Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 60


Hi and Hello everyone I know I have been away for a while due to my exams and personal problems and Sorry is not the way to cal you guys still please forgive me for making you wait for so long….To be honest I’m still very much busy but managed to upload and episode for everyone so here we go….

Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama.., (RagLak) Episode 60

The episode starts with Laksh sitting up in the couch. He carries Ragini and places her on the bed and covers Ragini, Raghav and Laashya with the blanket and Laksh sits on the couch and switches on the laptop and starts working. Raghav awakes in the middle of the night and shakes Ragini.
Raghav : Mama…Mama…
Laksh : Why are you awaking mama beta?
Raghav : I want to go to the washroom.
Ragini gets disturb and opens her eyes and looks at Raghav and smiles.
Ragini : Sleep beta (She is speaking in sleep) Laashya will be okay.
Laksh looks at her worriedly while Raghav looks at her confusingly. Laksh carries Raghav and walks to the washroom and comes back and makes him sleep.
Laksh : Now sleep like a good boy.
Raghav falls asleep while Ragini again opens the eyes and finds Laksh awake and looks at the time and finds it 2.00 a.m. and she falls asleep. It is morning and Ragini awakes and finds herself on the bed and she sits up and finds Laksh sleeping on the couch and smiles looking at him. She walks to the wardrobe took her saadi.
Laashya : Mama…
Ragini turns to Laashya and smiles.
Ragini : Good morning baby.
Laashya : Good morning mama.
Laashya looks at her wound and pouts and Laksh awakes getting disturbed with sun rays and sits.
Ragini : Laksh go to bed and sleep.
Laksh yawns and shakes his head.
Laksh : It is fine baby.
Laashya : Baby? You call that big mama baby?
Ragini laughs while Laksh notices Laashya awake and bit his tongue.
Laksh : Did you awake early in the morning my sugar cane?
Laksh walks to Laashya and carries her.
Laashya : My wound didn’t fly, when will it fly?
Ragini walks to them and caresses Laashya’s cheek.
Ragini : Very soon, now come with me. Mama will get you washed and let papa sleep and awake. (Laashya nods and Ragini carries her) sleep a bit more Laksh. Look sleep is filled in your eyes. I know you were awake doing your office work.
Laashya : Haa janu go have a nap, or you will sleep after going to office and your boss will scold you.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : Okay madam ji btw there is no bosses for me at office but there are two bosses and three madams at home.
Laashya chuckles and Laksh walks to the bed and falls and eventually dozes off. Ragini makes Laashya have a wash and gets her dressed in a three quarter and skinny.
Ragini : Laashya (Laashya looks on) Don’t run and play you might again fall so be careful okay baby? (Laashya nods and Ragini kisses on her head and Laashya runs out) Laashya I asked you not to run
Ragini walks to the washroom and has a bath. She comes out wearing a saadi wiping her hair. She looks at Raghav and Laksh and finds them sleeping alike hugging the pillow and smiles. She walks down and finds Laashya sitting with AP.
Laashya : Daadi today it is papa’s birthday and what have you decided to give him?
Ap : I have to buy something beta.
Laashya : Will you give money for me too? I also want to buy a toy for papa?
Ap : You can ask money from papa right beta?
Laashya : Good idea, I will ask him.
Laashya runs and clashes with Ragini. Ragini carries her and bites her cheek.
Ragini : Didn’t I ask you not to run?
Laashya : Sowwy mama but I want to ask money before daadi go and buy gift for papa.
Ragini : Are you going to give gift for him from his money itself?
Laashya pouts and buries her face in to Ragini’s shoulder.
Laashya whispers : Then you give me money.
Ragini chuckles and makes her sit on the couch beside Ap and she too sits.
Ragini : We will buy gift for him but don’t tell him okay?
Laashya keeps her finger on her lips.
Laashya : Lips sealed.
Ragini : What are you going to buy?
Laashya : A toy.
Ragini : Toy? He is big right.
Laashya : Then what?
Ragini : We will decide is later.
Laashya : Okay.
Ap : Good girl, Ragini beta prepare breakfast and all of us will go to mandir.
Ragini : Ji ma.
Ap : Has Laksh woke?
Laashya : Papa woke but mama made him sleep again.
Ragini smiles awkwardly and looks at Ap while Ap controls her laugh.
Ragini : Ma he was working all night so I asked him to sleep.
Ap : Ok ok beta now go.
Ragini nods and walks to kitchen.
Ragini under her breath : Daughter like papa always making me embarrass in front everyone.
The worker comes and Ragini smiles.
Vini : Di flour is over in the store room too.
Ragini makes a worried face.
Ragini : Didn’t kaka buy this month’s groceries?
Vini shakes her head.
Ragini : It is fine, I will manage now you go and ask kaka to buy this month’s groceries getting my money from ma.
