Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 57

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 57

*No present*

Flashback years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Ragini held Laksh’s cheeks and caressed it.
Ragini : I missed you life. (Ap comes to her and drags her and gives a tight slap on her cheek. Ragini looks shocked so is Ragini) Ma…
Ap interrupts : Have you gone mad?
Ragini : Ma Laksh…(She looks on to her right and doesn’t find Laksh) Laksh…
Ap : Laksh was not there, what is wrong with you?
Ragini : No ma Laksh was here, he felt my pain and returned. Laksh (Ragini shouts while the rest looks at her with pain) maybe he went to room.
Ragini runs up while Ap, Dp, Sanskaar and Swara follow her.
Swara : Ragini hold on.
Ragini reaches the room.
Ragini : Laksh…Laksh… (She turns to them) Ma Papa I saw Laksh…
Sanskaar interrupts : No Ragini it was you hallucination.
Ragini shakes her head and looks around.
Rragini : No no no (she shouts) Laksh come out stop playing with me and come…Laksh (She shouts) Laksh…Laksh…
Ragini calls him and faints while everyone looks shocked. Scene shifts to London where Laksh comes downstairs and finds Gautam speaking on a call. Gautam smiles looking at Laksh and Laksh smiled back. Gautam hangs up and sits on the couch and gestures Laksh to sit. Laksh sits and sighs out.
Gautam : You look tensed and disturbed.
Laksh : I think she I crying.
Laksh said it in a cracking voice and looked down.
Gautam : Just speak to her you as well as she will feel better Lucky. Your decision of not telling her illness and moving from her life for some time was right but not punishing her like this without contacting. Just give a call and speak she will feel relaxed so you will.
Laksh : You are right bhaiyaa but still I’m confused if I had to tell her what she is going through her.
Gautam : You know her better.
Laksh : I would have told her bhaiyaa but she is a person who thinks about my happiness if she knows it is because of her my happiness is getting lost she will be cursing herself and it will be hard to explain her that that is not what I won’t in her. I know this is temporary even for temporary I don’t want her to take the blame. Now the blame for her pain is totally mine bhai and I’m fine.

Gautam nods and smiles.
Gautam : In anyway you are more hurt.
Laksh smiles painfully.
Laksh : Anything for her.
Gautam : But you better call to her and speak.
Laksh nods while Gautam leves. Ragini is seen resting on the bed Ap seated beside Ragini.
Ap : Sanskaar you take Swara and go to your room I will look after her.
Just then Ragini’s phone ring and Sanskaar take it.
Sanskaar : Country code +44 it is London.
Swara : Must be Laksh.
Sanskaar answers the call.
Sanskaar : Hello.
Laksh : Sanskaar what are you doing with Ragini’s phone? Is she alright?
Sanskaar walks out and ends up in the living room.
Sanskaar : Nothing she is not well.
Laksh : Not well? (Laksh gets shocked and stands up) what happened?
Sanskaar : She is fine now Laksh, why didn’t you call for nearly a week?
Laksh sighs.
Laksh : I tried a couple of times but I was unreachable and it took time to get a network plus I was just planning with the project as I’m starting it from tomorrow thought of calling and speaking calmly once everything is okay.

Sanskaar sighs out.
Sanskaar : It is getting hard for her you better speak with her now she is asleep (Swara comes and stands beside her) asleep after a week. She stayed up all night losing her sleep, she only slept for one or two hours a day.
Laksh : Sanskaar I need to speak to her.
Sanskaar : Once she is awake I’ll call you. Wait ma wanted to speak to you.
Sanskaar walks to RagLak’s room and hands the phone to Ap.
Laksh : Ma…
Ap interrupts : Don’t talk to me.
Laksh : Ma I’m sorry I couldn’t reach you people. How are you ma?
Ap : I’m fine beta how are you?
Laksh : Fine ma.
Ap : Have you settled properly? What about your meals?
Laksh : Ma I found an Indian here, he is very good and I’m living with him.
Ap : That’s good beta take care of yourself.
Laksh nods.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ap looks at Ragini and caresses her head.
Ap : She is asleep once she awakes I will ask her to call you.
Laksh nods.
Laksh : Then ma I’m hanging up then take care ma.
Ap nods and hangs up. Swara Walks to her room and Sanskaar follows her.
Swara : Why is Laksh doing this Sanskaar? The project which he could handle from here why did he go there?
Sanskaar : You are worrying too much, he didn’t want to lose this project so he went nothing else do you think that he will leave his life and go if it is not important?
Swara looks on and Sanskaar hugs her and she hugs him back. Ragini is seen sleeping still her face is not peaceful. Ap was sitting beside Ragini. Ragini keeps on murmuring Laksh’s name and with a jerk she sits up shouting Laksh’s name.
Ragini : Ma Laksh, I don’t even know where he is and how he is.
Ap looks at her painfully.
Ap : Beta calm down Laksh called.
Ragini smiles through her tears.
Ragini : Did he?
Ap nods and hands her the phone.
Ap : Speak to Laksh, I will bring dinner for you.
Ragini takes the phone and dials the number while Ap leaves. Laksh is seen having a bath while his phone is vibrating on the bed. Ragini keeps dialing and she gets teary. Ragini looks at the phone display which had a pouting picture of Laksh and caresses it. She stands up taking her phone and walked out she looked up at the night sky and breathed.
Ragini’s POV.
I was shattered totally thinking where are you and how are you life just now I got a few breath after knowing you spoke. I’m craving to hear your voice Laksh. I never thought that you would be my addiction. I need you, I need your embrace, I need to feel you. This room this house everything is just remembering you and is killing me. Your Ragini is waiting for her Laksh come back soon.
Ragini’s POV ends.

