Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 7

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 7

The episode starts with sun rays falling on Ragini’s and Laksh’s face. Ragini gets up making her eyes small. She sees Laksh getting disturbed so she gets up and pulls on the curtains. Ragini goes to the washroom and comes out wearing a red anarkali. She comes and starts wiping her hair. Laksh gets up and gets lost in her beauty. Ragini notices him.
Ragini : Good morning pati dev.
Laksh : Good norning jaan. No matter how long we are married but I feel as if we got married yesterday. You still look the same.
Ragini laughs.

Ragini : Achcha if you are done staring now go and get changed.
Laksh : Okay Mrs. Laksh.

Laksh comes out with a towel. Ragini places the t shirt and track bottom.
Ragini : I’ll get you your coffee
Laksh : Wait, let me do my daily core first.
Ragini then realizes. She just stands while Laksh goes and picks up the managalsutra and the sinddor box and makes her wear the managalsutra and applies sindoor on her maang.
Ragini : No matter how much we fight or sad you have never missed to do this from the day we married.
Laksh : It is only my right. (She smiles and Laksh gives a peck on her forehead) I love you.
Rahul enters the room and closes his eyes.
Rahul : Papa I didn’t see anything.
Ragini : What didn’t you see?
Rahul : I didn’t see papa with towel or I didn’t see him kissing you.
Laksh laughs and he puts on his t shirt. Ragini goes and carries Rahul and keeps him on the bed.
Ragini : First tell me why did you come to my room?
Rahul thinks.
Laksh : Arey Rahul what do you have to think so much? Ragini you go and get me my coffee.
Lavanya comes to their room fully wet. Rahul looks at her and opens his eyes wide open. He runs behind Laksh.
Lavanya : You idiot spoilt my sleep. I will never leave you.
Ragini hold Lavanya.
Ragini : Hold on Lavanya I’ll ask him why did he do it.
Laksh : Lavanya relax beta.

Ragini : Rahul why did you do this to your di (Rahul doesn’t answer.) Rahul(A bit louder)
Rahul : Mama I just did it for fun.
Suddenly Ragini gives slap on his hand. This makes Laksh and Lavanya shock.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : I have told you not to play stupid games like this. You know very well about her anger and also she might get sick.
Rahul looks at her scardly with teary eyes. Lavanya feels bad for him. Ragini drags Lavanya and goes out.
Laksh : Rahul…
Rahul : I don’t want to speak. (He climbs to the bed and lays weeping)


It shows the Kolkata International Airport. Ragini is sitting with two body guards. She has worn a light blue baggy t shirts and a black leather sleevless jacket and a black legging. She was wearing leather boots. She was having her sun glasses on. Laksh comes and sees her. He has worn a red t shirt and a dark blue jean and dark blue jacket with sneaker shoes.
Prakash : What is he doing here?
Ragini : He is my project partner. Alexa and Prakash both of you better stay in your limits.
Alexa : Boss has told to keep him update the things happen around you.
Ragini fumes. Laksh comes and sits two seats beside her.She removes her sun glasses. Ragini looks at him and they share an intense eyelock. She breaks the eyelock and took out her phone and starts playing game. Their professor in charge of this project comes there.
Professor : So Ragini and Laksh I hope both of you have prepared for the project. I have already informed you all the levels of the project. I think we can get boarded to the flight now.
Ragini and Laksh nods. Ragini’s body guards one goes in forward and the other one goes behind her.

Alexa through the bluetooth : Yes sir we are now getting in.
Shekhar : Good, keep an eye one her. She is my jewel anyone can snatch her or harm her.
Alexa: On your order sir. By the way another guy is going with her as her project partner.
Shekhar : Is it so? Keep an eye on him too and Alexa make sure that you sleep with her in the night.
Alexa : On your order.

Laksh sits and beside him Ragini comes and sits. Alexa sits behind her and Prakash next to her. The professor sit in front of RagLak. The fight takes off Laksh holds Ragini’s hand tightly.
Ragini : Are so scared?
Laksh : Uh..no I thought you would get scared.
Ragini laughs Laksh gets mesmerized
Ragini : Your first time?
Laksh : Nop can’t remember how many times but after a long time Im on a plane.
Ragini : So where have you been to?

