Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 6


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 6

The episode starts with Ragini and Swara working in the kitchen.
Swara : After a year you all have come to stay.
Ragini : Haa Swara after all it was very hard to convince Laksh.

Scene shifts to Sandesh’s room.
Sandesh : Come on chotu you have to be speeder.
Laksh : Rahul can papa play instead of you?
Rahul : No papa I want to play.
Laksh : I and you will be in one team, we’ll see who wins okay?
Rahul : Yaaaaay I and papa are in one team. I know papa you will only win.
Sandesh : Hmm we’ll see. You are holding this joy sticks after years but me I use to play it day and night.
Laksh : Achcha, then win and show.

Sanskaar enters with pop corn.
Sanskaar : Ohh no Sandy you are playing against a pro.
Sandesh : Come on papa, now look who is going to win.
Laksh : Just give me five minutes, I’ll get changed and come.
Laksh goes to his room and remembers all his moments with Sanskaar and Ragini. He openes the wadrobe and pulls out a three quarter bottom and t-shirt. He comes back to Sandesh’s room and sits infront of the big screen.
Laksh : Start.
Both of them starts racing and Sandesh finds hard to win. He is just little behind Laksh then he eventually come in front of Laksh and then Laksh uses some techniques and beats Sandesh and wins the game.
Laksh : Yaaay champ we won.
Rahuk hugs Laksh.
Sanskaar : I told you Sandy that you can never beat him.
Sandesh : But how? He doesn’t play much but he wont.
Laksh and Sanskaar laugh.
Laksh : Sandy beta how many times you played is not important but how you play is only important.
Sawitha and Lavanya come.
Lavanya : The lunch is ready. Mama asked me to call everyone.
Sanskaar carries Rahul and goes out. Laksh taps Sandesh’s back.
Laksh : I’ll teach you the technique.
Sandesh smiles and both of them go downstairs. All of them sit. Ragini and Swara serves food.
Ragini : You also sit I’ll serve you.

Swara : No Ragini we’ll both eat later.
Sawitha : After the lunch shall we watch a movie?
Laksh : Great, what movie do you wanna watch?
Sawitha : A family movie.
Sandesh : Oh come on Sawi no on is going to watch movie. Let’s do something else.
Swara : All of you can do what you like but for now stop talking and eat.
Sandya : Ma I thought you would tell shut your mouth and eat (She sticks her tongue out)
Sandesh : Sandya even I thought the same. (Both of them high fives)
Lavanya : Bhai and di stop teasing bade ma. Let’ five play hide and seek.
Dp notices that Laksh is not eating but just smiling and looking at them. Ragini too notices, she realizes it is because of his hand.
Ragini : Laksh if you are dieting then you should not look at others eating.
Laksh in his mind : Dieting?
Lavanya and Rahul look at each other as Laksh has never skipped meals and not hid favourite vegetable fired rice.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : I know what are you going to say. You wanna say that you want to spend time with family.
Dp : Only for today if he doesn’t diet it is not going to be a problem.
Laksh gets up and go. Ragini feels bad for Dp.
Dp : By the way Swara go and give Ap’s medicine and her food.
Everyone finishes eating and the children go upstairs.
Swara : Ragini I’ll give ma the medicine and food and come. If you want you eat.
Ragini nods Swara leaves with the plate. Ragini serves food faster and runs upstairs with a glass of water to Laksh’s room. Laksh was resting on his bed. He sits once Ragini entered.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksb : What diet were you…

Before he could finish Ragini feed him a mouth. Laksh understands that she told it because of his hand. Ragini is feeding Laksh and Laksh looks at her lovingly.
Ragini : How will you think I will let you miss your favourite food?
Laksh : I was confused too but…
Ragini feeds the last mouth.
Ragini : If they get to know your hand burnt what will they think about me? They will think that I’m harrasing you.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : That is the truth.
Ragini : Laksh…
Ragini : Mera jaan I was just kidding you.
Laksh hugs her and she rests her head in his chest.

Flashback starts (No one is thinking or narrating)

Laksh hears a noise from the balcony. He moves towards the window and opens it. Suddenly a person with a black cloth jumps in to his room. He opens his mouth to scream just then the person closes his mouth and reveals the face.
Laksh : Swara?

Swara : Shshshshsh Ragini sent me to check wheather you are okay?
Laksh just gets shocked about the fact what Swara told.
Laksh : So why don’t you come from the main door?
Swara : Won’t your parents mistake me? They might think that I like you and you like me that is what i came to meet you then they would bring an alliance for me in hand in marraige for you. I will also not know you will also not know. Then both of us will get shocked and eventually accept to marry…Laado doesn’t want anything like that to happen.
Laksh looks at Swara in confused way.
Laksh : Who is Laado and Swara are you drunk?
Swara : No Laksh I’m perfectly alright.
Laksh : Who is Laado?
Swara : Ragini Gadodia. That tall, fair, round face, dragged eyes…
Laksh cuts her words : I know I know.
Swara : Laksh your lips are still bleeding. The fact is I’m not drunken but sleepy (She yawns) if you give me the first aid box I will dress your wound and leave if I don’t do it she would probably kill me with words.

