Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 53


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Rahul : Papa… Lavanya : Mama… (RagLak) Episode 53

The episode starts with Lavanya coming out of the washrrom after having a wash. She sits on her bed and sighs out. There was a knock on the door and she walked to it tossing her towel on the bed. She opened and found Sawitha.
Sawitha : Luv I have something to tell you.
Lavanya : Come in and tell me Sawi.

Sawitha enters in and sits on the couch as Lavanya locks the door and sits beside her.
Sawitha : Everyone got to know about di (Lavanya is shocked and Sawitha narrates whatever happened after Ragini returned along with Sandesh and Sandya) and mama got di promised not to see him again.
Lavanya : Sawi I will be back soon.
Lavanya rush out and runs down to Ap’s room and finds Laksh asleep. She walks to him and sits beside him and holds his forehead. Laksh awakes and finds Lavanya staring at him and is shocked.
Laksh : Luv…
Laksh sits up and rubs his eyes and looks on at Lavanya.
Lavanya : Papa…

Before he could complete Lavanya hugged Laksh tightly and cried out.
Lavanya : I forgave you long time back papa and I don’t want you to repent on your mistake which you did without your knowledge. Before you open your mouth and ask forgiveness I wanted to tell that I love you alot and I have forgotten all what happened in the past.
Laksh hugs her back tightly; Ragini comes and stands near the door and leans to the door frame. She smiles and a tear escapes from her eyes. Ragini clears her throat and walks to them as they broke the hug and looked at Ragini.
Laksh : Did you bring her back?
Ragini : Just as I promised.
Lavanya rests on Laksh’ lap and Ragini rests her head on Laksh’s chest.
Laksh : Thank you Ragini.
Ragini looks at Laksh and frowns.
Ragini : As if she isn’t my daughter.
Laksh : Yes she is, that is what before I tell her anything she calmed me down just like you.

Laashya comes running and stops looking at them. She looks at Lavanya and shies out. Ragini, Laksh and Lavanya laugh looking at her.
Ragini : Mama’s shy doll come to mama.
Laashya runs up to her and Ragini carries her and Laashya buries her head into her chest.
Lavanya : Laashya, don’t you want to hug di?
Laashya slowly raises her head and looks at Lavanya from corner of her eyes. Lavanya sits up and drags Laashya.
Laksh : You wanted di to come back all this time and now why are you not talking to her beta?
Laashya makes a cute puppy face and smiles.
Laashya : I missed you alot di.
Lavanya : Missed you too bunny.
Lavanya hugs Laashya tightly and Laashya hugs her back.

Ap comes and smiles looking at them and Ragini stands up.
Ap : I have prepared all your favourite Lavanya.
Lavanya smiles and breaks Laashya’s hug.
Lavanya : I will go check Raghav and Rahul and come.
Ap : Beta first come to have the jelebi I made for you.
Ap drags Lavanya and walks out.
Laashya : Daadi for me?
Ap smiles and carries her.
Ap : Is there anything which I wont give my doll and specially when it comes to food?
Laashya smiles and buries her face inside Ap’s shoulder and Lavanya laughs out. Scene shifts to RagLak where Laksh is continuously staring at Ragini. Ragini walks to him with a cute smile and sits beside him.
Ragini : Aren’t you hungry?
Laksh : Sorry…
Ragini interrupts : Shshshsh…(She rests her head on his should) I love you.
Laksh makes her look at him.
Laksh : I promise to protect our family from now on.
Ragini smiles and nods as Laksh places his hand on hers.
Ragini : I will promise to help you do that. Now you must be hungry, probably you wouldn’t have eaten.

Laksh smiles and and stands up. Both of them walk out. Laksh sits and Ragini starts serving for him and she starts serving for herself. Laksh and Ragini finish eating; Ragini takes their plates and walks in. She finishes washing the plates and walked up to her room and found Laksh is on a call. Lavanya and Laashya were beside Raghav who was still asleep. Laksh hangs up and turns to Ragini.

Laksh : There is a dinner at Sam’s house tomorrow. (Laksh grins) New Year dinner.
Ragini : Did you say okay?
Laksh nods.
Lavanya : Who Sam?
Ragini : Papa’s friend beta, what is that boy’s name (she keeps her hand on her head) ahh I forgot.
Lavanya : Is it Naksh?
Ragini : Ha ha that one only, his papa.
Lavanya rolls up her eyes and stands up.
Laksh : Now what happened?
Lavanya : If you want you guys go I’m not in it.
Laksh : But it is family dinner princess.
Lavanya leaves out and ends up in her room. She falls on the bed and fumes. Laksh tries to go behind her but Ragini

Ragini : I will convince her later.
Laksh nods and sits on the couch taking his laptop and files. Rahul comes and sits on the couch and keeps staring at the laptop. Laashya who was colouring looks at Laksh.
Laashya : Januu…
Laksh : Mmm…
Ragini opens the wardrobe and arranges all the dresses which she had folded.
Laashya : Where is the dinner jaanu?
Laksh : In my friend’s house baby.
Laashya : Where is your friend’s house jaanu?
Laksh : Somewhere close by.
Laashya : Why did di get angry and leave?
Ragini : Laashya do you know for a day how much do you speak?
Laksh chuckles and Rahul walks to Laashya and pinches her nose.
Rahul : You are worst than mama Laashya.
Ragini : What did I do?
Laksh : There was no one to beat you in talking but now my daughter is there.

