Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 56


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 56

The episode starts with Lavanya looking at the curry with teary eyes while Ragini, Rahul and Raghav laugh. Laksh switches off the stove and finds Lavanya tearing.
Laksh : Ragini… (Ragini is still laughing) Ragini…
Laksh called her a bit louder and Ragini looked at him, he signed her to look at Lavanya and she looked, Ragini’s smile fades away and she walks to Lavanya.
Ragini : Sweet heart it is your first time and it is a usual thing, being your mama I still burn food baby.
Lavanya starts crying.
Lavanya : I wanted to serve the first curry I made to papa with so much love…
Ragini interrupts : So what still we can adjust it.
Lavanya shakes her head and wipes her tears.
Lavanya : It won’t be what I wanted.
Rahul : It was anyway notj going to be what you wanted.
RagLak : Rahul…
Rahul : Oops sorry.
Laksh holds Lavanya’s cheek and wipes the tears which were flowing out of her eyes.
Laksh : I would eat even the burnt food which was prepared by my daughter with love.
Ragini smiles while Laksh nodded his head and Lavanya hugged him smiling in between her tears.
Lavanya : I love you papa.
Laksh : Love you too princess.
Ragini : Papa and his champs and princesses can go out so I can finish my cooking or today we will have to eat all burnt food.
Laashya : Never, I can’t eat burnt food.
Raghav : At least then you will stop eating.
Laashya pots while Laksh carries Raghav.
Laksh : Don’t you like your sister eating?
Raghav buries his head on to Laksh’s shoulder.
Raghav : I like papa but she will turn in to a motu if she eat like this.
Ragini : Laksh take them out so I can finish my cooking fast.
Laksh nods and scene shifts to SwaSan’s room.
Sanskaar : I seriously don’t get what is happening Swara.
Swara : That Lavanya is there to destroy our life.
Sanskaar : Shut up Swara, you did mistake by blaming Lavanya and now don’t talk as if you are right.
Swara : Ohho even you started taking her side? She is just a girl who doesn’t even belong to our family.
Sanskaar : What do you mean?
Swara : I will never let what happened to me to my kids. Like my father’s family took away all our property I will never let your family take away my kids property.
There was a tight slap on Swara’s cheek shocking Swara.
Sanskaar : Is property only what you need?
Swara : Haa, like I suffered I will never let my kids suffer. Plus that is unfair to give them more property than us according your dad’s last will.
Sanskaar : Shut up Swara, papa’s last will was given fairly. Their family is bigger plus Ragini’s whole property got vanished except the construction company unlike you. So it is fair.
Swara : You might not care about my children but I do.
Swara leaves out.

Scene shifts to the children’s study where Lavanya, Sawitha and Rahul are talking while Ragav and Laashya are playing blocks with Sandesh. Sandya comes and looks at them.
Sandya : I’m sorry everyone, because of me all of you had to face different problems from then to now. Sandesh I created misunderstanding between you and papa that both of you still aren’t speaking, I made Lavanya and Sawitha look at fault, I’m sorry for everything.
Lavanya : Di we were really at fault but now forget it.
Sandya falls on the ground and cries.
Sandya : How can I forget? (She cries hard while Rahul takes Laashya and Raghav out) I can never forget him.
Laashya : Bhaiyaa why is di crying?
Rahul : Di is hungry that is what she is crying.
Laashya : If I give my cookies will she stop crying?
Rahul : We will tell papa and then he will decide it.
Laashya runs to Laksh who was signing some files. She starts breathing heavily.
Laashya : Papa… papa (She breaths out and Laksh rush to her) papa…
Laksh : What happened Laashya?
Laashya : Papa Sandya di is crying as she is hungry.
Laksh : Hungry?
Laksh looks at Rahul and Rahul shakes his head.
Laashya : Haa I will give my cookies if she wants.
Laksh : I will check baby you stay here with bhaiyaa and Raghav okay?
Laashya nods and Laksh leaves to the study and find Sandya on the ground crying.
Lavanya : Di…
Laksh signs her to stop from his palm and kneels down to Sandya.
Laksh : Sandya…
Sandya : Chaachu I have no idea what to do (She cries out loud) I promised mama still I can’t forget him…
Laksh hugs her and she hugs him back.
Laksh : Shshshshs…Stop crying I will speak with Sanskaar doll stop crying.
Sandya : Mama won’t agree chaachu
Sandesh, Sawitha and Lavanya looks at her worriedly.
Laksh : I will speak now stop crying (He makes her look at him) Listen you are 19 years and is still small, once you are 23 or 24 we will fix it with him. We have time to convince everyone hena so stop crying. Listen to me (He wipes her tears) as you promised to mama don’t talk and meet but ask him to wait for you, if he is really man he will wait for you until the end.
Sandesh : Sandya chaachu is right, in fact we can actually get to know about his background.
Laksh nods and makes her stand.
Laksh : Lavanya and Sawitha take her to her room and make her sleep.
They nod and walk out taking Sandya while Laksh turns to Sandesh.
Sandesh : Chaachu, I will get about his background.
Laksh nods and walks out, Ragini arranges the food.
Ragini : Where is everyone? Already it is lunch time and didn’t anyone feel hungry.
Laashya comes running down.
Laashya : Mama hungry…
Ragini chuckles and carries her.

