Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 54


Sorry for the inconvenience, actually this is 53 part

The episode starts with Sandesh and Ragini looking at Sandya from the car and is shocked. Laksh is continuously calling Ragini but she doesn’t answer.
Sanskaar : Is everything okay Lucky?
Laksh under his breath : Hope so.
Sanskaar : What?
Laksh : Yeah everything is fine. Raghav, Laashya and Rahul come to eat.
Raghav : Where is mama?
Rahul : Mama will come you eat.

Laksh : I think there is before meals medicine to be taken.
Rahul : I’ll go get it papa.
Laksh nods and Rahul runs up, Swara comes and places the curries and Sanskaar sits.
Sanskaar : Where is Sandya?
Swara : She has morning classes so she went early.
Sawitha comes downstairs speaking through phone and sits.
Sawitha : Yeah he is fine Luv (Lavanya).
Scene shifts to SM Lavanya is seen sitting holding a family frame caressing Raghav’s face.
Lavanya : He scared me a lot, idiot Raghav.
Sawitha chuckles while Laksh looks at her.
Sawitha : He did scare all of us.
Swara : Sawitha you can finish eating and speak (She takes the phone and cuts it and everyone looks at her shockingly) if you keep speaking you will be speaking forever and now eat.
Lavanya looks at the phone confusingly. There was a knock on her room door and she walked t open is and found Sujatha.

Sujatha : It is been a week since you locked yourself in the room, forget whatever Simran spoke and come down.
Lavanya : What are you asking to forget daadi? She is crossing her limit. It is my papa who hurt me and he has all his right to do so. He did repent on his mistake and this punishment for him too much.
Sujatha : Only until your ma give birth to the child stay beta after that I promise to send you back.
Lavanya gets teary.
Lavanya : You are making things hard for me. (Aditya comes and gives a painful look to Lavanya) All of you together are making me feel bad. I’m in a situation wher
e I don’t know what to do and there is no one to help me.
She shuts the door and cries hard while Aditya holds Sujatha’s shoulder. Scene shifts to MM where Swara is serving food.
Sawitha : Whatever it is you shouldn’t have done it, she is there all alone is in a confused state. As her cousin and as her best friend I need to help her.
Swara : Of course you have to help her Sawi but now it is your breakfast time.
Sanskaar : Even I think what you did was wrong…
Laksh interrupts : I think it is better to stop this right here. (He feeds both Raghav and Laashya) as I don’t think it is fine to argue in front of kids.
He continues feeding Laashya and Raghav.