Vini nods and leave, Ragini places the kettle on the stove and starts preparing coffee for Laksh, Rahul, Lavanya, Raghav and Laashya while tea for the rest. She brings and serves Ap and Laashya. Sandya comes down and sits on couch.
Sandya : Good morning.
Ragini smiles and serves her the tea.
Ragini : Shall give you biscuit?
Laashya : Haa ma give me.
Ragini : I didn’t ask you, I asked di (She chuckles while Laashya makes puppy face) ok ok I’ll get you.
Ragini walks to the kitchen, Lavanya and Sawitha walks down.
Lavanya : Good morning daadi, di and my doll.
Laashya : Good morning di.
Ap : Take your coffee beta.
Lavanya nods and sits taking it. Sawitha takes her tea and sips. Ragini comes out of the kitchen while Sandesh comes down and carries Laashya.
Sandesh : How is my choti kumari?
Laashya buries her face inside his chest and Sandesh sits down. Ragini serves biscuit and Sanskaar walks down and everyone look on. Sanskaar sits and Ragini serves him the tea and takes the rest of the coffee and walks up. She walks to Rahul’s room and finds him sleeping hugging the pillow just like Laksh and sit beside him placing the tray on the table.
Ragini : Rahul awake beta (Rahul is still sleeping) Look we have to go to mandir so have a bath and drinking the coffee. Get up like my good boy. (Rahul sits up and rests his head on her chest and falls asleep) Rahul…
Rahul : Ma let me sleep a little more? Please mama?
Ragini hugs him tightly and kisses on his head.
Ragini : Everyone has awoke so my prince also have to awake.
Rahul awakes and looks at Ragini lovingly.
Rahul : I’m so hungry mama.
Ragini : Go have a bath and come, I will quickly prepare food.
Rahul nods and walks to the washroom while Ragini places the cup on the table and walks out taking the tray to their room. Raghav has already awaked and is awaking Laksh.
Raghav : Papa awake papa (He is shaking Laksh) papa (She shouts) happy birthday.
Ragini laughs while Laksh awakes and hugs Raghav.
Laksh : My shoutan will never let me sleep peacefully.
Raghav : Enough of sleeping, come to play with me.
Ragini : Raghav go have a wash and come and then papa will come to play.
Raghav : Pakka.
Ragini : Haa pakka, now go.
Raghav runs out while Laksh smiles looking at Ragini. She walks to him and sits beside him placing the tray on the side table and Laksh drags her to his chest and hugs tightly.
Laksh whispers : Stay like this (Ragini smiles) for a few minutes.
Ragini lies beside him and rests her head on his chest and wraps her hand around him and hugs him tightly. He wraps his hand around her waist and hugs her tightly.
Ragini whispers : What do you want as your birthday gift?
Laksh looks at her lovingly while Ragini rests on his arms and caresses his cheek.
Laksh whispers : Anything which has a power to increase my love for you.
Ragini : Okay I will give you after party today. I have given all what I can, still I’ll try to make this one too special.
Laksh : Waiting.
Just then someone enters the room opening the door and RagLak a part and Ragini sits.
Ragini : Rahul what are you doing?
Rahul : Oops I’m sorry (He smiles awkwardly.) ma daadi is calling you down.
Ragini : I will come you go down.
Rahul : She is calling you right now.
Ragini : I will come you go.
Rahul : Okay I will tell daadi mama is busy with papa…
Ragini interrupts : No Rahul stay here. I will come along with you.
Laksh chuckles while Ragini gets down the bed and walks to the wardrobe. She takes out a shirt and trouser along with towel and places it on the bed.
Rahul : Why can’t papa take it by himself? You don’t even take and keep for me like this.
Ragini : Rahul (Rahul runs out while Ragini fumes) Laksh please get ready and come fast ha bring the coffee cup too. If I don’t go now your son would embarrass me in front everyone.
Ragini rush out and gets down the stair while Rahul runs down.
Rahul : Daadi, mama is (Ragini comes rushing and trips to her saadi and falls off the stairs while everyone is shocked) Mama…
Ragini shouts “Laksh” Rahul rush to her so does others Ragini winces in pain holding her leg while Rahul gets teary.
Ap : Why beta? What happened?
Rahul : Mama…
Ragini interrupts : I’m fine.
Sandya helps her to stand so does Lavanya. Laksh comes rushing out and finds Lavanya and Sandya holding her.
Laksh : What happened?
Ragini : Nothing Laksh (She winces in pain) just tripped and fell.
Laksh walks to her and carries.
Laksh : OMG…You have put up.
Ragini : Shut up.
Laksh reaches their room and places Ragini on the bed and she winces on pain.
Sanskaar : Lucky call the doctor.
Laksh nods and takes out his phone.
Ragini : Laksh no, it is fine.
Ap : Let her rest and all of you go down.
Ragini : I’m fine, I have to prepare breakfast.
Sandya : We will prepare for chaachu’s birthday.
Lavanya : Good idea, all of us together.