Ragini : No food for you today.
Laashya : Mama how come you not give me food?
The rest comes.
Ragini : You fought with my son remember?
Laashya buries her face in to Ragini’s shoulder.
Laashya whispers : I’m hungry.
Laksh, Lavanya, Sawitha, Sandesh, Rahul and Raghav are seated. Sanskaar comes down and pulls the chair to sit. Swara comes and holds his hand.
Sanskaar : What you doing?
Swara : I have brought food for my family.
Ap comes and looks on.
Laksh : Swara from when did you start speaking dividing as my family and your family?
Swara : From the day I knew your real face.
Ragini : What real face are you talking about?
Swara : Enough Ragini, stop questioning me. I have my own brain and I can make my decision.
Ragini smirk.
Ragini : Go on, no one stopped you.
Ragini makes Laashya sit and starts serving while Ap comes and sits. Swara tries to serve to Sanskaar he stands up and walks up. She turns to Sawitha and Sawitha walks up too.
Lavanya : Saw hold on.
Ragini holds Lavanya’s shoulder and signs her to calm down. Swara turns to Sandesh and Sandesh looks away. He looks at Ragini and Ragini starts serving. Swara throws the spoon and walks up.
Raghav : Why is badi ma angry mama?
Ragini smiles and caresses his head.
Ragini : She is not well beta.
Ragini serves Ap and sits in middle of Laashya and Raghav and starts feeding them.
Rahul : She is behaving so rude.
Laksh : Rahul (Rahul looks at him and Laksh shakes his head) Ma tomorrow night there is a dinner in Sam’s house, he invited you too. In fact he told he will personally call you and invite…
Ap : Beta why me? It is a family dinner nah?
Ragini : So what ma even you are our family nah?
Laksh : Haa ma even it will be different for you.
Ap : I can’t beta, all of you go and enjoy.
RagLak : Maa…
Lavanya : Daadi it would be fune if you come too.
Raghav : Haa daadi, there will be a daadi there and you can play with her.
Rahul : Raghu she is big not your age to play.
Laashya : But Daadi plays with us hena daadi?
Lavanya and Rahul : These two…
Lavanya and Rahul shake their head in disbelief and Raghav and Laashya grin while Ap laughs.
Ap : You people go and come we will go out on another day.
Ragini : Ma, how is the potato curry?
Ap : It is very tasty beta
Laksh : My princess cooked.
Sandesh : Seriously?
Ragini : Haa, look now your sister has started cooking too.
Ap : Very nice Lavanya.
Lavanya : Thank you daadi.
Raghav : Di burnt it though.
Lavanya frowns.
Ragini : She didn’t burn it fully though a bit.
Laksh : Even if she burns it fully I’m ready to eat it.
Sandesh : You anyways rocking sissy.
Raghav and Laashya finish eating.
Laashya : I’m going to watch cartoon.
Laksh : Don’t run both of you,
Everyone finish eating and Swara comes rushing down with bags. Sawitha comes down too.
Ragini : Swara…
Sanskaar : You don’t have to stop her, she is turning mental. Let her go away.
Swara : Until this house is divided in two I won’t step in.
Swara leaves out while Sawitha cries, Sandesh rush to her and hugs Sawitha and she breaks down in his chest. Sanskaar fumes and walks up. Laksh runs up behind Sanskaar. Lavanya and Ragini walk up to Sawitha’s room. Sandesh is consoling Sawitha and Ragini rush to her and sits beside her.
Ragini : Sawi mama will be back soon.
Sawitha : I don’t know what is wrong with her chaachi.
Ragini : She will be returning soon baby now stop crying, you didn’t have your lunch too come.
Sawitha shakes her head.
Lavanya : Very bad (She fumes) You don’t want to eat what I cooked right? Then go.
Sawitha : You cooked?
Rahul : No she…
Lavanya interrupts : I burnt.
Rahul laughs while Ragini smiles and shakes her head.
Ragini : Rahul stop being naughty.
Rahul : Oh come on mama stop lecturing me and give food to Sawi di.
Ragini : I will look after you later, Sawitha (She holds Sawitha’s hand and takes her down) come and have food.
Ragini serves and Sawitha doesn’t eat so she starts feeding Sawitha. Scene shifts to Sanskaar’s room.
Laksh : SO property is her actual problem.
Sanskaar : She is mad Lucky.
Laksh : Let’s divide it equally.
Sanskaar : Lucky?
Laksh : Haa, more than 55 and 45 I’m fine with 50 and 50.
Sanskaar : But Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : I’m fine.