Scene shifts to the park where Sandesh gets down the car and banged the door. Ragini also gets down.
Ragini : Sandesh calm down (Sandesh rushes to Sandya and Karan shocking both of them and he holds Karan’s collar and Ragini ended up in front of them shocking Sandya) Sandesh leave him.
Sandya : Chaachi…
Sandesh : What the hell are you doing with my sister?
Sandya : Sandesh leave him(She tries to free Karan on the other hand Ragini tries to move Sandesh back) Leave him.
Ragini : Sandesh leave him and relax.
Sandesh moves back and grits his teeth.
Sandesh : What is happening here?
Ragini : Sandesh calm down (She turns to Sandya) What is happening here Sandya?
Sandya : Chaachi…
Karan interrupts : I will tell.
Ragini : I’m asking my niece and not you (She says it looking directly in to Karan’s eyes) tell me (Ragini shouts and Sandya shudders out) are you going to tell what is happening or not?
Sandya : I and him are in a relationship.
Ragini and Sandesh looks shocked and Sandesh tries to move ahead but Ragini holds his hand.
Ragini : From when?
Sandya : Nearly a one and a half month.
Ragini : Don’t you think what you are doing is wrong? Both of you are cheating your families.
Sandya : Chaachi…
Ragini : I thought that you would never do something like this.
Sandya : What is wrong in it?
Ragini : I’m not telling this is wrong at least you could have told us.
Sandya : How can I tell? Papa would kill me.
Sandesh : If papa will kill you then remember you are doing something wrong Sandya.
Ragini : Come home let’s speak it in front of everyone.
Sandya : No chaachi please don’t tell anything to mama and papa please.
Ragini look on and the scene shifts to MM where Sawitha is seen texting through the phone sitting on the couch. Raghav is seen sitting on the couch beside Laksh watching cartoon. Laashya is sitting on Sanskaar’s lap and is playing with Sanskaar and Rahul is sitting down and doing homework. Laksh is continuously trying to contact Ragini and is unable to. Swara comes down stairs and looks at Sawitha.
Swara : Don’t you really have any other work other than this Sawitha?
Sawitha : I’m speaking with Lavanya mama.
Swara : Lavanya Lavanya Lavanya (She grabs the mobile) go study or sleep. She is spoilt and is spoiling you too.
Laksh : Swara what are you talking? (He stands up) What did you just say?
Swara : Haa Laksh your so called daughter is spoiling my children. That night probably Lavanya would have dragged both Sawitha and Sandya and gone out.
Sanskaar : Swara I told you not to talk regarding this.
Swara : Enough Sanskaar, I thought of shutting my mouth but it won’t work. Now Sawitha doesn’t sleep all night but chat with Lavanya. Lavanya inw hole is enough to spoil her.
Ragini : Just shut up Swara (She drag Sandya by her hand and makes her stand) another word more against my daughter…
Swara interrupts : What will you do? Ragini I’m telling the truth, Laksh petting his children and my children has brought up so much prob…
Before she could complete there was tight slap on her cheek shocking everyone.. Ragini’s eyes have gone red and she grits her teeth and points her index finger. Sanskaar stands up in shock.
Ragini : You are crossing all your limits. Stop talking about my family and look yours. I’m sorry but I have to separate and talk as my family and your family because of you. My daughter has no relationship with anyone as far as I know, cuz she says each and everything to me and Laksh unlike your children but your daughter, Sandya you yourself say it.
Sandya shakes her head.
Swara : What? Tell me Sandya what is Ragini telling?
Ragini : I’m sorry to say Swara, not my child is in a relationship but yours.
Everyone is shocked.
Swara : What Ragini is telling is it true?
Sanskaar rush to her and holds Sandya by her shoulder.
Sanskaar : Tell us what Ragini is telling, is it true?
Sandya cries looking down and Laksh holds makes Sandya release from the grip and makes her look at him.
Laksh : Sandya what you did isn’t wrong but tell us is it true?
Swara : Don’t come to teach my kids what is right or wrong.
Ragini : Sandya tell them if I am right or wrong.
Sandya shouts : Yes, whatever chaachi is telling is right. I’m loving a guy.
Swara and Sanskaar are shocked and Ap comes out of her room.
Laksh : Rahul, take Laashya and Raghav up.
Rahul : Okay papa.
Rahul takes Laashya and Raghav walks up.
Sanskaar : What are you telling Sandya?
Sandya : What I did isn’t wrong. Even chaachi and chaachu loved each other. Even mama loved you before marriage so why can’t I?
Everyone is shocked and Swara slaps Sandya hard
Swara : What do you mean? That was different and this is different. I point3ed out at someone else but my own child turned out to be a wrong. You broke our trust completely, first with your brother you broke your trust and now with your parents.
Sandya : Yes I’m bad, happy? I’m the one who made Sandesh look at fault and then it is because of me Lavanya and Sawitha came out that night and everything which happens in this house is because of me.
Ragini and Laksh are shocked so is everyone.
Ragini : What did you just say?
Sandya realizes what she said and cries hard.
Swara : Is it because of you that Lavanya and Sawitha went out?
Laksh : Sandya is it because of you?
Sandya nods her head and runs up crying. Ragini and Laksh look at each other and Laksh gives a painful look. He walks up without telling anything.
Ragini : I didn’t want to prove you are wrong Swara but I wanted to prove that Lavanya can’t be at fault. I doubted Sandya but I always wished let it not turn out to be a true but unfortunately it turned out to be right. Sandya is really a good girl but she takes decisions fast.
She walks up and rushes to her room and finds Laksh looking out of the window. Laksh wipes his tears and smiles painfully. Ragini holds his shoulder and he forwards his right hand.
Laksh : I slapped my daughter without a reason.
Ragini : Laksh (She makes him turn and shakes her head) she forgave you Laksh now stop worrying.
Laksh shakes his head and takes Ragini hands away and closes his eyes. Ragini drags him in to a tight hug and caresses his back.
Laksh : Am I forgivable?
Ragini : Laksh you are forgivable in fact you are not at fault.
Ragini breaks the hug and makes him sit on the chair out. The door get opened, Rahul, Raghav and Laashya walk in. Laashya sits on Laksh’s lap and finds his eyes welled up. Lavanya starts tearing. Raghav too sits up on him lap.
Rahul : Mama is everything okay? I tried to stop them but they rushed in. Shall I take them out?
Ragini shakes her head and caresses his head.
Ragini : No beta, your papa needs you three. I have to go out and I will be back.
Rahul : Mama you didn’t eat.
Ragini smiles and kisses on his head.
Ragini : I will come and have it, look after papa.
Rahul nods and Ragini leaves. Rahul walks to Laksh and kneels down.
Rahul : Papa tears doesn’t suit you.
Raghav : Haa papa, don’t cry like Laashya.
Tears roll down Laksh’s eyes and Laashya wipes it before it falls down. Tears roll down Laashya’s eyes.
Laashya : Papa stops crying like me (She buries her face in to his chest) I hate when you cry. I also cry when you cry papa.
Laksh wipes his tears and smile.
Laksh hugs Laashya and Raghav while Rahul joins their hug.