Laashya chuckles and sticks her tongue out.
Ragini : Can’t be, still there can’t be anyone to beat me.
Laashya : Tell will you jaanu?
Ragini walks to her and carries her.
Ragini : Speak a word and I will bite you. Do you know how squeaky your voice is?
Laashya : Stop being rude to me rago.
Ragini : Rago? I’m your mama.
Laashya : So what? If my jaanu can call you in that way why can’t I?
Ragini softly bites Laashya’s cheek and Laashya shouts. Laksh comes to her and drags Laashya from Ragini while Ragini sticks her tongue out. Laashya buries her face inside Laksh’s chest.
Laksh : Ragini…

Ragini interrupts : She is doing drama Laksh.
Laashya raises her head and looks at Ragini and winks.
Laksh : It would have hurt her.
Ragini : This kid (She starts tickling and Laashya starts laughing) is a big dramabeez.
Laksh chuckles and pecks on the slight bite mark on her cheek.
Rahul : Mama, I need to cover up all what I missed at school.
Ragini : I will help you beta.
Rahul : Papa and Mama (Both RagLak turn to Rahul) I have to ask you if I can join the cricket club?
Ragini and Laksh smiles.
Laksh : Why not champ?

Rahul smiles and walks to them excitedly.
Rahul : Can I?
Laksh : Of course you can.
Rahul : Coming Monday is th team selection, what if I don’t get selected?
Laksh drops Laashya down and holds Rahul’s shoulder and makes him sit on the couch and he sits beside him. Laashya sits on the bed and starts colouring.
Laksh : Rahul, I know you are talented but if you didn’t get chosed it doesn’t mean that you aren’t good. Just give a try champ, no one is going to d anything if you don’t get chosen.
Rahul : My friends will tease me papa.
Laksh chuckles and looks at Rahul, directly in to his eyes. Raghav awakes and sits up.
Raghav : Mama…
Ragini : Heyy my prince has woke.
Ragini walks to him and carries him. Raghav buries his face in to her shoulder.
Raghav : I’m hungry.
Ragini : Let’s go down and eat okay?

Raghav nods and Ragini leaves down. Laashya follows them. Rahul looks on as Laksh holds his cheek.
Laksh : The people who laugh at you in your failure are not your friends they are challenges. It’s not that you are going to laugh back at them when they fail. It is that you have to win again in front of them. Rahul, take victory as a step to your dream and take defeat as a lesson to your dream.
Rahul nods and Laksh kisses on a Rahul’s head.
Rahul : I love you papa.
Laksh : Love you more.
Rahul : Will you help me in my practises papa?
Laksh smiles and nods.
Laksh : Today let’s go buy all the equipment for cricket.
Rahul nods while Laksh stroked his hair.
Rahul : I didn’t speak with di, I’ll just speak with her and come.
Laksh nods and Rahul leaves while Laksh rested back and started going through the files. Ragini makes Raghav eat while

Laashya is continuously talking.
Laashya : Mama when I and Raghav are going to school?
Ragini : Very soon.
Laashya : Can I watch cartoon in the school?
Ragini : No baby (She feed another mouth to Raghav) once you come home you can watch.
Raghav : Mama enough.
Ragini : Just two mouths more.
Ragini feed him another mouth.
Laashya : Mama then who feel feed us at school?
Ragini : You have to eat by your hand doll.
Laashya : Mama…
Ragini : Laashya enough of questions for today. Now you go up and finish writing the numbers and colour the numbers.
Laashya pouts as Ragini carries her from the table and makes her stand down.
Laashya : Mama can I use my new crayons?
Ragini : Laashya that is for your school. Now go and use the one which is already there in the study.
Laashya nods and runs up.

Raghav : Mama enough.
Ragini feeds the last mouth.
Ragini : Done, I’ll go get water for you.
Raghav nods and Ragini walks in to the kitchen and fetches water. Swara comes in with few men.
Swara : This is the kitchen, I want to divide it right half.
Ragini turns to Swara and looks shocked.
Ragini : What are you doing?
Swara : Separateing the house.
Ragini : Have you gone mad?
Swara : Probably now only I have come in to senses. Because of someone who you didn’t give birth you shouted back at me. You proved my upbringing is wrong.

Ragini smirks and folds her hand.
Ragini : Of course your upbringing was wrong, it doesn’t mean mine was right. Even my kids do wrong but I never punish them. Now what you are doing is the stupidest thing ever and a thing which I will never let happen.
Swara : Ohh being Mahan?
Ragini : No being more evil, if you seperate the house in to two for one if my child there will have no room cuz the other room is right in the middle of the top floor.
Swara rolls up her eyes and points her finger at Ragini.
Swara : Stop acting smart.
Ragini moves her pointing finger through her index finger.
Ragini : You can think whatever you want but I’m telling the truth Swara. There will be one room lacking for my bubble family.
Swara : Do whatever you want either I will seperate this house or put that unwanted child out.