It is night and Ragini takes all the plates with the help of the worker.
Ragini : Vini (Worker) you go and sleep, you worked a lot today.
Vini : I will wash the pans and sleep di.
Ragini : You go I will clean and sleep.
Vini nods and walks up. Ragini starts washing dishes and she feels someone encircling hands around her.
Ragini : Laksh what if someone comes.
Laksh : So what?
Ragini : If kids see.
Laksh : So what?
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh holds her hand and makes her turn.
Laksh : Day by day we are getting old and also our love is growing strong, no matter how old we are I don’t think romancing is prohibited.
Ragini smiles and looks deep in to Laksh’s eyes.
Ragini : Still anything is fine inside our room not here.
Laksh : No one is here (He makes her turn and hugs her from back and rests his chin on her shoulder) plus don’t forget there in our there are two shoutans to disturb us (He pecks her neck) here it fine also it is so relaxing to stay like this.
A voice : Which two papa?
Laksh a parts and turns, he finds four pairs of eyes are staring at them.
Laksh : What two Lavanya?
Rahul : I think I heard it was shoutans hena di?
Ragini chuckles while Laksh smiles sheepishly.
Laksh : When did you guys come?
Rahul : When you said there are two shoutans to disturb us and…
Laksh interrupts : I don’t remember saying something like that.
Ragini finish washing dish and turns.
Raghav : Liar papa we heard it very clearly.
Laashya : Whom did you call as shoutans?
Ragini : Must be two from four of you. I don’t know which two.
Laksh scratches his head and yawns.
Laksh : I’m sleepy.
Laksh leaves out while Lavanya, Rahul, Laashya and Raghav follow him.
Rahul : Which two papa?
Lavanya : Must be Rahul and Laashya hena Raghav?
Raghav nods.
Rahul : Why can’t it be di and Raghav hena Laashya?
Laashya nods.
Laksh reaches their room and falls on the bed while all four of them get on the bed and sits surrounding him.
Laashya : Must be di and bhaiyaa.
Laashya chuckles.
Rahul : You and Raghav only always bother mama and papa so it is you two.
Laashya frowns while Rahul and Lavanya highfives.
Raghav : Papa who two.
Ragini enters laughing and closes the door.
Lavanya : You two only.
She says pointing at Laashya and Raghav.
Laashya : No you two.
She says pointing at Rahul and Lavanya.
Ragini : Laksh…
Rahul and Lavanya together while Laashya and Raghav together fight. Laksh and Ragini laughs looking at them.
Laksh : Stop.
All four of them stop and looks at Laksh.
Ragini : Your papa mistakenly said two.
Laksh : Haa it must be five.
Ragini : Haa it must be five…
Ragini reliazes what he said and frowns at Laksh and walks to him and starts hitting with the pillow and the kids join her. Laksh drags her and she falls on top of him. Lavanya, Rahul, Laashya and Raghav hug Ragini and Laksh.
Laksh : My five shoutans.
Lavanya : It must be six papa, you are the biggest one.
Ragini laughs and hugs Laksh tightly.
Rahul : Can we sleep here with both of you?
Laksh : Is there a thing to ask?
Lavanya : No we don’t want to disturb your…
Ragini interrupts : Lavanya…
Lavanya : What ma? We don’t want to disturb your talks.
Laksh chuckles while Ragini frowns.
Ragini : Okay, now four of you go, brush and have a wash and get in to your pajamas and come.
All four of them nod and walk out, Ragini tries to get up but Laksh drags her back.
Laksh : Now they gone and will take time to come.
Ragini : Laksh you always make me embarrass in front of them.
Ragini frowns and smirks while Laksh laughs and places her head on his chest.
Laksh : Relax…
Ragini : I hate you.
Laksh : I hate you too.
Ragini gets teary and looks at Laksh.
Ragini : Really do you hate me? Haa now I’m getting old so you must be bored by now.
Laksh : Wow, is there any wife who would understand a husband than you janu?
Ragini hits his chest and grits her teeth.
Ragini : Think of finding a new chick I will eat you raw.
Laksh makes her look at him and he looks at her lovingly. He caresses her face and lips.
Laksh : You will always be my only chick.
Ragini smiles and kits him hard.
Ragini : Am I a chick for you?
Laksh : Shshshshs (He hugs her tightly while Ragini buries her face in to his chest) You must have gone through a lot right life?