Laksh comes out of the room wiping his hair and he sighs. Laksh walks to Ragini’s big frame and caresses it.
Laksh’s POV.
Missing you already a lot. I knew I’m going to live a hell life but didn’t think this hell will be this much painful. Life I’m sorry but I have no option. I’m just waiting to the day when I mark you as mine waiting to the day to show how much I love you. The day I come to you I want you to give me a tight slap for hurting you. I love you and I hate your Laksh for hurting you.
Laksh’s POV ends.
There was a knock on the door and Laksh opened it. Gautam was with his arms folded and one eyebrow raised to the air.
Laksh : Bhaiyaa…
Gautam : Keep calling me bhaiyaa but you don’t listen to this bhaiyaa. Did you have your lunch it is already 5.00.
Laksh shakes his head.
Laksh : I was not feeling hungry…
Gautam interrupts : What has your wife told no matter what don’t skip meals.
Scene shifts to MM where Ap comes we with a tray and doesn’t find Ragini.
Ap : Ragini beta…
Ragini is seen getting wet in the rain and she is fully enjoying it. There was squirrel which was lying wet in her balcony where she walked to it and took it to her hand and covered it with her pallu. She came in caressing it slowly. For the first time ever she forgot about her Laksh and her pain after seeing the innocant creature struggling. She was fully drenched holding the little creature on her palm there was a soft smile on corner of her lips.
Ragini : Ma…
Ap : Did you get wet in the rain? Crazy child you are.
Ragini walked to Ap and smiled deeply.
Ragini : I’m fine ma after a long time I got wet in rain now feeling relaxed.
Ap smiles looking at Ragini who had a smile between her painful face.
Ap : You didn’t have anything fro morning now its night already so come and have this food.
Ragini : I’ll have a bath and eat ma.
Ap : Pakka?
Ragini : Ha ma pakka.

Ap notices the squirrel.
Ap : What is in your hand?
Ragini : It is a squirrel ma (She shows) Isn’t it cute? It was we in rain and was struggling like me (She realized what she said and bit her lower lip and looked away) I thought of giving it some comfort so it would feel better.
Ap nods understanding her pain and left the room and Ragini turned to the coffee table and took the flower basket which was on it and took away all the flowers. She placed few clothed in and placed the squirrel in it. She walked to the wardrobe and took out her saadi. She looked at the remaining few dresses of Laksh’s and gets teary. Ragini wipes the drop of tear which rolled down her cheek and walked to the washroom and came having a bath. She wiped her hair applies her sindoor and sat on the bed she looked around and every inch reminded her of Laksh. Her eyes betrayed her and she broke down when her eyes caught up with his picture hanging on the wall. She cried hard hugging herself and walked out wiping her tears, each brick of that house reminded her of Laksh, each corner had their memories hidden. Ragini ended up in terrace where the rain has stopped but it was wet and moisture air, the breeze touched her face giving her shivering sensation. She remembered her moments with Laksh in the terrace on that night (The night where they were romancing secretly) there was no more place to run. Ragini sighed out as it was the only thing a broke and a lonely soul could do and the tears which were rolling down her eyes were flowing even without her knowledge. She sat on the bench which was covered with roof and dragged her legs to her chest; she looked up at the night sky where there were few stars.
Ragini : Where are you Laksh? What are you doing? Your Ragini is missing you to the moon (She points at the full moon) and back and moon and back and moon and back and so on… I don’t know what is going on within me Laksh I need you so please (She sobs) so please come back soon.
She hears a voice.
Voice : Is my Ragini that weak? (Ragini looks around and finds no one but realizes that it was Laksh’s voice) I thought my angel was strong. Stop crying life I can’t tolerate your tears. I love you and will be back soon, it is a soul promise jaan.
Ragini smiles and nods, scene shifts to London where Gautam washes all the dishes, Laksh helps him to clean the kitchen. Laksh suddenly holds his left chest and feels an immense pain.
Gautam : Are you okay?
Laksh breaths out and nods.
Laksh : I’m fine bhaiyaa.

Gautam : Did you speak to her?
Laksh shakes his head and Gautam chuckles.
Laksh : I couldn’t.
Gautam : My wife and I spoke for more than 30 times every day for the whole week and here my phone is still beeping and you (He shakes his head) Your love life has no spice. Right now call and speak to her.
Laksh checks his pocket.
Laksh : My phone is up..
Gautam : Go speak to her you as well as she will feel better bro so go.
Laksh nods and runs up and searches for his phone, he searches on the dresser, book shelf, and table and finally turns to the bed and finds it. Laksh rushes to it and takes it and finds missed calls from Ragini’s number, Laksh keeps calling while Ragini’s phone is seen ringing in her room on the dresser and Ragini is seen sleeping on the bench in the terrace. Laksh keeps calling and sits on the bean bag on his room. He switches his phone and stares at Ragini’s eyes welled up picture and gives a painful look.
Laksh : Look how god is punishing me for hurting you life. Still my heart says what I did is right, for you, for me and for our kid who you want to grow in your womb and who I want to have in my arms. (Laksh smiles and nods) Please bear this pain angel and I promise not give you any once I return. I’m yearning to hear your voice but I’m unable. Hope you are fine (He touches his left chest and caresses it) Yes you are fine.
Laksh keeps staring at the photo and falls asleep. After few hours Gautam is seen speaking through call with Ananya.
Ananya : So what is Laksh doing? From the time you said that the guy in the newspaper is living with you Akshya ate me raw asking about him.
Gautam chuckles while Ananya is seen sitting on the couch with her baby bump and Akshaya beside her and they had the loudspeaker on
Gautam : I already told you Ana he is married.
Akshaya frowns.
Akshaya : Dumb jiju, I never thought his as my crush and never ever repeat it. It really hurts me.
Akshaya gets teary while Ananya rests her head on her chest.
Ananya : Stop is Gautam our doll is getting upset.
Gautam : Forgive me princess.
Akshaya pouts.
Akshaya : Forgave.
Ananya : So is he a person who is like taking advantage of you?
Gautam : No Ana he is really a lovely person in face what I like in him is he loves his wife a lot. You enter his room and you will find as if his wife is living with him.
Akshaya : I wanna see.
Gautam, : Isn’t it a bad habit to sneak in to others room?
Akshaya pouts and looks at Ananya.
Ananya : We will skype once and then we will sneak okay doll?
Akshaya nods and Gautam chuckles.
Gautam : You two sisters are mad, I’m hanging up. I have got some work to do.
Ananya : Good night.
Gautam : It’s still 6.00 p.m here.
Akshaya : Still jiju it is night for us.
Gautam : Whatever sleep well and yeah let me know if you find your so called brother I mean my so called brother in law.
Ananya : Stop hurting our feelings Gautam.
Gautam : I was joking janu, now sleep you must be tired.
Ananya hangs up and walks to the bed and lies so does Akshaya.
Akshaya : Will we find him di? And how?
Ananya : I don’t know but I will find him not today, not tomorrow but one day.
Akshaya nods and smiles, scene shifts to London where Gautam comes to Laksh’s room and finds him asleep on the bean bag Gautam sighs and closes door and walks down to his room and sits on the couch. He takes out the laptop and starts working.