Sandesh : I’m in.
Sawitha : Me too.
Laashya : Shall we make chocolate chip cookies too?
Raghav : Motu.
Lavanya : Are you two joining or no?
Laashya : No, I’m injured too so I’m going to sit beside mama.
Raghav : I’m joining.
Sawitha : Rahul?
Rahul keeps looking at Ragini and he nods.
Rahul : Haa
Sandesh : Then let’s go.
All the kids except Rahul leave so does Ap and Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : If I get something edible that is fine.
Rahul keeps looking at Ragini and she signs him to come to her.
Ragini : It was an accident beta (She wipes his tears and kisses on his forehead) I’m fine.
Laksh : Haa your mama, when hasn’t she fallen?
Laksh fumes while Ragini frowns.
Ragini : Now go (She smiles) go and help them and yeah…I love your naughtiness the most. That is what makes you look Rahul Laksh Maheshwari (Rahul smiles) Copy of your papa.
Rahul nods while Laksh looks at them lovingly.
Rahul : Love you ma.
Ragini : Love you too.
Rahul leaves while Laksh walks to washroom.
Laashya : If bhaiyaa is copy of papa, whose copy Raghav is?
Ragini : Papa’s.
Laashya : Then di?
Ragini : Papa’s.
Laashya : Then me?
Ragini smiles and takes her to her lap.
Ragini : Like me.
Laashya pouts.
Laashya : I also want to be papa’s.
Ragini carries her back and places her on the bed.
Ragini : Stay with your papa itself.
Laashya grins and Laksh comes out and finds Ragini frowning.
Laksh : What happened? Did you two fight again?
Laashya : Papa, mama said bhaiyaa is like you, di is also like you and Raghav is also like you but only me like mama. I want to be like you.
Laksh chuckles and sits on the bed.
Laksh : You are my choti Ragini, you are exact copy of your mama.
Laashya pouts and looks at Ragini while Ragini fumes.
Ragini : It is fine you can be like you papa itself.
Laksh laughs and sits on the bed and takes Laashya to his lap and kisses her cheek.
Laksh : Ragini, how is your leg?
Ragini makes a worried face.
Ragini : It is hurting, I wanted to go to mandir you know.
Laksh : Shall we go to doctor?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : Not needed, I can walk shall we go to mandir please Laksh?
Laashya rests her head on Laksh’s chest.
Laksh : How can you? We will go once you are fine.
Ragini : Please Laksh? I can walk, it is just a sprain.
Laashya : Janu, mama is so stubborn.
Laksh : Haa baby, very stubborn.
Ragini : Laashya you don’t talk to me.
Laashya buries her face in to Laksh’s chest while Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : Cupcake ask sorry from mama and hug her, I will go and see what war are they doing down.
Ragini : No need to ask, go with your papa itself.
Laashya moves to Ragini and holds both her ears and makes a puppy face.
Laashya : Sorry mama.
Ragini melts to her puppy face and hugs Laashya while Laksh smiles and stands up and takes the spray, he sits near Ragini’s leg and places her leg on his lap and sprays it and massages her leg.
Ragini : It is okay doll.
Laashya : Love you.
Ragini : Love you more, Laksh shall we go?
Laksh : Okay, as if you are ready to listen. So we will go.
Ragini smiles and Laksh leaves down.
Laashya : My janu loves you a lot mama.
Ragini : Does he?
Laashya : Haa he does.
Ragini : I don’t think.
Laashya : No he does.
Ragini : Ok ok he does.
Laashya : I’m going to check what war is happening down.
Laashya winks and walks down while Ragini chuckles. Laksh reaches the kitchen and rests on the door.
Sawitha : Di reduce the stove or it will burn.
Sandya : Ok ok I know.
Lavanya : Bhaiyaa two spoons coriander, two spoons chillie, and two pinches salt and mix it will along with two pinches pepper.
Sandesh : Who will eat pepper and chillie both.
Lavanya : Online is telling that, so you add.
Rahul : Here is the corn flour.
Sandya : Are you sure it is the corn flour?
Rahul : Haa it was labeled.
Sawitha : Okay now you have to dip it in the corn flour.
Laashya comes running.
Laashya : I’m hungry already.
Raghav : No one is cooking for you.
Laksh chuckles and walks in.
Laksh : Do you guys need any help?
Everyone : No…
Laksh : Sure?
Lavanya : Haa papa sure, now go out and chill.
Laksh : No cuz seriously I don’t want to eat burnt food on my birthday.
Lavanya : But papa that day you said you would eat my burnt food with love.
Laksh smiles sheepishly.
Laksh : Not on my big day.
Sawitha : Okay chaachu now go.
Laksh : Ok if you need any help call me and be careful.
Rahul : Raghav stop throwing the flour on my face.
Raghav runs behind Rahul and Laksh tries to catch Raghav.
Laksh : Raghav hold on.