Ragini : Going through anything is fine to see your smile (She looks at him and lies beside him and drags him to her shoulder and caresses his head) how much you would have gone through too, if we keep thinking about them life there won’t be happiness for us.
Laksh hugs her tight and she kisses on his head.
Laksh : Our kids our happiness now.
Ragini : They are growing too.
Laksh : Everything seems very beautiful.
Ragini : I love you life.
Laksh : I love you more and more.
Ragini chuckles and he raises his head and looks at her. Laksh chuckles looking at her pouting cute face and pecks her lips and she kisses them and move back. Laksh smiles and sits up. Ragini walks to the wardrobe and takes out Laksh’s pajama and hands him.
Ragini : Go have a wash now.
Laksh nods like an obedient child. Laashya comes running.
Laashya : Yaaaaaay I’m first.
Ragini : Good girl.
Ragini carries Laashya and sits on the bed.
Laashya : Where is Jaanu?
Ragini : In the washroom my Choco pie.
Laashya : Mama what story will you tell us today?
Lavanya : I’m in.
Raghav comes in smiling.
Ragini : Raghav your hair is wet beta, did you have a bath?
Laashya : Mama go wipe his hair or he will catch cold, dumb Raghav.
Raghav : I mistakenly opened the shower.
Lavanya : Chotu can’t you be more careful? She takes the towel from the cupboard and wipes Raghav’s hair while Ragini smiles. Rahul comes taking four pillows and just then Laksh comes out.
Laksh : For whom have you brought this much pillows?
Rahul : Papa for me, I can’t sleep without them.
Ragini : You and your pillow sleep on the bed we will sleep down.
Rahul chuckles and puts all the pillows down and jumps on the bed, so does Raghav and Lavanya gets on the bed too. Laksh lies on the other corner and Lavanya rests her head on his chest.
Rahul : Pillows will sleep down today because of you all.
Lavanya : We don’t mind putting you down and making the pillow sleep up.
Rahul : Papa…
Laksh : Lavanya stop taunting my champ
Lavanya : You betrayed me by taking his side, I’m also going to my mama’s side with Laashya.
Lavanya moves to Ragini and rests her head on her shoulder.
Raghav : Papa bribed us hena bhaiyaa? Mama won’t take you.
Raghav sits on Laksh’s chest.
Lavanya : Mama…
Ragini : Who said so? Now both my beautiful princesses are with me.
Laksh : Who wants your beautiful princesses? I have my super heroes.
Laashya : Not super hero papa they are super zero.
Laashya sticks her tongue out while Ragini and Lavanya laugh.
Laksh : Your mouth is not for your size.
Ragini : Ahh Laksh, I will check with Sandesh, Sawitha and Sandya and come. (Laksh nods and Ragini places Laashya on the bed and leaves out. Ragini walks passing Sandya’s room and finds Sandya lost in her thoughts, Sawitha seated on the couch tears rolling down her cheek and Sandesh looking out of the window) What are you three doing?
All three of the looks at Ragini and Ragini sit on the bed.
Sandya : I have no idea why mama is behaving like this, papa is hurt too.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Everything will be okay, why don’t you three join us too we planned to watch a movie.
Sandesh : Chaachi…
Ragini interrupts : I and your chaachu have spoken regarding your mama, everything will be okay it is a promise from your chaachi. Now come and let’s relax a bit.
Ragini drags Sandya and Sawitha and signs Sandesh to come, they reach the room and finds all four of them tickling Laksh and he is laughing loud. Ragini clears her throat and the kids move back.
Laksh : You three too?
Ragini : Laksh… So what movie have you guys decided on?
Laashya : Mov…
Lavanya interrupts : Movie hena? Movie? We have decided on…
Rahul interrupts : Let’s watch XYZ movie (Think of any movie you want)
Ragini : Okay.
Lavanya and Sawitha in middle, Sandya beside Lavanya and Ragini is beside her. Laashya is sitting on Ragini’s lap and Rahul is leaned Sandesh’s lap beside Sawitha. Laksh is sleeping on the couch and Raghav is on top of him. They start watching the movie and Laashya rests her on Ragini and she falls asleep. Others keep watching.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)

