Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 55

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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 55

**No present only the past**

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)
Laksh looks at her lovingly still under the shower while Ragini breathes heavily after the long lip lock. Laksh stroked her cheek while the other hand was carrying her resting her to the wall while she had wrapped her one hand around his neck and the broken one was on his chest. Both her legs were wrapped around him.

Laksh : Where else did that devil touch my angel?
He sounded rough and Ragini smiled and shook her head and tears rolled down her eyes.
Ragini whispers : I promise to protect your Ragini from now on Laksh. I will (She nodded and buried her face in his shoulder and hugged him tightly while Laksh sighed out and stroked her back) I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.
Laksh whispers : Forget everything, my touch and my kisses have removed all the traces.
Ragini looks at him and he wipes her tears with his lips and pecks both her cheeks. The police come and take Vishal and walks out while Ap cries.

AP : How scared would Ragini felt ji? She couldn’t even run saving herself.
Dp : Ap, Laksh’s love for her has saved her and will always save her from all the bad.
Ap nods and Dp hugs her. Swara and Sanskaar look at each other. Laksh is seen carrying Ragini they were having a strong and an intense eye lock, both of them are drenched dress.
Ragini : You look sleepy, go have a wash and come to sleep.
He made her sit on the couch. Laksh looked at her lovingly; still her fearful face was blinking in his eyes. Her yell was echoing repeatedly. Ragini looks on and shakes him and he comes out of his thoughts. Ragini holds his hand and he smiles back, she finds his hand still bleeding and gets tensed.
Laksh : Ragini…

Ragini interrupts : Can you get me the first aid please?
Laksh realizes that she is holding his bleeding hand. He nods and gets her the first aid box. Ragini takes the medicines and starts cleaning the wound while he winces in the pain.
Laksh : It is hurting me Ragini (He screams) Don’t apply that medicine…Ouch! Ma…
Ragini interrupts : Shush (She points the index finger in front of her lips) Look how deep the cut is.
Laksh : It isn’t hurting.

Ragini : It hurts (Tears roll down her cheek and she places his bleeding hand on her left chest where Laksh hesitates and tries to take off his hand but she forcefully keeps) It hurts here.
Laksh looks at her lovingly while she starts dressing the wound. He holds his cheek and wipes her tears.
Laksh : Enough of tears angel please, I can’t tolerate more tears. It hurts (He takes her hand and places it on his left chest) It hurts here.
Ragini smiles looking at his innocent face and hugs him tightly and he hugs her back. Laksh breaks the hug and walks to the wardrobe and takes her pajama and turns to Ragini and look on. Scene shift to SwaSan’s room where Swara sits on the couch upset.
Swara : I never thought something like this will happen Sanskaar.
Sanskaar sits beside her and holds her shoulder.

Sanskaar : Nothing happened Swara, she is fine. Now stop worrying and sleep.
Swara rests her head on Sanskaar’s chest and he hugs her.
Swara : What is something would have happned?
Sanskaar : But nothing happened.

Scene shifts to RagLak’s room where Laksh comes out of the washroom changed and he closes the room door and draws on the curtain on the door and windows. Ragini is seen lying on the bed with her pajamas and staring at him and he quietly comes and lies beside her. Ragini keeps looking at him lovingly.
Laksh : I have no strength to handle so much love princess.

Ragini smiles and looks on, Laksh sign her to come closer and she moves a bit closer. Laksh takes her head and places it on his chest and holds her waist under her t shirt making Ragini get Goosebumps. She pecked his chest and he hugged her tight, Ragini looked deep in to his glittering eyes and he kissed her lower lip and moved back. She buried her face in to his neck and pecked his neck and she clutched his t shirt tightly, Laksh hugged her back in a way of showing that he will never let her go.

Ragini’s POV.
I wanted Laksh to rip off my clothes and make me his but I didn’t want to utter and make him hurt by not understanding him still. He is waiting until I get well and I won’t hurry until he himself takes the next step. I kept hugging him tightly and cuddling to him to show that I want to be in to him but I realized there is flesh in his body which is striking me to get closer to his soul. I held his neck buried my face more in to his neck. He is still upset about what happened today. He was still cursing himself for not protecting his wife but there is no fault in him. I could sense his anger in his spirit so I kept calming him down by my embrace and pecks. I love him and will always love him; I will always be his both physically and mentally.
Ragini’s POV ends.

Laksh’s POV.
There she was continuously cuddling and hugging in to me where I could clearly understand that she wanted to be mine and want me to love each part of her, yes even I wanted to do the same when I saw that devil touching my life but I couldn’t. This is better than the pain she would get after something big happens, I have no power to see her broken so I controlled myself but I couldn’t resist myself from removing the traces of the devil with my touches, she is mine and only I have right on my Ragini. I hugged her tightly and pressed her against me and I wanted to mix with her soul but still I felt there was space in between. I promise to protect her in my arms and give all the happiness to her. She turned out to be my life and I love her and will always only love her. She will always be only mine.

Laksh’s POV ends.

Both of them with a shrug looked at each other and shared and intense eyelock where Laksh held her shoulders and made her lie on the pillow and came over her kissed on her lips hard, Ragini reciprocated holding his head as her soul as well his souls were slowly satisfying as this kiss spoke words which they couldn’t utter. Ragini caressed his back sensually as Laksh kept tightening his grip on her waist and caressed her back. Laksh didn’t want to break the soul kiss so he dragged her on top of him still placing his lips on hers.
Laksh : I love you

They looked at each other intensely and she kissed him back and buried her face in to his neck and hugged him tightly so did Laksh hugged her back really tightly, they dozed off in each other’s embrace.

A week later a car is seen entering the college and Laksh gets down, from behind Swara and Sanskaar get down. Ragini who was seated in front looks at the college with teary eyes. Laksh walks to Ragini and leans to her.
Laksh whispers : This is what I said you not to come but stay back home.
Ragini wipes her tears and looks at Laksh.
Ragini : I want to see the happiness in your face when you see the results.
Laksh smiles and shakes his head in disbelief.
Laksh : My girl will never listen to me.
Ragini smiles and holds his cheek.
Ragini : Please take me in with you.