Ragini : Same here do whatever you want but my kid will not go out. Don’t think that I will always compromise for everyone. Even if you go out I don’t care.
Ragini leaves out with the water and finds Ap standing and listening.
Ap : What is happening Ragini?
Ragini : I’m sorry ma this time I will have to fight for my family rather than giving up but remember ma my family includes you too. If she turns rude for her family, I have to turn evil for my family.
Ragini leaves up carrying Raghav to her room.
Raghav : Mama I want to go to di.
Ragini walks to Lavanya’s room and knocks.
Lavanya : Come in.
Ragini enters in and drops Raghav.
Ragini : Lavanya come her for a minute.
Lavanya walks to Ragini and Ragini tucks her hair behind Lavanya’s ear.
Lavanya : What mama?
Ragini : Luv, if badi ma taunt don’t go to talk back at her. She will tell something to me or papa or you still you have to keep calm. Okay?
Lavanya : Why should I keep my mouth shut?
Ragini : Shshshs… She speaks in frustration and I don’t want you to regret later so my baby have to stay calm okay?
Lavanya nods and Ragini leave out to her room and sits on the bed frustrated. Laksh looks at her and walks to her.

Laksh : What happened?
Ragini : What is she thinking?
Laksh : Who?
Ragini : Swara only (She says whatever happened down) so I spoke abit harshly.
Laksh : I will speak with Sanskaar.
Ragini’s phone rings and she answers it.
Ragini : Hello.
Caller : Hello, guess who?
Ragini : Ananya bhabhi?
Laksh : Di?
Ragini nods and lady is seen getting down the stairs in a mansion.
Ananya : Haa, I’m sorry Ragini for past months I couldn’t contact with you guys. How is Laksh?
Ragini : Haa he is fine.
Ananya : How is Lavanya, Rahul, Laashya and Raghav?
Ragini : Raghav underwent an operation last week.
Ananya : Is he okay now?
Ragini : Haa

Laksh grabs the phone.
Laksh : It seems like you forgot me di.
Ananya : Nothing like that Lucky, just got busy with works too. I called to tell you that we are coming to India.
Laksh : India? Great news.
Ananya : Haa, I’ll call you back lucky I think Krish and Riya are fighting.
Laksh : Okay then I will call you tonight.
Laksh hangs up and finds Ragini pouting.
Ragini : You didn’t let me talk properly too.
Laksh : Okay, we will talk tonight with Akshaya too.
Ragini nods and rests her head on the lap.
Ragini : I’m having a head ache Lucky.

Laksh massages Ragini’s head as Ragini closed her eyes. Laksh sighs and pecks on her forehead, Ragini sits up and smiles.
Laksh : Take a bit of rest.
Ragini : No I have to cook.
Laksh : I will help you too.
Ragini : No Laksh I will manage.
Lavanya enters carrying Raghav.
Lavanya : I will help you
Ragini : You? That too in kitchen?
Lavanya : Can’t I mama?
Laksh : Let her.
Ragini : No Laksh I don’t want a disaster to happen.
Lavanya : Papa…
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini : Okay okay then come.
Lavanya nods and they walk down. Swara comes from the other side speaking through the phone.
Swara : Haa five parcels.

Swara hangs up as Sanskaar walks down. Swara sits putting a leg over the other. Ragini rolls up her eyes and walks to the kitchen while Lavanya follows her.
Sanskaar : Aren’t you cooking today?
Swara : I have ordered food.
Sanskaar : Food?
Swara : Haa food.
Laksh comes down.
Sanskaar : When we have a kitchen why should we order from out?
Swara : What kitchen do we have?
Laksh : Swara you are crossing all your limits.
Swara : You beter not poke your nose in to our matter.
Sanskaar : Swara talk with respect.
Swara : What respect? His wife will taunt and I will have to listen to her? What have you done tome until now. No matter what happens he always stood with his wife and you should do the same
Sanskaar : Whatever it is tell it directly Swara.
Swara : I need to separate this house in to two.
Sanskaar and Laksh are shocked.

Flashback 20 years ago.

