Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 59

Ragini enters the guest house and she finds it all dark.
Ragini : Diya… Diya… (She switched on the light and looked around) Diya… Diya… Where did this girl go?
Ragini’s eyes catch with a big bouquet of roses on the living room coffee table and walks to it and carries it, she finds a note “To the most beautiful girl on the earth…please follow the hints to find me jaan…” Ragini was shell shocked and her eyes get teary, she continued reading “…love is when you make food for me”
Ragini under her breath : Food? Kitchen…
She runs to kitchen and looks around and doesn’t find anything. She starts opining the cupboards and she closes it back and she remembers something odd and opens it back and finds a gift wrapped and she takes it and unwraps it and finds a chain with a cute heart and ‘L’ carved. Ragini finds a paper where it is written “…love is when you give me a cup of coffee”.

Ragini : Coffee? What is wrong with him? Laksh… (She shouts) Laksh where are you please come out…(She looks around and finds the coffee maker) Coffee…
She walks to it and opens and finds a small box wrapped and takes it out; she opens it and finds two long earing and smiles. She finds another paper written and read “…Love is when you look at the stars and finds me in it all night”
Ragini : Stars… Laksh is gone mad, what kind of game is this? The riddles are stupid as him. Let him come out first.
Ragini walks up to the terrace and finds a box on the swing. She walks to it and opens the box and finds heeled white sandal and a paper in it. She smiles and read it. “…Love is when I want you to be fit and fine.

Ragini : Fit and fine…Fit and fine, he is seriously gone mad. (She walks down to her exercising room and switches on the light and finds a cover hung. She takes it and removes the cover and finds a fight off shoulder backless short frock, where a lace cardigan was on it. Ragini looks at it and finds a tag and she read “…Now come to the place where I want to love you to get your final gift” Ragini blushed hard and smiled; she ran to room and opened it and found it all decorated with plain red roses and candles. She looked around and didn’t find anyone and felt two masculine arms wrapping around her. She closes her eyes tightly and tears rolled down her cheeks and she broke down in to tears feeling his touch and warmth) Laksh leave me…
Laksh whispered : I’m sorry…(He closed his eyes tightly) I’m sorry for everything life (She was uncontrollable) Shshshshshshsh….

Ragini dropped all the gifs down and got release from his grip and turned to him closing her eyes, she slowly opened her eyes and found him looking at her with all love he has. Ragini raised her hand gave a tight slap across his cheek and he was not shocked. Ragini held his collar and gritted her teeth and Laksh was still looking away as he couldn’t see her pain. He was wearing a white shirt and denim
Ragini : Why did you come? What is all this Laksh? What made you come back? Tell me Laksh tell me. Look at me, look at me and tell (She made him look at her and their eyes met each other. The pain was equal on both their eyes where Ragini was holding his collar and he looked at her painfully) I thought at least if you are away from me I got to speak to you every day but for past month there was no trace of you. Now tell me right now. You gave me all the pain and now I can’t digest your presence Laksh why did you come? Is it to check if I’m alive or de… (Dead)

Before she could complete she felt Laksh’s lips kissing her lips hard showing all his pain and dragged her closer. Ragini closed her eyes and got closer to him and kissed him back. She wrapped her hand around his neck and he wrapped his hand around her waist. It was indeed a long and passionate and a painful lip lock. Laksh tried to move back but he was not ready, he pressed her against him and broke the lock. He moved back still their hands wrapped the same. Laksh looked at her eyes closed weeping face and placed his forehead on her forehead.
Laksh whipered : Look at me.

Ragini shook her head.
Ragini : I hate you Laksh if I look at you I will fall in love with you all over again.
Laksh carried her and walked to the couch and he sat making her sit on his lap and held her face with both his hands and kissed on her forehead.
Laksh : Sorry for giving you pain (He kissed her eyes) Sorry for making you cry so much (kissed both her cheeks) Sorry for making you stay away from your love. (He softly kisses her lips and moved back) Sorry for hurting your Laksh.
Ragini opened her eyes and found two welled up eyes, she moved her hand to his face from his neck and caressed his face.
Ragini : I’m sorry I know you were hurt just the way I was but…
Laksh interrupts : Enough of justifications.

Ragini : But I need justification, for last month why didn’t you contact me?
Laksh : Because I was busy with the final project, once I speak to you I feel to keep speaking. I even mailed you telling everything in detail so you won’t get hurt. Even at times I tried calling you and messaged you but you never replied or responded
Ragini : I didn’t receive any (She wipes her tears) I was angry with you so I didn’t respond.
Laksh : Sorry for making you go through so much.
Ragini hugged Laksh tighter burying her face in to his shoulder while Laksh hugged her back really tightly.
Ragini : Missed you my gorilla.
Laksh breaks the hug and she looks at him.
Laksh : I missed your annoying face chipkali.
Ragini pouts while Laksh chuckles.
Ragini : I’m so happy today that my Laksh is back but why are you early?
Laksh : Then shall I go back?