Laksh nods and helps her to stand and gives the walking stick. Laksh holds Ragini by her shoulder and walk to the notice board and it was crowded. He makes her sit and rushes to the notice board. He checks his name while Ragini was folding her hands and closing her eyes and was praying good. Suddenly she heard Laksh shouting and opened her eyes. He rushed to her from nowhere and hugged Ragini really tightly.
Laksh : Topper your Laksh is the topper of the batch. I fulfilled what I promised.
Ragini smiles deeply and tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks and she hugs Laksh back and strokes his back.

Ragini : I know Laksh (She kisses his neck) I know my Laksh will be the topper for sure.
Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Laksh whose face was filled with happiness. Ragini held his cheek and caressed it with the thumb. Laksh held her hand closed his eyes and sighed.
Laksh : It is all because of you, my strength.
He opened his eyes when he heard Ragini chuckling. Laksh gave a questioning look while Ragini shook her head while chuckling.
Ragini : If I would have written the exam you would have become second so obviously it is because of.
Laksh rolled his eyes and frowned; Ragini pinched his nose and he pouted.
Laksh : It was a bad joke.

Ragini : I’m serious jaanu.
Laksh : Ok meri ma very true, now I will meet the professors and principle and come.
Ragini nodded and Laksh stood and turned to leave, Ragini held his wrist and Laksh stopped and turned.
Ragini : I was joking, even when your heart was not rest as your life was fighting with death you managed to be the topper Laksh. I don’t know what would I… (She sighs) I can’t even think a situation like that when it comes to you.
Laksh : Rago…

Ragini interrupts : Now go fast and come, we got to go home and I have a gift for you.
Laksh : What sort of gift is it jaan? (Laksh winks as Ragini blushed) I’m impatiently waiting.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Ok ok I’m leaving and will be back soon.
Ragini nodded and Laksh ran. Swara comes to Ragini and hugs Ragini tightly, from behind Sanskaar comes.
Ragini : What happened Swara? (She broke the hug and found Swara tearing) Swara…
Swara : Rank 10 Ragini (She smiles between her tears) I passed all the subjects.
Ragini : Congratulations.

Ragini smiles and wipes Swara’s tears. Swara turns pouting at Sanskaar.
Swara : He said I won’t even pass (Ragini smiles while Sanskaar chuckles) look I passed with goo results.
Sanskaar : I bribed the professor to pass you.
Swara opens her mouth hung open.
Swara : Bribed? Liar (He stands and starts hitting Sanskaar while he laughed) You are the biggest liar I have ever seen.

Ragini laughs looking at them. Laksh comes back speaking with few of his friends. Ragini smiles looking at them.
Sanskaar : Congratulations bro.
Sanskaar hugs Laksh and Laksh hugs him back.
Swara : Not bad Laksh even after romancing with your wife you have managed to be the topper.
Ragini : Shut up Swara, he studied all night awake.
Laksh : Haa I studied all night awake not romanced all night awake.
Laksh winks and Ragini blushes but frowns.

Ragini : What rubbish are you talking Laksh?
Laksh : Not rubbish jaanu the truth.
Ragini : Shall we go home leaving your dirty talks aside?
Laksh nodded giving a naughty smile. Ragini stood up and they waked to the car and sat in. Laksh drove off and reached MM. They entered MM and AP came running from nowhere.
Ap : What is you results Laksh?
Sanskaar: Topper ma.
Ap’s eyes get welled up as Laksh took blessing and hugged. Ragini smiled looking at them.
Dp : Ragini beta you sit, it is hard for you.

Ragini smiles and sits, Laksh walks to Dp and takes blessing and they hug each other.
Ap : All thanks to god, Laksh today I and Ragini will make all your favourite dishes.
Ragini smiles and nods.
Swara : Ma I will change and come and help you.
Ap : Swara beta I forgot to ask about your results.
Sanskaar : Even she passed with goo results ma.

Ap smiles and Swara takes blessing from both Ap and Dp. Swara leaves up and Sanskaar and Dp sits.
Ap : Ragini beta come and help me.
Ragini : Ji ma.
Ap leaves and Ragini stands up to leave.
Laksh : Ragini…
Dp and Sanskaar look on while Laksh scratches his head.
Ragini : Haa Laksh…

Laksh : Take care…I mean don’t stress your leg and elbow too much. It is just getting cured.
Ragini nods and walk to the kitchen while DP and Sanskaar laugh looking at him and Laksh feels embarrassed.
Dp : Laksh I’m happy that you topped and is proud of you and I’m thinking to give you the London project.
Laksh : But bhai…
Sanskaar interrupts : Ahh never mind Lucky, I’m just too tired of doing projects.
Laksh : But Sanskaar this is a big project.
Sanskaar : You can do.
Swara comes down and walks to kitchen; Ragini is seen sitting on a stool.
Ragini : Swara, can you help me to make this chocolate chip cookies?
Swara nods and walks to Ragini.
Ap : I’m so happy for both Laksh and Swara.

Ragini feels bad and forces a smile and Ap notices this.
Swara : Ragini how much chips should we add?
Ragini : 1 cup Swara.
Ap walks to Ragini and holds her cheek.
Ap : Are you upset?
Ragini gets teary while Ap hugs Ragini and she bursts out and Swara looks at them worriedly.
Ragini : I could have also made you happy ma but I’m sorry.
Ap shakes her head.

Ap : Shshshsh bachcha… (She breaks the hug and looks at Ragini) You know why didn’t god want you to write the exam this year? (Ragini looks on) He wanted you to be happy to see your husband’s success first. You can be the topper next year Ragini. If you would have done the exam this year if you would have been the topper there won’t be anyone who is happier than Laksh but you would have been sad for not seeing him top of you. It would have been same with you, now he is the topper and you are happy but he wouldn’t have been happy for putting you below.
Ragini smiles and nods.