Laksh turns and looks at Ragini while Ragini lowers her gaze to the ground. Laksh walks in and she follows him. Laksh stopped and turned to Sanskaar and walked to him.
Laksh : Take care Sanky.
Sanskaar nodded and hugged Laksh so does Laksh.
Sanskaar : Take care.
They broke the hug and Laksh looked Ragini and walks to her and made her look at her, tears rolled down her eyes and Laksh wiped them with his thumbs and shook his head.
Laksh : Do you believe me?
Ragini nodded closing her eyes tightly.
Ragini : I do.
Laksh : Open your eyes.
Ragini opened and Laksh dragged her to his chest wrapping his hand around her and she buried her face inside his chest. Laksh kissed on her head and took out his phone out.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh switches the front camera.
Laksh : Now like my good girl smile.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Smile will you?
Ragini forced a smile between her tears and hugged Laksh tightly while Laksh’s eyes welled up looking at Ragini from his phone, she was hugging him tightly half burying her head on his chest. Laksh took few snaps and kissed her forehead and removed Ragini’s grip from him got boarded in without making any eye contact. Ragini understood what he was going through.
Ragini whispered : Laksh…
Laksh had already disappeared from her eyes she closed her eyes tightly and let the rest of the tears she was controlling until now.
Sanskaar : Ragini… (He sighed) shall we leave?
Ragini nodded and walked to the car like a lifeless body. She got in to the car at back and rested her head on the window and closed her eyes all her moments with Laksh flashed in to her eyes while his laugh echoed in her ears. They reached home Ragini walked in still lost in Laksh’s thoughts she climbed up while Ap was forcing Swara to drink milk.
Ap : Swara beta drink this… (Swara shakes her head) Ragini beta you come and make her…
Ap looks at Ragini who is walking up like a lifeless soul and realizes what she said. Swara and Sanskaar too looks at Ragini while she walks to her room.
Swara : I will take a look.
Sanskaar : No Swara let her be alone for some time I think she prefers that.
Ap nods and Swara looks at Sanskaar worriedly. Ragini reaches their room and looks around and walks to each corner still weeping out. She sits in the middle of the room and cries out sobbing in. She walked to the bed and caressed the side which Laksh use to sleep and clutches the sheet and cries out and hugs it, she doezes off clutching the sheet after crying hard. She slept with the hope that let everything turned out to be her dream. Scene shifts to the airplane where Laksh is looking out of the window and a drop of tear roll down his eyes, he felt someone sitting beside him and wipes his tears and looked beside him and found a man smiling at him.
Man : You must be Laksh Maheshwari.
Laksh forced a smile and nodded.
Laksh : And you?
Man : Gautam…Gautam Ravindar
He forwards his hand and Laksh forwards his hand and they shake hands.
Laksh : Nice to meet you.
Gautam : Nice to meet you, you must be wondering how did I get to know you. (Laksh nodded) well saw you in newspaper few days back…college topper hena?
Laksh smiled and nodded.
Laksh : Yes (Laksh smiles) you have a nice memory then.
Gautam laughs while Laksh looks confusingly.
Gautam : Actually my wife and her sister were feeling attached looking at your picture.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh : What made them both think alike?
Gautam : Well my wife’s younger brother got lost when he was 2 or 3 months old.
Laksh nodded and looked out.
Laksh : So how old he must be?
Gautam : Maybe if he is alive he must be nearly 24 years.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : It is my birthday today.
Gautam : First of January? (Laksh nodded and smiled) Happy Birthday.
Laksh : Thank you btw what made you think that your sisters brother might be dead.
Gautam : There are chances for anything right? But my wife has strong belief that he is alive.
Laksh : Might be or might not be.
Gautam : So are you going for your higher studies?
Laksh : Nop a business trip.
Gautam : In such young age?
Laksh : Talent doesn’t have age.
Laksh winks while Gautam chuckles.
Gautam : True though there is no age for talent.
Laksh : So what are you going for?
Gautam : I’m a businessman.
Laksh : So you work there or you have your own.
Gautam : My father and my wife’s father are friends they joined hands and created a big IT company. One in UK and the other one is in Mumbai.
Laksh nods.
Laksh : Sure btw can I call you bhaiyaa? You look a lot older to me.
Gautam chuckles and nods.
Gautam :Just 5 years anyways you can call me bhaiyaa. This is my card (He takes one from out of his pocket and hands it to Laksh) if you need any help you can contact me.
Laksh smiles and nods.
Laksh : Well actually as I just joined my dad’s company I don’t have any cards.
Gautam shakes his head.
Gautam : It is fine btw where are you gonna live?
Laksh : Hotel.
Gautam : If you want you can live with me after all we are Indians.
Laksh : But your wife and her sister won’t it be uncomfortable for them?
Gautam laughs out.
Gautam : Those two are crazy bro, they are in India in search of their brother.
Laksh laughs.
Laksh : You sound rude bhaiyaa, they must have a strong feel to find someone or else they won’t. May be he is still alive somewhere.
Gautam : There you are speaking just like my wife.
Gautam takes the water bottle to drink.
Laksh : So they are in India?
Gautam : Haa, Akshaya my wife’s sister is always with your paper staring at you. I think she has a crush on you for sure.
Laksh pouts and smiles, Gautam drinks.
Laksh : I’m already married.
Gautam chokes while Laksh taps his back.
Gautam : You what?
Laksh : I’m already married I said.
Gautam : You are really fast at everything bro…So how many kids do you have?
Laksh laughs while his eyes get welled up.
Laksh : Very recently we got married under heavy circumstance.
Gautam : Why are you leaving so soon as you married? Did your family force you?
Laksh shakes his head.
Laksh : She is my life, for her betterment I’m leaving her.
Gautam : Love marriage?
Laksh : Haa…
Gautam : Even mine, so tell me yours and I will tell mine.
Laksh laughs looks out if the window and sighs. Scene shifts to MM where Ragini comes to kitchen and finds Ap preparing lunch.
Ap : Did you have a proper sleep?
Ragini forced a smile and nodded.
Ragini : Any help ma?
Ap : Take a look at the green peas, I will make the kheer by then.
Ragini nods and walks to the stove and adds spices and mixes it. She takes it out of the stove and places it on the pantry.
Ragini : Ma did you give Swara to drink anything?
Ap : Haa beta, I have made drink for you and kept in the fridge take and have it. (Ap walks to her and holds her cheek) you didn’t have even a drop of water from morning.
Ragini : I’m not feeling to ma.
Ap : You have to take care of yourself, if you can’t I will have to take care of yourself. I can’t answer my son’s questions once you fall a sick.
Ap says it pouting while Ragini smiles and nod.
Ragini : I will have it ma.
Ap gets teary.
Ap : It us the first time he went so far leaving me all alone. Now he thinks he is big and can do stuffs alone but for me he will always remain my little boy.
Ragini smiles and wipes Ap’s tears.
Ragini : Stop worrying everything will be okay.
Ap nods and Ragini walks to the fridge and she remembers how Laksh was striking the fridge from her and she gets teary. Scene shifts to hospital where Harini is coming out of a cabin with a letter.
Harini : What was the need to be transferred to south all of a sudden? (She rolls up her eyes) My dean is dumb, that too for a year.