Ragini shook her head held his face.
Ragini : No way.
Ragini kept caressing his face.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Tell me…
Laksh : I want to see you in that dress only if you…
Ragini placed her finger on his lips and nodded.
Ragini : I will.
Laksh smiled and she pecked on his forehead. She walked out of the room while Laksh sighed out.

Scene shifts MM where Swara is seen sitting with big baby bump and is calling Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Haa Swara tell.
Swara : It is already 9.00 where are you? Don’t forget what I asked you to bring.
Sanskaar : Few more works baba and will be home soon. You sleep and take care.
Swara tries to speak but Sanskaar hangs up.

Scene shifts to RagLak where Laksh is standing in the balcony and is getting wet in the rain and he hears foot steps and turns and finds Ragini standing with dress with the cardigan on. She had done a carrying away makeup and hair messily combed to a side. She had worn the earing and the chain which Laksh gifted with the sandal. Ragini frowned and gave him a death glare.
Ragini : What are you doing out Laksh? You will fall sick.

Laksh couldn’t move his eyes off her as well he couldn’t move. Ragini walked to him and tried to take him but he is not moving his eyes off her. Ragini realized that Laksh was lost in her and controlled her smile and blushed she stood in front him and raised one of her eyebrows. He dragged her closer making her gasp and removed her cardigan.
Laksh : I don’t think that this is necessary.

Ragini wrapped her hand around his neck and leaned to his ear and bit it. Laksh chuckled and tightened his grip on her waist and she clutched his shirt tightly. Laksh nuzzled his nose in to her neck and placed few wet kissed while Ragini ran her hand through his hair and his back making him go crazy. While he was inhaling her fragrance she kept pecking his neck awaking his desires his hands ran on her back making her shiver. Ragini pushed Laksh and moved back. Both of them were drenched in water.
Ragini interrupts : Not so soon handsome, I have to make food for my husband so he would be more active.

Ragini winked and turned to leave but Laksh stopped her holding her wrist and hugged her from back and inhaled her perfumed and kissed on the shoulder. Ragini smiled and closed her eyes, the cold breeze made her shiver along with his touch.
Laksh : I and you have enough energy so don’t think of testing my patience. Rememeber you asked me to show you what I miss in you.
Ragini blushed hard and controlled her laugh.
Ragini : So you are going to?

Laksh : After all my wife is too much beautiful and hot to handle.
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : It seems like my husband has learnt to be extra naughty.
Laksh : Shshshshshsh….
Ragini smiled biting her lower lip and hels his hand on her waist and closed her eyes. Laksh buried his face in to her shoulder and placed a trace of pecks on her back making her shiver. Ragini was feeling his touches and was smiling with pleasure. Ragini turned to him and kissed on his chest holding his neck and looked at him.
Ragini : I love you…
Laksh held her cheek moving one of his hands from her back and kissed on her forehead. Laksh moved back and places his forehead on hers and she smiled. The song
Laksh : I love you more and I’m gonna love you more now.
Ragini : Yes you can.
Laksh : I didn’t ask permission. I’m just informing you.

Ragini chuckled.
Ragini : So much confident is not good for health.
Laksh : Anything is fine to mark you mine.
Ragini : Impressive.
Laksh : Can I have your hand to dance?
Ragini : You are holding it already.
Laksh walked in and switched the player on and came out forwarding one of his hands and Ragini placed her on his and he dragged her closer while Tum hi ho played. They danced lost in each other.

Laksh carried her in a bridal way. Their eyes were locked to each other where Laksh placed her on the bed which was decorated with flowers. He removed her sandals and came over her and she blushed hard. He placed a kiss on tip of her nose and looked in to her eyes, he removed her ear rings and the chain and she dragged him and came over him shocking Laksh. She gives and intense look while unbuttoning his shirt and pecks his chest. Laksh wrapped them with a single quilt and they consummated their marriage indeed it was a night where they showed their love unspoken. Ragini gasped out and clutched him and he moved up from her neck and looked at her welling up eyes and gets tensed.
Laksh : Should I…
Ragini placed her finger on his lips and shook her head and smiled. Laksh looked at her lovingly and Ragini dragged him and kissed on his lips avidly caressing his back and running her hand through his hair and making him carry away.

Scene shifts to Swara where she is looking at the clock and just then Sanskaar comes.
Swara : I’m waiting for you, it is almost 12.30.
Sanskaar : You could have slept.
Swara : Where is my barfi you promised?
Sanskaar : I forgot it Swara…
Swara : Don’t talk to me, even my kids won’t talk to you.
Swara lies down and Sanskaar face palms.

Ragini is resting her head on Laksh’s chest and Laksh’s hand intertwined with hers while the other one was wrapped around her shoulder. Both of them are lying drained, in each other’s embrace. The awaited desires had satisfied each other and made their love complete.