Swara : Ma is right, now you can be happy as well as he is happy. Next year when you become the topper he would be happy as well as you.
Ragini nodded and wipes her tears and starts making the cookie. They finish cooking and serve food after lunch Ragini is seen sitting on the bed reading a book and Laksh comes pseaking on a call.
Laksh : Haa Diya tell.
Diya : Sir all the files are checked but three blank.
Laksh : What do you mean by blank?
Diya : There are no any accounts.
Laksh : How come there are no any accounts? Only five days more, I’m sure I did them.
Diya : Sir to be honest I even checked the account history on the PC but nothing was there, may be you wouldn’t have entered it.
Laksh sighs on and scratches his forehead and walks to the balcony and Ragini got down the bed.
Laksh : I will come tonight and do it as Vicky to stay to help me.
Diya : Ok Sir.

Laksh hangs up and sighed out with misery, he felt two soft arms encircling him and he held it tightly. Ragini rested head on his back tightened her grip.
Ragini : Don’t take tension hub I can’t see you like this.
Laksh : Why is it always me?
Laksh asked with a painful voice and Ragini’s eyes got welled up. Ragini made Laksh turn and rested her head on his chest.

Ragini : Because god loves you life. First when you walk heated floor it hurts but if you would have walked on coal the floor’s heat is nothing for you.
Laksh smiles and makes Ragini look at him, he had his hands wrapped around her while she had her hands on her chest.
Laksh : Is it like this? When I’m having a naughty wife like you to handle there won’t be any hardships in handling my naughty kids.
Ragini blushes and buries her face in his chest while Laksh chuckled.

Ragini : I made your favourite chocolate chip cookies.
Laksh : Where?
Ragini : Hold on I’ll bring.
Laksh sits on the swing out and Ragini brings it and gives, he drags her to his lap and takes a cookie and eats.
Laksh : Mmm… It is yummy.

Ragini smiles while Laksh looks at her lovingly. Ragini gives a wrapped box and Laksh opens it and it was a wrist watch with ‘RL’ printed on it.
Laksh : From where did you get this much money to buy this expensive watch?
Ragini : Don’t tell anyone but I stole it from my husband.
Laksh laughs while Ragini pouts.
Laksh : I pity your husband

Ragini : I’ll make you wear it give (She makes him wear) Who am I?
Laksh : Your husband.
Ragini : Then my husband’s money is mine right?
Laksh : Smart very smart.
Ragini : I know my life that I’m smart.
Laksh : I need something else too.
Ragini : Wha…
Before she could complete she felt Laksh’s lips on hers, it was a soft and smooth lock indeed.

The next morning scene at the Mansion where Akshaya (the girl who was jogging) comes down from stairs.
Akshaya : Kaka (She shouts and the old man comes running) di and jiju are coming in the afternoon, make all the arrangement for lunch.
Kaka nods and leaves while Akshaya sits on the couch, she takes the paper and finds the news of the College topper of Business and Management College Mumbai (Just an imaginary college) is Laksh Maheshwari. Akshya smiles deeply in immense happiness without her knowledge, she feels connected to the person in the paper. Kaka comes and looks at her weirdly.

Kaka : Beta is everything okay?

Akshaya : Haa Kaka I’m fine, btw do you know who this person is?
Kaka walks to her and looks at Laksh’s picture.
Kaka : He a bit looks like you…
Akshaya interrupts : Kaka…
Kaka : I don’t know him beta.

Akshaya : Okay okay now you go and make all the arrangements.

Scene shifts to MM where Ragini awakes and finds Laksh sleeping beside her with his formals. Ragini looks at Laksh worriedly. She removes his sock and loosens his shirt buttons and brushes his hair with her fingers and covers him with the blanket. Ragini gets down and walks to wardrobe and takes out her saadi and walks to the washroom, she comes out wiping her hair and look at Laksh’s tired face. Laksh’s phone starts ringing and he awakes and answers it while Ragini looks at him worriedly.
Laksh : Ha yeah it is fine, take care.
Laksh hangs up and sits up holding his head.

Ragini : Is everything okay?
Laksh : Haa actually Diya is not well so she asked if she could take a leave.
Ragini nods and walks to him, she keeps her soak wet hands on his cheeks and he feels relaxed.
Ragini : Go get washed, I will go make coffee.
Laksh holds her wrist and makes her sit on his lap.
Ragini smiled looking at him ordering.
Ragini : As if you listen to me.

Laksh : Meaning?
Ragini : You are so stressed and tensed all the time, who asked you work over night? It is tiring to see you like this.
Laksh makes her lie on his chest and falls on the bed and hugs her tightly.
Laksh : Just stay like this close to me for five minutes all my stress will disappear.
Raigni : Laksh….
Laksh interrupts : I love you

Ragini : Listen to me…
Laksh interrupts : I love you
Laksh had closed his eyes tightly hugging her tightly, Ragini smiled looking at him and tightens her grip too, after few minutes Ragini breaks the hug.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh : Mmm…
Ragini : Go get changed plus I have to go to puja.
Laksh nods and walks to the washroom but stops and turns back.
Laksh : I forgot something.
Ragini : What?
Laksh walks to the dresser and takes the mangalsutra and the sindoor and makes her wear it. Laksh adjust her hair and makes her wear the pallu on her head while Ragini looked at him all her love she has. Laksh kissed on her forehead.

Laksh : You look like and angel.
Ragini : Really?
Laksh : Any doubt? (Ragini shakes her head) I’m happy now you can walk without a stick my beautiful angel.
Ragini blushed and while Laksh chuckled
Ragini : I love you.
Laksh smiled and walked to the washroom. Ragini went down walking slowly and walked to Mandir and started doing the puja. In the afternoon Ragini is seen cutting vegetable in the dining room and Ap calls her.
Ap : Ragini beta…

Ragini : Ji ma
Ragini stood and walked slowly to the kitchen.
Ap : Your phone rang and I answered, Laksh asked me to ask you to get ready as he is coming to pick you now.
Ragini smiled and took the phone and she turned to leave and she turned back to Ap.
Ragini : Ma did he tell where he is taking me to?
Ap shook her head.