Raghav holds Lavanya and she spill the sauce on Sandesh as well as her, Sandesh turns to Raghav and the chili spoon which he was having splashes on Sawitha’s eyes and she shouts.
Sandesh : Raghav.
Sandya : Sawi wash your eyes.
Lavanya : Raghav, what have you done?
Raghav : Kitchen fun.
Raghav laughs and Laksh tries to carry him but Raghav tries to run out, Laashya blocks him and Laksh holds.
Laksh : Raghav look what have you done?
Raghav finds all of them staring at him and they burst in to laughter looking at the naughty face of Raghav.
Lavanya: We should actually have a fight with food but currently I’m hungry.
Laksh : Sawitha, are you okay?
Sawitha nods holding her eye.
Sandya : Keep some ice cubes.
Rahul : I will get.
Laashya : I want ice cubes.
Laksh : Laashya no.
Laashya : Please janu.
Laksh : Your mama will me so no.
Rahul takes ice cubes and few falls down. Laksh holds by Laashya’s hand.
Laksh : We will go out and play let them make food.
Laashya : Haa make it fast.
Sandesh : Ji choti kumari.
Laashya : Also my chocolate chip cookie.
Sawitha : Ok ok.
Laksh leaves out along with Raghav and Laashya and sits in the living room.
Lavanya : We have to make it fast, even I’m hungry.
Sandya : Me too.
Sawitha : I have no idea how come ma and chaachi cook faster.
Sandesh : Lavanya, go get the sauce.
Lavanya nods and walks to the fridge and slips where she holds the fridge door.
Lavanya shouts : Rahul…
Laksh chuckles while Raghav and Laashya laugh.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini and Laksh come running and gets clashed, Ragini was about to fall and Laksh holds her by her waist and make her stand.
Laksh : You are supposed to have kids not behave like a kid Ragini.
Ragini : Achcha then it is on your hand.
Ragini winks and smiles while Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : I want this smile to be there in your face forever.
Ragini : Then you be with me forever.
Laksh smiles and nods.
Laksh : I will stay with you forever, now got get ready. We will go to mandir.
Ragini nods and walks to their room Laksh walks down and sits on the sofa, Simran comes out of the kitchen and finds Laksh sitting on the sofa reading newspaper, she walks to him.
Simran : Laksh…
Laksh looks at her and keeps the paper aside.
Laksh : Haa Simran.
Simran : I know Laksh you care about Ragini but still can’t you send Ragini to the inquiry?
Laksh rolls up his eyes.
Laksh : Did you also start after your husband?
Simran : He didn’t ask me to ask you but might be Ragini know something.
Laksh : She doesn’t know anything. She was living in that house like these tables and chairs. (Laksh sighs) okay I will ask her and if I find if she knows anything I’m fine to inquire her but only inside our house that too in front of me.
Ragini comes down getting ready.
Ragini : I’m ready.
She smiles and Laksh sits up.
Laksh : Shall we leave?
Ragini : Wait, I’ll tell ma and come.
Laksh nods and leaves out while Ragini walks to Ap’s room and knocks.
Ap : Come in.
Ragini enters.
Ragini : Ma, Laksh and I are going to mandir.
Ap smiles and nods.
Ap : That’s good beta, go safely and come.
Ragini nods and walks out and gets in to the car.
Ragini : Laksh I’m so happy. Everything is like a dream. Pinch me will you.
Laksh holds her hand and kisses it.
Laksh : Nothing is a dream.
Laksh said it in a husky voice making Ragini shiver and he winks, Ragini smiles and blushes. They reach the mandir and both of them get down and walk to the mandir. Ragini and Laksh start praying.
Ragini : Thank you so much for bringing my Laksh fit and fine. I want his happiness only. Please give all the happiness he deserves and please protect him. Give me all the problems I will bare anything for him. Also khanna ji please make his wish cme true and shower us with happiness. Please protect our family from all the problems and give us happiness.
Laksh : She is my life, give all the happiness she deserves and protect her. I want see her smiling all the time. Whatever the pain give it to me, let anything face me before her. Give me strength to bear her in all my lives and love her. Give her joy and make all her dreams and wishes come true.

Both of them finish praying and takes blessing from pandit.
Pandit : Live a happy and long life together.
Ragini and Laksh smile and Laksh turns to leave but Ragini holds his hand and he looks at her.
Ragini : I want to go to that bridge.
Laksh smiles and and holds her hands and walks down. They reach the bridges and Ragini smiles.
Laksh : Remember I brought you here?
Ragini nods.
Ragini : The day before everything changed in our lives.
Laksh : Ragini (Ragini looks at him) Ragini… that name have turned out to be my life. Who thought I would end up getting married?
Ragini : Haa Laksh who thought I will end up marrying a gorilla.
Laksh frowns while Ragini laughs out.
Laksh : You call me gorilla?
Ragini : Haa my cute gorilla.
Laksh fumes and looks away.