Ragini gets down the stairs and was about to leave. Swara comes down with her bag. Sandya comes rushing behind and holds her hand.
Sandya : Mama please don’t leave, meet Karan for once and you decide.
Swara : I won’t, today you proved me and you papa’s upbringing is completely wrong. You did it before and now you again proved it wrong. I got blamed from Sanskaar because of you. I got compared with her (Pointing at Ragini) I’m going and forever.
Ragini : What are you talking Swara?
Swara points her index finger.
Swara : Don’t interfere in to my family matter, better stay away.
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini : Swara please…
Swara turns and leaves out while Sandya runs behind her so does Ragini.
Sandya : Mama please, okay I will leave Karan mama but don’t go.
Swara stops and turns to Sandya.
Swara : Promise on me that you won’t meet or speak to him?
Ragini comes in between and smirks.
Ragini : Do you know what are you doing? You are making your kids hate you more. You made them do things without your knowledge and now you are putting them in to trouble. They love each other give them a chance.
Swara : You don’t come to teach what is right and wrong for me Ragini. Just get rid of me.
Ragini : Even I have no interest to mingle in your problems but I’m sure you are going to ruin her life.
Ragini leaves with tears; she gets into her car and drives off. Ragini reaches SM and rings the bell. Lavanya open the door and finds Ragini, she rush to her and hugs Ragini tightly and Ragini hugs her back. Aditya and Simran come, Ragini greets them and they greet her back.
Aditya : Come in Ragini.
Ragini walks in and sits, Lavanya sits beside her.
Ragini : I know what Laksh did was wrong but he hit with the right of her father (She folds her hand) I beg you, if you want I’m ready catch your leg and ask for forgiveness…
Lavanya interrupts : Mama what are you…
Ragini interrupts : We are speaking beta (She signs her to be quiet) I need Lavanya return back to us, please (Her voice starts cracking) I beg you that please send my daughter back.
Aditya : Take her.
Everyone looks shocked,
Simran : Adi…
Aditya interrupts : Lavanya you can leave (He smiles) with you. Her happiness is our happiness.
Lavanya rush to Aditya and hug.
Lavanya : I love you Adi papa
Aditya : Love you too.
Lavanya breaks the hug and runs up to take her things. Ragini smiles and walks to Simran but walks out.

Scene shifts to MM where Laksh comes down and walks to Ap where she is seen seated in her room. Laksh walks to her and sits beside her. Ap smiles and caresses his head.
Laksh : Ma (He looks at her with pain) it is really hurting to know when you are at fault. I can’t face Ragini too; she has suffered so much because of me.
Ap caresses his hair.
Ap : Beta stop worrying, you are not at fault it is just a misunderstanding.
Laksh : Can I lie on your lap for a while ma please?
Ap nods and Laksh lies and falls asleep. Sanskaar comes and smiles looking at them.
Sanskaar : Is he asleep?
Ap nods and Sanskaar walks to her.
Sanskaar : Swara is behaving rude I don’t know why ma. She is hurt in a way and is not telling. I wanted to ask sorry from Laksh and went to his room but Rahul said he went down.
Ap nods.
Ap : Maybe there is something which is bothering Swara.
Sanskaar nods and hugs Ap and caresses Laksh hair.
Sanskaar : Let him sleep, I will just check on with Sandya. Swara said that Sandya promised that she won’t meet or speak with that boy.

Flashback 20 years ago (No one is thinking or narrating)
Laksh comes out of the washroom and he walks to the wardrobe, Ragini was using her phone. Laksh is confused which shirt to wear. Ragini looks at his confused face lovingly.
Ragini : If you need any help you can ask your wife right?
Laksh pouts and takes out two shirts.
Laksh : Which one?
Ragini shakes her head curling her lower lip indicating none of them and Laksh keeps them inside and takes out another pair.
Ragini : Nah it is not nice for you.
Laksh smiles and takes out another a pair.
Laksh : Now?
Ragini : The dark blue is good. (Laksh sighs and wears it and starts buttoning) Laksh I want to button it.
Ragini said it making a cute puppy face, Laksh smiles and walks to her and sits beside her. She starts buttoning and Laksh glares at her lovingly. Ragini finishes buttoning and rests his head on his chest.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts: Shshshshs…I’m giving strength to my pati dev.
Laksh makes her look at him and pecks her lip while Ragini holds him by his neck and kisses. Laksh gets carried away as Ragini ran her hands through his hair, they tried to make it a passionate but they a parted away when the door knocked.
Laksh : Come in.
Harini entered along with Swara.
Harini : Sorry for disturbing but ma…(She pauses for a while) I mean aunty asked me to come and check you out.
Ragini : You don’t have to be sorry.
Laksh : Okay then I got to go and Ragini remember your promises.
Ragini : All the best.
Swara : All the best Laksh.
Harini : All the best.
Laksh : Thank you and bye.
Ragini : Take care of yourself.
Laksh smiles and walks out carrying his laptop bag. He gets down and takes blessings from Ap and Dp. Ap feeds him sweets and kisses on his forehead.
Ap : May this smile always be there on your lips and all the best.
Laksh nods and Sanskaar comes down.
Dp : Shall we leave then?
Sanskaar and Laksh nod and walk out along with Dp. Ragini is seen looking at Laksh from the balcony where Harini and Swara are holding her. Laksh looks at her and shakes his head in disbelief. Sanskaar and Dp get in to a car and Laksh gets in to his and takes out his phone and dials. Ragini’s phone rings.
Ragini : Harini can you please take it for me?
Harini nods and walks inside the room and takes the phone which was on the dresser, she comes out and gives the phone to Ragini and Ragini answers the call.
Laksh : What are you doing out Ragini? If you aren’t going to rest like a good girl I will have to stay back home.
Laksh looks at her and gives a stern look and Ragini pouts.
Ragini : I just only wanted look at you going away.
Ragini makes a cute puppy face and Laksh smiles from corner of his lips.
Laksh : Now don’t give me that look again I will have to come up to our room and…
Ragini interrupts : And?
Laksh : Love you.
Ragini blushes and Harini just burns in jealousy.
Harini : Ragini it isn’t good for you to stand for a long time.
Laksh over hears it and smiles.
Laksh : Now go in and take rest.
Ragini nods smiling.
Ragini : I hate you
Laksh : But I love you my life.