Laksh : France, UK, Dubai, Maldives, Singapore, Japan and once to Australia.
Ragini : I have not been to Maldives, Singapore and France. I always wanted to visit France and Maldives. I have been to Egypt though.
Laksh looks at her lovingly. Ragini realizes that she has been talking to him as if nothing happened last night. She soon plugs her ear phones and takes put her i pod and starts listning to songs. Laksh understands that Ragini is trying to avoid him. Laksh gets up and goes to washroom while he returns he flirts with a girl. Ragini burns with anger and jealousy. Laksh notices this he comes and sits.
Laksh : She is cute right?
Ragini murmurs : Cute my foot.
Laksh over hears.
Laksh : My bad time she is older to me (He sighs sadly Ragini gives a broad smile) I could have been another 3 years older.
Ragini : I pity you.
Ragini feels sleepy so she keeps on yawning.

Laksh : Its not my bad time but hers to miss a handsome hunk like me. If she gets to know the person in my heart she would be really jealouse (He closes his eyes amd imagines Ragini’s face and smiles) She would be really jealouse of you.
Then he looks at Ragini as she was not responding and finds her sleeping opening her mouth. Laksh smiles looking at her cute face. He makes her rest on his arm and encircles her shoulder.He removes the earphone and puts in her bag. He holds her other hand and rest his head on her and sleeps.

Flashback ends.

Ragini comes with coffee. Laksh is sitting beside Rahul. Rahul is seen crying. Ragini feels bad.
Ragini : Ahh your coffee, aren’t you going for jogging?
Laksh : Why did you hit him?
Ragini : I’m his mother Laksh and it is my resposibility to teach him good.
Laksh : I asked you only one thing, why did you hit him? (Laksh screams at Ragini)
Ragini : To show that if he does anything like this again he will get beated.
‘Pattas’ a slap across Ragini’s face. Laksh looks at her with full rage. Ragini holds her cheek in shock and the coffee falls down. Rahul gets up and looks at them shockingly.
Laksh : If you hit him for that reason then I slapped you for the same reason. (He shouts)
Lavanya, Swara and Sawitha come hearing Laksh shout. They enter and sees Laksh looking at Ragini with anger and Ragini holding her cheek.
Lavanya : Rahul what happened?
Rahul : Papa slapped mama.

Lavanya looks at Laksh shockingly.
Swara : Laksh…
Laksh : Lavanya, Rahul get ready we are going home.
He leaves the room in anger. Ragini is still shocked. Lavnaya goes and shakes her. Swara goes near and holds her shoulder. Ragini turns and hugs her and cries out loud. Lavanya feels guilty and Rahul also feels guilty not less than Lavanya.

After a while Laksh comes and sees Ragini is sitting in the couch with Swara. She has rested her head on Swara’s shoulder still sobbing. Laksh is still and angry.
Laksh : Rahul call your di and mama and come down.
Rahul : Papa why did you hit mama?
Laksh : Do what I said without questioning me.
Rahul gets scared to see Laksh’s anger. He takes all the bags and goes down.
Laksh : Lavanya…Lavanya…

Lavanya and all comes out of their rooms except Swara and Ragini. Rahul comes out too.
Lavanya with anger : Why?
Laksh : Go bring your bag we are going home
Ap : Why beta? Is everything okay?
Sanskaar : Laksh what happened? Where is Ragini?
Laksh : Everything is okay. I’m going home. Rahul and Lavanya come.
Lavanya : I’m not coming without mama.
Laksh looks at her angrily. Then he looks at Laksh.
Laksh : Go get in to the car right now. (He shouts)
Ragini hears it.
Ragini : Swara I’ll go or he might get more angry.

Swara : Are you sure?
Ragini nods with teary eyes and leaves wiping her tears. Laksh’s hand mark could be clearly seen on her cheeks. She comes down and takes blessing from Ap and Dp. Swara too comes and stands near Sandya. Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Bye everyone.
Laksh leaves in anger. Ragini follows him. She gets in to the back of the car and starts weeping. Lavanya and Rahul gets in behind too.
Lavanya : I’m sorry mama I shouldn’t have got angry like that.
Rahul : I’m sorry di and I’m sorry mama I shouldn’t have done it to di.
Ragini doesn’t respond. Laksh looks at them from the back mirror.
Rahul : Mama speak with me. Look I got fever also, you will look after me right?


Lavanya : Mama please speak with me?
Ragini doesn’t say anything still tears roll down from her eyes. She closes her eyes and remembers the tight slap which Laksh gave her.

Screen freezes on the crying face of Ragini


Gracy Goswami – Lavanya
Shivanash Kotia – Rahul

Faisal Khan – Sandesh
Navika Kotia – Sandya
Ruhana Khanna – Sawitha

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  1. Hhaww.. Laksh shouldnt have done that a mom hitting her son is okay but a husband hitting his wife its sad.. BTW as usual it was great..

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