Scene shifts to AM (Ahuja Mension) where Akshaya is cutting fruits for Ananya.
Akshaya : Jiju is really dumb di.
Ananya laughs.
Ananya : I’m just wondering how our brother will be.
Akshaya : I have pictured him as the guy in that newspaper.
Ananya : You are really crazy.
Akshaya : Di our bhai also must be his age.
Ananya : I have prayed god that if I find him anyhow I will give food for 1000 poor and orphan people every year on my kid’s birthday.
Akshaya : When I start earning I will pay you.
Ananya laughs and Akshaya grins.

Laksh has reached safely; both Gautam and Laksh get in to Gautam’s car. Laksh takes out his phone and dial’s Ragini’s number, Ragini was sitting in the dark in her room on the bed dragging her legs to her chest. She was resting her head on the bed. The phone rang and she took and found ‘Laksh’s name flashing and a deep smile appear. Ragini’s answers it and tears roll down her eyes.
Ragini : Laksh…Laksh did you reach safely?
Laksh : Ragini can you hear me?
Ragini : Hello (She looks at the phone and rush out to the balcony) Laksh can you hear me?
Laksh : Ragini (Ragini hears his voice and smiles and Laksh’s phone gets disconnected) Ragini…Ragini…
Ragini looks at the phone and grits her teeth, she dials back to Laksh and there was no answer. She sits walks back to the bed and sits, she keeps trying and it is not reachable.
Ragini’s POV.
God nothing should happen to my Laksh, keep him safe and secured.
Ragini’s POV ends.
Gautam : Once we reach home you can contact her btw it must be mid night for them, so we can call once it is morning there.
Laksh nods and they reach a house, Laksh gets down and looks at the house. Both of them hoes in.
Laksh : It is a nice house.
Gautam : Yes it is, you can use the top floor fully.
Laksh : A room is enough bhaiyaa.
Gautam : I will give you food don’t worry, use the top floor.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : Then I’m fine, I was scared that I would have to cook alone.
Gautam : You have to feel free plus use upstairs as you own house, do whatever you want.
Laksh : Sure bhaiyaa
Gautam : Go have a wash and take rest, I will order dinner.
Laksh : Okay
Laksh nods and walks up stairs, there was big living room with a big TV and couch with a shelf next to the TV, on top of the TV there was girl’s picture hung, she was having a puppy in her hand. Laksh feels connected and walks to the picture and caresses it.
Gautam : She is Akshaya my saali ji but more like my daughter. Such a cupcake she is.
Laksh smiled and looked on, Gautam finds something odd. Laksh was looking at the picture releasing all the tense he had up to now. Gautam remembers the way Akshaya looked at his picture with so much love.
Laksh : Do you mind me replacing stuffs?
Gautam shakes his head.
Gautam : I’ll take this picture.
Laksh : No, don’t let it be.
Gautam smiles and nods.
Gautam : She used the whole floor you can change anything you want.
Gautam left and Laksh looked around, there were few family frames in a whole wall and clock right at the middle, Family frame included Akshaya, Ananya their parents and Gautam. There was faded picture of a small baby too where a lady is carrying and man has wrapped his hand around, Laksh smiled looking at them and for the time in his life he forgot Ragini and all his problems for a minute. Laksh turned and found three doors, he opened the first one it was all purple and while where a bed and wardrobe was places with a couch. Akshaya’s smiling picture was hung on right top of the bed and two huge purple bean bags. Laksh looked around the room and smiled. He walked back and opened the second room which was next to it and it was study with huge shelves on the either side with books filled and a big table in the middle, a huge glass window was there to look the night city of London, the room was more like a library where the ware bean bags too. Laksh closed it and walked to the room right in front of the study he opened and it was all grey, white and black themed room where Laksh walked in sighed.