Laksh : If she cares for me so much, and if she doesn’t want me to get married to you and if she asked you to get my wound dressed why didn’t she come by herself? Why did she send you?
Swara looks at him seriously.
Swara : Laksh she is not a girl like you think of. She is rich, richer than you can imagine but she has no liberty. You have no idea what is she going through.
Laksh : Then tell me what is she going through?
Swara : I’m bounded by a promise and I will never break it.
Laksh : Okay fine, then ask your friend itself to come and dress my wound. Tell her that I’ll not move out of my room until she meets me.
Swara : Stop being stubborn Laksh. She has her own reasons but you are throwing up lame reasons.
Laksh holds Swara’s shoulders and his eyes turn red.
Laksh : I just only want to know what her problem is and it matters to me. I can’t see her in pain.

He leaves Swara and she is shocked with his reaction. He turns and places his hand on his forehead and the other one on his hip. He bits his lower lip and closes his eyes. He remembers Ragini’s eye. He turns back.
Laksh : I don’t know what the reason is Swara but I saw a deep pain her eyes and it hurt me.
Swara : I don’t understand what are you talking Laksh (She yawns) I’ll leave and tell Ragini whatever you told.
Laksh : No Swara not all.
Swara again yawns.
Swara : What not all?
Laksh : Telk her that I only told that I want to meet her.
Swara : Ok (She yawns) Good night.
She gets down through the pipe.

Laksh turns again and brushed his hair with his fingers. He hears foot steps.
Laksh : Swara are going to leave or sleep…(He turns and gets shocked) Ragini…
Ragini comes and gives a tight slap on his cheek. Laksh looks at her shockingly. She drags him towards the couch and makes her sit. She digs her side bad and takes out some medicines. Ragini starts treating his lips Laksh hisses with pain. Ragini looks at him with teary eyes. She holds his hand. Ragini’s and Laksh’s eyes get locked. Ragini breaks it by standing up, she turns to leave. Laksh holds her and stops her.
Laksh : I won’t leave you until I get back my answers.

Ragini : Then you will have to hold me forever.
Laksh : If I’m going to get my answers in that way I will hold it forever.
Ragini closes her eyes and lets ger tears fall from her eyes. Laksh makes her turn. Ragini hugs his and cries as if she has not cried before. She cries so hard in a way that she puts all her pain away. Laksh gets shocked but doesn’t know how to react. He hugs her back and she tightens her grip and cries letting her tears flow on Laksh’s shoulder.

After few minutes Ragini breaks the hug.
Ragini : I’m sorry. I have to leave.
Laksh : What is this sorrry for?

Ragini : For slapping you, you were talking too much without letting Swara to treat you. No I have to leave.
Laksh : Don’t you think that you are leaving me disturbed? Don’t you think that you are leaving without answering all my questions which you made up? Don’t you think that you have bothered me too much?
Ragini : I said sorry.
Laksh comes in front of her.
Laksh : Sorry will never be an answer. What was need to come? What was need to send Swara while you are down? What was need to heal my wound? Why? (He holds her shoulder) Speak up Ragini. What wrong did I do to you that you are making me suffer?
Ragini : I have no answers for your questio. I never asked you to bother about me or get disturbed about me. And about the project tomorrow we can talk in the flight.
Ragini leaves while Laksh fumes in anger.

Laksh’s monologue : What is wrong with her? She is probably mad and making me mad too. Ahhh she is too complicated. No Laksh if she is showing her pain only infront of you there must be a reason behind it. I have to find answers by myself.

Flashback ends.

Ragini and Sandya shown doing some assignment work.
Sandya : Thanks alot chaachi or I would have seriously messed up with this.
Ragini : You know what Sandya your mama was best in this lesson.
Sandya : Really?
Ragini: Haa, she is the one who taught me too. Okay I’m tired and sleepy. Good night and take care
Sandya : Good night.

Ragini comes out and goes to Sawitha’s room. She see Lavanya and Sawitha sleeping holding each other’s hand. She gives a peck on their forehead and leaves after covering them with the blanket. Ragini goes to Sandesh’s room and finds Sandesh and Rahul sleeping. He gives peck on Rahul’s cheek and cover them with blanket and goes to her room. She sees Laksh working on the laptop. Ragini queitly goes and falls on the bed in the cross section.
Laksh : Too tired?

Ragini : Haa Lucky I’m damn tired. (She yawns)
Laksh : Laado change your dress and sleep.
Ragini : I’m too tired.
Laksh gets up and goes to wadrobe and doesn’t find any bottom or t shirt which Ragini usually wear and sleep. He opens the bag and then finds it.
Laksh : Go have a wash and come.
Ragini : Luck…
Laksh pulls her and drags her to the washroom Ragini goes yawning to the washroom.
Laksh : Have wash, get changed and then sleep.
Ragini : Ok pati dev.

Ragini comes out wearing the bottom and t shirt and finds Laksh still working on the laptop.
Ragini : Don’t stay awake too long. I’m sleepy and good night. No no no, you also come and sleep if I sleep you will sleep late.
Laksh : Baby I have to do this work.
Ragini : You can do in the morning Laksh. Until you come I will not sleep too.
She sits crossed leg making a pout face. Laksh smiles at her childish behaviour and he switches off his laptop and comes. He swithches off the light. Ragini yawns and rests her head on his chest and he hugs her tight. Both of them eventually dozes off.

Screen freezes on their hugging position


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