Laksh : Haa Sam tell.
Sam : Lucky we are planning to go on a boys trip, so you are coming tight?
Laksh : Trip? How many days?
Sam : A week dude.
Laksh : A week? (He rolls up his eyes and bites his lower lip) I will come.
Sam : Okay, then see you soon and take care.
Laksh hangs ups and finds Ragini looking at him.
Ragini : Trip?
Laksh nods and carries her.
Laksh : Just a week baby.
Ragini: Do you know what a week is?
Ragini gets teary.
Laksh : Ragini…
Ragini interrupts : Seven days, how can I wait without you for seven days? Okay you go I won’t stop you.
Laksh : I will be back soon jaan.
Ragini : Yeah, that is what I’m asking to go.
Laksh carries her and Ragini buries her face in to his chest. Laksh reaches down stairs, he finds pandit ji and everyone is waiting for them. Laksh makes her sit on the sofa and he sits beside her. Harini notices Ragini is crying and smiles evilly. Ragini wipes her tears and wears her pallu on her head. They start doing the puja while Laksh keeps looking at Ragini and she avoids him. The puja gets over in a while.
Ap : Ragini beta I made this kheer for you.
Ap feeds kheer and Ragini eats. Laksh stands up and walks to the Sanskaar and Dhurav, Aditya too joins them..
Kaveri : Pooja and Swara go keep the breakfast.
Swara and Pooja leaves. Simran and Harini come and sit beside Ragini.
Harini : How is your pain now?
Ragini : Better Harini.
Vishal is continuously eyeing Ragini and Laksh finds him staring at Ragini. Laksh walks to Ragini and blocks Vishal from looking at her.
Laksh : Ragini, I need to speak with you.
Ragini looks on frowning.
Ragini : Tell
Ap : Come to eat everyone, Laksh bring Ragini.
Laksh nods and tries to carry her but Ragini stops him.
Ragini : I want to walk.
Laksh : Stop being stubborn.
Laksh carries her and places her on the chair and sits beside her. Harini fumes in anger so does Vishal. Everyone sits, Swara, Simran and Pooja starts serving. Harini is continuously staring at Laksh, Vishal notices this and finds something odd in her. Ragini avoids Laksh as much as possible.
Dp : Harini beta, is it better that Ragini starts her physiotherapy?
Harini who was lost in Laksh doesn’t respond.
Ap : Harini beta…
Harini comes back to her senses and look on.
Laksh : Papa asked if we can start the physiotherapy for Ragini ?
Harini : Not now itself but after a week maybe.
Laksh looks at Ragini while she turns her head away.
Kaveri : Annapoorna hope you will look after my son carefully.
Ap : Your son is like my son hena bhabhi? Why are you worrying?
Everyone finishes eating. Dhurav and Vishal come with bags and place them in the living room. Pooja takes blessings from Ap, Dp and Sujatha. She hugs Simran and pats her head. Dhuravtoo takes blessings and hug Simran.
Dhurav : Hope you won’t forget you bhaiyaa. (Simran is their cousin too)
Simran shakes her head.
Simran : How can I bhaiyaa?
Pooja : He is just kidding.
Pooja walks to Swara and hugs while Dhurav hugs Sanskaar.
Pooja : Nice that I met you Swara and yeah take care, hoping to meet you next year too.
Swara : Sure bhabhi.
Ragini was seated and Laksh was standing beside her. Dhurav comes and hugs Laksh pats his back.
Dhurav : I never knew our little brother has grown this mucj.
Laksh smiles and hugs him back.
Laksh : Take care bhaiyaa.
Pooja sits beside Ragini and hugs her, tears roll down Ragini’s eyes so does Pooja’s eyes.
Ragini : I will miss you bhabhi.
Pooja : I will miss you too (She breaks the hug and wipes Ragini’s tears) No more tears, you are my darling sister right?
Ragini nods.
Ragini : Come to see your sister every year.
Pooja nods and stands up. They greet everyone and walk out.

Scene shifts to the girl who was jogging, she enters an big mansion and tosses herself in to the couch and breaths. An old man comes and places a glaas of juice on the table.
The old man : Akshaya beta here is your drink.
Akshaya : Thank you kaka.
Kaka leaves while she took and starts drinking it.

Akshya’s POV.
I have no idea where are you bhaiyaa but I have trust I will find you. Look how funny it is, I don’t even know your name to find you but I have full trust I will find you at any cost. It is a promise on our mama and papa, until I and di don’t find you our mama’s and papa’s soul won’t rest in peace.
Akshya’s POV ends.

Ragini is seen frowning at her phone and playing games while Laksh is sitting beside her with a puppy face.
Laksh : Okay baby I won’t go.
Ragini : I don’t want to rule you Laksh, you can go anywhere you want.
Laksh : Okay then I will go and come soon.
Ragini : Yes go, as if you care me.
Laksh rolls his eyes and holds her hand she jerks.
Laksh : Shall I go or don’t?
Ragini : You have your own brain, not seven days even for years if you go anywhere I don’t care
Laksh : Life please listen to me nah…
Ragini interrupts : Look Laksh because of you I lost the game also.
Laksh grabs the phone and throws it aside and drags her in to him.
Laksh : Is phone game so important for you?
Ragini : Yes.
Laksh : Ragini it is just seven days.