Laksh drives off, Harini and Swara make Ragini rest on the bed.
Swara : From now on you are not getting down the bed, I’m not at all ready to get scolded from Laksh.
Ragini smiles while Harini rolls up her eyes and sits beside Ragini and starts checking Ragini.
Harini : You have to take complete rest Ragini.
Swara : I will get you both something to do drink.
Ragini and Harini nod and Swara leaves.
Harini : Ragini if you don’t mind me asking don’t you find that Laksh is a bit disturbed on something.
Ragini looks shocked and her smile fade away.
Ragini : He is a bit disturbed about me and that is all.
Harini : Is that so? But I felt as is something else is bothering him.
Ragini smiles slightly and shakes her head.
Ragini : He is fine.
Harini : Okay, I’m getting late to go to hospital so take care and bye.
Harini stands up to leave but Ragini holds her hand.
Ragini : Harini, what made you ask this?
Harini smiles and sits back.
Harini : Nothing much, just I could tell the way he behave. It is like he is running away from you (Harini laughed and winked at Ragini) are you torturing him with their love?
Ragini chuckled and rolled up her eyes.
Ragini : Yeah, all most all the time.
Harini : I’m serious Ragini (She said it in a serious note) usually men gets upset when they don’t get what they need.
Ragini: What do you mean?
Ragini tried to sound normal but her voice filled with curiosity.
Harini : Maybe Lakhs isn’t getting what he needs when you are in this state, as a close friend I’m telling so don’t mind.
Ragini looks on and just then Swara came with two glassed of fruit juice, Swara looks at Ragini and finds her upset.
Swara : Ragini are you okay?
Ragini fakes a smile and nods.
Harini : I’m getting late so I’m leaving Swara.
Swara : Harini have this drink and go.
Harini : No Swara it is getting late, anyways Ragini take care.
Harini leaves the room and smirks.
Harini’s POV.
I will somehow make you both get separated and win Laksh’s love. I will make him hate you and hurt you.
Harini’s POV ends.
Harini gets down the stairs and leaves out. Ragini is lost in Harini’s words and Swara shakes Ragini.
Swara : Where are you lost? (She sits beside Ragini) here drink this.
Ragini takes it and drinks.
Ragini : I’m a bit tired Swara.
Swara : Take rest, Pooja bhabhi would have made breakfast I’ll bring it up.
Ragini : No not now, I don’t feel to eat.
Swara : Ragini…
Ragini : Please Swara.
Ragini lies down and closes her eyes, Swara sighs and walk out closing the door behind. Ragini opens her eyes and remembers all what Harini told and dozes off.