Scene shifts to SM where Aditya walks to his room and finds Simran folding dress.
Simran : You are back?
Aditya nods.
Aditya : I’m going to speak with regarding her dad.
Simran : She thinks he is dead right, again why are you trying to disturb her?
Aditya : I already explained Laksh about her dad living and I need Ragini for further investigations now he is away, if I speak to Ragini she will understand for sure.
Simran : Can’t you leave this case a side?
Aditya turns to Simran and holds her shoulder.
Aditya : Lives of poor Simran that man was behind many murders of young girls.
Simran : Ragini has nothing to do with it.
Aditya : I know but she is his daughter, there must be something that she knows about his passwords or something.
Simran : She wouldn’t know.
Aditya : That man no matter how much we beat him he is not ready to open the mouth. We are scared to hit him more, he might die.
Simran : Now forget, you can find about him without making Ragini involve. Btw bua had called she asked what happened to Vishal?
Aditya : I spoke with police they have prisoned him for five years.
Simran : But it is to be two right.
Aditya : I know he is your cousin but he has committed a crime and Ragini is not the first so the time period increased.
Simran : Have you come to ruin my family?
Aditya chuckles and drags her while Simran blushes.
Aditya : Now my wife better stop worrying about my problems.
Aditya carries Simran and walks to the bed and throws her on the bed while she laughed out loud and he leaned to her you know what happened.

It is morning in India where Ap walks to Swara’s room and finds Sanskaar ready to office, Ap hands over the tea to both of them.
Swara : Ma Ragini…
Ap : Ha she felt happy last night after she found out that Laksh is safe.
Sanskaar : Did she speak?
Ap : Hopefully yes I think.
Sanskaar : Hope so.
Ap : Swara beta I’ll give the coffee and come to Ragini.
Swara : Okay ma
Swara nods and PA laves to Ragini’s room and doesn’t find Ragini. She walks to the bakcony and doesn’t find her there too.
Ap : Ragini… (She checks the washroom) Ragini… (She walks out and shouts) Ragini… Ragini where are you?
DP, Sanskaar and Swara come out.
Swara : What happened Ma?
Ap : Ragini is missing.
Swara : Missing?
Sanskaar : Can’t be, Swara stop taking tension she must be somewhere here.
Swara nods and starts searching Ragini. Dp walks out and calls the security.
DP : Did Ragini beta go out?
Security : No sir.
Dp walks in and starts searching, they search each corner of the house.
Swara : Ma maybe she is in the terrace.
Ap : Terrace?
All of them rush to terrace and finds Ragini sleeping on the bench cuddled and shivering. Swara rush to her and finds her cold.
Swara : Ragini… Ragini (She starts rubbing Ragini’s hands) Ma she is cold.
Ap hits her palm on his forehead and cries.
Ap : What sin has Laksh done ji? This girl is suffering so much?
Dp : Don’t worry we will call Harini…
Swara : Papa Harini has gone out of station getting a transfer.

Dp : I’ll call any other doctor, Sanskaar take her to the room.
Sanskaar nods and carries Ragini. Ragini is continuously shivering and murmuring Laksh’s name. Swara is seen rubbing her hands. Ap enters with warm water and a cloth, she sits beside Ragini and keeps the cloth on Ragini’s forehead.
Ragini whispers : Laksh…
Tears roll down from both AP’s and Swara’s eyes. The doctor enters and starts checking.
Doctor : What exactly happened? Did she sleep after having a bath or did she get wet in the rain?
Ap : She had bath last night as she got wet in the rain and she slept out.
Doctor nods.
Doctor : Is she fine mentally?
Swara : She is a bit upset about her husband leaving to abroad.
Doctor : Maybe that is the reason, she was already weak and she caught up with fever and cold as her body was weak. I’ll write medicines make her warm and make her feel better.
Ap nods and the doctor leaves.
Dp : I will ask Laksh to come back.
Ap nods and Dp sighs.
Sanskaar : Swara take care and papa shall we leave?
Dp nods and both of them walk out. Ragini slowly opens her eyes and looks around. Just then her phone rings and Swara answers.
Swara : Hello…
Laksh is seen sitting on the couch.
Laksh : Ragini…
Swara : Laksh…
Ragini hears Laksh’s name and gets happy. Swara hands the phone to Ragini and Ragini places it on her ear.
Laksh : Where is Ragini? (Ragini closed her eyes and let her tears roll down. she felt current passing all over her body hearing his voice, the voice was in deep pain) Hello…
She smiled through her tears, she heard her Laksh’s voice which she was craving for.
Ragini : Laksh it is me your Ragini… (Laksh gets confused and then sighs out) Laksh…
Tears rolled down Laksh’s eyes, they didn’t know what to speak. Laksh figured out tha her painful voice was so flat and was filled with misery.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ap and Swara left while Ragini sat with difficulty.
Ragini : Where were you so long?
Laksh : I’m sorry life…
Ragini interrupts : I don’t want to hear any excuse Laksh. Tell me how are you?
Laksh : Is it a question to ask, I’m nothing without you near me.
Ragini smiled from corner of her lips.
Ragini : Have you settled well?
Laksh nods.
Laksh : Found an Indian.
Ragini : What about your meals?
Laksh : Everything is fine. How are you?
Ragini wept and swallowed her misery. He closed his eyes in pain.
Ragini : I don’t know how I was until now but after hearing your voice I got my breath back, for one week that one week I was gone mad Laksh waiting for your call (She sobbed out) I had no idea where were you. My heart was beating Laksh that was my only hope.
Laksh : Stop crying I’m fine (He stood from the couch and sat on the bed) I want to see you. Come on face time.
Ragini : Aren’t you sleepy? It is midnight for you right?
Laksh : I work according to Indian time, I feel I’m home the only thing I’m missing is my angel other than her everything is near me.
Ragini chuckled and wiped her tears.
Ragini : Haa you had taken my saadis and perfume and gone.
Laksh : To feel you here.
Ragini : But I’m not able to live in your presence Laksh
Laksh : Come on face time.
Ragini nods and cuts the call and call in face time. Laks answers it and the screen loads and suddenly Ragini’s face appeared. Laksh smiled between his tears looking at Ragini’s face. She had gone pale and her lips were more in to peach colour and there was a red out line around her eyes and and tip of her nose was red. She looked plain but her maang was filled sindoor which highlighted very well on her pale look, her collar bones were popped out and she had not worn her mangalsutra. Ragini’s screen was still loading.
Ragini : Your face is still not appearing.
Laksh : It will appear btw are you sick?
Ragini smiled sheepishly and shook her head. Her eyes had no tears for the time but her face was soaked and her eyelashes were wet too and her hair was messy and put it to aside
Ragini : I’m okay you show me your monkey face soon.
Laksh : Whom are you lying to? I’m your husband.
Ragini : I know if your face appears I’ll tell.
Just then Laksh’s face appeared on her screen and she smiled deeply looking at him. He had a faint beard and his face was pale too. His eyes were filled with pain and his lips were red. Ragini looked each inch of him, his eyes too had a red out line and his hair was fallen to his forehead and uncombed.
Laksh : What are you staring at?
Ragini : I love you…
She uttered it with her whole heart so it could reach to Laksh’s heart. Laksh smiled painfully.
Laksh : So you saw me now tell me are you sick? What happened to you?
His facial expression changed in to fully concerned soul where Ragini sat comfortably.
Ragini : I got caught up with fever and cold hub.
Laksh : Can’t you take care my life? How did you catch them?
Ragini : I got wet in rain and (She reduced her voice and made a puppy face) and slept out.
Laksh : WHAT? So you are not ready to take care of you? What is this Ragini? You are behaving worse than a kid.
Ragini : You made me do this.