Laksh : Ragini… (He felt few drops of tears falling on his chest and looked at Ragini) Ragini, what happened? (He made her look at him) Are you okay I mean…
Ragini interrupts : I’m okay (She looked at him) I still can’t get anything Laksh.
Laksh : What can’t you get?
Ragini : You avoiding me and leaving me and sudden arrival and now you are okay with this (She sighs) everything.
Laksh : Bachcha…
Ragini : I was hurt, literally broken Laksh…

Laksh interrupts : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Let me finish, you should know how much it hurt me. So stay away from me and you will feel how I felt.
Ragini pushed him and moved out of his chest and turned away and hugged the pillow and cried. She wept out for a while and Laksh rested back and sighed. Ragini sobs for a while and stays until Laksh consoles her, she turns and finds him busy with his phone and fumes in anger. She hits him with the pillow.
Laksh : Now what?
Ragini : I’m worried here you are playing with the phone.

Laksh : Hold on I’ll reply Ginny and come.
Ragini : Ginny? (She grabs his phone and finds the name Ginny on message and keeps the phone away and frowns) You can reply to your Ginny later now reply to this Ragini.
Laksh chuckles and drags her on top of him and tucks her wet hair behind her ear.
Laksh : There is no any Ginny in my life except this Ragini, she is my assistant over there.
Ragini : I trust you. I hated you but I fell in love with you all over again.
Laksh : I love you and fell in love with you again and will keep falling for you in all my births.
Ragini smiles and buries her face in to his chest and hugs him tightly so does he hugs her back tightly and both of them dozed off in each other’s embrace. Undeniably the night remained beautiful for both of them all with mixed emotions and feelings. Ragini and Laksh had a peaceful sleep with each other’s warmth after days of misery.

It was morning and the sun was brightly shone, the rain had stop yet the moisture remained in the air. Ragini woke up getting disturbed by rays falling on her peaceful sleep which she got after months; she opens her eyes smiling and remembers all what happened last night. She sat up and found herself in Laksh’s shirt and smiled turning her cheeks red. She closed her eyes and touched her neck and felt a little pain of love bites and smiled still closing her eyes and feeling Laksh’s touch. She looked beside and found Laksh missing and looked around. Laksh walked out of the washroom wearing a white t shirt with black ‘RAG’ printed on it and Ragini smiles looking at him.
Ragini : Good (She pauses and smiles sheepishly) morning hub.
Laksh smiles from corner of his lips.
Laksh : Good morning my lazy wife.
Ragini : Did you make me wear your shirt?
Laksh smiled awkwardly.

Laksh : You were shivering so I had to.
Ragini pouts and forwards her hands.
Ragini : Hug…
Laksh hugs her and sits beside her.
Laksh : Ragini…
She rested his head on his chest and encircled her hand around him.
Ragini : Mmm…
Laksh : You were beautiful last night in that dress.
Ragini blushed and buried her face in to his chest.
Ragini : Did you chose it?
Laksh : No Ginny did it.

Ragini : If it was you I thought of giving you a gift.
Laksh pouts and looks at Ragini.
Laksh : I only confirmed it.
Ragini chuckles and pecks his cheek.
Ragini : Must say you have got strong abs than before, I thought you will be a Sharukh in devadas but you have been like Sharukh in Don.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : Now my wild tigress go and have a bath.
Ragini blushes and controls her laugh.
Ragini : Wild? Was it you or me?
Laksh : Of course you, if you see my neck and back you will tell.
Ragini smirks.
Ragini : As if you will understand me.
Laksh : What is there to understand?

Ragini : Nothing.
She turns away her face and Laksh carries her and walks to the washroom and his phone rings.
Laksh : Be back soon.
Laksh leaves her down and walks to the bed and takes his phone and finds Gautam calling and he answers.
Gautam : Lucky did you reach safely?
Laksh nods.
Laksh : Haa haa bhaiyaa I did, actually I got busy as soon as I came so.
Laksh sounded cheerful and fresh and Gautam smiles.
Gautam : It seems like prince has met his princess.
Laksh smiles and walks down.
Laksh : You never leave a chance to tease me bhaiyaa.
Gautam : Oh come on without teasing my brother who am I to tease?
Laksh chuckles.

Laksh : Haa bhaiyaa once you come to India…
Gautam interrupts : Don’t worry I will come to your house as well as invite you to ours.
Laksh : You know me better.
Gautam : Okay I’m not ready to get scolded from my sister for wasting her time.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : Nothing like that bhaiyaa.
Gautam : Okay then take care.
Laksh : Bye.
Laksh walks to kitchen and starts preparing coffee. Ragini finishes having a bath and takes her bathrobe and wear it and walks out. She walks to the wardrobe and finds a white t shirt with a black ‘LAK’ printed. Laksh finishes preparing coffee and he feels two soft and skinny arms on over his shoulder and the other on under his arm wrapping him. Ragini had worn a short up to her thigh and the t shirt, with her hair left open.