Scene shifts to MO (Maheshwari Office) where Laksh enters along with Sanskaar. Everyone starts greeting them.
Sanskaar : Let me show your cabin.
Laksh nods and Sanskaar headed him to a cabin where it was written “Laksh Maheshwari – CEO” in a metal plate hung at the door. Laksh opened it and was amazed; the cabin was painted white with black modern furniture and a huge glass window where the whole city is visible. A big picture of Laksh who is in a black blazer with a smile was hung at the left wall which was exactly in front of the couch which was at the right wall beside the shelf. Laksh smiled from corner of his lips. He looked around and found everything is perfect, he loved each and everything. Laksh walked ahead and sat on his chair; he saw there were a photo frame of his and Ragini’s and another photo frame of whole family, all the pen holders and card holders were there. Just then an alarm rang jerking Laksh, it was sharp 9.00 o’clock, Laksh stopped the alarm. He looked at Sanskaar who was looking at him with a soft smile, Laksh inhaled in and closed his eyes.
Laksh : Did Ragini do this?
Sanskaar nodded.
Sanskaar : How did you guess it btw?
Laksh : Everything in this room along with her perfume.
Sanskaar : She designed your cabin with the best interior designer of North India. She was handling everything online; I just don’t understand why she has kept an alarm.
Laksh : It is to remind me of my food, look it’s nine and our breakfast time.
Sanskaar : Seriously?
Laksh sighs out and smiles, his eyes get welled up.
Laksh : She is just unbelievable.
Sanskaar : Laksh…
Laksh : I’m okay.
Sanskaar : Okay then I’m taking a leave and I will be sending all the files which you have to go through.
Laksh : Okay.
Sanskaar : And Diya will be joining from today as your P.A.
Laksh nods and Sanskaar left, he took out his phone and caressed Ragini’s photo which was his display picture. He dialed Ragini’s number and there was no answer. Laksh kept on dialing but there was no answer. There was a knock on the door, Laksh kept his phone aside and sighed.
Laksh : Come in.
Diya entered with a pile of files and stood in front of Laksh.
Diya : Good morning sir.
Laksh : Good morning (He said forcing a smile on his lips) keep it on the shelf. (Laksh said pointing at the shelf right under the clock, Diya nodded and placed it in the shelf and turned back to Laksh) Okay then now come and take your seat; I have few things to discuss with.
Laksh said it gesturing towards the chair in front of him. Diya nodded and sat.
Diya : What do you have to discuss with me sir?
Laksh : Well I’m new to this place so you are. (Diya nodded) I hope you got your cabin too. (Diya nodded) I think you have a voice to answer me. (Diya nodded and realized what he said while Laksh gave a questioning look) So…
Diya : Haa Sir.
Laksh : Good, I don’t know sign language so you better speak out. I have already gone through your CV and you are perfect for this job but what you need is experience. I will only let you work until 5.00 p.m. for now this is all. Ah I forgot as you know my wife isn’t well currently so I might put more work on you hope you don’t mind and do it.
Diya : Sure sir.
Laksh : Bring me the first file on top and you can leave.
Diya : Okay sir.
She nodded and walked to the shelf and handed Laksh first file and left out. Laksh started going through the file for like an hour and his phone started ringing, he took it and his face lit up with a wide smile. Laksh answered it in rush and turned his chair to see the view of the city.
Laksh : Why didn’t you answer my calls Ragini?
Ragini sits up and takes the pillow beside her and hugs it while.
Ragini : Did you have your breakfast?
She sounded flat and her voice was gloomy.
Laksh : Umm…nnn…not yet.
Ragini : Okay now go have it.
Laksh : Are you okay? Why are you sounding so low?
Ragini : It is nothing, I just had a nap. Now you go have your breakfast please.
Laksh : Ok ok I will.
Ragini : Btw did you like your cabin?
Laksh smiled and turned is chair back to his cabin.
Laksh : It is outstanding life, you made me feel your presence here.
Ragini : I love you, I want your peace Laksh. Even if you are away from me I can feel that you are disturbed, so this cabin will relax you. I have set up alarm for your food so that you won’t skip, no matter what happens I don’t want you to skip your meals. I will speak with Diya also about it.
Laksh smiles and loosens his tie.
Laksh : I love you too life and everything in this cabin is just perfect at syou.
Ragini : Now I’m hanging up, if I let you will keep speaking so love you, take care and bye.
Laksh : Take care and bye.
Laksh stands up closing his file and walks out. Scene shifts to MM where Pooja enters with a tray. She places it on the table.
Ragini : Bhabhi, where is Swara?
Pooja : Ap maami is teaching her to cook.
Ragini smiles and Pooja starts feeding her,
Ragini : I will it bhabhi.
Pooja : No it is fine, can you think me as your sister?
Ragini gets overwhelmed and remembers her sister.
Ragini : How old are you bhabhi?
Pooja smiles and feeds her a mouth.
Pooja : 25 years.
Ragini : You are just an year younger to my di.
Pooja : Di? Where is she?
Ragini : She died di, actually I’m an orphan.
Tears start rolling down her cheek and Pooja feels bad and holds her cheek.
Pooja : Who said that you are an orphan? If Laksh hears it how much hurt will he would be? If Maami, Maama, Sanskaar or Swara hear what you said how hurt would they be? You have a husband who loves you more than anything in this world.
Ragini smiles through her tears and nods.
Ragini : Bhabhi…
Pooja : Chup… How can you tell you are an orphan when you have a loving after all a caring husband? What more does a girl need than it? Then a mother in law and fathers in law who has accepted you as their beti and loves you just the way they love their son, then a jeth who considers you as his sister and his wife who is your best friend, and then Simran and her in laws and now us.
Ragini hugs her tightly and Pooja hugs her back.
Ragini : Sorry bhabhi, I will never tell that I’m an orphan again.
Pooja breaks the hug and wipes Ragini’s tears.
Pooja : Stop crying now and take rest (She takes Ragini’s medicine and hands it) Here have this and take rest.
Ragini nods and drinks the medicine as Pooja left. She laid back and kept staring at Laksh’s photo taking it from the side table of the bed. She caressed his face and kissed.