Laksh was out of words there was a long awkward pause.
Laksh : Okay fault is mine and do you like me blaming myself?
Ragini shook her head.
Ragini : I told as you were scolding my Laksh’s Ragini.
Laksh chuckled looking at her childish behavior.
Laksh : Haa so will you blame my Ragini’s Laksh? (Ragini smiled painfully) I can’t see you broken but you have to overcome it life. Just for few months love take care of you and I will come and take care of you only till then promise me you will take care of yourself.
Ragini : I can’t Laksh, everything here reminds me of you and is killing me…
Laksh interrupts : Sshshshs please don’t utter it.
Ragini : I’m telling the truth life, it’s getting hard for me (She caressed the bed, then looked around the room) you are trying to create my memories there but I can’t live with your memories.
Laksh sighs out.
Laksh : I understand you but you can’t shatter like this, I promise to speak with you every day on face time. I will message you unless I’m in a meeting or busy from now on. (Ragini nods) Start revising and studying (Ragini smiles and nods) Now wipe your tears I can’t take it anymore please (Ragini nods and wipes) Ragini…
Ragini : Hmm…
Her eyes were widened smiling hearing her name from his voice and her eyebrows flew to the air.
Laksh : I love you. (He uttered it in the same way Ragini did and Ragini blushed slightly and smiled) Go and stay in our guest house. We have no memories there so you would feel better. I will speak with ma and papa and I can’t let you stay alone too (He sighs out while Ragini looks on) Okay I’ll decide on it now tell me are you doing your exercise and taking your medicines?
Ragini : Haa haa…
Laksh interrupts : Wait you can go stay in our guest house with Diya.
Ragini : I don’t want to go Laksh, have to look after Swara.
Laksh : For me you are important. (He sighs and rolls up his eyes) For Swara, Sanskaar and MA are there. I know they will look after you but Diya will take care of you very well. I know ma looks after you too but still when I think of your both mental and physical wellbeing I thing that is the right decision.
Ragini : What will they think?
Laksh : Nothing they won’t think anything in fact baby I don’t like anyone bothering for you and there is no way I can let our memories disturb you.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : Don’t worry I will speak with them (Laksh forces a smile) I need your happiness and I would go for any extent. Get ready by afternoon taking all your dresses, taking all your books and all what you need and get in to the car. You don’t even have to utter a word to anyone explaining anyone. I will take care of everything (Ragini smiles and gets tear) understood?
Ragini nodded.
Ragini : Come back soon.
Laksh : I will for sure and Ragini please (He pleads) please take care of yourself and rink your medicines on time. I can’t stay calm until you do. Please take care of yourself life please.
Ragini : I will and you have to too.
Laksh : Pakka baby but now I will hang up, you go get changed, comb your hair and another thing I want your mangalsutra to be in your neck even when you are sleeping. (Ragini smiles and nods) Always keep your phone charged and loud mode, read books watch movies, revise your lessons I want my wife to be the topper and yeah please please please take care.
Ragini : I love you and take care. (They looked for a while and had an intense eyelock) you hang up first.
Laksh : I love you more…
Laksh hung up and sighed. Ragini remembered what Laksh told.
Ragini : Was it my dream? (She again calls Laksh and Laksh answers) Hello Laksh…
Laksh : Is everything okay?
Ragini smiles at her stupidity and shakes her head.
Ragini : I thought it was my dream.
Laksh gives a painful look to Ragini.
Laksh : Baby nothing is a dream now listen to me (Ragini look on and drop roll down her eyes) You are alright there is no dreams for you, there is no hallucinations for you in fact you are perfectly alright so stop worrying got it?