Ragini’s eyes gets welled, both of them are closer to each other. Laksh one hand was around her waist the other one held her back, Ragini had her hand on his chest.
Ragini whispers : I’m sorry (She almost started tearing) I’m sorry Laksh (She kissed his lips moving her hand to his neck, she made it hard showing all her pain while Laksh stayed still shocked. She moved back and looked directly in to Laksh’s eyes) If you can live without me you can go Laksh but I’m addicted to you (Tears rolled down her eyes and Laksh kept staring at her shockingly) you have become my drug, I can’t sleep without you.
Laksh wiped her tears with his thumbs and shook his head.
Laksh : Stop crying, I’m not leaving you anywhere. (Laksh hugged Ragini really tightly) I won’t leave my bachcha and go anywhere, stop crying life (Ragini pressed her face into his chest and sobbed) Shshshshsh, I’m not going.
Ragini : It hurt me when you said that you are leaving me, please Laksh no matter what happens don’t leave me. At least not at this moment, I need your support to get over everything. I need my Laksh with me, (She clutches his Sharwani tightly resting her head back on his chest. Ragini cuddled to Laksh and dragged her closer) I love you life.
Laksh whispers : Love you more.

Both of them closed their eyes and felt each other’s warmth. Ragini didn’t want to lose her grip from Laksh’s sharwani. Laksh slowly removed Ragini’s hand from the clutch and makes her look at him. Ragini looks at him with her soaked face and kissed both her eyes. She looked at him with all her love she has for him. Laksh made Ragini sit properly and stood up.
Ragini : Laksh (He turned to her and looked on) it is fine, you can leave.
Laksh : There is nothing important to me than you.
He said smiling and patting her cheek.
Ragini : I feel as if I’m restricting you, it if fine to go relax than looking at a burden.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Ragini : Laksh even if you say that you don’t want physical happiness from me…
Laksh interrupts : I don’t want to talk regarding this right now life, you get well and then we will talk about it.
Ragini looked at him with welled up eyes and Laksh walked to the wardrobe and took out her and his pajamas. Ragini wipes her tears and smiles looking at Laksh.
Ragini : Okay, until I get well I won’t speak with you regarding it. It might hurt you too, but Laksh seriously you better go on the trip.
Laksh shakes his head and hands her over her pajama.
Laksh : I don’t want to leave you, I’m your legs right now. How can I leave my body and go? (Ragini smiles looking at his cute talk) Get changed, it is suffocating to see you in heavy clothes. With pajamas you will feel better so get changed.
Ragini looks at Laksh slanting her head to the right and rose on of her eyebrow. Laksh gives a questioning look.
Ragini : How can I change Laksh? You will have to get me changed.
Ragini said it with a smirk sounding naughty. Laksh smirked back and sat beside her. He removed her pallu off and loosened her well fixed hair and Ragini shivered a bit. Laksh smiled from his corner of a lip and leaned to her ear.

Laksh : What happened to my lioness?

He untied her dori letting her clutch his sharwani. He unpinned her saadi from her blouse and removed it slowly. They shared an intense eyelock. Ragini held his neck with one hand and looked at his eyes. Laksh tried to control himself but he felt as if he is getting carried away with her beauty. Laksh leaned to her pecked on her forehead and then her chin. He moved up to her lip and placed his lip on hers, he caressed her waist letting butterflies running all over her body and just then his phone starts vibrating. He doesn’t realize it but kisses her.
Ragini : Laksh (She moved back from the lock) your phone bachcha.
Laksh face palms and Ragini laughs out, he takes out the phone and answers it.

Laksh : Haa Sam tell.
Sam : We have cancelled the trip as or result is coming within this week so…
Laksh interrupts : What are you telling? I badly wanted to enjoy but you have cancelled the trip? (He smiles and winks at Ragini) I’m very disappointed.
Sam : Sorry bro but after results we can go right?
Laksh : Ok ok we will see it then now I’m hanging up.
Laksh hangs up and Ragini smiles.
Ragini : Look god himself didn’t want you to go hub.
Laksh : Mmm yeah but now where did I stop?
Ragini blushes blood red and hides her face inside his chest while Laksh chuckled. Laksh kisses on her head. Harini is seen walking passing Raglak’s room and hears Ragini and Laksh laughing.
Ragini : I hate you hub
Laksh makes her look and pecks her lips.
Laksh : But I love you life.
Harini fumes in anger and turns to leave and finds Vishal looking at her with folded hands.
Vishal : I heard you were Laksh’s fiancé?
Harini : I was.
Vishal : Still you love him right?
Harini was shocked as Vishal looked so sure, Harini shook her head.
Harini : He is just my friend.
Vishal : Stop lying, I can clearly see the way you look at him. I want to join hands with you to separate them. Ragini is for me and Laksh will be for you.

Harini gives a tight slap on Vishal’s cheek and points her index finger.
Harini shouts : Ragini and Laksh are my friends, stop creating misunderstanding between them. (Laksh comes out of the washroom changed, Laksh has changed Ragini in to her pajamas. Both of them hear Harini shouting and Laksh rush out) I’m not a cheapo to go that low remember that.
Laksh : What happened Harini?
Harini looks at Laksh and cries. Ragini looks on at the door.
Harini : I better not come to this house here after, he is telling me that I love you and that is the reason I’m coming here.
Laksh holds Vishal’s collar and grits his teeth.
Laksh : Once again you misbehave with anyone I’m sure I will do what I said you.
Ragini shouts : Laksh… Laksh…
Laksh leaves and pushes him.
Laksh : I’m sorry Harini on behalf him, don’t mind him.
Harini nods.
Harini : I got to go bye.
Harini turns and smirks wiping her tears.