It is night and Ragini, Swara, Simran and Pooja are seen talking sitting on the bed. Laksh entered and was shocked to see them laughing out loud.
Pooja : There your prince has come.
Laksh Ragini blushed and looked at Laksh and he entered in smiling.
Swara : I got to go now
Swara stood while the rest laughed.
Simran : Give my brother a bit of break Swara.
Swara bit her tongue.
Swara : I wasn’t going for him, I felt hungry.
Laksh : Okay ladies thanks for taking care of my life now all of you can leave. (He gestures at the door) Come back tomorrow at the same time.
Ragini : Why should they leave? They looked after me not you.
Laksh pouts and makes a cute puppy dog face.
Simran : Ragini don’t melt, he is trying woo you.
Ragini : I know, Laksh don’t give me that look. I won’t melt for you.
Laksh sits beside her and holds her cheek and gives a glare with all love he has. He caresses her lips with his thumb.
Pooja : We better go before something further happens.
Simran : Ragini he is trying to distract you.
Swara : Ha Ragini he is trying to melt you.
Ragini’s and Laksh’s eye get locked while Laksh runs his hand around her bare waist making Ragini shiver.
Pooja : Let’s leave before he takes another step ahead.
Swara : Bhabhi is right.
Simran, Swara and Pooja left the room while Ragini and Laksh were lost in each other’s eyes.
Laksh whispers : Have they gone?
Ragini looks behind Laksh and then look back in to his eyes and nods. Laksh moves closer and leans to her lips and kisses her lower lip and moves back still looking in to her eyes. Ragini clutched Laksh’s shirt with one hand as the other one was still bandaged while Laksh tightened his grip on her waist and she starts breathing heavily.
Ragini under her breath : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : Shshshshs (Laksh still looking deep in to her welled up eyes slowly places his lips on hers) I missed you a lot today.
Ragini closed her eyes tightly feeling his lips moving on hers and Laksh started kissing her passionately and Ragini kissed him back in the same passion. He moved his head to her neck and she laid back and Laksh came over her. He started nuzzling her neck through his nose. Ragini closed her eyes tightly feeling his touch over her waist and his hot breath on her neck. Ragini moved her hand which was clutching him and ran it seductively on his back. Laksh placed few wet kisses on her neck and moved his head to the other side brushing his lips on hers, he started kissing her jaws. Laksh suddenly moved back with a jerk remembering the doctor’s words. As Laksh sat back and turned the other way and tried to move, Ragini held his hand and sat beside him. She rested her head on his back.
Ragini : Why did you stop?
Laksh sighed out and closed his eyes letting all his pain roll down as tears. Ragini’s voice sounded the most innocent thing to him on the earth. He was out of words to answer her. He quickly wiped out his tears.
Laksh : Sorry, I forgot your condition.
Laksh turned to her and couldn’t make eye contact with her.
Ragini : Are you worried that my hand and leg are broken so you can’t…
Before she could complete Laksh dragged her to his chest and pressed her mouth against his chest.
Laksh : What are you talking?
Ragini looked up at him and tears roll down her cheeks.
Ragini : How much patience will someone have Laksh? How can you even control for so long?
Laksh pecks on her forehead and wipes her tears with his cheeks.
Laksh : I love you this is how I can explain it.
Ragini : So don’t you want to…
Laksh interrupts : I want to make you mine and love each bit of you but not now. You have to be alright and get well.
Laksh sat beside her and made her sits comfortably, she rested her head on his chest and he hugged her tightly.
Ragini : Laksh, forget about my illness next time. I’m ready for anything.
Laksh : I’m a human jaan not an animal. I already told you I know when to take my right.
Ragini : But I’m shocked if anyone can control like you. I doubt if I am beautiful enough.
Laksh rolls up his eyes and makes her look at him, his eyes had turned in to a shade of red where anger was clearly visible.
Laksh : Ragini, you are my life. I can never think of hurting you and getting my happiness. You are my happiness Ragini. How can you think your beauty matters? You are the world’s most beautiful girl to me. What is not there in you to ask if you aren’t beautiful?
Ragini : Laksh, you ignoring me makes me feel so.
Laksh drags her in to his lap and makes her look in to his eyes, he touches her eyes and kisses on them as Ragini closed them.
Laksh : Beautiful eyes which shows how much love you have for me. (He touches her ears and pecks them both) These lovely ears to listen to my endless talks (He strokes her cheeks) These two cheeks to blush when I touch you (She kisses on both her cheeks while she blushed more. Her eyes got welled up and she smiled) This naughty nose to inhale my fragrance (He packed her nose) This lips…(He touches it while Ragini closed her eyes and let her tears roll down her cheek and she leaned to him and started kissing him hardly, he reciprocated back. She broke it and placed her forehead on his and he wipes her tears) I love you.
Laksh : Promise me that you will never badmouth me Ragini.
Ragini : Sorry, I will never say it again.
Laksh : Pakka?
Ragini : Pakka
Ragini rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes along with her Laksh also closed her eyes and rested back holding her cheek. Both of them were feeling each other’s warmth. Vishal comes walking and he finds Ragini and Laksh hugging each other. Vishal keeps looking fritting his teeth Ragini breaks the hug and removes Laksh’s shirt button.
Ragini : How was office Laksh?
Laksh : It was good, I took over all the accounts and went through them.
Ragini : Is it tiring?
Laksh chuckles and looks at Ragini.
Laksh : How come it is tiring, you have made a room where mind is always relaxed.
Ragini smiles and pecks his chest.
Ragini : Go get changed.
Laksh nods and makes her sit properly and stands up. Vishal walks away in frustration and reaches his room. Laksh removes his shirt and tosses it into the laundry basket and walks to the wardrobe and takes out his pajamas. He walks to the washroom. Scene shifts to Harini’s house where she is seen walking from one corner to the other corner of her room.
Harini’s POV.
I have to do something to get in their lives, How can she snatch my place, I have been living with the thought that Laksh is my life partner for more than five years, she came and took my place with days. Think Harini think, if it’s not today that I’m going to make him mine I will surely make him mine one day. I will capture his heart for sure, for that I will have to enter his house first.
Harini’s POV ends.
She breaks the mirror throwing the vase in frustration and screams Laksh’s name. The scene shifts to RagLak where Laksh has finished feeding Ragini and gives her medicine. She drinks it and lies down. Laksh turns to leave but Ragini holds his hand.
Ragini : Stay with me, beside me please.
Laksh smiles.
Laksh : Baby I’ll go down and get a file and come fast.
Ragini : Okay, come fast.
Laksh nods and leaves down and his phone ring and he answers.
Laksh : Now what do you want? Aditya I have already told you that I’m not ready to send her.
Aditya : But I need her for my case.
Laksh : I have done all the proceedings to take her away from the case and remember hereafter if you care to call me as your brother in law you can but if you are to call as an investigator I prefer you don’t.
Laksh hangs up and walks to the study and takes out all the account files and walks up to his room and places it on the table and lies beside Ragini and she rests her head on his chest and sighs.
Ragini : Missed your night embrace a lot.
Laksh : Missed yours too.
Ragini smiled naughtily and reaches to his necks and blowing out air.
Ragini whispers : I got my naughty hub after a long time.
Laksh makes her sleep on the pillow and turns to her and looks at her glittering eyes in the faint light. They share an intense eye lock. Laks holds her waist and leans to her, she gives and intense look smiling from corner of her lips.
Laksh : Today you are looking extra beautiful that is making me go out of control, even now you are melting me with your look.
Ragini : No one is stopping you.
Laksh pecks her cheek.
Laksh : Let my angel recover fully first.
Ragini nods and winces in pain.
Ragini : My stomach hurt.
Laksh holds her stomach looks at her eyes.
Laksh : Are you okay?
Ragini : It hurts on and off.
Laksh : Now sleep, you need rest.
Ragini : I’m always troubling my Laksh a lot.
Laksh : Not much as I trouble my Ragini.
Ragini pouts and shakes her head and holds his cheek.
Ragini : Laksh (She caresses his cheek with her thumb while he look on) I always want to see your happiness. I want to be your smile and you happiness. I always doubt if I satisfy your need as a wife.
Laksh takes her hand and kisses it.
Laksh : There is nothing to doubt, you are satisfying all my needs. Now my life you better sleep as I have to do my work once my angel is asleep or (He pecks her lips) it would be hard to concentrate when you keep staring at your handsome husband.
Ragini chuckles as Laksh slowly placed her head on his chest and started stroking her head and she dozed off clutching his t shirt and burring her head in side his chest. Laksh slowly made her sleep on the pillow and placed her bandaged hand on another pillow and walked to his table and started checking the files.