Ap : I didn’t want to ask plus he didn’t tell (She smiles) What if it is some surprises?
Ragini blushed and walked up. She could hardly walk properly, Ragini climbed up the stairs and just then Laksh reached. He was on a call Ragini stopped and smiled so did Laksh. Ragini walked to him and took off a thread piece which was there on his hair and brushed his hair. Laksh hung up and looked at Ragini.
Laksh : Are you ready?
Ragini pouts and shakes her head.
Ragini : Did you come near the gate and gave me a call asking to get ready?
Laksh : No I thought you would be in our room.
Ragini : Still am I a robot to get ready fast?

Laksh carried her and walked up.
Laksh : I thought you are super man’s super woman.
Laksh tightened his grip on her waist and winked at Ragini.
Ragini : No but (Ragini leaned to him and brushed her lips against his neck) naughty man’s naughty woman.
Laksh smiled and shook his head in disbelief.
Laksh : Did you eat and have your medicines?
Ragini nods like an obedient kid with popped eyes.
Ragini : Where are we going?
Laksh : You will know.
Ragini : Is it a surprise for me?

Laksh : No.
Ragini : Then? Beach? Lunch? Ice cream?
Laksh : You talk too much you know.
Ragini pouts and buries her face in to his chest. Laksh chuckles and they reach their room. He placed her down and removed his blazer and sat on the bed.
Ragini : If you tell me the occasion I will get dressed according to it.
Laksh sighs and looks at her.

Laksh : We are going to doctor.
Ragini : Doctor?
Laksh nods and holds her hand and makes her sit.
Laksh : Yes, just I want make sure that my angel is alright.
Ragini : But I’m fine, my leg and elbow hurt at times but it will get okay with time.
Laksh shakes his head and looks into her eyes. He wished he could just explain what is really going on to her.
Laksh : Just a checkup baby.
Ragini turns her head away and frowns.
Ragini : You are making me look a patient in front of everyone.
Laksh : Ragini (He makes her look at him) We won’t tell anyone that we are going to meet the doctor. Okay? Please for me can’t you get checked? Then I can breathe peacefully life.
Ragini nods and stands up. She walks to the cupboard and takes out a saadi while Laksh gets a call and leaves out. Ragini and Laksh came down stairs and found Swara, Sanskaar Dp and Ap are seated discussing something.

Dp : Laksh and Ragini (both of them look at each other) after your marriage both of you and also Sanskaar and Swara didn’t go out so I and Ap have decided to send all of you to Malaysia.
Sanskaar, Swara and Ragini smiles while Laksh is shocked.
Ap : Day after tomorrow I have booked for tickets…
Laksh interrupts : I and Ragini won’t go.
Ragini is shocked so is everyone.
Sanskaar : Is there any problem?
Laksh smiles and shakes his head.
Laksh : On Monday she has to apply for next year’s exam.
Ap : We will book the tickets in the evening.
Ragini : No ma we don’t know if I have to go and sign documents later, if in any case I have to come back.
Laksh looks at Ragini confusingly while DP nods.
Swara : Then we don’t have to go too.

Laksh : No it is fine both of you go or we would feel bad for spoiling your trip.
Ragini : Laksh is right both of you go.
Sanskaar : But…
RagLak : Please?
Swara and Sanskaar look at each other.
Sanskaar : Okay then.
Laksh : Can we leave now?
Dp nods, Ragini and Laksh come out. She gets in to the car while Laksh looks at her worriedly. There was a pin drop silent until they reach a big mansion.
Ragini : Where is this?
Laksh : The doctors house.

Laksh gets down and walks in and Ragini follows, he rings the bell and a lady in her mid fourty’s open it.
Lady : Yes how can I help you?
Laksh : Dr. Geetha Khanna? (The lady nods) I’m Laksh Maheshwari and she is my wife Ragini Maheshwari, I had already spoken regarding her accident.
Dr. Geetha : Oh you, come in.

Ragini greets and she greets back, they sit and the Dr. Geetha sits too.
Laksh : Her reports are here (He gives a file) I want to know if she is fine and if she isn’t (Laksh voice cracked in middle and he swallowed the misery) the medications to get her cured.
Ragini held his hand signed than everything is fine, Laksh nodded and looked at the doctor.
Dr. Geetha : Yeah I have already spoke with Dr. Dhamini and she said me everything regarding her, I will prescribe her few medicines and few exercises which she will have to follow for nearly 8-10 months. (Ragini looks shocked while Laksh nods) And she will have to come to monthly check up.
Laksh nods while Ragini looks confused.

Ragini : But doctor why so long?
Dr. Geetha : The medication for these cases take time dear.
The servant brings drink and serves, Laksh by purpose spills drink on Ragini’s dress.
Laksh : Sorry Ragini…
Ragini smiles and shakes her head.
Ragini : It is fine Laksh.
Dr. Geetha : If you want you can use the restroom.
Ragini nods and stands up and she walks away where the servant directs her. Laksh turns to the doctor.
Laksh : I’m sorry doctor but I don’t want her to know anything so please make sure that she doesn’t find it.

The doctor nods smiling.
Dr. Geetha : There is a big part that you have to do too Laksh, you have to make sure that she doesn’t conceive. Hope Dr. Damini explained you everything.
Laksh nods.
Laksh : Thank you so much doctor.
Ragini comes and Laksh stands up to leave.
Dr. Geetha : I will email you the prescription and the exercise I will send you a trainer.
Laksh nods and he walks out while Ragini greets and walk out too. They reach MM and walk to their room
Ragini : Are you hiding something from me?
Laksh : What do you mean?
Ragini : Not today not yesterday but for more than weeks I feel as if you are hiding something.
Laksh laughs.