Laksh : Yourself is a chipkali.
Ragini : Chipkali? Lizards are ugly. Am I ugly?
Laksh : Is it a question to ask?
Ragini : But you said I’m the most beautiful girl for you.
Laksh : That was for fun.
Ragini : I hate you Laksh.
Laksh : I love you.
Ragini : Really? But I hate you.
Ragini marches to the car and gets in. Laksh comes running and gets in.
Laksh : But seriously I love you.
Ragini : Who cares? I seriously hate you.
Laksh turns to Ragini while she frowns and turns her head.
Laksh : Okay then I will find someone else who loves me.
Ragini : I doubt if someone will love you.
Laksh : Who wouldn’t love a handsome and lovely hunk like me?
Ragini : No one will bear you like me.
Laksh : Achcha, nothing is hard than bearing you.
Ragini : No one asked you to bear me.
Laksh : Okay then I’ll leave you…
Ragini closes his mouth and shakes her head.
Ragini : Never dare to, you have to bear me for all my lives.
Laksh : I will cuz he are destined.
Laksh holds her hand and kisses her hand and drives off.
Ragini : Laksh, each time people asked me where are you do you know how I felt? It was like they are testing my patience.
Laksh : I know how much hurt you would have been. Here I’m to heal you.
Ragini : Laksh, I totally forgot about Diya. She can join back as your assistant and then we will surely go meat you angel and di.
Laksh : Let Gautam bhaiyaa come, I don’t think Anjali di like me that much.
Ragini : You are thinking too much.
Laksh : Maybe.
They reach home and both of them got down. Ragini walked in and walked to the kitchen while Laksh walked up to his room, he got changed in to his pajama and walked down. Ragini prepares coffee while Simran prepares tea.
Pooja : Add ginger for Dhurav, he said he is having a head ache.
Simran : Ji bhabhi.
Ragini : Bhabhi can I have the sugar?
Pooja hands it and Ragini adds sugar. Both Simran and Ragini walk out. Ragini serves the coffee to Laksh and Simran serves tea for the rest.
Sujatha : Simran beta if there is anything to munch bring and give.
Simran : Ji ma.
Ap : Swara beta did you have your fruits?
Swara : Haa ma
Sanskaar : For eating and drinking you don’t have to tell her.
Sumi : Ragini next is your turn (Ragini smiles and looks at AP and she smiles back) We need to hear good news very quickly.
Sujatha : Haa chori, you and Simran have to give us.
Simran brings biscuits and serves, Pooja and Dhurav feels uncomfortable.
Sanskaar : Lucky there are two meetings next week hope you would attend it.
Laksh : Sure, is it with Chopras?
Sanskaar nods.
Swara : I’m sleepy.
Sumi : Go and rest beta you must be tired.
Ap : Ragini beta take her up.
Ragini nods and Makes Swara stand and takes her up while Laksh look on. They reach SwaSan’s room and Ragini makes Swara sit and covers her with the blanket.
Ragini : You know what Laksh is very much excited about your kids.
Swara : Really?
Ragini : Haa, he loves kids. He himself is a kid.
Swara : Then give him a good news soon.
Ragini blushes and nods, Ragini and Swara speak and Swara eventually dozes off. Ragini walks out to her room and finds all what Laksh bought from London on the bed and the empty bag was on the floor. She walks to the bag and sees if anything else is there. She tries to open the inner zip and just then Laksh holds her hand and Ragini looks at him shockingly.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : What are you doing?
Ragini : I was checking if anything else is there, if not to keep it on the cupboard.
Laksh smiles and makes her stand.
Laksh : I checked it already and nothing is there so I will put it up (Ragini smiles and nods while Laksh puts it on top and Ragini hugs him from back and rests her head on his back) wanna go on another ride?
Ragini hits him and moves back.
Ragini : Your thoughts end up there only.
Laksh chuckles while Ragini walks to bed.
Laksh : I have brought gifts for everyone. (Ragini sits and Laksh sits on the other corner) A bag for ma and a shoe for papa. A blazer suit for Sanky and a hand bag for Swara. I got a hand bag for you too.
Ragini chuckles and looks at the bag.
Ragini : Your taste is not bad.
Laksh : My taste is the best.
Ragini : Haa better than mine, look how have you selected your spouse and how I have selected mine?
Laksh fumes while Ragini laughs.
Laksh : And I got toys for Swara’s kids. A bag for each Pooja bhabhi and Simran. I got a shoe for you too.
Ragini : Is that all you got for me?
Laksh laughs and gives a naughty smile.
Laksh : No, I got few hot dresses for you (Ragini throws the pillow on Laksh while he laughed out) and few other gifts which will be coming soon.
Ragini takes all the things and places on the couch and lies on the bed and Laksh lies beside her and drags her to him and wraps his hand around her waist.
Ragini : Laksh I thought of taking over our Gadodia Construction Company.
Laksh tucks her hair behind her ear and brushes his lips on her cheek.