Next morning Ragini awakes and finds Laksh sleeping beside her and she smiles and sits up. She keeps staring at Laksh’s innocent face; she leans and touches his face slowly. Laksh opens his eyes shocking Ragini.
Ragini : Sorry sorry sorry (She holds her ear with one hand) I didn’t want to awake you.
Laksh smiles and sits up.
Laksh : You tried to take advantage of my sleep.
Ragini : Why should I have to take advantage while you are asleep? If I give one intense look you will flatter down.
Laksh : You think so.
Ragini : I will bet you.
Laksh : All the best.
He stands up and takes the first aid box.
Ragini : Can’t I?.
Laksh : You can’t, now come let me change your bandage.
Ragini shows her leg and Laksh takes it his lap and starts removing the bandage slowly. There was a knock on the door. Laksh opens it and finds Vishal. Vishal’s eyes move to Ragini who had her leg up on the bed and her pajama rose up. Laksh comes out closing the door and looks at Vishal with rage.
Vishal : I came here as ma called you down, they are leaving after they take part in the puja.
Laksh : They are leaving, then you?
Vishal : I have started working in your company.
Laksh : In our company? What qualification do you have to work in our company?
Vishal smirks.
Vishal : You don’t have to worry, it has nothing to do with your department.
Laksh smirks back.
Laksh : Your shadow will never knock on any of my things as well as (He points the finger at Vishal) Hope you understood what I meant, if it touches and then you won’t have bones in your body to move.
Laksh walks in and locks the door while Vishal smirks and walks out. Laksh starts bandaging her leg and then he removes her bandage near the elbow. Ragini is continuously staring at Laksh. Ragini pecks his cheek.
Ragini : Are you okay?
Laksh : That brat is going to be here, I have no idea how to explain ma.
Ragini smiles and holds his shoulder.
Ragini : Everything is okay.
Laksh : Nothing is okay until he is here, I don’t want you to live with fear or uncomfortably.
Ragini : Why should I live in fear when my shield is there? Don’t worry Laksh I will just consider him as a chair or a table in this house.
Laksh rolls up his eyes.
Laksh : I’ll not always be there with you Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Shshshsh nothing to worry, trust me nothing can harm me until you and your love is there.
Laksh looks at her lovingly.
Laksh : I’ll go get changed and you too have to get changed. There is puja for you.
Ragini smiles and nods and Laksh walks in to the washroom. Scene shifts to the hall where Swara, Simran and Pooja are preparing things for the puja. Aditya and Sujatha too come and greet everyone. Harini too comes and starts helping. Scene shifts to RagLak’s room where Laksh is in a blue sharwani and Ragini comes out of the washroom holding the walking stick and sits on the bed.
Ragini : How am I to wear the Saadi?
Laksh gulps and scratches his head.
Laksh : I’ll make you wear.
Laksh says it looking away and Ragini laughs out.
Ragini : Trying to take advantage?
Laksh walks to the wardrobe and gets a red saadi and r looks at Ragini and walks to her with a naughty smile and Ragini starts blushing. Laksh ties her wet hair in to a bun and tucks her remaining hair behind her ear looking at her eyes.
Laksh : I don’t think taking advantage from my wife is a crime.
Laksh makes Ragini look at him and they share an intense eye lock.
Ragini : No it isn’t a crime.