Harini’s POV.
Evil, if a person is evil that person will turn out to be the other way around at any time. To get my Laksh back I’m not ready to trust anyone. That Vishal might like Ragini or obsessed with her still he works for his benefit, once he gets caught he would reveal my name which will ruin everything. So this Harini will always be alone.
Harini’s POV ends.

She leaves out, Laksh fumes and walks in. Ragini looks at him worriedly.
Laksh : Come let’s have a nap and I have to go out.
Laksh lies down while Ragini looks at him. She lies on his arm and clutches him tightly.
Ragini : Why do you get angry so much?
Laksh : I’m tired already and he is pissing me off.
Laksh was gritting his teeth and was frustrated.
Ragini : Calm down life.
Laksh : I’m scared to leave you alone and go anywhere, even to the washroom. What if theat brat does something to you?
Ragini smiles and looks directly in to his raged eyes. She caresses his cheek and buries her face in to his neck and pecks. Laksh tightness his grip on her waist and turns to her, Ragini signs him to close his eyes and he does. Ragini kisses both his eyes and pecks his lip and rests her head on his chest. Ragini strokes his hair and he dozes of. Ragini keeps staring at his innocent face which had a curve on his lips. She dozes off while she was admiring her Laksh. After few hours Ragini woke and didn’t find Laksh beside her. Ragini took her phone and dialed his number and he answered the call.
Ragini : Where are you?
Laksh : You were asleep so didn’t want awake my angel. I came for an important work jaanu and will be back at night.
Ragini : Then your Lunch?
Laksh : I and Sanskaar will have it out so don’t worry (Laksh is seen walking in the office nodding at everyone who greets him) have your lunch without any trouble like a good girl and drink your medicines. Before sleeping lock the door and sleep.
Ragini : Aren’t you coming tonight?
Laksh : Sometimes I might not come.
Ragini feels sad yet she managed to sound normal. Laksh entered his cabin and sat on the chair.
Ragini : Okay then take care love (She gives a kiss through the phone and spoke lovely) bye, love you.
Laksh was shocked as she didn’t trouble him asking him to come, but still he sensed that she was sad.
Laksh : Love you life take care.
Laksh hangs up and sits on the chair and sighed. Ragini sat and looked at his phone display picture and caressed.

Ragini’s POV.
I didn’t want to ask you to come back as I know even you need some break from me. I always wanted to give space for you but it is hard for me to live without you. You became a part of me, how can I live then? You are the best thing which happened to me. You became my smile. Your presence made me smile, your embrace gave me warmth, and your touch gave me pleasure. I promise to give you back all what I couldn’t give you. Laksh (She pecked the photo) Ragini’s Laksh, I promise you.
Ragini’s POV ends.

It is night Swara was sitting beside Ragini. Swara makes Ragini lie down and covers her with the blanket. There was knock on the door and Swara opened and found Sanskaar.
Swara : When did you come?
Sanskaar chuckles.
Sanskaar : When did you come means?
Swara : Ragini said Laksh and you aren’t coming.
Sanskaar : Only Laksh has work tonight. He has got a new project.
Swara smiles and nods, she looks at Ragini. Ragini feels bad but forces a smile.
Ragini : Swara you go.
Swara : How can I leave you alone and go?
Ragini shakes her head.
Ragini : Don’t worry by morning Laksh will come. You go Swara I’m fine.
Swara : Are you sure?
Ragini nods.
Ragini : Good night.
Swara : Good night.
Swara leaves with Sanskaar while Ragini lied back and took Laksh’s pillow and hugged it tightly. She was almost dozing off when she heard footsteps. She opened her eyes happily and was about switch on the light but then she decided to pretend to sleep. Someone entered her room and locked; Ragini smiled and couldn’t control herself. Ragini turned and she met with the same grey eyes which were filled with lust. Ragini sits up and switches the light on and found Vishal staring at her with a smirk on his face.
Ragini : What are you doing here?
Vishal moves to her and Ragini moves to the other corner of the bed.
Vishal : You are a half lifeless now, there is no escape at all.
Ragini : Vishal you can’t do this to me.

Scene shifts to MO where Laksh is seen checking some files sipping a mug of coffee. He then types something in the laptop and then again continues checking. He feels something odd and gets tensed. He call Ragini’s phone. Scene shifts to MM where Vishal walks to her and holds her hand. Ragini tries to free and shouts Laksh’s name.
Vishal : You Laksh must be busy with files and machines now. He doesn’t know to enjoy his life (Vishal drags Ragini and nuzzles his nose and Ragini cries) When he such a hot and beautiful chick what is he doing there.
Ragini tries to push, she continuously remembers Laksh’s face. She is unable to push as her hand is bandaged. She gives a tight slap on his cheek.
Ragini : Get rid from me.
Vishal : How can I? I just want to make you mine. I want to taste each bit of you.
Ragini slaps him again.
Ragini : I told you again if you touch me I will kill you. This is my Laksh’s body and only he has right on me. Only my husband has right on me.
Vishal : Then let’s get married sweet heart, look Laksh is busy with files but I will give you pleasure.