Ragini nodded and smiled.
Ragini : Got it.
Laksh : Take care jaan.
While Ragini nodded Laksh hung up. Ragini rested back and sighed out. Laksh dialed Dp’s number. Dp and Sanskaar are seen discussing something in MO. Dp answers the call.
Dp : Hello Laksh…
Laksh : How are you papa?
Dp : I’m good beta how is UK?
Laksh : Good and papa I have to speak few things with you.
Dp : Go ahead beta.
Laksh : Hopefully I will make this project papa and you don’t have to worry plus the other thing is regarding Ragini.
There was short pauses.
Dp : Go on.
Laksh : I want her to live in our guest house until I return. Papa she is not able to take my memories and our house is filled of my memories for her. Also she would feel better to live in a place that we have never even stepped. I thought of speaking with Ma but she might mistake me. Ragini doesn’t want to go as everyone would tell that she is taking our separation as advantage to run from her duties but I know about my wife and I care about her health. Papa please…
Dp chuckles and Laksh pauses.
Dp : Beta I’m your papa and I understand what you are going through, yeah she can live inour farm house but beta all alone.
Laksh : I thought of sending Diya with her.
Dp nods.
Dp : I will inform your ma and you don’t worry she is my daughter too.
Laksh smiles and nods.
Laksh : Love you papa…
Dp : Love you too beta and yeah take care.
Laksh : Take care papa…

Days have passed like hours; Ragini is seen getting down in stairs a totally modern house wearing a kurti and a jean. She had her hair tied to a pony.
Ragini : Diya…Diya… (She looks around) Where did this girl go? Diya…
Diya comes running from out.
Diya : I’m sorry di I had gone out to water the flowers.
Ragini : Kaka would do it right? Why did you do?
Diya : It really relaxes my mind when I water them.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Bhiyaa will call now before that both of us will make dinner.
Diya nods and walks to the kitchen, Ragini plugs her phone in to charger and walks to the kitchen.
Diya : Di it is been a month since we shifted hena?
Ragini : Haa.
Diya : Are you upset di?
Ragini : Y,our stupid bhai didn’t call for five days.
Diya : He told na he is busy.
Ragini : What is busy more than speaking to his own wife? Just for five minutes even can’t he speak.
Diya turns to Ragini and winks.
Diya : My bhaiyaa can’t control if he starts speaking with you.
Ragini blushes and switches the stove on.
Ragini : Thanks a lot for looking after me Diya, I owe you a lot.
Diya shakes her head.

DIya : I’m worried that I’m getting paid for staying with you di but I have to send money to my ma and sister in village.
Ragini : You are telling this to me every day and making me feel bad.
Diya : Sorry sorry sorry my di. Haa Di did you do your exercise today?
Ragini bites her tongue and closes her eyes tightly.
Ragini : I seriously forgot please (She folds her hand) Please don’t tell bhai please.
Diya : I have promised bhiyaa to inform him if you don’t take the medicines and don’t do the exercise.
Ragini : Please Diya darling I can’t get scolded from him more over I can’t make him worry.
Diya nods and smiles. Just then Ragini’s phone rings and Ragini looks at Diya.
Diya : Then do it now di I will prepare dinner.
Ragini : But you all alone.
Diya : It is fine di, quickly answer the call and do the exercise.
Ragini pouts and nods, she walks to the phone and finds Laksh calling and frowns. She doesn’t answer the call but cuts it. Laksh is seen sitting in his cabin and is trying to contact Ragini. Laksh had visible beard covering his chin and cheek. He looked tired and exhausted. He keeps trying but Ragini keeps cutting. Just then someone knock the door.
Laksh : Come in…
A man enters.
Man : Good morning sir.
Laksh : Mike are you done with the proposal?
Mike : Yes sir.
Laksh : Good actually I want all the clear details on tomorrow’s meeting. I don’t want to lose this project at any cost. Keep it ready on my table within an hour and also I want to know when the next meeting is.
Mike : Sure sir.
Laksh : You can leave.
Mike nods and leaves. Laksh takes his phone and messages Ragini.
*Message starts*
Laksh – Are you angry? (Sad emoji)
Ragini is seen doing the exercise and she finishes it and sits on the couch wiping her face with the towel and takes her phone and finds Laksh’s message and replies.
Ragini – No…Why should I?
Laksh – I know you are angry at me baby please answer the calls.
Ragini – For past five days did you remember your baby? (Few smirking emoji)
Laksh – I finished my project work last night only and was tired. I’m sorry janu (Sad emoji)
Ragini – Can’t help (Angry emoji)
Laksh – Held my ears (Crying emoji) forgive me life?
*Messages end*
Ragini smiles and calls, Laksh answer it.
Ragini : Did you really hold your hears?
Laksh : Doubt?
Ragini : Haa…
Laksh : Do you want me to hold my ears?
Ragini : No…Don’t…
Laksh smiles.
Laksh : Tell me how is my wife?
Ragini : She is super fine right now after hearing her husband’s voice.
Laksh : Had your dinner?
Ragini : Not yet, DIya is making.
Laksh : Did you go to check up this Friday?
Ragini : Haa baba I went, she said that I have to do the exercise regularly to see better improvement.
Laksh : Good girl (Laksh smiles) Just few months more and I will come back to you.
Ragini : I’m missing you a lot Laksh (She makes a worried face) It is hard to sleep without your embrace, its hard without your hugs, its hard without your warmth, it is hard without your touch, it is hard without you.
Laksh : Ragini calm down (He sighs) Even I miss you too love but everything is for a good. Trust me our distance will bring us closer. Even I miss all what you said and even some things which you didn’t mention.
Ragini blushes and bit her upper lip.
Ragini : Did I miss anything?
Laksh : Haa a lot shall I remind you?
He asked huskily making Ragini shiver.
Ragini : Mmm gone on
Laksh : Well I miss your…
Ragini interrupts : Stop (Ragini smiles naughtily) I don’t want to hear it but you have to show me what you missed.
Laksh chuckles while removing his top button.
Laksh : With pleasure beauty.
Ragini : I’m waiting for you.
Laksh : Okay now go eat and drink your medicines sleep early without staying up all night reading stories online.
Ragini : Ok ok good night.
Laksh : Good night and please (he pauses) please…
Ragini interrupts : I will take care.
Laksh : Good and baby…
Ragini : Hmmm…
Laksh : Stop crying all nights you know right I hate tears.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : I feel when you cry.
Ragini : Okay I won’t but if it automatically comes I’m not guarantee.
Laksh : I know you better now go and eat.
Ragini : Love you and miss you.
Laksh : Love you more and miss you more.
Ragini smiles and hangs up while tears roll down her eyes. Laksh looks at her picture on his table and smiles but his eyes get welled up. Diya finishes cooking and places everything on the table and Ragini quickly wiped her tears and sat. They finish eating and Ragini walks up to her room where it was fully white coloured. There was only small frame of Laksh on the dresser. Ragini sat on the bed which and drank her medicine. She lied on the bed and was staring at Laksh’s photo and she eventually dozed off. Laksh walks out of the office and got in to his car, he drove off the London highways and reached to Gautam’s house which is now his house too. He rang the bell and found no one; he took out the spare key from his pocket and got in. Laksh walked up to his room and tossed the blazer on the couch and fell on the bed sighed out and ran his hand through his hair and closes his eyes tightly. All his moments with Ragini flashed and he dozed off with her thoughts.