Scene shifts to a park where a girl in her 19’s is jogging with her headphones plugged. She is closing her eyes and is running murmuring the song. She stops and sits on the bench when her phone starts ringing.
Girl : Haa di tell me
Lady : I’m sorry princess, I was busy with meeting and all.
Girl : It is fine di.
Lady : I think you are by now used to India.
Girl : Yes, most probably.
Lady : Btw did you find anything about bhai?
Girl : I have given the information you have provided to a detective hopefully we will find bhaiyaa.
Lady : Hope so and yeah I’m coming to India within a week.
Girl : I’m missing you so much and I’m waiting for you.
Lady : Okay now I’m hanging up as I have an important meeting.
Girl : Bye di love you.
Lady : Love you too.

Scene shifts to MM where Laksh tying Ragini’s dori behind, Ragini has placed her leg on a small stool. Laksh comes in front of her closing his eyes.
Ragini : I’m your wife why are you closing your eyes.
Laksh leans to her.
Laksh whipsers : I have my own reasons.

Ragini holds his shoulder and brushes her lips on his ear lobe.
Ragini whispers : Is it that you will not be able to control?
Laksh opens his eyes and drags her closer and she hits his chest.
Laksh : Of course, when I’m having a beautiful wife like you.
Ragini blushes.
Ragini : I can’t stand for long hub, hurry up and make me wear. If I could stretch my hand I could help you too.
Laksh takes the Saadi and tucks it in to her waist while Ragini closes her eyes and clutches Laksh’s sharwani. Laksh smiles looking at Ragini blushing.
Laksh : I’m Laksh Maheshwari and is there something which I can’t do?
Ragini opens her eyes and shakes her head looking deep in to his eyes; Ragini holds his neck from behind for support.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh is taking the pleats of the saadi and pins it to her blouse.
Laksh : Haa baby.
Ragini holds his cheek.

Ragini : You know what, I was not at all shy to show you myself.
Laksh drags her closer and places his forehead on hers.
Laksh : As your man I won’t be able to take it for myself so I made sure that I didn’t see anything.
Ragini hugs Laksh tightly and he carries Ragini and places her on the chair in front of the dresser. Ragini shakes her head and starts doing a light make up and puts on her jewels. Laksh makes her wear the mangalsutra and applies sindoor on her maang.
Ragini : How do I look?
Laksh : As usual very pretty.
Ragini smiles and Laksh smiles back. His phone rings and he answers it while Ragini adjusts her hair.
Flashback ends.

Ragini and Lavanya enters MM and Ragini stops Lavanya at the entrance.
Ragini : I’ll go get the Aarti thaal. (She runs in and shouts) Laksh…Laksh…
Rahul comes down with Laashya, so does Sawitha and Sandesh hearing the sound. Laksh is seen sleeping in Ap’s room and Ap walks out.
Ap : What happened Ragini?
Ragini’s eyes are welled up and she comes out of the house Mandir with the thaal.
Ragini : Lavanya came ma.
Ap : Where is she?
Swara comes down with a stern look. Ragini walks up and takes Aarti. Ragini takes and Lavanya enters in. Sawitha comes rushing from nowhere and hugs Lavanya. Lavanya hugs her back and both of them cry out. They break the hug and Lavanya takes blessing from Ap and hugs her and she breaks the hug and bends to take blessing from Swara but Swara moves back shocking Lavanya.
Lavanya : Badi ma…
Swara : Don’t call me badi ma and remember one thing if you living here you better stay in your limits with my daughter.
Sawitha : Ma…
Swara : Shut up and go to your room right now.
Lavanya looks at Sawitha with tears.
Ragini : Swara, if you have any problem with me why are you showing it to our kids?
Swara : Your family itself is a big problem for me.
Ragini : Better mind your tongue Swara, first you learn values from your kids. I seriously don’t understand why are you acting weird.
Swara : It isn’t acting weird it is real me.
Ragini rolls up her eyes and chuckles.
Ragini : Lavanya meet papa.
Ap : He is in my room, sleeping.
Lavanya : I’ll go get freshed up and meet him.
Ragini nods as Lavanya leaves.

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