Ragini : You got this t shirts printed?
Laksh : For us.
Ragini smiles and pecks his neck and Laksh turns to her and carries her by her waist and places her on the pantry and they share an intense eye lock.
Ragini : It is really adorable. (She chuckles) It is like, I don’t know. Very creative Laksh.
Laksh chuckles and taps her cheek.
Laksh : Whose husband I am? Drink the coffee I made you will feel better.
Laksh turns but Ragini holds his arm and makes him turn and rests her head on his chest.
Ragini : Laksh make me a promise.
Laksh : Promise?
Ragini nods and holds his neck back and caresses while the other one holds his cheeks.
Ragini : Don’t leave me ever again Laksh please your distance is unbearable.
Laksh : Promise you princess that I will never leave you.

Ragini hugged him and he hugged her back, he ran her hand on her waist letting her shiver. She pushed him.
Ragini : Stop being naughty.
Laksh : Naughty (He rolls his eyes up) look who is speaking. I don’t know who couldn’t control over their self.
Ragini : Lair it was you.
Laksh : You
Ragini : You
Laksh walks to the living room and Ragini pours the coffee which Laksh made in two mugs and walks to the living room and sits giving a mug to Laksh.
Ragini : Love is when you give me a cup of coffee
Laksh smiles and Ragini smiles back.

Laksh : Btw it was you Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini : It was you Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh : Let’s see who is more effected.
Ragini : Haa yeah come I’ll show…
Laksh laughs and Ragini stops realizing what she said and throws the cushion to Laksh and walks to him and starts hitting. Laksh had both his legs up.
Laksh : Laado…
Ragini stopped and gave a stern look. Laksh dragged her and she landed on him. He took out his phone switched the front camera.
Ragini : Do have pictures you took over there?
Laksh : Haa, it is in the cam I’ll show them later for now smile.
Ragini smiled and Laksh took few snaps of them wearing the t shirt which made “RAGLAK”
Ragini : You must be hungry.
Laksh : Very much, you didn’t give me food last night too.

Ragini : Who didn’t give you? You told you don’t want.
Laksh : Now I’m very much hungry.
Ragini : I will prepare give me 15 minutes.
Laksh nodded and Ragini brushed his hair and walked to the kitchen. Ragini starts making noodles and she started cutting vegetables. Laksh encircled his hand around her and inhaled her hair’s fragrance. He moved it to a side and kissed over each love mark letting her shiver.
Ragini whispers : Laksh…
Laksh softly : From now on I promise to make you and feel you special. I missed you, your naughtiness, your talks, your love torchers (Ragini blushes) I missed each bit of you.
Ragini finished cutting and turned to Laksh.
Ragini : I will never let you miss me from now on. You know what I’m very happy today Laksh. I gave my Laksh his right, I made him happy…
Laksh places his finger on his lips.
Laksh interrupts : It did make me happy Ragini but don’t think you are only make me happy in that way.
Ragini’s eyes get welled up.
Ragini : Laksh…

Laksh interrupts : Even your slap makes me happy.
Tears roll down her cheeks and she holds his cheek and finds a faint slap mark. She gives a tight kiss on it and moves back.
Ragini : I didn’t mean it Laksh, I meant that we made each other feel complete.
Laksh smiles and moves closer to her and holds her cheek and wipes her tears.
Laksh : Yes we did and I’m happy to see your smile. Now like my good girl finish cooking, I seriously don’t want to eat burnt food.
Ragini nods and starts preparing and Laksh looks at her lovingly.
Ragini : Stop staring at me life it is getting hard for me to resist.
Laksh : You got my disease?
Ragini pouts.
Ragini : Give me those chilies Laksh.
Laksh passes and she cuts them and her finger gets cut and she winces in pain
. Laksh rush to her.
Laksh : Can’t you be careful?
Ragini : I asked you not to stare at me.
Laksh washes her finger and takes the first aid box, Laksh dresses the wound.
Laksh : You go and sit I’ll manage the rest.
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : Love is when you make food for me…
Laksh smiled and Ragini smiles back. Ragini finishes cooking and serves the food on the table.
Laksh : 15 minutes late.

Ragini : Who asked you to come and flirt with me?
Laksh : Flirt?
Ragini : Haa…
Laksh fumes and sits while Ragini starts serving.
Laksh : Sit and eat with me.
Ragini : You don’t have to say me.
Ragini sits and Laksh yawns.
Laksh : I’m sleepy.
Ragini : Didn’t you get proper sleep?

Laksh : As the timing is different I didn’t get.
Ragini : What were you doing all night once I fell asleep?
Ragini starts eating so does Laksh.
Laksh : Should I have to tell you?
Ragini chokes and Laksh taps her back.
Ragini : What did you do?
Laksh : Can’t tell you.
Ragini : Please.
Laksh : I was eating chocolates and reading a book.
Ragini rolls up her eyes.
Ragini : Chocolates? You ate without me?
Laksh : I have a bag full for you, I only ate a slab as I was hungry.
Ragini : Still you at without me.