Scene shifts to India where Swara is seen sitting in her room, she has very tiny bump on her tummy. Sanskaar enters and smiles looking at her.
Sanskaar : Didn’t you sleep?
Swara : Why did Ragini had to leave?
Sanskaar : What?
Swara : She knows right I need attention then why did she leave?
Sanskaar : You already know what is she going through.
Swara : Still she could force herself for me right. At least you could make Laksh understand nah? Leave it now I’m sleepy.
Sanskaar look on while Swara walks to bed and lies.

Six months later, Ragini is seen doing her exercises. She finishes and sits on the chair. Diya enters the room.
Diya : Di juice…
Ragini smiles and drinks.
Ragini : Today I’m going to MM, Swara’s godh bharai. Just now Ma called. You also get ready and come.
Diya : Why me?
Ragini : Come on get ready and come.
Diya nods and walks out and Ragini walks to the wardrobe and takes out her saadi and walks to the wasroom. She comes out wearing it and walks down and Diya comes out getting ready. Bith of them get in to the car. They reached MM, Ragini looked at it and sighed out. Ragini walked in, she found Simran, Pooja and Sumi along with Ap and Sujatha are selecting dresses. Swara is seen sitting there and they are selecting clothes for her keeping it on her. Ap finds Ragini and Diya are standing on the stairs.
Ap : Ragini beta…
Ragini smiles and walks in. Diya also walks in and sits.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini takes blessing from Ap, Sujatha and Sumi. She hugs Swara. And tears roll down her cheeks.
Ragini : I’m sorry for not being with you when you have to be looked after.
Swara : It is fine Swara.
Swara turns to Simran and starts speaking while Ragini feels bad. Ragini looks at Pooja and smiles. Pooja walks to her and sits beside her.
Pooja : Ragini how are you?
Ragini nods and wipes her tears.
Ragini : I’m doing well bhabhi, how are you?
Pooja : I’m going good.
Simran : Ragini, Swara really missed you a lot.
Ragini looks at Swara and Swara smiles back uneasily.
Ragini : Shona I’m sorry.
Swara : It is fine Ragini.
Sanskaar comes down and finds Ragini.
Sanskaar : How are you Ragini?
Ragini : I’m fine and you?
Sanskaar : Good, Swara shall we leave?
Swara nods and Simran helps Swara to stand and she walks out with Sanskaar.
Swara : We are leaving ma.
Ap : Take care beta.
Ragini’s phone rings and finds it Laksh. Ragini answers it.
Ragini : Haa Laksh…
Laksh : Did you miss me?
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : No why should I?
Laksh : Really? But I felt you missing me.
Ragini : I’m at home.
Laksh : Of course you at home.
Ragini : I mean home Laksh.
Laksh : Oh home wait which home? Guest or home?
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : Home.
Laksh : Is ma near you?
Ragini : Haa, hold on I’ll give her (She forwards the phone to Ap) Ma Laksh
Ap smiles and takes it.
Ap : Hell beta, how are you?
Laksh : I’m fine and you?
Ap : Good beta.
Laksh : I called Sanskaar last time and he said you sleeping.
Ap : Ha he said me.
Laksh : What is Ragini doing there Ma?
AP : It is Swara’s godh bharai.
Laksh smiles and nods.
Laksh : That is good, it will be a change for her.
Ap : We want to do Ragini’s godh bharai also very quickly (Ragini’s smile fade away and remembers how each time Laksh avoided her while Laksh’s smile also fades away) Laksh…
Laksh : Haa ma voh…toh ma I’m getting another call so bye and take care.
Laksh hangs up while AP laughs.
Ap : He got shy I guess.
Pooja : Don’t worry bua once Laksh comes we will get good news.
Ap hands the phone to Ragini and Ragini blushes and wipes her tears.
Ragini : Ma I will make tea for all of you.
Ap nods and Ragini stands and leaves to kitchen. She enters and remembers her moments with Laksh and tears roll down her cheek. She wipes and starts making tea. Her phone beeps and it is a message from Laksh.

*Message starts*
Laksh – Sorry for hanging up jaan I got another call.
Ragini – It is okay (Smile emoji)
Laksh – Today I have a presentation to do.
Ragini – All the best.
Laksh – Is that all?
Ragini – Yes for now, take care. Bye Laksh love you.
Laksh – Waiting for more. Take care and love you more.
*Messages end*
Ragini brings tea and serves.
Ap : Ragini beta check all the jewels for Swara which is in my room and you take one you life.
Ragini : Ma…
AP smiles and holds Ragini’s cheek.
Ap : You are my daughter Ragini, now like a good girl go chose what you like.
Ragini walks to Ap’s room and her eyes catch up with Ap’s pic where Laksh was hugging her from behind which was hung on the wall. Ragini looked at the jewels and took a necklace which was very simple and had a simple earing. She comes out and shows Ap which one she took and AP looks shocked.
Ragini : Why ma?
Ap : When I asked Laksh to choose on for you he chose the same one.
Ragini smiled and looked.
Ragini : Is it fine to take it?
Ap smiles and nods.
Ap : You check with decorations and I prefer you go back to guest house without staying here beta.
Ragini nods and starts checking the decorations. She hardly concentrates and looks after the decorations. She was checking if the flowers are arranged properly and was instructing the workers. Swara and Sanskaar have returned back home. Ap smiles looking at them.
Ap : Swara beta, go to your room and take rest. I will send something to your room.
Swara : Ji ma.
Swara and Sanskaar leaves while Ragini finishes all the decorations. Diya comes with a glass of milk and hands over to Ragini.
Diya : Di it is your time to drink the milk.
Ap looks confused.
Ap : Time to drink milk?
Diya gets nervous and looks on.
Ragini : Ma it is Laksh’s work, he has sent me a diet chart and she makes me drink it blackmailing with Laksh’s name.
Ap laughs.
Ap : My son loves you a lot.
Ragini blushes and drinks with three sips.
Dp : Ap has the dinner got ready?
Simran and Pooja comes out with food.
Simran : Maamu everything is ready.
Ap : Ragini beta have dinner and go.
Ragini : I’m sorry ma that I’m not there to help you …
Ap interrupts : I understand, Pooja is there now with me so is Simran and Sujatha ji. Swara’s mother everyone is here.
Sumi : Haa AP ji is right, you don’t have to worry.
Sujatha : Come everyone to eat.