Laksh : What is there to hide bachcha?
Ragini : Laksh I’m your wife and you can’t hide anything from me.
Laksh : Ragini I didn’t hide anything from you baby.
Ragini looks at him worriedly while Laksh looks on.
Ragini : But I feel.
Laksh : You are just thinking too much, are you worried that we aren’t going to Malaysia?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : It is not about the Malaysia Laksh it is about (She sighs and turns her head away) forget it.
Laksh : Do you mean it is about getting intimate?

Ragini felt current passing all over her body and looks at Laksh shockingly.
Ragini : I know Laksh that it isn’t life but it is a part of our life. It is normal human desire how can you just control yourself? What is lacking in me that you aren’t ready still?
Laksh : Nothing is lacking Ragini, I’m not in a mentality of taking our relationship to next level.
Ragini shouts : Tell me why? Give me a proper reason.

Laksh walks to her and holds her shoulder and makes her look at her.
Laksh : Everything doesn’t need a reason Ragini.
Ragini hugs him tightly.
Ragini : I’m getting scared when you avoid me and ignore me, it hurts me Laksh. (She tightens her grip) Why are you going away and away? (She breaks the hug and looks at Laksh) is there anything which I lack in appearance? (Laksh shakes his head in pain while tears rolled down her eyes) tell me why then please Laksh?
Laksh : Nothing like that, nothing like you think stop crying for god sake Ragini.
Ragini wipes her tears and sits on the bed.

Ragini : Laksh I’m feeling as if you are going away from me.
Laksh sits beside her and looks at her lovingly, he drags her to his chest and he hugs her tight.
Laksh : Ragini stop thinking that you aren’t satisfying me, I’m not ignoring you but I’m still not ready. You are my life Ragini, I need your total recovery.
Ragini nods and wipes her tears.

Ragini : Okay but you have to promise me one thing.
Laksh : Promise?
Ragini : Yes, the next time you feel you can go ahead. It is just my leg and hand is injured so please Laksh.
Laksh nods.
Laksh : Promise.
Ragini smiles and caresses his face.
Ragini : You look tired have a nap.
Laksh : I have to leave now.

Ragini : Can’t you take a break?
Laksh : Just another file more baby, I will take a break tomorrow for sure.
Ragini nodded and Laksh kissed her forehead and stood to leave but he sat back and made her look at him and kissed her lips hardly and she reciprocated back. Laksh moved back and looked at her welled up eyes.
Ragini : I love you.
Laksh : Just like I took my doze I will take the bigger doze very soon.
Ragini blushed and nodded.
Laksh : I love you more life.

Ragini smiled and Laksh left. Swara came running to Ragini.
Swara : Ragini I have something to ask.
Ragini : Haa Swara tell.
Swara : Have you felt something like this before.
Ragini : Like what?

Swara : Like puking, faintish and dizzy? Ragini I’m going to die soon maybe.
Swara starts crying and Ragini looks confused.
Ragini : Did you tell ma?
Swara : I didn’t eat anything bad too.
Ragini : Swara come with me and tell to ma.
Swara nods and Ragini takes her down. Laksh takes few files and comes out of study.
Ragini : Didn’t you still go?
Laksh : I came to take this files.
Ap comes out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee.
Ap : Laksh drink this and go beta.
Laksh nods and sits.

Ragini : Ma Swara…
Just then Swara faints and Ragini holds her. Ap and Laksh are shocked.
Ap : Laksh carry and place her on the sofa.
Ragini calls Harini and looks at Laksh tensely. Laksh calls Sanskaar.
Laksh : Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Haa Lucky tell.
Laksh : Swara fainted…
Sanskaar interrupts : What happened Lucky?

Laksh : Don’t know we called Harini and she will be any time here.
Sanskaar hangs up and rushes out, and just then Harini comes. Ragini looks at Laksh worriedly and Laksh signs her that nothing will happen. Harini checks Swara and smiles and just the Sanskaar comes.
Harini : Congratulations she has conceived.
Ragini and Ap are happy so is Sanskaar and Laksh. Sanskaar walks down the stairs and Laksh hugs him.
Laksh : Congo bhai.
Sanskaar hugs him back in happiness.
Harini : Don’t stress her and yeah make sure she takes rest and I will leave now as I have rounds in a while.
Hairni smiles and Laksh takes her out, Sanskaar sits beside Swara and holds her hand kisses it.
Ap : I’m very happy today (She hugs Ragini and Ragini hugs her back) God has heard my payers.
Laksh comes back.

Ragini : Even I’m happy ma.
Ragini breaks the hug while AP holds her cheek.
Ap : Next I’m waiting for your good new beta.
Laksh looks shocked while Ragini’s smile fades away. Ragini forces a smile and looks at Swara as she gains conscious. Laksh gets down the stairs and walks to Ragini, both of them look at each other and gives a painful look.
Sanskaar : Thank you Swara.

Swara sits up and looks confusingly and Ragini sits beside her and hugs Swara.
Ragini whispers : You are faster than me jethani ji, thanks a lot for making me a chaachi.
Swara is shocked and smiles. Ragini breaks hug and looks at Swara and Swara looks at Sanskaar where he nods his head and Swara hugs him tightly. Ragini looks at Laksh signs him that she okay, he nods back and forces a smile.
Laksh : Then I’ll go and come.

Sanskaar looks at Laksh confusingly and Laksh leaves.
Sanskaar : Why is he working so much? He can divide his work and let other do the job right?
Ap : Maybe he like the job.
Sanskaar : The way Ragini has fitted his room no one will feel to come out of it.
Ragini smiles so does Ap.
Ap : Sanskaar take Swara to the room.

Ragini : Haa I will bring something to drink.
Swara : Meri ma not you, just now you have started walking properly and I can’t bear pati’s scolding.
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : I will just come up to my room, on the way I will give.
Sanskaar : Or call me I will come and get it.
Swara stands and Sanskaar holds her hand and both of them go.
Ap : Ragini beta.