Vishal gets closer and Ragini shouts for help, she stands up pushing him heard remembering her Laksh. She has to save herself for her as well her life Laksh. Ragini throws the vase on Vishal and it knocks his forehead. Scene shifts to MO where Laksh is seen doing his work and he feels more restless. Vishal winces in pain, Ragini shouts louder. Swara and Snaksaar rush out of the room and starts tapping the door hard.. Scene shifts to MM where Ragini hardly walks to the door but Vishal grabs her by her hair and slaps her, he pushes her to the bed and her broken hand get hit to the bed edge. She shouts from bottom of her lungs taking Laksh’s name. Vishal comes over Ragini and Ragini cries. Sanskaar tries to open the door but it doesn’t get open. Just then Laksh reach MM and rushes to his room.

Laksh : What happened?
Swara : Ragini is shouting and is not opening.
Laksh gets tensed and tries to break the door but he is not able to. Vishal tries to kiss her but Ragini turns her head and cries.
Vishal : Be stubborn as possible but you will have to repay for hurting me.
Vishal pecks her neck and she closes her eyes and tears roll down. Laksh breaks the glass of the door from his hand and it break. He sees Ragini struggling and Vishal is forcing her. Laksh breaks the door with full rage cutting his hand to the glass and rushes to Vishal and drags him. Laksh eyes were not less than blood red. Ragini smiles looking at Laksh and she fall unconscious. Swara rush to Ragini and taps her cheek. Laksh slaps Vishal hard and drags him out to the hall beating him. AP and DP come to the hall rushing.
Ap : What happened?
Laksh : This brat tried to (He closes his eyes and let’s his tears roll down his cheek) molest Ragini ma. (He slaps hard again on Vishal’s cheek) He tried to touch my life. (Laksh holds his necks and squeezes it hardly while Vishal’s feels suffocating) I told you not to even let you shadow touch her.
Sanskaar and Dp drags Laksh away and pulls him aside.
Sanskaar : Relax, I will call the police.
Laksh : Police won’t work, I will teach him lesson.
Dp : Laksh I will call police you go check Ragini.
Ap walks to Vishal and gives a tight slap.
Ap : I believed you but what you did was played with my daughter’s life?
Laksh again comes and punches him.
Laksh : For my anger even if I kill you it won’t get calmed.

Dp calls the police, Ap rush up.
Sanskaar : Laksh go check Ragini.
Laksh runs up and rush to his room, he finds Ragini seated and is covered by a blanket. Ap is seen seated while Ragini is crying continuously. Laksh isn’t able to control himself, he tightens his bleeding fist. Ragini looks at Laksh painfully and wipes her tears. Ap and Swara leave Ragini and Laksh alone. Laksh walks to Ragini and sits beside her while Ragini drags her legs in to his chest and buries her face inside her legs and cries. Laksh looks at her worriedly.
Laksh : Ragini…
Laksh touched her hand and she jerked out. Ragini looks at him still tears rolling down.
Ragini : Don’t touch me.
Laksh shakes his head and holds her cheek and finds a slap mark. He touches it and she jerks his hand.
Laksh : No Ragini, you are not at fault.
Ragini gives a painful look.
Ragini : I couldn’t protect myself, he touched me. He touched your Ragini and…
Laksh drags her in to his chest and she breaks out hugging him.
Laksh : You are safe jaan, look nothing happened to you.(Laksh makes her look at him and shakes his head and smiles) He didn’t do anything further.
Ragini cries hard.
Ragini : If you wouldn’t have come Laksh (She takes a deep breath) I would have died.
Laksh : Shshshshsh bas bas bas Ragini (She moves back from Laksh and shakes her head) Ragini please listen to me.
Ragini : I’m feeling disgusted Laksh (She hugs herself and touches her hands and then neck) I hate myself for not able to get rid of him.

