hands and moves it to her ears to appolgy but Rahul holds them and hugs Ragini)
Rahul : I’m sorry mama I must be me the one who should ask for forgiveness.
Ragini break the hug and kisses his head.
Rahul : Will you forgive papa?
Ragini ignores his question and takes the plate and starts feeding him. Laksh feels bad he looks at Ragini and both of them share a painful eyelock.

Flashback 13 years ago ( No is narrating or thinking)

Ragini awakes and finds her self in Laksh’s arm. A smiles appears without her knowledge. Laksh is see sleeping resting his back on the seat. Ragini without disturbing his gets up. After few minutes Laksh awakes and finds Ragini staring at him.
Laksh : Did we reach?
Ragini : Nop, we have to get down withing 5 minutes.
Laksh : How many hours is the transit?
Ragini : 5
Laksh : Wow that means both of us can have fun.
Ragini : Forget it Mr. Maheshwari. Don’t forget that I have my gaurds who are eyeing.
Laksh : Hahaha for its easy to fool them

Ragini : Laksh they are not people like you think, they are very smart and intelligent.
Laksh : Aren’t I’m?
Ragini : Stop making me laugh I’m not in a mood to laugh.
Laksh : Then are you in a modd to flirt?
Ragini : Laksh you are such a disgusting jerk.
Laksh : What a compliment?

The filght land and they asked to get down. Ragini goes and sits in a place both Prakash and Ashley sits behind her. The professor comes and sits beside Ragini. Laksh comes towards the professor.
Laksh : Mr. Malhotra I’ll be just roaming around and will be back 15 minutes before the departure.
Mr. Malhotra : Sure beta.

Laksh leaves and Raginibis contniously eyeing him. He goes near a girl and starts speaking to make Ragini feel jealouse. Ragini looks at his and gives cold smile. She turns the other side and fumes in anger. Ragini again turns to look at Laksh and he not there. She kinds feel restless. Ragini closes his eyes and imagine Laksh kissing that girl and flirting with her. She opens her eyes shouting “NOOOOOOOOOO” everyone looks at her.
Ashley : Are you okay madame?
Ragini : No I’m not, I want to use the washroom.

Ragini gets uo and both of the body guards get up too.
Ragini : No what? Are you both gonna come there too? Let me have some privacy for now leave me alone. I need to be alone.
Prakash : But madame…
Ragini :I saide shut up amd leave me alone (She shouts and everyone looks at them with shocked faces.)
Ashley : We’ll follow your order.
Ragini : Good.
Ragini leaves and starts searching Laksh.
Ragini’s monologue : That gorilla what if he flirts with that girl? No no no that won’t happen. Wait, why am I thinking about him? No no I should not spoil a girls life. Ragini then sees Laksh and the girls kissing she walk towards them and pulls Lalsh.
Ragini : Aren’t you ashamed to kiss in the public?
Laksh : Kiss? What bothers you if I kiss?
Ragini : You are seriously disgusting.

Ragini goes stamping her feet. Laksh hold her by her wrist and drags her to a corner and pins her to the wall. Laksh looks at Ragini’s teary eyes and Ragini looks at Laksh’s red angry eyes.

Laksh : What bothers you?
Ragini : I…th..that… I was ( Laksh gives a stern look) afraid of that girl.
Laksh :What do you mean? You were afraid that I would do something wrong to a girl who thought me as a sister? Whatever you see by eyes are not true. I was blowing off her dust and she is just 16 and she is like my younger sister. From your angle you saw and thought I was kissing. Okay even if I kiss why do you care ( Ragini looks down) Wat bothers you? Why do you bother if my parents think that Swara like me? Why do yiu get angry when I flirt with another girl? Why are you burning when a girl is close to me?
Ragini : Whatever you said is not true and you have misundertood. I dont care whatever you do with anyone.

Laksh : Achcha? Fine thanks for clearing everything
Laksh turns to leave.
Ragini murmurs : If you dont understand I can’t help you.
Laksh hears and turns.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Ragini :I meant that you are really useless.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh : Now I understand everything.
Ragini : What do you understand?
Laksh : Why you are jealouse.
Ragini : I’m not…

Laksh pulls her close and makes clash to his chest.
Laksh : Shshshshs… I see everything clearly through your eyes.
Ragini is lost in Laksh’s eyes and each other could feel their breath.

On the other side Prakash and Ashley are waiting out of the washroom for Ragini.
Ashley : I’ll go and check.
She goes in and comes out.
Ashley : She is not there.
Prakash : Come let’s search her.

Scene shifts to RagLak. Both them were having an intense eyelock. Laksh goes foward to him and brushes his cheek with her and Ragini shivers. Laksh goes near her ear.
Laksh : You kadoos guards might me searching for you.
Ragini moves behind and goes to the place where they were sitting. Laksh follows her, and sits next to the professor. Laksh is continously staring at Ragini but Ragini avoids eye contact.

After few hours they get boarded to the flight.
Prakash : Ashley you will sit with Madame and I will sit with this guy.
Laksh : I don’t want to to sit with you, hey beauty ( To Ashley) do you mind sitting with me?
Ashley blushes while Ragini turns in to red.
Ragini : Ashley will sit with me as Prakash said. Laksh winks at Ragini. All of then sit as Praksh told and flight takes of

Flashback ends.

Its night Ragini gives medicine and makes Rahul sleep. Ragini has not spoken a word with Laksh. Rahul sleeps. Ragini covers him with blanket and goes out to bring water and a cloth. Laksh is seated in the hall checking some files he is frustrated about what happened in the morning he closes everything and rests his head on the sofa and sighs. Ragini looks at Laksh from behind and feels bad, tears fall from both of their eyes. Ragini steps forward to speak with him just then his slap flashes in her mind and she stops. Ragini goes to kitchen and brings water. She keeps the cloth on Rahul’s forehead. She goes to Lavanya’s room.
Ragini : Princess…
Lavanya : Mama why don’t you forgive papa? He is begging you so much from morning.
Ragini : Good night princess, sleep well tomorrow you have school.

Ragini leaves closing the door behind her.
Ragini in her mind : I’m sorry Laksh my heart is not letting me to forgive you.

She goes to the living room and finds Laksh sleeping in the couch. Ragini brings a blanket and covers Laksh. She sits near him on the floor and cries without making any noise. After a while she goes back to Rahul’s room and changes the cloth on his forehead.

Screen freezes on the sad face of Ragini


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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