Ragini : Ji ma
Ap : I’m going out to mandir. I’m so happy today.
Ragini : Okay ma don’t worry I will look after Swara.
Ap walks to her and holds Ragini’s cheek.

Ap : Sanskaar is there to look after Swara, you look after my son’s life (She mean Ragini) understood?
Ragini smiles and nods. Ap leaves and Ragini walks to kitchen, she makes drinks lost in Laksh’s thoughts. She takes up the juice to Swara and taps the door. Sanskaar opens it and Ragini hands over the drink.
Sanskaar : Thank you Ragini
Ragini smiles and walks to her room, she sits on the bed and drags both her legs to her chest and hugs herself. She rests her head on her knee and looks at the big picture of Laksh hung on the wall.

Ragini’s POV.
Do I deserve to be loved so much that you can hide anything from me? Why can’t I figure out what is going on? Why aren’t you ready to take our relationship to the next level? Are you waiting until I take the lead? I don’t get anything Laksh. You staying night shifts, doing lover work everything is just making me feel you are going away from me. Is it because someone else touched me? (She wipes the tears which were rolling down her cheeks) Can’t be he loves me a lot there are no chances that he is dwelling in the past. Whatever let it be I will support him in anything he decides as my happiness is my Laksh.
Ragini’s POV ends.

She closes her eyes and remembers hers and Laksh’s moments, she stands up and starts cleaning the room slowly. Scene shifts to Harini’s house where she was sitting and checking some reports.
Harini : So Ragini is not able to conceive (She nods and laughs) That is a plus point for me to take her away but in this case I have to be careful as Laksh knows only I know that she isn’t well. Harini… Harini… Harini… think. If I tell obviously I will get caught plus her reports are only with me and Laksh so anyhow I will get caught if I make her know. Anyway Harini don’t hurry in anything let’s go smoothly, at least now I know that Laksh will not touch you.

Harini laughs evilly and smirks. Scene shifts to the mansion where Akshaya lives. Akshaya walks to a room with the newspaper and knock the room. The lady who spoke with her through the call opens it.
Akshya : Di, I’m very curious about this person.

A man comes and grabs the paper.
The man : He…Ananya why don’t we take an alliance for him for our Akshaya.
Akshya : Jiju….
Ananya : Just wait Gautum.
Akshaya : He is handsome but I don’t have any feeling like love or crush but I feel connected di.
Ananya : Give let me check (She looks for a while and she gets few flashes of a small baby crying) chotu…
Gautum : Chotu? Ananya are you okay?
Ananya : I remembered chotu when I saw him.
Akshya : I told you that he is kinda connected.

Ananya nods and wipes her tears.
Gautum : It is really not good for you to stress yourself, though you are not allowed to fly I brought you here to find your chotu but not now.
Ananya nods and walks in.
Akshya : Did I make di worry?
Gautum : A bit shortie.
Akshya : I’m not short Mr. Gautum Ravindar in fact I’m in my perfect height.
Gautum : Perfect height my foot Ms. Akshya Ahuja.

Scene shifts to MM where Ragini is seen sleeping and it is all dark. She awakes and looks around, she sits and switched on the light and found that it was nearly 11.30 p.m. She holds her head and winces in pain. She rests back switching off the light, she heard footsteps and closed her eyes. Laksh entered and found everything dark, he switched on the light and found Ragini asleep as usual. This was their daily routine for past week. Laksh removed his shoes and was very tired and exhausted. He sat beside Ragini and stroked her hair and touched her cheek. Ragini opened her eyes and looked at Laksh and gave painful smile and she sat up.

Laksh : I’m sorry…
Ragini : It is fine Laksh (She smiled and made him turn to her and unbuttoned his shirt) You must be tired so go have a wash, I’ll get you something to drink.
Laksh : Is our life destined to be this gloomy?
Ragini shakes her head.

Ragini : It is me and you who have made it gloomy Laksh.
She sounded low and flat. Ragini forced a smile and Laksh looked away as he was not able to make eye contact. Ragini made him look at him and rests her head on his chest while Laksh didn’t even feel to hug her.
Laksh : Did you eat?

Ragini : Yes Laksh (She looks at him and gives a painful smile) I know you would also.
Laksh smiles and nods and she placed her head on hers.
Laksh : You look dull and gloomy.
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : I cleaned the room and then felt tired and slept.
Laksh : I told you not to strain yourself.
Ragini : I’m fine life, btw are done with all the files?
Laksh nodded.
Laksh : Haa I did it.

Ragini smiles deeply and holds his cheek.
Ragini : Sorry jaan, even I was upset looking at you stressed that is what I shouted one we came after going to doctor.
Laksh : You don’t have to tell me, I know you better.
Ragini smiled and Laksh kissed on her forehead.

Ragini : Get changed and come to sleep.
Laksh stood and walked to the washroom and came back changed. Ragini widened her hand and pouts while Laksh laughed and hugged her tightly, he lied switching off the light and she hugged him tightly burying her face in to his neck. She kept caressing his hair so he would fall asleep. Both of them dozed off in each other’s embrace.

Few days later Laksh is seen sitting in his cabin and Diya comes with an envelope.
Diya : Sir a man gave this and went.
Laksh : Thank you (He smiled and looked at it and his eyes got welled up) you can leave and also remember what you promised me.
Diya’s eyes get welled up and nods.
Diya : Sure bhaiyaa.
Laksh smiles and Diya walks out tearing, Laksh walks down and gets in to his car and reaches beach, he gets down and feels fresh air, he continuously hears Ragini calling his name and he screams from bottom of his lungs telling Ragini’s name. Laksh kneels down and cries his heart out and remembers all his moments with Ragini.
Laksh’s POV.
I have no option Ragini, I have nothing else to do other than this. I love you, my love for you is making me do all this life (Ragini). For you happiness I have to hurt you a lot. I don’t know baby how will you accept the truth but you have to, for you, for me and our kid. I want to hold our little kid in my arms, I want to see the happiness in your eyes (He sobs and grits his teeth) for all this I and you both will have to suffer. I will never let you curse for our pain never.
Laksh’s POV ends.