Scene shifts to AM where Akshaya is serving food for Ananya.
Akshaya : Di, Laksh bhaiyaa is so kind, he calls me angel.
Ananya : Haa he is.
Akshaya : Why are you sounding low di?
Ananya : I’m just worried about Gautam, he believes everyone he meet. We hardly know that Laksh.
Akshaya : Trust di trust, I find Laksh bhiyaa good. In fact he respects you too.
Ananya : Haa haa he is good only still (She sighs) Leave it and now you sit and eat.
Akshaya : I’m going out in a while.
Ananya : This night?
Akshaya : Don’t worry, it is just get some fresh air di. .
Ananya : You have to take care of yourself.

Akshaya nods and starts eating. Scene shifts to London where Laksh is projecting the presentation and he finishes it. Everyone claps and he takes his seat. Another man does another presentation and sits. The meet gets over and Laksh walks out. He gets a call from Gautam.
Laksh : Haa bhiyaa bolo.
Gautam : Lucky are you free?
Laksh : Right now I’m.
Gautam : Then stay out, I’m coming to pick you.
Laksh : Okay.
Laksh walks down and locks his car and waits for Gautam. Scene shifts to MM where Ragini finish eating and stands up, she helps them to clean.
Ragini : Ma then I’m leaving.
AP : Take care beta.
Ragini takes blessing from the elders.
Ragini : Diya you wait here I’ll inform Swara and come.
Diya nods and Ragini walks up and she goes passing her room and stops. She was about to open and she moves back and sighs. She walks to Swara’s room and finds Sanskaar feeding Swara. Scene shifts to the hall.
Ap : Diya beta.
Diya : Ji…
Ap : Is Ragini alright? I mean…
Diya interrupts : Haa aunty she is alright.
Ap smiled and nods and the scene shifts to SwaSan’s room.
Ragini : Swara…
Swara looks at the door and Ragini enters. Sanskaar smiles and leaves out taking the plates out.
Swara : Haa Ragini…
Ragini : I’m sorry for not being with you when you need me…
Swara interrupts : That is fine, at times I and you both have to move on with our life Ragini. I and you would have never thought that we will forget each other marriage.
Ragini : What do you mean?
Swara smiles painfully.
Swara : I thought even if we get married to different houses we two will share the same bond as before but now you proved it wrong Ragini. Even after getting married to the same house you proved wrong.
Ragini nods and tears roll down her cheeks.

Ragini : Yeah Swara I proved it wrong, the only fault I did was loving Laksh more than myself. That was the only mistake in my life I did and now I can’t decrease that love for him for anyone not even for myself but Swara you have to remember one thing that I always have the sma place for you in my heart which I had before I meet Laksh. (She wipes her tears and turns to leave but turn back to Swara) I have loved my husband immensely since I knew the fact that I will get married to someone and it turned out to be Laksh, I think that was the reason that I love him that now I’m turned in to a psycho in everyone’s eyes. He was the first man I believed and still didn’t cheat me and I have the trust he will never. I’m sorry if you are hurt but still I’m disappointed Swara that being my best friend you have not understood me.

Ragini leaves down and leaves out and Diya follows her while Swara cries and wipes her tears. Sanskaar comes and finds Swara crying.

Sanskaar : Swara is everything okay?
Swara nods and lies. She wipes her tears and falls asleep. Ragini is seen driving and she remembers all what Swara told and gets upset. Diya finds that something is really not right. Ragini turns the car and there was a screeching sound where Diya closed her eyes tightly and Ragini hits her head on the stirring and moves back. She holds her head and opens her eyes and finds the air bag out and Diya is safe.
Ragini : Diya are you okay?
Diya : Haa di I’m okay but your forehead…
Ragini interrupts : I’m fine.
Ragini looks ahead and finds a car and gets down. Diya gets down too and both of them walk to the car and find a girl on the stirring wheel.
Diya : Is she okay?
Ragini : Hope so.
Ragini opens the door and moves the girl back and finds her forehead bleeding and the girl turns out to be Akshaya.
Diya : Di…
Ragini interrupts : Go get the water bottle.
Diya nods and walks to their car and gets the water bottle. Ragini splashes water and she doesn’t awake. Scene shifts to London where Gautam and Laksh are sitting in a restaurant and sipping a coffee.
Gautam : So Ragini’s doctor says she is getting well.
Laksh nods and sips.
Laksh : Hopefully yes, but I have no idea how will I face her.
Gautam : Don’t worry everything will be okay. Today I had no meetings so thought of bringing you out so you will feel better. Btw what if Ragini gets to know?
Laksh shakes his head and sighs.
Laksh : Whatever the reaction is I have to be calm. She quickly takes the negativity and blames herself I have to make her realize calmly and surely she will understand me.
Gautam nods and finishes drinking.
Gautam : I thing you are getting along with my family very well.
Laksh : I feel connected bhaiyaa.
Gautam : That is nice.

Scene shifts to the guest house where Ragini makes the girl rest on the bed and Diya gets the first aid box, Ragini starts cleaning her blood while Diya tries to clean Ragini’s forehead.
Ragini : Let me finish dressing her wound Diya and then you can dress mine, Laksh has spoilt your brain a lot.
Diya pouts and moves back. Ragini finishes dressing and keeps looking and Akshaya and Ragini smiles unknowingly.
Diya : Di now turn, I will dress your wound.
Diya dresses her wound and Ragini stays like an obedient girl. Diya finishes dressing and stands up.
Ragini : My head is paining.
Diya : I will go get you both to drink something.
Ragini nods and Diya walks out and holds her nose and winces in pain. Akshaya opens her eyes and fins Ragini looking at her and gets shocked. Akshaya tries to sit up and Ragini helps her to.
Akshaya : Where am I? And who are you?
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : I’m Ragini and I’m sorry I hit your car.
Akshaya smiles and shakes her head.
Akshaya : I would have only hit your car.
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : I was lost in my thoughts so I only hit you car.
Akshaya : No I only hit it as I don’t even have license…
She pauses while Ragini looks shocked. Akshaya bit her tongue realizing what she said and both of them burst in to laugh
Ragini : How old are you?
Akshaya : 19 and you.
Ragini : 23 and turning 24 very soon.
Akshaya smiles and looks around and finds Laksh’s photo.