Laksh’s POV.
Here, where I’m going to live without my Ragini all alone in this room. Everything seems peaceful here but I know how much she would be suffering with my memories in that house. Go please help her to come over it.
Laksh’s POV ends

He takes his bad and places in; He takes out a frame of his family and hangs it on the wall. A big frame of Ragini right in front of his bed, and their wedding pic was kept on the dresser. He took out Ragini’s perfume and sprayed it all over the room to feel her and he opened his bag and placed all his clothes on the empty cupboard where he even placed few of Ragini’s Saadis to feel her presence. Laksh looked around his room and sighed out and walked to the washroom and came out wearing his pajamas. Life was not going to be easy from now on. He wished goes that these months should pass in the speed of light. Laksh sat on the bed and took his phone which was on the side table and looked at the last picture he captured with his Ragini. Her pain was clearly visible; she was clutching him tightly and burying her face in to him. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he dozed off looking at it.

The week which passed has made Ragini half die, she had gone pale and her eyes were sunk in lacking sleep. There was not a night she dreamt Laksh. The agony which she was going through was visible to everyone. Ragini walked out of the kitchen and stopped when AP called her.
Ap : Ragini beta (Ragini turned and gave a painful look) Beta…
Ragini smiled between her pain and shook her head.
Ragini : He didn’t call yet.
Ap : It is been a week beta.
Ragini broke down and fell on the floor.
Ragini : It is getting hard ma (Dp and Sanskaar rushed out of the study. Swara came out of her room and walked down) it has been a week he didn’t even call me after that night.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : If he had called or contacted any of you please (She folds her hand pleads) please ask him to speak to me once just once.
She held her shaadi and cried out while AP rushed to her.
Laksh : Ragini…. (Ragini raised her head and found Laksh standing near the stairs) Stop crying I’m back.
Ragini : Are you back?
She rushes to him and holds his cheek.,
Laksh : I felt your pain and I’m back.
Swara, Sanskaar, Ap and Dp are shocked.
Ragini smiles through her tears and Laksh smiles.