He stays crying for a while and runs his hand through his hair, the crowd in the beach got less. Laksh gets in to the car and drives off the car, he reaches home and opens the door and finds it all dark, and he rushed to his room and found the room decorated. He walks ahead and found Ragini standing in the balcony with a backless blouse and red explosive saadi where her curves were visible.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini turned and Laksh and found her in a light carrying away makeup with a blood red gloss, her hair was left wavy, she had an intense look locked in her eyes. Ragini smiled and walked to Laksh and Laksh looked at her, she encircled her hand around his neck and leaned to his ear and pecked it.
Ragini whispered : Shocked?
Laksh : Rrrr….agini..,gini…

Ragini brushed her lips on his neck and Ragini loved back and pouted.
Ragini : I thought you would just drag me and kill me today but… (Ragini gets teary) I think I need more stunning attire to melt you.
Ragini turns to leave and Laksh holds her wrist and drags her to his chest and holds her waist letting Ragini shiver. Laksh leaned to her head while Ragini blushed and held his shirt.
Laksh : Your hotness just made me go blank love.

Ragini turned blushing and he dragged her holding her stomach and her back hit his chest. Laksh hugged her tightly and inhaled her fragrance and started nuzzling her neck and placed wet kisses as Raigni closed her eyes tightly. She clutched her saadi and turned to Laksh and kissed his collar bone and Laksh moved to her other neck and gave few love bits while Ragini gasped and closed her eyes tight. She pushed Laksh and ran in and breathed heavily, Laksh walked to her seductively and held her wrist and made her turn. She looked direactly in to his eyes and he tucked her hair behind her hear and chin upped and kissed on her forehead and then both cheeks. Laksh kept running his hand at her back and waist sensually while Ragini looked at his swollen eyes.
Ragini : Did you cry?
Laksh looks on places his index finger on her lips.
Laksh : Only our mouth will work today to…
Ragini interrupts : Did you cry or not?

Laksh shakes her head and drags her closer and moved her hair to aside and started nuzzling. Ragini felt something odd yet she didn’t want to disturb him. Laksh looked at her and she nodded back with a smile. Laksh slowly starts kissing her lips and it went wild and he carried her and broke the kiss. Laksh placed her on the bed and Laksh leaned to her and Ragini breathed heavily. Ragini held his shirt and turned him and she came over him and removed his shirt buttons kissing on his lips. Laksh suddenly sits up pushing Ragini and she gets shocked when he heard the doctor’s words echoing. Ragini takes his phone from the pocket

Laksh : Ragini get changed and come down, I have something to speak with you.
Ragini : Laksh no one is at home, you can tell anything you want here and to the others later.
Laksh : It is fine, come down getting me a cup of coffee.

Laksh walked to the wardrobe and took out his three quarter and t shirt and walks out while Ragini holds her head and sighs out. Tears roll down her cheeks but she wipes her tears and takes out a dress. Ragini comes and sits beside Laksh with two mugs of coffee. She has worn a short and baggy t-shirt. Laksh was working on his laptop and Ragini places a mug on the table and she starts sipping her cup. Ragini rested on Laksh’s chest placing the mug on the table.

Laksh doesn’t give attention but continues working while Ragini smirks and nuzzles in to his neck letting him have gasps and places few wet kisses. Ragini slowly moved his hand out of the laptop and sat on his lap and made him look at her holding his cheek. She gave an intense look while Laksh just gets carried again in her beauty, she leaned to him and pecked him lips while Laksh closes his eyes and remembers all what doctor said. Ragini moved back as Laksh didn’t reciprocate to her and raises her eyebrows. Laksh leaned to her while Ragini blushed hard, they shared an intense look. Laksh took and envelope and handed it Ragini.

Ragini : What is this?
Laksh : Read it.
He sounded low, he looked away saying this while Ragini took a letter out of the envelope.
Ragini : Tickets (She read furthermore) Laksh tickets for London (She sounded excited and she hugged Laksh tightly.) Is this honeymoon trip? (She broke the hug) When are we leaving Laksh?
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : I’m very much excited.
Laksh : Ragini read it fully.

Ragini : Ok ok (She continued reading and suddenly her eyes get welled up) There is a mistake in the ticket. It has only mentioned your name. Get it corrected soon. (She handed the ticket) also…
Laksh interrupts : Only I’m leaving.
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : Stop joking Laksh.
Laksh looks at Ragini in to her eyes and nods.
Laksh : Only I’m leaving and it is an years project Ragini…

Ragini couldn’t hear the rest everything went mute and tears rolled down her cheeks. She sighed out and shook her head. Ragini holds Laksh’s face and shakes her head.
Ragini : No no you are joking I know (She wipes her tears) I know you are a bad joker.
Laksh shakes his head.

Laksh : Thought of sending Sanskaar but Swara is preganant so I have to go.
Ragini : No Laksh you can’t leave please Laksh I beg you (She folds her hand) Tell me you are joking.
Laksh shouts : I’m telling you that I’m going and can’t you understand it?
Ragini gets shocked and shakes her head and hugs him tight.
Ragini : I know Laksh you are lying (She cuddles to him still tears rolling down her eyes and shakes her head) My Laksh doesn’t know to lie.

She chuckles and Laksh moves her back holds her shoulder and shakes her.
Laksh : I’m going (He places his hand on her) Promise on my life I’m going.
She felt as if someone stabbed her heart, she stood and ran up crying. She held closed her mouth by her hand and reached her room. She locked the door and cried sitting down hugging herself. Laksh sighed out and held his head. He ran up and kept tapping the door.
Laksh : Baby listen to me (He broke down as leaving her was the hardest thing) Ragini baby please. I need you now and you need me now. Please open the door Ragini.
Ragini shakes her head and cried out loud.