Both of them finish eating. Ragini stands up and collects all the plates and was about to wash. Laksh holds her hand and washes her hands and carries her.
Ragini : Where are you taking me now?
Laksh : Your husband has come after months and you are ready to wash pans.
They reach the room and Laksh throws her to the bed and she laughs. He sits and dragged her closer to her and she sat resting her back to his chest and he wrapped his hand around her rested his head on her choulder and closes his eyes.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Haa…
Laksh raised his head.
Ragini : Can you remember how did we first meet? (Shows how Ragini and Laksh first met in the college) Remember how much we struggled then (Shows how they cried confessing their love for each other before Ragini’s and Sanskaar’s engagement)? How our marriage happened (Laksh carrying Ragini taking vows)? How we seperatted and now again we are united?

Laksh : There is a lot to tell to out kids.
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : Haa you can tell them as bed time stories.
Laksh : I will also tell everything about their mama.
Ragini : Even I will tell everything about their papa.
Laksh : I want to see you with a cute baby bump, carrying our love.
Ragini blushes.
Ragini : Our life Laksh.
Laksh : Haa…Btw did you see Swara, how fat she has gone?
Ragini : Did you go home and come?
Laksh : I met all of them and then came to meet you. As I wanted to (He buries his head to her neck, making her shiver) spend more time with you I met them first.
Ragini : You don’t have to tell me Laksh I understand, even they want to meet their choco boy. (Laksh moves back and chuckles) now the choco boy has become…
Laksh closes her mouth while she laughed out loud. She moved from him and turned to him still laughing.

Laksh : I heard Swara is having twins but I want triplets.
Ragini pretends to feel like faintish.
Ragini : You mean three? Laksh forget. Not more than a kid, that kid is also as you love kids.
Laksh : What? You promised my own dozen.
Ragini : No way, I will only have to run behind them so remember I’m now itself telling not more than a kid.
Laksh makes a puppy face and Ragini throws the pillow on his face.
Laksh : Please?
Ragini : No way Laksh so forget it. I love kids but not kids who have your naughty character. Looking after you itself is tiring imagine few copies of Laksh (She breathes out) no no no….
Laksh laughs while Ragini shakes her head and Laksh drags her to him and she lands on his lap. He kissed on her head and she rested her head on his chest while their hands intertwined.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Mmmm….
Laksh’s phone rings and he fumes.

Laksh : They won’t let me stay in my romance mode. (Ragini giggles while Laksh answers the call) Hello Mike.
Ragini smiles naughtily and brushes her lips on his neck holding both his shoulders while he gasps out.
Mike : Sir the project proposals has been selected.
Ragini moves her lips on his jaws still running her hand seductively on his chest.
Laksh : What is the results? Has ours got selected?
Ragini looked at tensed face of Laksh and holds his face, he looked back and signed her he is fine.
Mike : Ours is selected for top three and the best proposal will take over the project.
Laksh : That’s a great news Mike, yeah catch you later. Bye

Laksh hangs up and Ragini look on and Laksh hugs her tightly.
Ragini : What happened jaan?
Laksh : Our proposal has been selected for the top three.
Ragini breaks the hug, still wrapped her hands around him and looks at Laksh’s happy face.
Ragini : Congratulations Laksh.
Laksh : All thanks for my strength. (Ragini smiles and holds his cheek and they share an intense eyelock) I love you.
Ragini smiles and nods, she kneels down on the bed infront of him and places her forhead with his, he held her waist and looked in to her eyes.
Ragini : Love you more.

She kissed on his lips and he lied on her kissing back lovingly, both of them get carried away and they get make it out. Laksh was resting his head on her shoulder and had wrapped his hand around Ragini hugging her tight. He was in a deep sleep while Ragini had closed her eyes and rested her head on the bed and was brushing his hair in to a rhythm. Ragini’s phone vibrates on the side drawer of the bed, she takes and finds Swara calling. Ragini answers the call.
Ragini softly : Haa Swara tell.
Swara : Ragini are you and Laksh coming home for lunch?
Ragini : Haa we are coming.
Swara : At what time? It is already 12.00.
Ragini : Once Laksh a wakes we will come.
Swara chuckles.
Swara : Ragini I have been calling for more than two to three hours. What were you doing so long ah? (Ragini blushes and remembers what happened few hours ago) Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Nothing Swara.
Swara : Very bad you wouldn’t have let my Dewar sleep properly that is what he is sleeping now.
Ragini : What rubbish? He has to get used to Indian time.
Swara laughs.

Swara : Not rubbish I’m talking the truth Ragini, your voice is so bright.
Ragini : Remember your kids are listening to you.
Swara chuckles.
Swara : Let them also know how naughty their chaachu and chaachi are.
Ragini : You are crazy.
Swara : Come back soon, now I’m hanging up.
Ragini nods and keeps the phone on the table. She holds Laksh’s cheek and buries her face to his head and hugs him tight.