Flashback ends.

Laksh smiles while Ragini finished buttoning.
Laksh : It is like we have seven kids now.
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : If you wouldn’t have delayed as soon as we got married would have had a kid in Sandya’s and Sandesh’s age.
Laksh nods while Ragini turns to leave and he hugs her from behind.
Laksh whispers : Then actually we would have seven hena.
Ragini blushes and hits hard on his stomach.
Ragini : Such a jerk you are.
Laksh ties her removed dori and makes her turn.
Laksh : Btw are you still worried about me delaying it, omg the love tortures you have me then. Now you are getting bored.
Ragini : You were trying to run from me from then, I had to give some sweet tortures to keep you with me.
Laksh : Evil woman you are.
Ragini : I will check if the kids are ready.
Ragini walks out and enters Raghav’s room. Rahul comes with the towel wrapped.
Rahul : Mama did you see my belt?
Ragini : Raghav come out fast, it is getting late beta.
Rahul : Mama…
Ragini : What belt? It must be in your room. You go out and come home and throw is somewhere and I have to search. Ask Vini or see under the bed.
Raghav comes out and Ragini carries him.
Rahul : Mama I searched everywhere.
Ragini : You go I will come and yeah ask di to check Laashya.
Rahul walks out while Ragini takes out a grey three quarter and black t shirt and makes Raghav were it. She combs his hair and applies cologne.
Raghav : Mama for me belt?
Ragini chuckles and holds his stomach.
Ragini : My panda doesn’t need belt, he is already chubby.
Raghav : But I want to wear too.
Ragini outs and takes the belt from the drawer and makes him wear.
Ragini : Now go down and sit like a good boy.
Raghav nods and runs out. Ragini walks to Laashya’s room; she was wearing a cute pink frock and tries to zip it up herself. Ragini walks to her and carries her and zips the frock and ties the belt.
Laashya : Thank you mama
Ragini smiles and starts combing her hair and ties it to a pony tail.
Ragini : Now my doll go down and sit with Raghav and both of you ask papa to make you wear the shoe.
Ragini walks to Lavanya’s room and finds both Sawitha and Sandya ready but not Lavanya.
Sawitha : Luv get ready fast.
Sawitha had worn and long simple gown with a cardigan on it while Sandya had worn a jean and long kurti.
Ragini : Why aren’t you ready doll?
Lavanya : Mama I already told you I’m not coming.
Ragini : My life papa had already told all of you are coming, what will that uncle and aunty think if you don’t come?
Lavanya : Mama…
Ragini interrupts : For your papa get ready and come will you?
Lavanya nods and Ragini kisses on her head and walks out. She comes down and find Raghav and Laashya playing run and catcher while Laksh is on a call, Sanskaar comes down.
Raghav : If you can catch me.
Ragini : Both of you stop, god help me. (Ragini shouts) Laashya and Raghav stop.
Laksh hangs up and walks to her.
Laksh : Relax Ragini (He turns to Raghav and Laashya) both of you like papa’s good kids get in to the car.
Raghav and Laashya run out.
Ragini : I’m feeling like faintish.
Laksh chuckles.
Sanskaar : Are you sure you can manage all of them?
Ragini : Managing these two is the hardest.
Lavanya comes down wearing a look alike long frock of Sawitha and Laksh smiles.
Laksh : Three of you look gorgeous.
Ragini : Have to remove evil eyes.
Laksh : Is my eye evil.
Ragini smirks .
Ragini : Your eyes is only evil.
Laksh : I will give you the punishment once we come back home
Ragini sticks her tongue out, Rahul and Sandesh come down.
Laksh : Shall we leave?
Ragini nods.
Ragini : Sandesh bring Rahul, Sawitha and Lavanya. Sandya you join us or you can come with them.
Sandya : I will come with you.
Laksh : The let’s leave.

All of them leave, and screen freezes on Ragini’s and Laksh’s smiling faces.


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