Laksh : Not bad idea.
Ragini : Stop flirting with me I want to discuss few things seriously.
Laksh : So discuss, I’m not disturbing you in anyway.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh makes her look at him.
Laksh : Tell…
Ragini : Will papa leave me to work?
Laksh : He will.
Ragini : Ma?
Laksh : She will.
Ragini : Will you help me?
Laksh chuckles and looks deep in to her eyes.
Laksh : No, you are competition in this case.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh laughs and nods.
Laksh : I will support you in anything and anywhere.
Ragini : Such a jerk my husband is.
Laksh laughs and kisses on her lips and she reciprocates and it turns out to be a passionate one where Ragini moved her hand to his back caressing his back and he clutched her waist tighter and he moved back.
Laksh : I have meetings online in the nights for a weak.
Ragini : Meeting online? That too in the night?
Laksh : Haa baby, it is a project which got confirmed with Kevins from New York. So I have the meeting according to their time.
Ragini : Seriously can’t Sanskaar take over it? Oops I forgot Swara is there na.
Laksh : Haa but the other thing is this money dealing meeting. Sanskaar is in charge of construction.
Ragini gets closer to him and holds his cheek.
Ragini : Whatever, you are taking my sleep with you for a week?
Laksh leans to her and pecks her lip.
Laksh : If you can stay awake at night and then once I return in the morning (He winks)…
Ragini interrupts : Not necessary. I have been waiting for you for a nine months and this week is nothing for me so all the very best.
Laksh : But I will do my other duties too.
Ragini : As if you will forget it.
Laksh : Okay now I got to go so I’ll get changed.
Ragini nods and Laksh stands up and walks to washroom. Ragini places his dresses on the bed. She smiles and twirls in happiness.
Ragini : Everything is back to normal.
Laksh : Thank god I reached before she opened the bag. (Laksh comes out having a wash wrapping the towel around his waist and Ragini blushes) why are you blushing so hard? You singly is enough to shut down our company.
Ragini pouts and wipes his hair while Laksh wraps his hand around her.
Ragini : Why?
Laksh : You blush and I will go out of control and the meeting will get delayed and this project will get cancelled and then 100s of projects like this might get cancelled with your blush.
Ragini : You are too much, I will prepare dinner eat and go.
Laksh : I have no time jaan, I will eat at office.
Ragini pouts and makes a worried face.
Ragini : I know you wouldn’t eat.
Laksh : Pakka baba I will.
Ragini : Then okay.

Laksh gets ready and Ragini arranges dresses in the wardrobe. Laksh hugs her from back and kisses on her cheek.
Laksh : Take care and bye.
Ragini turns to him and pecks his lip.
Ragini : You too take care and eat.
Laksh : I love you.
Ragini : But I hate you I said it already.
Laksh : No matter you hate me I love you.
Laksh taps her cheek and turns to leave but Ragini holds his hand and pouts.
Ragini : No matter how much I try to hate you I end up falling in love with you. I love you and take care.
Laksh smiles and leaves out.

Flashback ends.

The kids start serving and Ragini comes down slowly. Ap comes out of the room.
AP : Ragini beta, be careful.
Ragini nods and comes down slowly.
Ragini : Smells good.
Sanskaar comes down.
Sanskaar : Hope it is edible.
Lavanya : Badi papa…
Laksh : Edible or not hope I live.
Ragini : You two are too much, they have cooked hardly and you two are teasing them.
Ap : Haa, they have cooked with love.
Ragini : All of you look so exhausted and tired.
Lavanya: Ma my shoutan brothers work.
Rahul : What did I do?
Laksh : It was all Raghav.
Ragini : Is there any stop for their shoutan works.
Sandya : But it was fun too.
Laksh and Sanskaar sit. Ragini and Ap along with Sandesh, Rahul, Laashya and Raghav sit. Sawitha, Sandya and Lavanya serve and they too sit. Laksh and Sanskaar starts eating and their face changes. All the kids look at them.
Sanskaar : What crap is this?
Laksh : I’d rather starve than eating this.
Lavanya : Isn’t it good?
All of them hang their faces while Ragini eats a mouth. Laksh and Sanskaar laugh and high-fives.
Laksh : We never know our kids are experts.
Sanskaar : Haa Laksh, I thought like their mothers they will also don’t know to on the stove.
Sandya, Sawitha and Lavanya : What!
Sanskaar : Haa, Swara dind’t know to cook as well as dress saadi both I only taught.
Ragini starts coughing and Laksh taps her back while the kids look shock. Laksh hits Sanskaar with his elbow and Sanskaar realizes what he said.
Sawitha : You taught ma what?
Sanskaar : Nothing.
Ragini feeds Laashya and Raghav.
Ragini : Do you like the food princess?
Laashya nods and drinks water.
Laksh : It is really yummy, I have no worries for our jamais. They will have tasty food for their life time.