Laksh sighs and carries her and takes her to the washroom.
Laksh : Open the shower.
Ragini looks on.
Ragini : Laksh…
Laksh interrupts : Open the shower.
Ragini opens and both of them get drenched. Laksh makes Ragini stand and makes her lean to the wall making her stand on his leg. Ragini looks at Laksh shockingly. Laksh holds her by her waist and rubs his cheek sensually with her cheek letting her shiver. Ragini felt current passing over her spine.
Ragini whispers : Laksh… (She breathed heavily as his body touched hers) Laksh what are you doing?
Laksh directly looked in to her eyes.
Laksh : I’m washing off his touch by my touch.
Ragini looks on while Laksh ran his hand over her waist letting her clutch his shirt. Ragini breathed heavily while nuzzled his nose in to her neck and kissed her neck and left few love bites. Tears rolled down Ragini’s cheek. Laksh made her look at him gives an intense look.
Ragini : Laksh I don’t deserve to be…
Laksh interrupts : With my touch forget all what happened and you are no one to decide on my life. I have decided that you are mine and only mine and no one can change that fact. I love you and I can’t see you broken.
Ragini looked at him lovingly while he pecked her cheek and he moved the cheek which Vishal slapped. He softly pecked while Ragini clutches his shirt in pain. Laksh leaned to her neck still running his hands seductively in her waist and her back. Both of them were drenched in water. Ragini let her life love her as much has he wanted and remove all the traces of the devil. Laksh looked at Ragini who was having small smile on her lip yet still tears rolling down through her closed eyes. He kissed both eyes and leaned to her lips and took off the entire water drop with his thumb and he kissed her passionately. Ragini reciprocated and they shared a soul kiss which longed for minutes. Laksh moved back a little still his lips on her.
Laksh : I’m sorry I shouldn’t left you alone…
Ragini kissed him back hard letting her pain, Laksh raised her a bit carrying her from her waist and she held his neck, Laksh kept wiping her tears. Her feet were not on the ground or on his leg but in the air as he had carried her kissing. They broke it and looked at each other with so much love. Ragini placed her forehead on his and smiled.
Ragini whispered : I love you.
Laksh : I love you more.

Flashback ends.

Sanskaar : That is never going to happen.
Swara : Then me cooking will also not happen.
Swara leaves up and Sanskaar follows her.
Sanskaar : Swara what you are doing isn’t right.
Swara : I’m not ready to talk to you.

Scene shifts to the kitchen where Lavanya is cutting vegetables while Ragini is cooking curry.
Lavanya : Mama I bet today my potato curry is going to rock.
Ragini smirk and points the spoon at her.
Ragini : Everyone is going to puke for sure.
Laksh : No one is going to puke eating my daughter’s curry.
Laksh comes from back and Lavanya hugs him.
Ragini : I won’t give you life guarantee Laksh.
Laksh : Love what are you telling? I ate your food without any life guarantee for this long.
Ragini : Lair (He pouts) look you gifted me this ring for me for cooking tastily.

Laksh chuckles as Ragini showed a ring which had a diamond stone on it.
Laksh : That was for fooling you jaanu, at least then I will get edible food.
Ragini frowns and throws the spoon at Laksh while Lavanya and Laksh laughed. Rahul comes running and Laashya comes chasing him. Rahul hides behind Ragini while Laashya tries go to him and Laksh carries her.
Ragini : Their came papa’s other shaitan.
Laashya : Papa bhaiyaa took my candy.
Laksh : Bhaiyaa why did you take my dolls candy?
Rahul : Oye foodie, I just only took you two rupee toffee out of all the foreign chocolates and toffees. Look will you mama I took one and she is trying to hit me.
Rahul sticks his tongue out.

Laashya : Jaanu he is lying.
Ragini : Laashya a toffee nah doll.
Laksh : Still he shouldn’t have stolen my angel’s toffee
Raghav comes sniffing in to the kitchen.
Rahul : Wait I will take it back.
Rahul tries to puke while Laashya makes an eww face.
Lavanya laughs and continues cutting vegetable.
Ragini : Rahul somehow give back that toffee, I’ll get you a big chocolate slab.
Laashya : Mama did you say chocolate?
Ragini pretend not hear Laashya and caresses Rahul’s hair.
Raghav : Mama…
Ragini interrupts : My champ came. Look I will buy only for my champs.
Laksh : You buy to your sons a big slab we don’t care but return our toffee hena princesses.
Lavanya : haa return but the same toffee.
Laashya : I do care papa (She smiles sheepishly) Leave me I want to go near jaanu.
Laksh : I’m your jaanu.
Laashya shakes her head and points at Ragini.
Laashya : She is my jaanu.

Laashya releases from Laksh’s grip and walks to Rahul.
Ragini : Nautunki.
Laashya : I love you bhaiyaa…
Raghav sniffs and looks around.
Raghav : Mama something is burning.
Rahul : Not something Raghav but someone.
Ragini : Yes, Laashya and her di along with her papa is burning in jealousy.
Ragini sniffs and finds something is really burning and starts laughing.
Laksh : Why are you laughing?
Ragini controls her laugh.
Ragini : Your… (She controls her laugh) your daughter’s potato curry is burning.
Ragini said it while pointing at the stove and Lavanya turned out shockingly.

Screen freezes on Lavanya’s shocked face.



Lavanya 16 years played by Aditi Bhatia.
Laashya 4 years played by Ritvi Jain.
Rahu !2 years l played by Shivanash Kotia.
Raghav $ years played by Yuvan from Suhani si ek ladki.

Sawitha 15 years played by Ashika Bhatia
Sandesh 19 yearsplayed by Abikshek Singh
Sandya 19 years played by Eisha Singh

Naksh 18 years played by Sumedh Mudgalkar
Avinash 17 years played by Rohan Shah
Karan 20 years played by Mohisin Khan

Vishal 24 years played by Vathsal Sheth
Harini 23 years played by Preetika Rao.
Diya 22 years played by Meera Deosthale

Hope you liked the epi please do comment it would be a great big help…Thanks alot for all your support, love and care… Meet up with another episode soon….

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