Scene shifts to MM where Simran and Pooja are cooking.
Ap : Pooja beta…
Pooja comes out.
Pooja : Haa maami.
Ap : See if Laksh’s room is cleaned. If not please clean it beta.
Pooja smiles and nods.
Pooja : I will maami.
Pooja turns to leave.
Ap : Pooja…(Pooha turns and look on) even after bhabhi asked not to step in our house you broke the ties and came.
Pooja shakes her head.
Pooja : I stood with right hope Dhurav finds a house soon.
Ap : You can stay here until you find one.

Pooja nods and walks up. Swara is seen wiping dishes sitting on the dining table.
Swara : Ma, I’m so happy today that Ragini is coming.
Ap : Haa beta both of them are coming after long time.
Scene shifts to guest house where Laksh awakes and finds Ragini staring at him. Laksh smiles and stretches his hands and yawns.
Ragini : Had a nice sleep.
Laksh smirks and sighs.
Laksh : Haa…

Ragini : We have to leave home now, it is already late.
Laksh nods and switches on his phone.
Laksh : I wish we could just be like this forever.
Ragini : Wish wish all the wishes won’t come true.
Laksh laughs and drags her closer.
Laksh : If you want I will.
He said it in a husky voice making Raginj shiver.
Ragini : It is getting late.
Ragini said it in a rough tone while Laksh caresses her cheek. They share and intense yet lovely eye lock.

Scene shifts to MM where, Simran and Ap finish cooking. Sanskaar and Dp enter.
Dp : Have they arrived?

Swara : Not yet papa.
Dp nods and sits. Scene shifts to the guest house where Ragini is wiping her hair and Laksh still lying on the bed covered with the quilt.
Ragini : Laksh it is getting late, get ready fast.
Laksh gets a call and he answers it and keeps speaking while Ragini gets pissed. She walks to his luggage and takes out his dress and places it on the bed. Laksh hangs up and smiles.
Laksh : My luggage have been safely shipped.

Ragini looks at him giving a stern look and he moves his eyes from his phone to her and finds Ragini giving him death glare.
Ragini : I’m going down and before I come back you must be ready.
Ragini marches out while Laksh gulps. Ragini reaches the kitchen and starts making juice. She suddenly remembers of Diya and calls Diya. Diya is seen talking with Akshaya and her phone rings. Diya smiles and answers it.
Diya : Hello Dii…
Ragini : Where are you?
Diya chuckles.
Diya : Bhaiyaa chased me.
Ragini : Chased you?
Diya : Haa di.
Ragini : You could have chased him. Is he the one who looked after me or you?
She puts phone in the loudspeaker and starts making juice. Diya laughs while Akshaya looks on.
Diya : I was kidding, I helped him in decorating the room and he asked me to stay but didn’t want to be a disturbance for both of you. So I asked Akshaya if I could stay with her and she said okay.
Ragini : So you knew Laksh coming.

Diya : Haa…
Ragini : Keep it up both of you.
Diya : Sorry di but he got me promised.
Ragini finishes making and places the juice on the tray and places her phone too. She walks up.
Ragini : It is fine and yeah Diya you can join back as his assistant. You know what now I can’t trust your bhaiyaa.
Ragini places the tray on the table and sits on the couch.
Diya : Why can’t you trust?
Ragini : Your bhaiyaa is always with the phone and so many girls in his contact so you itself be his assistant.
Diya laughs.
Diya : So much possessive?
Ragini : Not possessive but protecting.
Laksh comes out buttoning his shirt.
Laksh : Protecting who?
Ragini : Diya catch you later bye.
Diya : Bye di.

Laksh : Whom are you protecting?
Ragini : You.
Laksh : From?
Ragini walks to him and wipes his hair with towel.
Ragini : Girls.
Laksh chuckles and encircles his hand around her waist letting her shiver. Laksh laughs looking at her nervous face. Laksh leans to her.
Laksh : You will be the only girl for this Laksh in all our lives (Ragini blushes) and also baby by now you must be used to my touch.
Ragini : Drink it and we have to leave.
Laksh nods and turns but stood and turns back and he walks to the dresser and takes the sindoor box and walks to Ragini. He applies and Ragini closes her eyes feeling his touch on her maang. Laksh makes her wear the mangalsutra.
Laksh : My duty is done.
Ragini smiles and tears roll down her cheek and Laksh shakes his head and hug her tightly. He breaks the hug and wipes her tears, he turns to leave but Ragini holds his hand and stops him and he looks at her. She stands by her toes and kisses on his lips holding behind his neck and clutching his shirt. He held her waist and wipes her rolling tears from eyes, intense lock lasted for few minutes and she moved back.
Ragini whispers : Doze given
Laksh : It was too strong though.
Ragini bit her tongue and blushes.
Ragini : Sowwy.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : No more tears please and yeah I love this wild wife.
Ragini grins and Laksh takes the juice and sits. Ragini packs her bag and they leave out. Both of them get in to the car and drives off. They reach MM and both of them get down and look at it emotionally. They remember how they entered on their marriage day. Ragini walks to Laksh and Laksh holds her hand and looks at her lovingly while she looks back at his eyes. He tightened his hold indicating that he is going to hold her forever. Both of them walked to the entrance and finds Simran standing in the entrance.
Simran : Welcome bhai and bhabhi.
Ragini and smiles and they try to enter but Simran stops.