Sanskaar : Haa even our bahus will have tasty food.
Ragini : Yeah, we didn’t give good food for you both right? Here after they will itself cook.
Laksh : Good idea, thank god for saving me.
Ragini fumes and finishes feeding.
Ragini : Both of you go and get ready to go to mandir.
Laashya and Raghav nods and walks up, Lavanya and Sawitha also finishes wating.
Laksh : Here this is from me for cooking deliciously.
Laksh takes out his wallet and gives money.
Sanskaar : And this is from me.
Sawitha and Lavanya are shocked.
Sawitha : Papa…
Sanskaar forwards money.
Sanskaar : Take it.
Ragini : Both of you also go get changed.
Lavanya and Sawitha run up. Sandya, Sandesh and Rahul also finish eating.
Laksh : Okay the next three chefs here is your gift from me.
Three of them smile and take.
Sanskaar : This is from me.
Sandya and Rahul take while Sandesh look on and walk up. Sandya and Rahul also walks up.
Laksh : He will be okay.
Sanskaar : It is my mistake Lucky,
Ap : Beta don’t worry, he himself will come and talk to you.
Ragini, Laksh, Ap and Sanskaar finishes eating and the worker comes and takes everything.
Sanskaar : I’ll go get changed and come.
Ap nods and Sanskaar runs up.
Ap : I will also get changed.
Ragini smiles and nods.
Ragini : Vini you also go get changed.
Vini nods and goes to her room. Ragini hardly walks to the couch and sits and Laksh sits beside her and finds her upset.
Laksh : Should have to tell how tasty your food is?
Ragini fumes.
Ragini : No need.
Laksh : If you wouldn’t have made such tasty dishes these people wouldn’t have known the taste of food. (Ragini looks at him) They learnt the taste from you so credit goes to you.
Ragini smiles and rests her head on his chest.
Ragini whispers : I know and yeah but glad that they know how to cook unlike me. Laksh…
Ragini rests her head on his chest and intertwines her hand with Laksh’s.
Laksh : Mmm….
Ragini : When we just look back do you know how much problems we have faced together.
Laksh kisses on her head.
Laksh : And will be facing whatever comes in future together.
Ragini nods and moves back.
Ragini : I love you.
Laksh : Love you more, btw Ragini…
Ragini : Mmm…
Laksh : Do we need to keep a party, with all the problems going on?
Ragini : A small one, with us and if you want Sam and his family.
Laksh nods and his phone rings and he smiles deeply.
Laksh : Di…
Ananya : Happy birthday chotu…
Laksh : Thank you so much.
Ananya : How are you? How is Ragini? How are kids?
Laksh : I’m fine, Ragini fell and…
Ananya interrupts : Ragini fell…
Akshaya grabs the phone.
Akshaya : What? Bhabhi fell?
Laksh : Relax, she fell off the stairs but she is fine.
Akshaya : Thank god she is fine (She sighs) Ohh forgot to wish, Happy birthday bhaiyaa.
Laksh : Finally you remembered.
Ragini : Give me (Laksh nods and hands the phone to Ragini, Laashya and Raghav comes down) Hello…
Akshaya : Hello bhabhi how are you?
Ragini : I’m fine Akshaya, how are you?
Akshaya : Great (A girl in age 10 grabs the phone) Riya…
Riya : Maami how are you doing?
Ragini : I’m fine princess, how are you doing?
Riya : I’m good, where is maamu?
Ragini : Hold on baby.
Ragini hands the phone to Laksh adjusts Laashya’s hair and ties her frock belt and kisses on her head.
Laksh : Hello.
Riya : Maamu happy birthday. (A boy in his 19s grabs the phone) Bhaiyaa.
She shouts from her lungs and Laksh closes his eyes.
Laksh : Krish…
Krish : Happy birthday Lucky (Ananya hits on his head) I mean Lucky maamu.
Laksh : Thank you and why are you making her cry all the time?
Krish : Come on maamu she is a cry baby, I touch her and she cries.
Laksh : Really but our Laashya isn’t like that.
Krish : Laashya is my brave girl, where is she?
Laksh : Hold on (He hands the phone to Laashya) baby speak, Krish bhaiyaa.
Laashya : Hi bhaiyaa how are you?
Krish : I’m doing good doll, how are you?
Sawitha, Lavanya and Sandya walk down.
Laashya : I fell yesterday and got my elbow and knee hurt.
Krish : Ouch…Did it hurt you?
Laashya : A lot
Krish : Okay doll tell me what should I get you when I come to meet you.
Laashya : Bring me colouring books, number books, cookies, chocolates and crayons. Also I want pencils and toffees.
Krish : Pinky promise I will get you all these.
Ragini grabs the phone.
Ragini : Krish how are you beta?
Krish : Doing good maami and you? How is Rahul, Raghav and Lavanya?
Ragini : Everyone is fine, and yeah you don’t bring anything to Laashya is she is naughty okay?