Akshaya : Laksh bhiyaa (Ragini looks shockingly and Akshaya quickly moves her gaze to Ragini) wait, don’t tell me you are Laksh bhaiyaa’s wife.
Ragini : Which Laksh?
Akshaya : Laksh Maheshwari.
Ragini : Of course I’m Laksh Maheshwari’s wife Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. How do you know him?
Akshaya : He lives with my jiju in UK in our house.
Ragini looks shocked and smiles.
Ragini : Ohh you mean Gautam bhaiyaa’s…
Akshaya interrupts : Exactly (She laughs and Ragini finds a familiar face) I’m so happy that I met you.
Ragini : Me too.
Akshaya : Can I call you di?
Ragini : Of course.
Akshaya : Di now I have to leave.
Ragini : Not now angel, I will drop you in the morning. It is already late night.
Akshaya laughs and Ragini looks confusedly.
Akshaya : Even Laksh bhaiyaa calls me angel and now you too.
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : Don’t think we have those connected powers, it is just he already told he calls you angel. So he doesn’t call me with that name anymore.
Akshaya pouts and Ragini remembers the way Laksh pouts and smiles.
Akshaya : But di will be tensed.
Ragini : You call and inform her, I will too speak. Also I will inform you bhaiyaa that I met his angel.
Akshaya smiles and Ragini looks at her lovingly. Diya comes with two glasses of juice and serves.
Akshaya : Thank you.
Ragini : Diya this is Akshaya (Diya looks on) why baba Laksh said that he calls her angel.
Diya nods.
Diya : Nice to meet you.
She forwards her hand.
Ragini : And Akshaya this is Diya my life saver, Laksh’s soul sister, my troubler, my choti behan Diya.
Akshaya forwards her hand and they shake their hands.
Akshaya : Are you two really sister?
Diya : No we are not.
Ragini : But now we are.
Akshaya : You two are confusing me.
Ragini and Diya laughs.
Ragini : We are sister who were born to different mothers. Btw both of you are not going to tell Laksh about the accident.
Akshaya and Diya nods.
Akshaya : DI you are too sweet, with your talks you will melt everyone and fall in love with you.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini : I’m born to be loved (She winks) now drink and inform your di or she will get scared. (Akshaya nods and Ragini’s phone rings and Ragini smiles deeply) excuse me girls.
Ragini leaves out answering call taking the drink.
Akshaya : Why was she so happy?
Diya : Laksh bhaiyaa called.
Akshaya : They two are too sweet, perfect couples.
Diya nods.
Diya : Perfect for each other, you have no idea how Laksh bhaiyaa reacts when something happens to di. First time I saw a guy who was in so much pain to see her in the hospital bed.
Akshaya : Lovely couple and Ragini di is very lucky so is Laksh bhiyaa to get such a beautiful girl as his wife.
Diya : But I think di is only luckiest as every girl can be like her but not all the boys can be like Laksh bhaiyaa.
Akshaya somewhat feels proud and smiles. Ragini reaches her room.
Ragini : Haa Lucky bolo.
Laksh : It seems like my life is happy today.
Ragini : Haa but you first tell me how did the presentation go on?
Laksh : Awesome, I hopefully made it.
Ragini : I know I know my Laksh will do the best.
Ragini sits on the bed and sits folding her legs
Laksh : Now you tell me why are you so happy?
Ragini : I met your angel today.
Laksh : My angel? (He looks confusingly and sits on the living room couch and his eyes catch with Akshaya) you mean Akshaya?
Ragini : Haa.
Laksh : But how?
Ragini : Today my car met with an accident with hers (Laksh looks shocked) and I brought her home and found that she was your angel. She was happy to meet me as well as I’m happy to meet her…
Laksh interrupts : What did you just say?
Ragini : She was happy to meet me as well as I’m happy to meet her…
Laksh interrupts : Not that Ragini before that.
Ragini realizes what she told and gets tensed. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes tightly.
Ragini : Nothing happened to me?
Laksh : Leave it Ragini as if you are going to listen to me. Bye…
Ragini interrupts : Please Laksh, I’m sorry.
Laksh shouts : You already know how much you differed after the accident and now this. When are you ready to listen to me? Then call me.
Ragini : I’m sorry but I was upset about Swara.
Laksh : Swara? What did she do?
Ragini says all what happened and Laksh sighs.
Ragini : I said what I felt.
Laksh : I love you.
Ragini : Why suddenly?
Laksh : I never thought my wife loved me even before she knew me.
Ragini : I have been loving you in all my previous births.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh : Please jaan take care, I need you to be fit and fine. You promised to take care of yourself and you are breaking it.
Ragini : Laksh I didn’t do it by purpose.
Laksh : That is what it is called accident. Now take rest take your medicines on time and do the exercise.
Laksh : I want to see you before you sleep.
Ragini : Ahhh….voh….toh….Laksh I’m sleepy.
Laksh : There is something you are hiding for sure.
Ragini : Nothing.
Laksh : Then show, I won’t scold you.
Ragini sighs and switches the video on and Laksh finds her forehead damage and gets teary.
Ragini : I’m fine.
Laksh : Why are you giving me pain? Look you have injured your head.
Ragini : I told you already, I’m sorry Laksh.
Laksh : Let this be the final time.
Ragini : Pakka baba.
Laksh : Take care.
Ragini : You too take care, missing you Laksh.
Laksh : Missing you too.
Ragini : I love you (She smiles between her rolling down her tears) I love you and I’m waiting for you.
Laksh : Love you too…
They hang up, Ragini drinks the drink and falls asleep while Laksh rests on the couch and looks at Ragini face.

Screen freezes on RagLak’s face.

Flashback ends.


Hope you guys enjoyed… I know nothing was there to enjoy still just let me know how the epi was and was it worth waiting please do comment … take care love you….Meet you with another episode till then keep smiling

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