Ragini : Go away (She wipes her tears still tears kept rolling) You wanted to go so go Laksh go.
Laksh shakes his head sits down tapping the door.
Laksh : Ragini opens the door right now or I will go now…
Ragini shakes her head and opens the door and Laksh rush to her and hugs her tightly and she hugs him back.

Ragini : I love you Laksh and I need you, you can’t leave me. I will also come with you.
Laksh breaks the hug still his hands wrapped around her.
Laksh whispers : Your college, our dream, our happiness how can you leave all this?
Ragini : You are my everything Laksh how can you think of leaving me and going? (Laksh shakes his head and Ragini pleads him) I want get closer to you for sure Laksh. Are you leaving me for that?
Laksh shakes his head.

Laksh : Shshshshsh stop crying how can I leave you when you cry like this life?
Ragini whispers : Then don’t leave me.
Laksh : I have to
Ragini pushes him and shouts.
Ragini : Then go away and never come (She holds her head) You have no idea how much important you are in my life, No you will not get it never.
Laksh moves forward and Ragini moves back.
Laksh : Relax love please…

Ragini moves back and was about to fall tripping on the coffee table but Laksh held her and they shared a painful eye lock. Laksh carried her and sat on the couch placing her like a little baby on his lap and wiped her tears still it rolled down.
Ragini : Can you leave me and go Laksh? (Her voice cracked and her lips trembled) I’m you life hena? Can you leave your life?

Laksh closed his eyes as it was painful for him to look at his Ragini’s pain.
Laksh : I have to and baby it is an year.
Ragini : A year? (She smiled and held her body and then her face) a year Laksh… Without you for a year. (She sounded plain and scary still her lips trembled) Without your embrace and warmth.
Laksh : Ragini…Ragini… look at me. I love you and will be back soon this year fly soon.
The clock struck 12 and Ragini smiled.
Ragini : Happy birthday love (You have given me the best treat ever) Thank you.
Laksh holds her tight and shakes his head and breaks down hugging her tight.
Laksh : Don’t kill me with words.

Ragini made him look at her and places her head on his and their tears mix together.
Ragini : I’m already half dead….
Before she could complete he kissed her on her lips putting all his pain and she reciprocated equally still crying hard. He pressed her in to him tighter. Ragini moved back a little.
Ragini : Don’t leave me please.
Laksh : I have to leave….
Ragini again kissed on his lips again making him lie on the couch and she came over him kissing. She moved back and cried shaking her head.
Ragini : You are my drug (Her eyes were not less blood, her pain was just clearly visible) I need you (She sobbed out) No I won’t leave you for sure you can’t go.
She hugged him tight and buried her face on his shoulder; he could continuously feel the tears rolling down her eyes. Laksh hugged her tight and stroked her back.
Laksh : Stop crying for me.

Ragini shakes her head and clutched his t shirt tightly he hugged her tightly that there was no space in between them she cried hard, she yelled in between throwing all her pain out. She kept cuddling in to him that she could disappear in to him. Laksh closed his eyes and tears rolled down his eyes. God was literally punishing him in all the way. This pain was too much for him to bear; he failed to be a proper husband. He felt miserable and a broken soul where he couldn’t put out his pain in anyway. Ragini his life was shattered that he couldn’t calm her down at all but he managed to calm her screams and shouts but not her tears which flowing on his neck.

Next morning Ragini awakes and finds herself on the couch and panics not seeing Laksh.
Ragini : Laksh…Laksh (She shouts) Laksh where are you?
Laksh comes running out from the balcony and Ragini hugs him tightly.
Laksh : Ragini you have to become satiable for me please.
Ragini : I won’t let you go.
Laksh breaks the hug and looks at her.

Laksh : I promise to speak to you whenever I’m free and skype you all night.
Ragini shakes her head and tears roll down her cheeks, she was not less than white and herlips were red and her eyes had a red line drawn around it and Laksh was not less. She walks to the washroom taking a saadi and opened the shower and cried hugging herself. Laksh was in the guest room shower he was crying too, he was not able to control himself. A day was too long for him to stay away from him and a year was unbelievable. Tears rolled down with water, Laksh entered in and found Ragini finding hard to tie her dori, he walked to her and tied it and hugged her from back really tightly.
Ragini : Have a safe journey Laksh (She sounded plain and flat) Stay happy and remember always (She turned to Laksh and took his hand kept on her chest) there is always a heart beating for you (her voice cracked and she swallowed her pain) only for you

Laksh pecked her forehead and kissed it hard while Ragini wept and Laksh cried and hugged. She made her wear the mangalsutra and sindoor. And hugs her really tightly, both of them cry there heart out and got lost in each other. Laksh broke the hug and shook his head indicating her not to cry. Both of the got down the stairs and everyone was standing.
Ap : Take care beta.

Laksh nods an hugs, he takes blessing from everyone.
Laksh : Ma take care of yourself and take care of Ragini too.
Ap nods and they leave out. Ragini gets in at back and Laksh too gets in at back. Sanskaar drives off, Ragini hugs Laksh tightly and and he hugs her back really tightly. She kept sobbing and Laksh couldn’t look at her. They reached the airport and Sanskaar got down while Ragini and Laksh looked at each other and she kissed him on his lips hard for one last time and he kissed back. He placed his forehead on hers.
Laksh : Wait for me (She places her hand on his left chest) this beating heart will come for you and only for you.

Ragini smiled through her tears. Laksh got down so did Laksh. Laksh turned to Ragini and both of them shared a painful eyelock.
Flashback ends.

Screen freezes on their eyelock.


Hope you liked the epi do comment on how did you find the pi…Thanks for reading and commenting…
There was some errors in uploading last parts..I had uploaded it wrong..53 as 54 and 54 as 53 sorry for that…
Love you guys and take care…

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