Krish : Maami…
Ragini : Okay na? Now we are hanging up as we have to go to mandir call you once we return. Bye and take care
Krish : Sure and take care.
Sandesh comes down.
Laashya : Why did you say not to bring what I asked?
Laashya gets teary and Laksh carries her and Sanskaar comes.
Ragini : I said not to bring only if you are naughty.
Raghav : She is always naughty.
Laksh : Raghav…
Raghav laughs while Laashya buries her head in to Laksh’s chest.
Lavanya : Mama you are only naughty our doll isn’t.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : I’m sorry meri ma you aren’t naughty.
Ap comes.
AP : Shall we leave?
Sawitha : Hold on daadi, our hero must come.
Ragini : Rahul…Rahul… (Rahul comes running) What made you take so long? Even your sisters don’t take so long.
Sandesh : Shall we leave?
Sandesh helps Ragini to stand and they walk out.
Ap, Raghav and Sandya get in to Sanskaar’s car. Lavanya, Rahul, Sawitha get in to Sandesh’s car. Ragini, Vinni and Laashya get in to Laksh’s car.
Ragini : Now why are you hanging your face Laashya?
Raghav : Because you called her naughty.
Ragini turns back and Laashya turns her head and Ragini turns front.
Ragini : If Laashya loves mama and forgave mama, Laashya will come and give kiss before I count ten. 1… 2… 3… 4… (Laashya looks at Ragini while Laksh smiles) 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 91/2…
Laashya stands and tries to come front, Laksh stops the car in the traffic and Laksh carries Laashya and places her on Ragini’s lap. Laashya kisses on Ragini’s cheek and Ragini smiles.
Laashya : Naughty Laashya loves naughty mama.
Raghav : Naughty family we are.

Scene shifts to BM where Swara is seen sitting in the living room resting her head on the couch while Sumi is sitting opposite her.
Sumi : Who asked you to leave the house? You did a big mistake by leaving the house Shona. I don’t want you to suffer the way I did. I don’t want you to go through the pain I went so get the properties divided.
Swara nods and looks at Sumi.
Swara : I would never let it happen. I will get what my children deserve.
Sumi : You have to go back and get it divided or that orphan family would take all the properties.
Swara nods and walks up. All of them reach mandir and walk up. Laksh helps Ragini to climb up the stairs and they star praying.
Ragini : God nothing should happen to my family, I’m having a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen to my little kid please protect her and help me to protect her. She is my life and I can’t bear anything against so please protect her along with my other kids. My Laksh has gone through a lot please give him the happiness he deserves and protect him.
Laksh : Everything is getting alright but the fear of something bad is going to happen to my little daughter is kicking me in side. The worst part is I and Ragini both are feeling it, I don’t want Ragini to know it or else she would get more upset. God please protect Laashya, she is our life and help me to protect my family. Please give me strength to take them forward without any problem, Ragini my life has gone through a lot please ease her and give all the happiness she deserves.

Scene shifts to SM where Simran walks down and the doorbell rings, Aditya opens and finds Swara. Simran walks down and Shivan (Her and Aditya’s two year old son) comes in front and Simran trips and she falls. Simran screams while Aditya and Swara are shocked.
Aditya shouts : Simran…

Scene shifts to mandir where Laksh carries Laashya and hugs her tighter, Ragini who was balancing herself resting to Laksh caresses Laashya’s back.
Ap : Shall we leave?
Ragini : Laksh I want to sit and be here for a while.
Laksh : All of you go home, I and Ragini will come.
Ap nods and walks.
Ragini : Laashya and Raghav you wanna stay or go?
Raghav : I wanna go and play.
Ragini : Take care then.
Laashya : I will stay.
Lavanya : Even I want to stay.
Laksh : Okay both of you stay. Rahul look after Raghav.
Rahul nods and they leave, Ragini sits down and Lavanya sits beside her. Laksh also sits down in the mandir keeping Laashya on the lap.
Ragini : This place always gives me peace.
Laksh : I thought it was my chest.
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : God forgive my innocent husband.
Lavanya : Papa can I just roam around and come?
Laksh nods.
Laksh : Be careful.
Lavanya nods and walks out.
Laashya : Papa… Mama… guess what I prayed from god?
Ragini : What baby?
Laashya : Guess will you?
Laksh : You want chocolates?
Laashya pouts and shakes her head.
Laashya : I wished go to give happiness for my mama and papa and then my di, my bhaiyaa and Raghav.
Ragini and Laksh smiles looking at her and they look at each other and smile.
Laksh : Didn’t you wish anything for you?
Laashya : I did janu, I wished that I have be a good girl.
Ragini : You are always good hena baby?
Laashya : I want to be more good.
Laksh hugs her tightly and Ragini smiles. Ragini keeps looking at Laashya so does Laksh.

Screen freezes on Ragini’s and Laksh’s faces.


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