Laksh : Are you trying to chase us?
Simran : Hold on bua will bring Aarti thaal. Bua (She shouts) bua… Ragini and Laksh has comes.
Ap hears Simran shouting and rushes to the entrance and finds Ragini and Laksh.
Laksh : Ma you took aarti yesterday too.
Ap : Not for my daughter. I want to take for both of you together.
Ragini smiles and Laksh grins while Ap takes aarti of them. Both of them enter and walk to the living room holidng each other’s hand.
Swara : Laksh at least leave her hand now.

Laksh and Ragini gets embarrassed.
Ragini releases from his grip and walks to Swara and hugs her from back.
Ragini : My niece and nephew are striking me from hugging you.
Sanskaar : Soon you will hug her properly.
Sanskaar comes getting down the stairs.
Ragini : Where is papa?
Ap : He has gone on a business trip to Dhelhi.
Pooja : Maami it is already late, why don’t they eat?
Ap nods and adjusts her pallu.
Ap : Place the food on the table.
Ragini walks to the kitchen so does Pooja and Simran. Laksh and Sanskaar sit so does Swara.
Sanskaar : So hope you get the project.

Laksh nods and smiles.
Laksh : Hope so.
Swara : Laksh it is very bad to everyone how naughty your wife is.
Laksh looks shocked while Sanskaar chuckles.
Sanskaar : Haa Lucky, you must not show that Ragini torches you in this way.
Ragini comes out of the kitchen taking curries.
Swara : You must have had a hard time hena Laksh.
Sanskaar : Nail marks…
Ragini widens her eyes and turns and blushes while Laksh holds his neck back. Ap walks out of the kitchen carrying dishes.
Ap : Laksh beta…Sanskaar… Swara, come to eat.
Laksh stands up and walks to the dining table while Ragini gives a death glare while Laksh looks away and sits. Swara and Sanskaar come and sit. AP also sits while Pooja, Ragini and Simran serve.
Pooja : Ragini, you also sit.
Ragini : it is fine bhabhi, btw where Sumi ma and Suji ma?
Ap : They have gone to mandir.

Ragini smiles and walks to Laksh and serves.
Swara : Ragini serve him nicely baba.
Ragini gives a death glare to Swara while Swara sticks her tongue out. Ragini also sits and eat, they finish eating.
Ap : Swara bet you go take rest.
Swara nods and Sanskaar takes her up. Ragini cleans all the dishes while AP walks to her room and Laksh follows her.
Laksh : Ma…

Ap : Come in beta.
Ap sits on the bed and Laksh sits down on the floor and rests his head on her.
Laksh : Missed you ma.
Ap : Missed you too chotu (She caresses his head)I’m sorry beta while you were away I couldn’t look after Ragini.
Laksh : Ma you don’t have to be, in fact she was sorry that she couldn’t help you out.
Ap : Circumstance beta…
Ragini enters and smiles looking at them and Ap signs her to come, she sits down andrests her head on her lap.
Ragini : Wish every girl get an understand mother in law like you.
Ap smiles and caresses her hair while Laksh holds Ragini’s hand and he signs her everything will be okay.
Laksh : Ma do you love me more or Ragini more?

Ap chuckles and both Ragini and Laksh frown at each other and look at Ap. Laksh makes a puppy face while Ragini pouts.
Ap : Umm, I love Ragini the most.
Ragini smiles while Laksh makes a sad face. Ragini sticks her tongue out.
Ragini : Look Laksh ma love me more than she loves you.
Laksh : She is lying to you.
Ragini : Ma are you lying? You have loved Laksh for 24 years but I didn’t have a mother to love me from when I was seven so ma you must love me more than him now.
Laksh looks shocked while Ragini gets teary so does Ap.
Ap : Ragini…

Ragini sits beside and hugs Ap and tears roll down her cheeks.
Ragini : Ma can you make me feel my mother again?
Ap : Ragini stop crying, I’m your ma. When I’m here why are you crying.
Ragini : I love you ma.
Ap : Love you too beta.

Scene shifts to Sanskaar’s room where Sanskaar is in the washroom. He comes out and Swara is seated pouting.
Swara : Sanskaar I want jelabi.

Sanskaar : You eat so much and look how ugly you have become.
Swara : Please…
Sanskaar : I’ll go check… (Sanskaar walks down) Ma… Pooja bhabhi…
Ap along with Ragini walks out. Laksh follows them still shocked.
AP : Sanskaar why are you shouting?
Sanskaar : Swara wants jelebi.

Ap : Wait I’ll get it.
Ragini : Ma I will take.
Ragini walks in while Ap walks inside her room. Ragini brings a dish and hands it to Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Thank you.
Sanskaar walks up.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini looks at Laksh and Laksh signs her to come and he walks to a corner and Ragini follows her.
Ragini : Why Laksh?
Laksh turns to Ragini.
Laksh : What happened to you? I mean Ragini why did you react like that before? (Ragini look on) I was kidding and why did you take it serious?
Ragini : Laksh…

Laksh interrupts : Are you still dwelling on your mother’s death?
Ragini looks down and tears roll down her eyes, Laksh held her wrist and dragged her in to his chest and hugged her tightly while she broke down in his chest.
Ragini : She was killed by my own father Laksh my own father. I always wanted my mother beside me like you to go and rest my head when I’m sad or upset. I always wanted a mother to caress my head when I’m worried. I always wanted a mother to smile in my success. I wanted to cry on my bidaai hugging my mother, I wanted a mother to support me and direct me. (She sobs and cries hard and hugs him tightly while Laksh is shocked.) I’m jealous of you Laksh as well as happy that my Laksh didn’t have to go through that kind of pain.

Laksh : Shshshshshshsh…
Ragini : Always wanted to be loved by a mother, when you said ma was lying it pained Laksh.
Laksh hugs her more tightly and kissed on her head.
Laksh : Ragini here look at me (He makes her look and wipes her tears) stop crying (Ragini wipes her tears and smiles) Stop crying please, look from now on you have your ma and papa. I can’t fill the absence of your mother in the past but I promise that my mother will fill her place. (Ragini nodded while Laksh kissed on her forehead) So no more tears and I’m sorry for hurting but I really didn’t mean it.
Ragini : Never dare to say it again, she loves me more than she loves you because I’m your life.
Ragini smiles and Laksh chuckles and hugs her.
Laksh : True enough.
Ragini : Laksh (Laksh breaks the hug and looks at her) can we go to mandir in the evening?
Laksh : Of course now I want to go to our room.
Ragini : You go, I will finish the kitchen work and come.

Laksh : No, I want to you to come with me.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : You can do it later now come with me.
Ragini nods and both of them walk. Ragini opens the room door and Laksh holds her hand and both of them enter. They remember all their moments together and smile. Laksh hugged Ragini from back while Ragini rested back on Laksh holding his hand on her waist.
Ragini : It was incomplete without you in it.
Laksh makes her turns and holds her cheek and leans to her.
Kaka : Laksh baba your back.
Laksh moves and fumes while Ragini chuckles.
Laksh : Haa keep it I will take.
Kaka leaves and Laksh walks and takes the bag.

Ragini : Enough being romantic hub I have work in the kitchen. (She turns to leave and turns back to Laksh) Btw Mr. Laksh stops showing your wife Mrs. Laksh’s naughtiness to the world by the nail marks on your neck like I hide yours. Understood?
Ragini says in a commanding tone while Laksh pouts and Ragini pats his cheek and marches out, he laughs looking at her antics.. Laksh keeps the entire bag and takes out his phone. He dials a number.
Laksh : Haa, I want it by another two to three weeks. (He smiles) Yeah thank you.
Laksh hangs up and sits on the bed. Ragini walks down and starts cleaning the kitchen along with Pooja and Simran. She makes juice and walks up, she knocks the door of SwaSan’s room.
Swara : Come in Ragini…

Ragini enters and places the juice beside.
Ragini : Drink this Swara, it is really good for you.
Swara : Mango juice?
Ragini nods and sits beside her while Sanskaar leaves out.
Ragini : I’ couldn’t look after you for past nine months but I will look after you like a queen for this nine days.
Swara’s eyes get welled up and Ragini hugs her.

Swara : I told you, you will get another chance.
Ragini laughs and breaks the hug.
Ragini : I love you Swara.
Swara : Love you too, btw when will you give me the badi ma promotion?
Ragini : Soon but before than let your kids come, I will make them naughty like their chaachi.
Ragini makes naughty face while Swara chuckles.
Swara looks at her baby bump.
Swara : Haa bachchas this is your naughty chaachu’s naughty chaachi.

Swara and Ragini laugh and Swaragini play in the background.

Laksh comes out of the room and finds Sanskaar sitting in the upstairs living room. Laksh sits on the couch.
Laksh : So my loving bhai, how do you feel?
Sanskaar : Feel what?

Laksh : Going to be called as papa?
Laksh chuckles.
Sanskaar : Nothing much.
Laksh : Ma forget marriage, I’m never going to marry (He imitates Sanskaar) if you reall want your son to marry make Laksh marry.
Laksh laughs and runs.

Ragini : Someone said they will neve
r marry and now with a big baby bumb.,
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini giggles and runs out while both Ragini and Laksh clash with each other and Laksh holds her by her waist and they smile sharing an intense eye lock.

Screen freezes on the faces of RagLak.
Flashback ends.

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